We can all relate to how easy it can be to accumulate stuff. It usually happens without us even realizing it. That is until we start running of places to put it all. The more we accumulate, the more storage becomes a problem. But there are areas of our homes that get overlooked for possible storage options, and one of those areas is the doorway. Most of us have at least a few doors and doorways in our homes, yet it’s forgotten when it comes to finding a place to store stuff. So, to help you find some more storage space and maybe do a little de-cluttering, we’ve created a list of 12 door organizer options.


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1. Shoe Racks

Whitmor Over the Door Shoe Rack

Source : amazon.com

Whether you’ve got a family or you love collecting shoes, you know that storing those shoes can quickly become an issue. It doesn’t take long for them to start gathering and adding clutter to any space. A good over-the-door shoe organizer can help solve that. You can pick up over-the-door shoe racks in any style to suit your needs, from a pocket-style shoe holder that enclose the shoes and protect them from dust to an over-the-door rack or hanger for easy access. Use these versatile racks on just about any door in the house, be it a mudroom, bedroom door, or inside a closet. Your shoe collection can be hidden when you close the door or put on display. This over the door storage shoe idea, will help free up some room in your closets for sure.


2. Jewelry Hangers

Sunix Mirror Jewelry Cabinet Wall

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Let’s face it, a jewelry box can only hold so much, and a lot of the time ends up spilling over onto the dresser, with half of your jewelry in the box and the other half laying haphazardly around the bedroom. Organize it all with an over-the-door jewelry hanger. These hangers provide room for all of your accessories. Earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all have their spot. Many of these hangers also come with space for makeup and cosmetic accessories, keeping everything you need in one convenient location. Perfect for hanging on the back of interior doors like a bedroom or closet, some of these racks double as a mirror and are lockable, great for when your kids decide they want to use your expensive jewelry for dressing up.


3. Hanging Baskets

SEI Furniture Over-The- Door 3-Tier Woven Basket Storage

Source : amazon.com

Storage baskets are both practical and stylish. Many people have some storage basket in their home, but what they don’t usually take advantage of are baskets that hang over the door. While some pre-made over-the-door baskets can be unattractive or mundane, we love ones that come with wicker baskets and have a much more stylish look that can be used throughout your home, blending nicely with any existing decor. Not only can you use these hangers as extra storage space, but you can also use them to hold plants, making them even more decorative than they already are and adding a personal touch to any room.


4. Pantry Storage

Smart Design Over The Door Adjustable Pantry Organizer Rack

Source : amazon.com

The pantry is another small space that can fill up before we know it. It’s also another place where people rarely take advantage of the storage space on the back of the pantry door. Do a quick Amazon search for pantry organizers, and the options available can quickly become overwhelming. Big or small, short or tall, it can be tough to find the one that works best. What you want to do is maximize the space on the back of the door. Something that is at the very least half of the cabinet door’s height but ideally close to the same size is going to do just that. At the same time, you’re going to want to look for something that can hold anything from a shorter can of soup to tall boxes of pasta. Instead of getting a pantry organizer with fixed storage, try and find one that is adjustable so that you can change its configuration based on what you want to store, instead of storing things based on the rack’s configuration.


5. Filing Systems

mDesign Soft Fabric Wall MountOver Door Hanging Storage Organizer

Source : amazon.com

Working from home or not, anyone with a home office can attest that productivity is much higher in an organized, clutter-free workspace. But often, those workspaces aren’t big enough to have bulky storage unit, not to mention something like that can be more of an eyesore than anything else. So why not hang your files from the back of the door. Over-the-door filing systems are a surprisingly cheap way to organize files, notebooks, planners, office supplies, even wrapping paper, and come in many different shapes and colors to match any decor. If you don’t like the look of it hanging on the back of the door when you’re in your office, they can be tucked away on the inside of a closet door.


6. Towel Rack

Franklin Brass 193153-FN Over the Door Triple Towel Rack with Hooks

Source : amazon.com

Many bathrooms, big or small, have very little space to hang a towel, often a single rack capable of holding one or two and maybe a separate small hand towel. A linen closet is nice but not always convenient, so why not get a door-hanging towel rack? Towel racks with hooks or bars can be both handy and stylish. When the bathroom door is open, the towels are hidden behind the door. When it’s closed, they’re well within reach. But it doesn’t stop in the bathroom. Smaller versions of similar racks can also be hung from a cabinet door in the kitchen and are often adjustable to fit any small door in the kitchen, creating hideaway storage for your dish towels. This over the door storage solution is great when guests are coming over as well.


