Did you know that as many as 50% of Americans haven’t updated their home decor in at least 10 years? Redecorating can help fill our homes with positive energy and create a shift in mindset. You can keep your home feeling fresh and inviting year-round by making little changes to your summer decor every season.

The truth is, time flies and the summer will be here before you know it. Making plans to redecorate can give you something to look forward to during the cooler months. We hope these ideas inspire you to transform your home both inside and out this year. And the best part is you don’t have to break the bank to do it!


1. Give Your Home’s Exterior a Makeover

summer decor exterior makeover

All it takes to give your home’s exterior a makeover is a couple of cans of paint, a brush, and some creativity. Adding a pop of color to your front door, shutters, and garage door can give your home an instantly cheery and inviting look during the summer months. We suggest light summery blues, but feel free to find what suits you and your family best. It’s a fun way to never get bored with your home’s exterior appearance. Plus, you can always go back to a winter color scheme once the long summer days are gone.


2. Upgrade Your Front Porch Summer Decor

What better way to welcome guests into your home than by upgrading the summer decor on your front porch? If you already have patio furniture set up, we recommend putting out some summery pillows. To make it even cozier, drape blankets over the love seat and chairs for those evening porch hangouts. Candles are also a great addition to any porch in the warm summer months.


3. Add Touches of Floral

Nothing feels more summery than floral decorations. Floral throw pillows scream summertime and are a great addition to any living room.

You can also fill different-sized mason jars full of artificial flowers around your house. These tend to look great on everything from a shelving unit to a summer mantel. For the finishing touch, be sure to leave a fresh bouquet on your living or dining room table for guests. White hydrangeas or lilies are the perfect summer flower that can brighten up any living space.


4. Create a Bold Statement in Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the best place to make a bold statement with bright colors. You don’t have to splurge on painting your kitchen cabinets to achieve the perfect trendy summer look; you only need to change your curtains and add a kitchen rug with a fun pattern.

The key is keeping your new decor aligned with your current color scheme. If you want to take things a step further, then consider swapping out your bar stools for something livelier and bolder. We like the idea of oranges, reds, and blues.


5. Colorful Outdoor Entertaining

Summer is the perfect time to break out the patio set for entertaining family and friends. All you need is a colorful tablecloth or accented plates that fit into your home’s current decor for a quick and easy outdoor patio transformation.

Don’t opt for anything wildly different, as you’ll want to keep a similar theme throughout your house. Make sure you also have blankets and bright outdoor pillows on hand for those chilly summer nights. Your guests will thank you for it.


6. Light up the Night With Outdoor String Lights

String lights are an excellent budget-friendly way to spruce up your patio summer decor. They’re so aesthetically pleasing and provide ambient lighting. There are so many options available, from solar-powered LED and clear incandescent to fairy lights. You can wrap them around trees, string them along your fence, or hang them from your gazebo. Just be sure to have fun with it and get creative.

One thing to keep in mind is that string lights are meant to create ambiance, rather than illuminate your entire space. You should always have other lighting options in place to make sure your guests can see.


7. Nautical Decor

summer decor nautical decor

Nautical decor will have your home feeling like a beach house in no time. This classic aesthetic is one of the most widely used summer decor themes for a reason. While the blue-and-white color palette is perfect for summer, many homeowners choose to keep a nautical theme year-round. The choice is yours.

To achieve this look, you can either completely renovate or simply add some nautical touches if you’re on a budget. With sailing ships in mind, we recommend opting for a lot of wooden elements throughout your home. You can even bring out a can of white paint and get to work on repainting some old chairs to brighten up your space.

Additionally, look for shells, ropes, anchors, and oars to decorate your home. If you stick with a nautical theme indoors, make sure your outdoor patio furniture and decor are cohesive. Incorporate lots of reds, whites, and blues with bold stripes throughout the house to achieve the desired look.


8. Switch Up Your Duvet Cover and Bedding

The best way to brighten up your bedroom and affordably give it a different vibe when the hotter weather sets in is to swap out your duvet cover for something light and cheery.

The idea is to keep the walls light to not overpower your duvet, which will become the focal point of the room. Think of pastels, floral patterns, or vibrant beachy colors like aqua or yellow when considering your designs. Opt for white or sandy beige sheets beneath it so you don’t take away from the boldness of the duvet cover.


9. Summery Scents

Summery candles seem to be hugely overlooked when it comes to seasonal decor. However, not only can scented candles make your home smell fresh and inviting, but they also make the perfect inexpensive summer decoration.

Fill your living room with the lovely fresh scent of sea salt and sage to make your home feel like a tropical island. Infuse your bedroom with fragrances of pink sand and rosewater. Welcome guests into your kitchen with the aroma of Balinese starfruit and coconut.

As for candle shopping itself, there are plenty of online options if you prefer to skip the line. You can order them ahead of time and be prepared when June rolls around. Whichever you decide, keep an eye out for pretty and aromatically uplifting candles.


10. Swap Out the Shower Curtain

Last but not least, don’t forget to give your bathroom a summer touch. This is another room where it’s acceptable to have fun with bright colors. Swap out your current shower curtain for something more vibrant and cheerful. And if you can find a matching bath mat and towels, you’ve just given your bathroom an entire summer makeover without having to spend much or lift a finger.


Happy Summer Decorating!

As you can see, decorating your home for summer isn’t about spending a fortune or taking months to remodel. It’s about making subtle changes and adding additional pops of color to make your home more inviting.

If you’re feeling inspired but aren’t sure where to start, we recommend starting with your living room or kitchen. It’s always best to clean out the clutter from the rooms first. Once you’ve done that, you can start adding in some items from this list to give your home a refreshing summer feel. We guarantee you’ll notice a complete shift in the energy of your home in no time.

Do you have a great summer decor idea that you didn’t see on this list? We’d love to hear from you – let us know in the comments below.



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