Bathroom renovation remains at the top of the priority list of many home owners for various reasons. The bathroom is a special space that has lots of uses. You can relax in the bathtub after a hectic day or your guests can use it when they visit your place. In many circumstances, it is important to have a good bathroom for everybody. Once you plan to renovate it, obviously master bathroom remodeling cost will come up in your mind first.

Remodeling your bathroom might look like a very complex task based on several factors, but if you have proper planning, then you can change the look of your master bathroom. Before going to the conclusion of a master bathroom remodeling cost, let’s check what matters to you most in terms of your bathroom. Typically, you can start remodeling from as low as $5000 and it depends on several factors like size, shape, and accessories to be used in your bathroom.

A few questions before you start remodeling your bathroom.

You need to ask yourself the following questions before you jump in to renovate your bathroom.


Why do you want to renovate your bathroom?

Do you want to change the look that your bathroom presently has or do you want to change the functions and accessories for better living? You should make a list of such things, before starting to remodel the master bathroom.


What is your deadline?

It all depends on the requirement. If you think that a routine renovation is needed, then you can have some time on your hands. If you plan on a better living solution, then you can also plan regarding the remodeling of your bathroom. But, if you have certain things to be done on an urgent basis, then you have to jump into it without wasting much time.


Your Budget

Master bathroom renovation


The biggest question before you start doing it. You have to check if you can afford the master bathroom remodeling cost as estimated. If you can, then jump now, or else take your time and complete the entire renovation in step-by-step mode.


Average Master Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Master Bathroom newly remodeled


Well, it is not possible to specify the exact amount of remodeling cost as it depends on several factors. But, typically, you have to allocate $30000 for a master bathroom remodel. It might include the installation of new cabinets wherever required, along with the addition of a double vanity. Further, you can replace the faucets and a soaking tub also if not present already. Installation of a frameless glass shower enclosure will give your master bathroom an aesthetic look and you will be happy to enter the bathroom.

Moreover, you can install new lights, accessories, and mirrors as per your choice. The floor and wall tile can be removed to fix and add new materials. Even the introduction of a shower caddy is also a good option. Whatever you do, you have to check which ones you are going to implement. Based on that, the cost can be determined.



Items and Features affecting the cost of bathroom renovation

All about Master Bathroom remodeling Cost


Your master bathroom remodeling cost varies based on the accessories you plan to install. This is the most vital aspect and due to this, costs shoot up once you start adding newer items. Let’s look at some of the common features that you might consider:

  • Bathtub – The price of a bathtub depends on its size, shape, and type. A modern styled bathtub with all the latest amenities will incur an additional cost than what you have estimated before.
  • Cabinet – If you plan to use cabinets and vanities inside your master bathroom, then you can do this. This is a very good concept and one can go for it with additional cost, of course.
  • Countertop – If you have a desire to install a countertop made by a store, then you have to pay something extra for that. There are readymade and prefabricated countertops available in the market that you can also use for a lesser cost.
  • Faucet – The price of a faucet depends on the material used, company, and style. There are various models to choose from and you can find the best choice as per your requirements.
  • Sink – The price of sinks differ, considering whether it is a designer one or a drop-in type or a pedestal type. Normally, people with a limited budget prefer the drop-in type.
  • Wall and Floor Time – If you plan to change your existing floor or wall tiles, then based on your choice of material, the master bathroom remodeling cost will change. You can use porcelain, ceramic or natural stone, for floor tiles. Natural stone will cost you more as it takes time to cut and place each stone on your floor. Even for wall tiles, you can choose from wide ranges starting from classic ceramic to mosaic styles as per your choice.
  • Other Accessories – Apart from all these, there remain some other accessories and items which you might need to change. These include lighting items, mirrors, steam units, grab bars, paint, etc.



Factors affecting Maser Bathroom Remodeling Cost

Apart from the items mentioned above, other factors affect master bathroom remodeling costs. Those are:

  • Location – Your place of living matters a lot while calculating the cost of any renovation. Also, if your existing bathroom is having any issues, those need to be taken care of with special emphasis. An expert professional is required to check and supervise those.
  • Permission – If you want to make an overall change in your bathroom, then in certain situations, you might need permission from approval authorities to conduct such activities.
  • Addition and Deletion of Existing Items – If you plan to add something extra or want to remove any item from your bathroom, it may add extra cost to your estimate if you have not shared your ideas before.
  • Water Damage Repair – While working, it might be found out that there are leaks in your bathroom and you need to repair that damage. At any cost, you have to do that.

So, in this way, your master bathroom remodeling cost varies depending on what you want. Based on your choice, your bathroom can be given a brand new look.



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