The living room is one of the most visited and used rooms of your house, so it would definitely be worth spending money on it. The styles, designs, and materials are always getting updated, so everyone wants to remodel their house. But the one thing that stops us is the budget, but not to worry, as it is possible to remodel your living home without spending too much money. This article suggests a few ideas for remodeling the living room without breaking your savings. You need to know that remodeling doesn’t always mean bringing major changes, even a simple minor change is enough.

So, let’s see the ideas that will help you to transform the look of your living room.



Expand the space

In most cases, the living room will be tight and compact; the main reason behind this is to conserve energy. But now, lots of people want to have a larger living room. When it comes to remodeling the living room you can remove non-load-bearing walls, as they consume huge space.

If you have secured all the permits and the wall is not load-bearing, then this idea is worth trying.

Expand the space



Replace the front entry door

If you have a living room that is in the front of your house, then you can remodel or reinstall the front door. You can spend money and effort on this idea as it will add new sparkle and life to the living room. This idea will increase the ROI (return on investment) of your house and bring 91% of the cost upon scale.

Replace the front entry door



Go for new windows

A living room feels like a living room only if it gets natural light that streams through the windows. If you have a window that is lacking light transitional quality, then it is time to replace your window. This idea will save your money and energy. Instead, go for a generously sized window that will allow maximum light to pour in.

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Get the perfect color palette

What makes the living room more attractive and beautiful, is the color of the living room space. Whatever the living room is used for whether it’s for reading, watching movies, or others, the color should be perfect.

Go for white, grey, beige, and neutral colors, as everyone will like such colors. For a more bold look try brown, gold, and earthy orange. Also, rich blue will give a rich traditional feeling and light blue will give a carefree look.

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Create faux extra space

In the process of remodeling the living room, if you are looking for a simple technique that will make your living room look larger, then this idea will work. Make some faux extra space, which will save you money and will also impress the visitors to your house.

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Check the layout

Sometimes your living room needs a new layout; as all living rooms will be centered on a few things like a television or fireplace. If changing the layout is not possible, then you need to consider rearranging of the furniture. Place the TV in the right place, cabling can be rerouted, and then arrange the furniture accordingly.

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Create a focal point

Aesthetics will play a crucial role in remodeling the living room and the design of your living room will speak about your individuality, personality, and artistic sense. The focal point includes creating breath-taking windows, feature walls, vintage mirrors, bookshelf, and other such things.

Also, arranging the furniture is important for creating the focal point. As per expert opinion, if you arrange the perfect seating arrangement around the focal point, then it will promote more conversations and also put people at ease.

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Focus on flooring

Flooring will play an essential role in remodeling the living room and it is the one that will bring all the décor items together. So, while choosing the floors, make sure the functionality and durability of the floor are nice. Vinyl tiles or wooden laminate are the cost-effective flooring options and they can be installed on your old floor.

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Remodel the furniture

While remodeling the living room, it is not always possible to buy new furniture, so you can go to revamp your older furniture. It will be cost-effective and also a more eco-friendly option. This idea will bring a new look to your living room. You can paint the furniture, fix or cover the damage, or stain upholstery with printed throws.

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Accessorize the room

You may find a lot of living room remodeling ideas, but accessorizing your living room is the easiest and quickest way. This is an inexpensive idea and your living room will look great. It will add a refresh pattern to your living room.

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Tips for remodeling the living room:

  • It will be always a great idea to go with a white ceiling, as most colors will cause a claustrophobic feeling
  • If you are planning for an area rug, then don’t make it very small as it should be at least 10 to 20 inches
  • Any shelves near the ceiling should be mounted high, as they will be eye-catching
  • If you are planning for storage units in the living room, then hide them by designing them closer to the wall. This will improve the look of your living room and also improve your storage area
  • Always go for a large statement piece like a chandelier and other things, this will be attractive and also make your space look larger



Bottom Line:

You will find a lot of ideas on remodeling the living room by spending a lot much money. But if you have the right plan and creative ideas on hand, then it is possible to start budget-friendly remodeling. As per a report in 2018, the living room is one of the most popular rooms, that has undergone many renovations. So, spending money on living room remodeling is always a great idea.



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