Bookworms and DIYers unite! Have you been thinking about modifying your living room to liven it up and add more sophistication? You’re in the right place! These living room bookshelf should help.

People assume that to have a great bookshelf, they must hit the shops and buy a new one. But DIY project-enthusiasts know that no home project ideas are impossible! The best bookshelves come in different colors and sizes, and the best part is you can probably use materials from home to put them together!

We’ve compiled a list of creative and unique DIY bookshelves that you can make to refine your living room! Read on to discover eight living room bookshelf ideas – home project ideas that work!



1. DIY Library-Esque Bookshelf

Living Room Bookshelf

Having this bookcase will transport your family and guests to a library every time they step foot into your living room. Choosing a color – whether dark brown oak or dark cherry – that complements your living room furniture, you can create this DIY bookshelf yourself!

All you need is a bare wall (or walls), and you’re all set to start finding wood and shelving to turn this into a week-long home project! This bookshelf will work best if your family collectively has many books and need the perfect place to store them.

This DIY Library-Esque Bookshelf will add extra class and refinement to your living room!


2. DIY Sphere Bookshelf

Living Room Bookshelf sphere

This bookshelf is such a unique idea that it will wow your guests as soon as they enter your living area. Choose a space on your living room wall that is large enough to hold this sphere bookshelf and start measuring!

A sphere-shaped bookcase may be complicated to create for new DIYers, but this home project idea will be a great challenge to create unique living room bookshelves! You need to pay close attention to measurements to perfectly encapsulate the 3D effect. But your hard work will pay off as these wooden shelves will hold everyone’s books and rapt attention.

This DIY Sphere Bookshelf will add a modern touch to your living room!


3. DIY Angled Wooden Bookshelf

Angled bookshelf

This angled wooden bookshelf will be a beautiful touch to your contemporary living room. Vertical, compact, and unique, you can choose just about any corner or free space to stand this bookshelf in!

An angled shelf will be super fun to make and a delight to see every day. DIYers just need slabs of wood and possibly wooden paint to achieve the desired look to complete this home project!

This DIY Angled Bookshelf idea will give your home more character, becoming the focal point of any room without taking up too much floor space.


4. DIY Built-In Bookshelf with Hidden Lighting

Bookshelves with lighting

This built-in bookshelf will be a complex and cultured touch to your living room. You can build this bookshelf around the TV or an empty wall, but it will require hard and detailed work.

A built-in wood bookcase is better for seasoned DIYers who have experience tackling larger areas. This home project will probably take you about a week or more, but it’s worth it! You can use kitchen cabinets for the bases of your built-in shelves to make it easier to hold heavy items. Once you finish with the structure, you can fit in hidden lighting over and under the shelves to illuminate your collection of books!

This DIY Built-In Bookshelf with Hidden Lighting will brighten up your living room!


5. DIY Tree Bookshelf

Tree bookshelf

This tree bookshelf will be a fun and exciting addition to your living area. You can potentially make it as big or small as you want and fit it onto any empty wall space.

A tree-shaped bookshelf adds personality and is so unique that it will leave a lasting impression. Novice and expert DIYers will have fun envisioning and creating this gorgeous bookshelf for their homes. Just make sure to screw the fixture firmly into the walls, so it will stay steady, even if the books are off-balance!

This DIY Tree Bookshelf will have your guests floored by the sheer creativity and hard work that went into building it!


6. DIY Diagonal Bookshelf

Living Room Bookshelf with furniture

A diagonal bookshelf is an upgrade to a plain, regular bookshelf. All you need is empty wall space, and you can start planning how big you want your diagonal boxes to be.

This bookshelf will be aesthetically pleasing and a brilliant addition to a contemporary living room. There are many videos and step-by-step guides online for DIYers to recreate this look, and even beginners can give it a go! You can complete this home project in one weekend with the family’s help.

This DIY Diagonal Bookshelf is so stylish that your guests will be requesting your services as a bookshelf-builder in their own homes!


7. DIY House Bookshelf for Toddlers

Pink toddler bookshelf

Every smart kid needs their mini-library and sanctuary! This house bookshelf for toddlers is the perfect addition to your living room if you have a few kids or always have children over on playdates!

This simple bookshelf should only take you a few hours to build. But don’t knock the idea because it’s fairly “simple” – it may end up being your book-loving kid’s safe-haven! Paint it your toddler’s favorite color and make it a family home project – giving you all a sense of fulfillment for building it yourselves.

This DIY House Bookshelf will be your kid’s favorite hang-out spot!


8. DIY Classic Bookshelf with a Twist

diagonal bookself

Classics are great, but taking a classic and morphing it into your creation is even better! This classic bookshelf with a twist allows you to play around with a classic look but modernize it to suit your style!

This bookshelf is a fun home project to take on and should take a few days to complete. You’re going to want to go for strong wood material to emphasize the classic greatness! It will add a traditional and modern fusion to your elegant living room.

This DIY Classic Bookshelf with a Twist will be the room’s pièce de résistance!


Final Thoughts

The beauty of making your own pieces of furniture is that you get a sense of satisfaction knowing you created it every time you look at it. Sure, it’s easy to browse pieces online and hit “buy now”, but taking on a challenging home project and finishing it with your own two hands will bring you pure gratification.

This article listed eight living room bookshelf ideas to take on as home projects. Hopefully, you’ve been inspired by these bookshelf ideas to build a unique bookshelf for your home!

Good luck and happy DIYing!



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