As a proud homeowner you would certainly like to make your home beautiful. A front porch is the first thing that will be seen by any visitors. Their first impression is what counts in making your home stand out in the crowd. The front porch is therefore; a very important part of your home which reflects your personality and preferences. However; to make your home look impressive, you will need best designing ideas. Provided below are 7 innovative front porch ideas that can help you achieve your objective.


Get Front Porch Ideas Specific to Your Home

front porch ideas with swings

The front porch is the entryway to your home. It could be a –

  • Small space enclosed by outdoor walls
  • Big area working as the entrance space to a house; and
  • Main gate that leads into the house

Traditionally; the front porch contains your name and the house number as well. An innovatively designed front porch can considerably improve the look of your home. One of the essential features of any front porch ideas is that it should be designed matching the space and patterns of your home. A deck can considerably enhance the appealing features of your front porch. The front porch separates your home from the street and is a very important part of the premises. You should try to make it look as trendy as possible.


Keep Some Open Space Seating Area on Your Front Porch

Seating area with wood background

If you are able to find some extra open space seating area in the front porch; it will create a stunning view of your home. Following could be the components of innovative front porch ideas.

  • Place single sitting chairs or stools with a coffee table, in the open space of the porch.
  • Ensure that the environment is highly relaxing for the users.
  • If there is adequate space; the porch can be used for a small garden gathering.
  • Conversely; you can also design a covered porch to enjoy nature’s gifts like rain without the fear of getting wet.
  • You can enhance the functionality of the front porch by adding a porch swing or chairs.
  • Irrespective of your location; creating an open porch sitting area is a great idea that can substantially add to the overall appearance of your home.


Add a Fire Pit to Your Front Porch

front porch ideas with firepit and seats

Adding a fire pit is one of the most innovative front porch ideas, especially if you reside in a cooler climate. It can give you the feeling of enjoying a camp fire with others. Adding a fire pit can easily liven up not only your porch, in terms of looks but also in terms of functionalities. It is also a home décor idea that can generate great results with little input of effort and money. It will be a great pleasure enjoying the warmth generated by the pit with your loved ones or friends especially in the winter season.


Adding a Golden Mustard Door to Enhance the Look of Your Front Porch

Seats with table and umbrella

Addition of a golden mustard door can enhance the look of your front porch, as well as the overall look of the home. It is also fast becoming one of the most popular front porch ideas, as both home owners and designers are opting for such additions to the building’s front porch. It is based on the concept that interior designing is not confined to the interior of a home alone, but can be fruitfully applied to the exterior part of a home as well. For many; it is the realization of their dream of developing a winning look to their front porch.


Match the Design with Industry Trends

front porch ideas with seating on white home

In order to make your front porch design functional, it is necessary that you follow the industry trends. Many leading designers suggest using an intelligent combination of the classic and contemporary. Over the passage of time, features of many front porch designs have evolved considerably. However; the classic trends have not gone into total oblivion. Combining the features of classic and contemporary features to improve the aesthetic and functionality, is one of the best front porch ideas. The only necessity for you would be to find the most up to date information with the current industry trend. The objective is to create an ideal location in your home to relax and to give your family a much better living.


Set Up a Covered Front Porch if Possible

covered porch with fans and lounge chairs

You can set up a covered front porch to create a comfortable place of relaxation without worrying about the weather conditions outside. You can settle for a ceiling height of 8-9 feet. A covered space is one of the most impressive front porch ideas because it keeps the space usable in all seasons. A covered front porch will give shade during the summer, warmth during the winter, and protection from rain in the rainy season. It will work as a one-point solution for multiple issues.


Learn how to Set Up the space when the Area is Small

front porch ideas with outdoor seating and coffee table

Not all homeowners have the benefits of having enough space on their front porch. Learning how to utilize this small space for optimum results, is one of the essential front porch ideas. You can use accessories for enhancing the look, as well as the functionality of the front porch. For example; you can use a bold orange door and large size plants, plus screen in the porch for this purpose. Another great idea for creating contemporary looks on a small front porch, can be a red glass insert door and various greenery added for a stunning effect on the viewers. There are many ways to liven up your small front porch and you can get ideas by viewing top websites on the Internet.

As already pointed out, your front porch can be remodeled to create the best impact on any visitors. You can easily achieve the target by using some of these great front porch ideas. You can get hundreds of such ideas online and can compare and choose the ideal set up for you.



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