Bedroom renovation is something which people won’t get bored of. Anytime you look you will find many ideas and décor items to renovate your bedroom. The changing of the bedroom will bring different vibes, and it would be the best idea to always renovate the bedroom of your choice. You will find hundreds of ideas when it comes to remodeling bedroom walls and here we have recommended a few common options that will come in under your budget. This will give a new look and feel to your bedroom.

In this article, we are not going to talk about the changing of the bedroom, but we are going to discuss the remodeling of bedroom walls. So, here we have listed out a few ideas that will definitely work for your walls.



Change the texture

Remodeling Bedroom Walls

Textured walls are becoming a huge trend and people are loving textures that are natural and give an earthy warm look. There are various types of textures that are recommended for remodeling bedroom walls, like orange peel, popcorn, knockdown, sand swirl, and slap brush knockdown. You can use both paint or wallpaper for the texture, but if you are looking for a cost-effective way, then you can use some texture paint.


Select a statement piece

Statement piece on Bedroom Walls

A statement piece has nothing to do with remodeling your bedroom walls, but it is something that will bring a whole new look to your bedroom. The main reason to take the time to remodel your bedroom wall is to look nice and have a calming effect.

In the same way, the statement piece will bring attention and become the focus of your bedroom. You can pick any single item that is heavy and overweight.


Change the lighting

Lighting change on bedroom walls

Perfect lighting will bring about a major transformation and in most homes we haven’t given much thought to the lighting. So, when you are planning for the remodeling, you can give attention to the lighting. This also has a great impact both on the bedroom walls and ceiling.

Go for a chandelier if you have a high ceiling. This will allow you to avoid common fixtures and regular bulbs. You can use flush-mounting ceiling fixtures in this instance as well. You can even use wall sconces which come in different sizes and shapes, to elevate the lighting of the interior space. Also, go for pendant lighting which is good for contemporary bedrooms, and recessed lighting.


Go for decorative items

Use of decorative mirrors on wall

Different décor items are one of the best things to use if you want to make your bedroom walls look beautiful. When it comes to remodeling bedroom walls, you have to spend time picking the right décor item. The décor items should reflect your style and promote a positive mood, but it doesn’t mean that you have to fill your entire room with them.

Minimize the items and add something like your family photos, flowers, candles, or anything. One or two pieces are fine, or it will seem overcrowding on your bedroom wall.


Use creative colors

Creative color on bedroom walls

Color plays a massive role when it comes to the remodeling of bedroom walls. You need to choose a color that speaks about yourself, and also adds warmth to your room. You can try simple, timeless, and classic colors that will make your room pop. If you have a larger bedroom, then you can use any cool colors which will create a relaxing and calming effect. For example, try cool colors such as blue-green, most grays, and blue-violet. For smaller bedrooms use light colors like soft pink and yellow, which will have a soothing effect.


Place some artwork

Artwork on grey bedroom wall

If you want to bring a different look to your bedroom wall, then artwork is one of the best ideas for remodeling bedroom walls. Also, the bedroom is the perfect choice to add artwork and you can add anything like a silk rug, kid’s drawings, sculptures, or paintings. The artwork can be anything, but you need to give importance to the space and the arrangement you want.

To make it even cheaper, there are various DIY options available there and they will give a complete makeover to your bedroom. If you have already art on the wall, then you can rearrange it to create a new look.


Use wall ideas

Paint color ideas on wall

When it comes to remodeling bedroom walls, there are lots of ideas but people will give more importance to the paint color. In the paint color, you can find some unique and attractive ideas, which won’t look like a normal shade. For example, you can create a kind of mural look and also go for the accent wall.

But make sure it comes in under your budget, as some paint ideas will cost a lot of money. You can even go for a paint pattern which will give a fresh look to your bedroom. This is something new which people never often try.


Consider the ceiling

Paint the bedroom ceiling

When it comes to remodeling bedroom walls, it is not always about the walls, but you also need to care about the ceiling. The ceiling matters the most, but still, you don’t have to overlook the ceiling. If you have spent money on other things and have financial commitments, then a simple paint color will freshen up the room.

The paint on the ceiling will bring a modern vibe to the bedroom and if you want to go for some expensive options, then you can try faux beams which are another way to lighten up the ceiling. Also, try some DIY ideas; and make some effort when it comes to the ceiling, as this will be the first thing you will see when you wake up.


Bottom Line:

The remodeling of bedroom walls is one of the most important steps to do, as no one would like to get up looking at the same old wall. The bedroom is the place where we get relaxed and chill, so it would be the best idea to renovate that place into something new and unique.



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