Everyone wants to have a modern kitchen in their home. This is the dream of many people as a modern kitchen is attractive and multi-functional. If you have a modern kitchen, then it will serve multi-purposes and will also give an amazing experience by making your cooking easy and simple. If you are planning for a modern kitchen, then you should not miss the kitchen chimney, so we have listed the best kitchen chimney ideas.

In that modern kitchen, one of the best additions you can make is the chimney. The chimney will play the main role by ventilating the entire cooking area and it will suck out the polluted air. So, you can save your kitchen from the air, smoke, and any greasy oil droplets, while also leaving the kitchen indoor space more breathable.

Everyone knows what a kitchen chimney is, especially the one who runs the kitchen in your home. It is an electronic device that will suck out the smoke, odor, and oil from your kitchen. Never think that it is an unnecessary addition to your kitchen, as the chimney will keep the kitchen clean and fresh.

As the kitchen chimney is a necessary option, so people will have it in their kitchen either modular or not. But now if you are planning for a modern kitchen, then any kitchen chimney ideas are considered essential. Before we get into the perfect chimney designs for your kitchen, here are the things to keep in mind while installing the kitchen chimney.


Kitchen size

The first step before you buy the chimney, you need to know the size of the kitchen. For example, if you are having a compact kitchen, then you should avoid a massive chimney design, as the compact kitchen doesn’t need too much suction power to maintain cleanliness.


Chimney size

Next you should know the chimney size. If you know the size of the kitchen and the requirements of the chimney, then you can easily find out the chimney size. If you use your kitchen rarely, then you can use a low-suction and small chimney design.


Suction power

The suction power is the capacity of the chimney motor, and how much time it will take to suck out all smoke and oil. If you use your kitchen more, then you need to choose a chimney with higher suction power.


Filter type

The filter is the effective component of the chimney, and it comes in three types such as cassette, baffle, and carbon versions. Baffle filters are best for the frequently used kitchen, as they are curved and change the direction of the cooking air while passing through the filter.


Design type

Finally, here comes the kitchen chimney ideas. These will help to avoid confusion and we have recommended 8 of the best design ideas.




Angular kitchen chimney

kitchen chimney ideas in white kitchen

The angular kitchen chimney looks bold and stylish, and if your kitchen has light hardwood flooring, then it will match perfectly. The angular kitchen chimney has an excellent suction capacity, and it comes with sideways intake vents which expel the smoke and grease efficiently. This will be the perfect choice for those who cook often.


Pyramid kitchen chimney

kitchen chimney ideas in black kitchen

The pyramid kitchen chimney is one of the most famous modern kitchen chimney ideas. This is the perfect design for a smaller kitchen and depending on the space; you can customize the size of the chimney all by yourself. With the help of powerful suction, it will get rid of all smoke and odor.


Wall-mounted chimney

Wall mounted

The wall-mounted chimney is another great option for those who will spend all their time cooking. It is a budget-friendly option and in this design you don’t need any pipes to suck out the polluted air. This wall-mounted chimney looks compact and it fits perfectly on the black countertop with the wooden plank floor.


Box type chimney

Box type chimney in yellow kitchen with metal and wood accents

The box-type chimney is one of the best kitchen chimney ideas. It will add a classy look to your kitchen and it will reduce the fumes, as well as dust in an efficient way, without making much noise. This will be the best choice for a kitchen that has less space under the cabinets. This type of chimney comes with a sleek design, stainless steel body, and baffle filter making them worth considering.


Built-in chimney

Built in kitchen chimney

The built-in chimney is nothing but an integrated chimney that is hidden under the kitchen cabinet and also blends well with the layout. This design will give a seamless look to the kitchen, and it is quite expensive, but worth investing in. It fits in perfectly with the white kitchen drawers and grainy-patterned marble kitchen.


Ductless chimney

white kitchen with cement floors and black countertops

The ductless chimney is the perfect choice for the open kitchen, and it is suitable for this kitchen where the floor is concrete and the backsplash is tiled. This type of chimney comes with a motor and fan, so it will shackle the oil elements and ward them via the carbon filter.


Duct-based chimney

duct based chimney in white kitchen

The duct-based chimney is the traditional chimney, but will give a modern look to your kitchen. The duct extracts the grime through the filter and expels the odor and oily air outside. It requires plumbing on the side as it will remove the steam as well, and it is the perfect choice for the kitchen with a minimalistic design.


Chimney with LED lights

White kitchen with big island

This ceiling-mounted chimney comes with a LED light, and it will give a sassy and formal look to the kitchen. It comes with baffle filters and LED lights, and it can be hung on the ceiling.


Bottom Line:

These are the common and best kitchen chimney ideas and you can even find a lot of other chimney designs. The kitchen is considered the heart of your home, so it should be attractive and at the same time, it should be fully functional. So, it is worth spending time, effort, and money in designing your kitchen.



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