Determination of a garage door size will usually depend on the type of garage you own. For instance; if you have a large garage then the door should be wider in the range of 22-24 feet. There should also be two single doors in the garage. On the other hand; if the garage is small in size, you can use a double door of 18 feet as it will provide extra space to enter and exit conveniently. The size of the garage doors will also depend on the size of the vehicle parked in it.

Bigger is not Always the Better

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One of the common misconceptions about the garage doors, is that bigger is better. This is not always the case and there are several considerations in deciding in favor of bigger garage doors.

  • Larger garage doors have more weight and you may need a truck to open and close them.
  • Conversely; you may use an automatic door opener, but it could be expensive. Moreover; only a person with a remote controller can use it.
  • As larger garage doors need stretching; it may easily alter the desired appearance which you opted for.

7 Ways to Determine Ideal Garage Door Size

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In any case; your objective will be to determine the ideal garage door size. This; however; is better said than done. For a person not as familiar with construction work techniques may find it extremely difficult to determine the perfect size of the garage door. Here are top 7 ways to determine the ideal size of a garage door.

Provide the Dimension and Design of the Garage Door to the Architect

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If you want to decide on the ideal garage door size then you must provide the architect or builder with an adequate amount of information. It will include the following things.

  • The dimensions of the garage.
  • Your preferred design.
  • The type and size of the vehicle that will be kept in the garage.
  • Whether it will be used by a single occupant or multiple users.

The advancement of digital technologies have made it easier to describe all this information with accuracy. You can use digital apps to draw and present your desired garage door.

Decide on the Placement of Windows for Determining the Garage Door Size

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Placement of windows can affect the garage door size as well as its appearance. If the garage door is smaller in size, placement of windows on its top section may look odd. For a better look, placing the windows in the second or the third section of the garage door will look better. Irrespective of the type and the size of the garage door, such construction can give the garage a trendy look. You can discuss with your architect on proper layout of the garage door to make it functional.

Choose the Size Customized to Meet Your Needs

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As the end-user; you should choose a garage door that meets your requirement with perfection. This is important because besides fulfilling all traditional requirements, the garage door size should also meet the specific requirements you have. A perfect garage should have the following characteristics.

  • It will have enough space for stationing the vehicles you use.
  • The garage should also provide facilities for storing accessories for using the vehicles.
  • The size of the garage door is perfect for the hassle-free entrance to and exit from the garage.

Garage Door Should Be Replaced Or Modified Easily

There are numerous garage owners that start with a single vehicle, but get more with the passage of time. There are also others that replace their older automobiles with a new one. In either of these cases, the garage owner requires modifications and replacements of the garage and the garage doors.  Modifications or replacement of the doors is required to meet the change in the objects it is to house. The garage door size is vital for ensuring that the vehicles stationed in the garage can move in and out easily. That is why you should choose a garage door that can be modified or replaced easily and without causing any damage to the garage.

Know About The Ideal Garage Door Features

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As the task for you is to identify and buy the ideal garage door, it is necessary to know what the ideal one for you is. Learning the features include the size of the door, because it is a must have feature of a functional garage. An interesting feature is that people usually complain about smaller garages and not about an oversized garage. In case of any garage, the owner needs the garage door of ideal size.

Check for the Standard Garage Door Sizes

Table of Standard Door Sizes (in inches and metric)

Garage Door Type Height Width
Single Sectional 86.61 inches/2200mm 94.48 inches/2400mm
Double Sectional 86.61 inches/2200mm 196.85 inches/5000mm
Roller Door Up to 118.11 inches/Up to 3000mm Up to 208.66 inches/Up to 5300mm
Maximum Sectional Up to 133.85 inches/Up to 3400mm Up to 241.96 inches/Up to 6400mm
Tilt Door Up to 98.42 inches/Up to 2500mm Up to 216.53 inches/Up to 5500mm

You will come across a wide array of garage doors in the market. However; you should also learn about the standard garage door sizes. It will help you to make an informed decision on buying the right garage door. You can choose between the sectional, traditional, or tilt garage door among others. The standard sizes for garage doors are as follows.

  • 86.61 inches x 94.48 inches (2200 x 2400mm) of height and width for single sectional doors.
  • The dimensions for the double sectional door are 86.61 inches x 196.85 inches (2200 x 5000mm)

Obtain Expert Advice

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If you are unable to decide the size of the doors, then the best way would be obtaining expert advice. An expert will know how to go for it and will guide you properly. The above 7 ways are the best to decide on the appropriate garage door size for your garage.

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