The kitchen is the most-used place in any home and if you are planning to renovate your kitchen, then it is not only the best idea, but also a great investment. When it comes to renovation, there are different types of renovations, such as wanting to highlight or modify a color, update equipment, change the floor, or other such things. Depending on the type of kitchen you want, the effort, time, and money may vary. So, we have suggested some must-try kitchen renovation ideas for older homes.


How much does it cost for a kitchen renovation?


If you go for kitchen renovation like upgrading the kitchen with new elements, then it will come to around $25,000, which means $150 per square foot. People spent a lot of time on kitchen renovation ideas for older homes than any other room, as they want it to be the best.

The price of kitchen renovation entirely depends on the space, type of material you use, the layout, the plan, and other additional costs. If you are planning for a kitchen renovation, then here are the few things that you should renovate in your older home. Here are the best kitchen renovation ideas for older homes.


Kitchen Renovation Ideas for Older Homes


Change the cabinets to a bright white

The renovation of older cabinets into new ones will totally change the look of the kitchen. Apart from the look, it will offer you a comfortable kitchen in many ways, and also it will appear more attractive. If your older kitchen has a vintage stove and other older things, then it definitely needs an update.

To create a unique and attractive look, you can change the entire cabinet into bright white. Still, the bright white kitchen is considered a timeless look, it is still popular and most people prefer this type of renovation. This kind of renovation will last for a longer time.


Add a kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the best kitchen renovation ideas for older homes, as it will give a new and modern twist to your old kitchen. The kitchen island can be anything; such as a countertop or table, and it should be a standalone structure. If you are going for a kitchen Island make sure of the budget, as it requires plumbing, electrical work and also should provide enough seating for any family gatherings.

If possible you can implement some storage or a cabinet into the kitchen island for additional cooking appliances.


Go for enough lighting

Lots of older homes don’t carry the right lighting system. The main rule of a kitchen lighting system is that it should have general or ambient lighting, and it should also be in the center of the kitchen. There are different types of lighting available such as under-cabinet LED light bars, puck lights, track lighting, decorative flush mount, and others. If you are planning to have a kitchen island, then pendant lighting is a great option.

Another important thing is that the light should match perfectly with the color of the paint. If you choose LED bulbs they will give warm and natural lighting. It will make any brighter colors such as red, orange, and yellow look more intense, and cooler paints gray, blue, and green will look duller.


Change the basic fixtures and finishes

The basic fixtures and finishes in older homes are sometimes poorly planned and you may need to update them when renovating the kitchen. You need to renovate them as it not only looks stylish, but they also should be functional.

In most cases, every kitchen will have a stainless sink, and during renovation you can go for a apron-front porcelain sink, which will boost the room’s charm. Also, to add more charm and warmth to the kitchen, you can add brass bin pulls, copper backsplash, and butcher block countertops.


Should have more storage space

In the list of best kitchen renovation ideas for older homes, storage space is also a big concern of many. You should not have to put the kitchen supplies far out, and you need to create the perfect storage for them to lead to a spotless kitchen.

If you have a kitchen island, then at one end you can plan for the open shelves which will store and display the kitchen pieces. If you have the upper cabinets, then remove two of the cabinet’s doors and use them for storage.  To place the new appliances, you can custom-build the range hood, which will modernize the space.


Give antique touches

If your kitchen has worn-out appliances, a cramped layout, and a crowded corner, then your kitchen needs an update. You can try giving antique touches such as new backsplash tile. Any salvaged fixtures and implementing a few antique versions, will entirely change the vibe of the space.

If you are planning on investing in a vintage kitchen renovation, it won’t cost a lot of money, as you will add a few details to the kitchen. This idea will be simple and cost-effective to give your kitchen a new look.


Open and airy

Even though your older kitchen has interesting decorative touches, if they are not open and airy, then it needs renovation. An open kitchen will make the kitchen feel more spacious, and will also create a friendly ambiance. If you are giving a modern renovation to your whole house, then an open and airy kitchen is one of the best kitchen renovation ideas for older homes.

You can also incorporate natural elements into the kitchen like wooden cutting boards, woven rush seats, and a faded antique wool which all give a warm look to your kitchen.


Bottom Line:

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the money that is spent on the kitchen will earn double when you sell the place. Sometimes the budget will go out of your pocket, but as new technology is implemented in every product, the kitchen items are also getting updated. So, try these recommended kitchen renovation ideas for older homes, and see the transformation.



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