A decade ago, an accent color on a wall was in. Now, wall murals are used as a virtual backdrop to most rooms. They add that special pop of color that can generate excitement to any decor. One place that a wall mural can really shine, is the living room. We will be exploring all kinds of wall mural ideas below.

Need a change? Wall murals are great for adding dimension to a room. Gone are the days of plastering messy strips of wallpaper to a wall. Not to mention the hassle of using steam to peel off really old wallpaper if you want to redecorate.

Today’s wall murals are still strips of paper, but application is far easier. Also, instead of a repeated pattern of flowers/design, there can be a giant picture. It’s wall art that adds a bit of flash to your interior design. How cool is that?

Even adhering it to the wall is far easier than in past. For one, it is less messy. Many wall murals come with an adhesive wall vinyl. You can get them custom-made to reflect your personal taste or use a store-bought purchase.

Homeowners can now express themselves more than ever with wall murals. Stuck as to how to make your living room more exciting? Here are some creative suggestions for a great wallpaper mural idea:


wall mural ideas with serene scene


Create a Virtual Living Space

Want to go to Paris? Maybe somewhere tropical? Now, that same ambient mood can be added to a living room. It creates that perfect “staycation” that can be enjoyed year-round.

By using a location as a background, it gives the room the “feel” of a certain place. For example, a cityscape creates a space that is energetic and full of life, whereas a skyline or sunset can add a touch of warmth and coziness to a family area.

This type of wall mural can completely change the mood of the entire room. If the room needs to be more energetic, choose a backdrop that is bustling with activity. For a more relaxed feel, select a mural that is serene.


Add Interest By Using Shapes/Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns can change the feel of a room. Paint is standard. It doesn’t give a personality to a room. Geometric patterns draw the person’s eye to the wall, making it the focal point of the room.

It is also great for tying in multiple colors in a room. By using it as a tie-in, all of the room’s colors are highlighted. If done correctly, it can add dimension into the room.

Creative people will love playing with a geometric pattern in a living room. There are many whimsical patterns to choose from that make designing fun. On the other hand, rooms with clean, minimalistic lines may benefit from a geometric pattern. Patterns with straight lines further enhance the clean look of the room while adding an element of interest. Geometry is one way to add a flair to your wall mural ideas.


Use Nature Scenes For Smaller Living Rooms

If the living room is small, using nature wall murals such as a forest can add depth and texture. Vertical lines draw the eye up and down, making the room appear taller.


Create a Brick or Wood Appearance Without the Mess

wall mural ideas in brick

Wood paneling and brickwork is coming back into fashion. However, it is not the rich, dark look of decades past. Most homeowners tend to gravitate toward light-colored textures. A light color can be used to offset dark accents such as ceiling beams or dark woodwork. It creates a warmth to the room.

Most homeowners dread doing a wood or brick finish to a room. They find the task messy or tedious. If not done correctly, it can lead to a huge mess followed by exasperated sighs of frustration at having to do it over again.

Homeowners can avoid the frustration and cost by using a wall mural. A brick-and-wood panel can be easily adhered to the wall. While the touch may not be the same, they look very realistic. At first glance, one would never guess it wasn’t real. Wall mural ideas like this one can really save you a lot of frustration down the line.


Adding a “Wow” Factor To a Fireplace

Maybe it isn’t a regular wall that needs a spark. Wall murals are great to use around focal points such as a fireplace.

Fireplaces naturally draw attention as a person walks through a room. They immediately exude that feeling of warmth and comfort. Adding a wall mural makes a fireplace without a mantle, making it a cool focal point in any living room.

This technique can also be used for walls that serve as a divider. Dividers are often used to create defined living spaces in an open-concept design. Placed correctly, it breaks up living space into clearly defined areas without making the space look small.

Adding a wall mural to a divider makes it part of the flow of the room. It adds interest and dampens that drab feel of a plain wall.


Give Neutral Furnishings a Boost with Pop ArtStyle 

A pop art-style mural gives color to a neutral room. The fun of a neutral room is that a person can play with colors by utilizing accents. A wall mural in one area is no exception. Strategically selected, it can tie in pillow accents or wall decor. It brings the room together.


Single Objects Can Modernize an Accent Wall

Maybe the color is great but needs an update. A single decal as a wall mural can quickly change any room. It is quick to apply and creates interest.


Add Interest to an Inset Panel

Wall murals aren’t solely for walls. They can be applied to ceilings as well. Pictures work well to add interest or a certain feeling to a room. For example, if the living room is used more as a home theater, either a cosmic or star pattern can be added to the ceiling/inset panel.

For small rooms, ceiling wall murals make the room appear brighter and larger. It works great in adding dimension to the ceiling.


Man Cave It Up

To say that living rooms are for families is a misnomer. Many homeowners are single parents or just single.

Sports fans will love this idea. To create that perfect “man/fan cave,” a sports-themed mural can be added against a big-screen television set. It gives that feel of being right in the game. Wall mural ideas that are sports related can really liven up a room.


Go Even Bolder With A Paint Splash Mural

For living rooms with bold, bright colors, incorporate them into a wall mural. Textures like a paint splatter add a whimsical feel to the room. It further enhances an already vibrant area and ties everything in. Bold colors in your wall mural ideas really can brighten things up.


Tie it Into a Theme

wall mural ideas in tropical style

Forest, grass, or even water murals can tie in the theme of a living room. It not only adds interest but dimension as well. Plus, it looks really cool as a backdrop.


Create Refinement With a Geode or Marble Pattern 

If elegance is the ultimate goal, adding a geode or marble pattern will enhance the look. Some geode patterns come not only with bright colors but etches of gold color as well. Geodes make the room look both interesting and rich.

Marble wall murals can be used for the same feel. However, be aware that it can also create a cold feel as well.

While marble is associated with wealth, most people picture countertops or floors. Using marble on an accent wall may give off a feeling of power. However, it may generate a feeling of aloofness or snobbery instead.


Make A Statement With A Black Graphic

Creativity is unlimited in this design. Best for more of monochromatic living room with vaulted ceilings, simply add a graphic to a wall. It will make a statement to the space.


Refine a Contemporary Room

To add interest to a contemporary refined living space, simply add an antique city wall mural. It expands the space visually. It also creates an eye-catching detail.

Some of the murals are so realistic that people almost think they can step through it.


Add a Touch of Chic Antique

For more formal or ornate living rooms, a moody woodland mural can be added. It creates that air of romantic mystery to the space and complements the overall theme.

These are just a few ideas of how to create a different atmosphere using wall murals. The only limit is the person’s imagination. Wall murals match any style of room.

For small rooms, tall, vertical prints are best. They will draw the eye upward, making the room taller. Horizonal patterns can make the room look wider as well. These kind of wall mural ideas are great for anyone to use.

Whatever your taste, there is a wall mural suited for you. Ranging from the creative to the whimsical to the man cave, there is something for everyone that enhances that wow factor.

Living rooms don’t have to be boring anymore. Gone are the days of just an accent color. Wall murals add interest to a room. They allow the homeowner to express themselves even further. Best yet, they are incredibly realistic. Some of them feel like you are stepping into another space.



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