7. Tie Rack

Lynk Over Door or Wall Mount 16 Hook Rack Shirt

Source : amazon.com

Ties, belts, handbags, scarves; all things that generic closets in our homes very rarely have storage for, meaning they either end up taking up space on our clothing racks, or they end up on the floor of the closet. Hanging a rack with hooks on the back of your closet door or doors efficiently organizes all of these odds and ends and keeps them from getting damaged if not properly stored. What’s more, now everything is properly displayed in the open as soon as the closet door is opened, eliminating frustrating rummaging we have to do to find what we need.


8. Kitchen Cabinet Organizer

iDesign Classico Kitchen Cabinet Storage Rack for Pot

Source : amazon.com

There is a lot of unused space in our kitchens. The backs of cabinet doors have so much to offer but are rarely utilized. Storing anything from pot lids to cutting boards can be done with the right over-the-door cabinet organizer. They do take away a little space as far as the depth of the cupboard is concerned, but the extra space gained inside far outweighs the minimal loss. Options can be seemingly endless. You can get racks that are designed specifically for pot lids. You can get racks that act as small shelving units for things like spices or small cutting boards. You can even use some over-the-door hooks to hold towels or oven mitts. Any one of these or a combination of them will certainly help to organize those often cluttered kitchen cabinets and keep everything within convenient reach.


9. Coat Rack

Over The Door Hook

Source : amazon.com

If you have kids, you can understand just how hard it is to keep an entryway clutter-free. It’s in a kid’s nature to come charging into the house, tossing their outdoor clothing all over the place as they go. It’s a scene all parents can relate to, and probably not one we can hope to be able to control. But we can make it a little easier on ourselves with an over-the-door coat rack. Having a coat rack that is handy and easy to use increases the likelihood it will get used. If your hallway or mudroom doesn’t have a closet, the rack can be hung on the back of the door for easy access for a purse or backpacks. If you do have a closet, the rack or pegboard can be hung on the inside of the closet door, giving you more space in a closet that is often quite small.


10. Bookshelves

While the previous options on this list take advantage of the space on the back of a door by hanging different shelves and racks, this suggestion takes advantage of the often-wasted space above the door itself. In most homes these days, the standard ceiling height is 9 feet. Doorways are typically six and a half feet tall. Depending on the trim around the door, each doorway can potentially have two and a half feet of wall space that doesn’t get used. While that will vary depending on the house, you get where I’m going with this. Bookshelves can be a good way to make use of this space. They can be as simple as a single wall mount shelf to hold some books and small plants to more elaborate bookshelves that use the top of the door and descend the sides as well. A simple bookshelf not only takes advantage of the unused space above the door but frees up floor space and provides a unique and stylish look to any home. Bookshelves are over the door storage ideas that can really save space, as well as giving another surface to display other types of decor.


11. Box Shelves

Box Shelves

The right-sized box self mounted in the space above any doorway cannot just provide extra storage but can look amazing as well. Box shelves can be used in the bathroom to store things like towels or extra toiletries. Use them in the bedroom to store miscellaneous items the closet has no more space for or even spruce up the decor with small plants. Box shelves can be extremely versatile in both function and design, and mounting them above the doorway can take that one step further. You can mount multiple smaller shelves for a broken-up look or one big box shelf to maximize the space you get out of it. If you don’t like the idea of it being decorative and would rather have the shelf hide things, you can even attach cupboard doors, making it a unique yet stylish cabinet.


12. Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen can have a lot of unused space, some of which is over the doorways. It’s not often that you see cabinets over the door of a kitchen, and while the look may not be for everyone, it can work and can be a good chunk of space to store smaller items you might have around the kitchen. Of course, there is an element of safety involved when having kitchen cabinets, and they shouldn’t be jammed full of heavy pots and pans to avoid anything falling out and possibly hitting someone. Instead, space could be used as a small pantry area for storing snacks or a place to put cleaning supplies, extra hand towels and dishcloths. A cabinet above the doorway is also a great spot to keep hazardous cleaning materials out of the reach of small children.

Whether we live in a small apartment or a large house, there are always those times when we wish we had more storage space. Over the door storage, is a great way to take advantage of a lot of space that we often forget is available to us. The options we’ve mentioned here are only a few of what is available. Using this extra space is limited only by your imagination. Hopefully, we did what we could to help spark that imagination and get you thinking about how you can use some of this space to your advantage.



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