Domestic bathrooms are one of the most important private parts of a home. On the other hand; commercial bathrooms are designed for use by multiple persons. In either case, you will like to have a design-friendly bathroom worth the investments made. The best way to achieve the target is to use innovative and efficient bathroom partitions. While partitioning can be very useful in improving the quality of the bathroom, you must find out the best for your bathroom.


Different Types of Bathroom Partitions

7 Factors to Consider About Installing Bathroom Partitions

There are different types of bathroom partitions.  They are usually categorized on the basis of the materials used to manufacture them.

  • Partitions made with powdered coated steel. They are the most extensively used partition material because of low price.
  • Plastic laminate offers excellent colors and designs, but are vulnerable to moisture.
  • Solid plastic can resist moisture and bacteria.
  • High-pressure laminates that is durable and is resistant to vandalism, bacteria, and moisture.
  • Stainless steel is most durable and resists all harmful elements.


Choosing Bathroom Partitions

Bathroom with partitions

While there are numerous considerations in choosing the bathroom partitions, you must consider those that are indispensable for accurate selection. Below are provided the top 7 factors that count in the selection of partitions for a bathroom.


Durability of the Bathroom Partition

Red toilet partitions

Bathroom partitions may be the best way to improve the functionality of a bathroom but that does not mean you can make it a recurring expense. A good way of enhancing the returns on your investments is to choose those with a long life span.  This is the most crucial consideration in the selection of the partitions. Since the environment around bear’s impacts on the partitions and their durability, you must check the condition of the space where the partitions are to be used. Therefore; you must find the partitions made with the materials matching the conditions of the place.


Check for Fire Classification and Cost

Shower partition

Commercial bathrooms are more vulnerable to fire hazards. It does not mean you will ignore the possibilities of fire hazards in domestic bathrooms. It is advisable to use bathroom partitions made of fire resistant material. At the same time it will also be necessary to keep an eye on the expenses to be incurred.

  • You can use steel partitions as they are fire resistant.
  • The cost to pay may be on the higher side initially, but it will be economic in the long run.
  • You will be spared from the expenses of frequent repair and replacement of the partitions.


You need Perfect Installation

Your objective of making your bathroom more functional using partitions will not be fulfilled unless the bathroom partitions are properly installed.

  • Proper installation will protect the privacy and safety of the users.
  • Perfect installation can give the users confidence and ensure the best returns on your investment.
  • The right realtor will keep you abreast of the step-by-step progress of the installation work.
  • You will be in a position to introduce cost and time-economy in the process.


How to Install Bathroom Partitions

toilet partition tip

In the entire process of partitioning your bathroom; the most vital aspect is the installation of the partitions. For perfect installation of the bathroom partitions; you have to start with the collection of required accessories. These include panels, pilasters, doors, and hardware, among others. In addition; you will also need tools to construct the partition. Before starting the installation work, you must assess the space, environment, and the goal you have set for partitioning the bathroom. The use of commercial or workplace bathroom partitioning will be different from their domestic counterparts. You must exercise due care and caution in selection and installation of the partitions.


Conform To Official Regulations

Bathroom partitions with wood pattern

While installing the bathroom partitions, you should not forget to follow the official regulations.  This will save you from getting some unpleasant surprise after the installation is erected. This is a must for any commercial or bathrooms meant for public use. You should take note of the following factors.

  • official building regulation applicable to your location.
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration requirements.
  • Rules and regulations on accessibility.
  • The measurements of the bathroom and partitions should be according to the prescribed dimensions.


Learn about the Bathroom Partitions Basics

As already pointed out above; there are differences between domestic and public bathroom partitions. In order to get the best bargain, you should know the basics. In case that the bathrooms are meant for public use, in offices and workplaces, or recreational centers, the first thing to know is about the regulatory codes currently in force.  Regulatory codes are also applicable in cases of private bathrooms, but they are not as stringent as in case of the bathrooms for public use. Following the regulations is mandatory and the construction work may not pass the inspection conducted by the town planning authorities.


Follow the Bathroom Partitions Dimensions

Cream colored bathroom

Like most other construction work; it will also be necessary to know about the basics relating to the dimensions of the bathroom partitions.

  • Thickness of partition walls should be in the range of ½ -1 inch.
  • Good quality materials should be used to ensure safety of the users and durability of the partitions.


Knowledge of the Above 7 Factors is Essential

For people considering taking up bathroom renovation using bathroom partitions, the above 7 factors are necessary to take into consideration. While there could be other small factors to consider for custom construction; the above are something that you cannot ignore. It is advisable to entrust this task to a reliable professional agency for a more perfect outcome.

If you are considering using bathroom partitions to make your bathroom more functional, then it will be necessary to have knowledge about the basics. You can ensure safety of the users, durability of the partitions and to make the project more cost efficient.



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