Purple is traditionally associated with royalty. The dye in ancient times came from mollusks which made it very expensive. Deep versions of this beautiful color denote luxury, while softer shades are soothing. Here you’ll find some purple living room ideas, to give you inspiration.

Purple pieces can accent a room and add passion. It is great for providing a much-needed splash of color.


Grandeur and Formality

purple living room ideas

Aubergines and blue-tinted shades make a room look opulent. It can take a living room and turn it into a formal sitting room.

This room has a dark aubergine on the walls. The fireplace is a nice crisp white, while the wall above it, is in a soft lavender. A large mirror hangs over the mantle.

A white, tufted couch is on one side with a mixture of white- and grape-colored pillows. The table uses a velvety dark purple material. It is a low table with dark, mahogany legs. A tall white lamp is on one side of the fireplace, while a long, high table is on the other, dotted with small, lilac lamps.

A purple room can go from formal to cozy just by adding softer shades of purple to the area. Sometimes color accents like these purple living room ideas, are subtle, yet refined.


Cool and Clean

If you are going for that clean-lined, contemporary feel, this design may be for you! The back wall is painted dark charcoal grey with clean, light purple-white lines running horizontally with three inches between the lines on the back wall. A bookshelf is a little off-centered in this living space.

One adjacent wall is the same dark grey color but has pinstriping running vertically in smaller intervals giving the room height. The opposite wall is a medium smoky grey- no pinstriping. A deep pile white area rug lines the light grey laminate flooring.

A low-lying, aubergine colored, the velvety couch is on both sides of the room facing each other. A large ottoman in the same color is beside one of the couches. It too is in the same color and style as the couches.

A large lamp with a black shade and a grey base is on the ottoman. On the opposite side is an angular, low-lying table with a small bouquet.


Made for the Classic Minimalist

A grape-colored accent wall houses a large screen television. A lilac is painted over the brick façade on the adjacent wall. A large window outlined by white window panes is along the same wall and framed by charcoal curtains.

A low stark white table is below the television with two medium white flower pots flanking each side. A grape-colored modern chair is against the corner wall with a tall silver light behind it.

The white couches have a simple, clean, basic design and are placed in an l-shape. The pillows are the same color as the purple wall. The low-lying square table is in the center with pink flowers in the middle for that burst of color. The area rug underneath is a bit of a darker shade of grape and has a high pile.


Modernistic Clean purple living room ideas

If you want to add a splash of color and warm up a large area, you will appreciate the modern clean look. All walls are painted a clean white. Pillows of medium grey, medium purple, and white accents an off-white L-shaped sectional.

Dark grey oval tables are on each side of the couch with a lamp on a metal tripod. On the opposite end, there is a chair in a light grape color. An oak wooden table is in the middle of the room.

A light grey recliner is on the other end of the room. There is additional window seating with the same pillows as the couch.

The floor is dark mahogany, complemented with a cream-colored area rug.


Plum Paradise

purple living room ideas with artwork and furniture

This design is bold yet simple. All four walls are a deep shade of plum, while the carpeting is more of a grape color. An overstuffed classic, the tufted couch is angled against two walls. A small rectangular pillow is on one end.

A table that is spindle-shaped is beside it with a candelabra to add a classic feel. A white room partition is angled along the opposite wall with a few ivy accents running over it. A clean, minimalistic white chair faces the couch, and a medium-sized round white table with a glass top completes this romantic look.


Wild Workfolio

This living space has clean lines. Light beige drapes cover the window. The short, vintage cream-colored tufted, classic sofa with one large grey pillow and two smaller purples is along a recessed wall painted a medium purple with a stone texture. A tall minimalistic lamp is on one side of the sofa.

A white square vase with heather accents a nearby table.

A white shelf is over the couch and acts as a storage area for knick-knacks. The rest of the wall is a bright white. Two square purplish-grey paintings are lined up vertically along the wall. A tall white vase holds a plant in the corner.


Let’s Go to the Movies!

If your living room is more of an entertainment area, you can add wallpaper to two accent walls in a medium grey with a diamond pattern. Silver wall sconces add that movie-theater feel against the far wall.

On the adjacent wall, there are two large, rectangular pictures. One is grey, and the other is lilac.

The ceiling molding is done in an amethyst purple, while the actual ceiling is painted white with a lilac border to add depth.  A medium-purple sectional sits on one side of the room with a love seat on the other. Two dark-colored low, rectangular tables are in front of each sofa. A pink area rug covers a bright white tiled floor.

A large screen is along the wall opposite the sectional. Beside it is framed painted amethyst. That wall is painted white.


Modern Mauve

This design is perfect in an open concept room. A wall painted mauve creates a bold backdrop against a clean, minimalistic white leather sectional sofa. Long, rectangular leather pillows complete this sleek design.

A mauve area rug is under a low marble minimalistic table. A plum bowl adds a hint of intrigue.

The flooring is dark grey. Tall, narrow vases are strategically placed throughout the room. On the mauve wall, there is a large black and white rectangular picture hung vertically. A long deep shelf is right beside it.

The walls behind the purple partitioning wall are the same color as the flooring with the baseboards painted white. A simple white chaise lounge is on one side of the room and is highlighted by a plum-colored wall. A long mirror hangs behind the chaise. Purple living room ideas can really make a difference in a room, especially a modern one.


Beautiful and Bold purple living room ideas

A high-gloss white floor is a stunning prelude to a medium pastel purple wall. The ceiling is white with molding, and a light grey, the low-lying couch is along the center of the room with medium purple pillows. A white pit with a small tree is beside one side of the couch, while a silver minimalist lamp is on the other.

Three bold paintings are behind the couch. They are in an array of bold blues, yellow wisps, reds, fuchsias, pinks, and white. This look gives a clean, yet bold statement.

To finish off the room, the door is painted a high gloss purple with silver handles. This decor would accent an apartment beautifully.

Purple is a color that homeowners can easily play with. It pairs well with various shades of grey, which are incredibly popular at the moment. Lighter shades can give that warm feeling to a room which darker shades offer a bold formal appeal.

purple living room ideas with grey chair


Purple doesn’t have to be added just to the walls. Some of the best designs have grey walls accented with purple furniture. The most popular pieces to add depth to the room have been sofas and strategically placed picture frames.

Purple also pairs well with white and lime green. One room has white walls with an overstuffed grape-colored sofa. The pillows were a refreshing pastel-lime color to add that pop of color. A glass table with silver legs completed this basic look.

People are now going into bolder colors for their living spaces, and it doesn’t get any better than purple. The last time purple made an appearance in terms of a color palette was in the early 2000s. It was paired with grey shades then, as well. However, the grey tended to be darker.

When designing a purple living room, play with the colors. Dark colors can go on areas with the height or minimize certain features, whereas lighter shades such as lilac will add height or depth to the room.

Accent the room with a gorgeous grape-colored sofa with accent pillows, and your room has an instant makeover! Purple living room ideas can really make a living room look fantastic.



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