Don’t we all love the idea of going back in time? Nostalgic memories of the golden past simply add a sense of longing and what better way to commemorate such serenity than by putting it into current living spaces. Calming elegance that cuts a twinge in the heart, such is the essence antique decor accessories for living room creates a chic vintage environment celebrating a truly unforgettable past.


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Antique decor accessories for living room

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From old typewriters to hand cranked phonograph, old camera models and treasure boxes, the choices of antique decors to add elegance to a living room are quite many. Many believe that antique stuffs are expensive. But if you know precisely where to look, recreating that olden magical feel actually does not cause any dent in your pockets. To start you off on recreating this classic design, here are some key antique pieces to get the look.

Now, for some antique decor accessories for living room that will improve the persona of the space..

Cotton Craft Jaipur Solid Wood Hand Carved Accent Coffee Table 18' Round Top x 18' High Antique Brown



1. Jaipur Solid Hand Carved Wooden Accent Table

Accent or side tables complete a living space the way few other pieces can. Made by artisans in India’s renowned Pink City and haven for ancient art, this vintage hand carved wooden accent table can be used to bookend a couch. You can buy two to create balance perfectly.

Its intricate hand carving is what made this table earn awesome reviews from homeowners and interior designers. Reminiscent of Jaipur’s evocative past, wood artisans recreate this antique accent table in an easy to assemble foldable table which comes with four folding panels. Cleaning is easy as it only requires a soft dry cloth to remove dust and dirt. Not many antique decor accessories for living room add the same style as this table.

Let’s move on to the room’s centerpiece..


Coaster Home Furnishings, Distressed Wagon Coffee Table Rustic Brown



2. Coaster Country Style Coffee Table

For antique furniture lovers, this Coaster Country Style coffee table is to die for. Rustic with flair of funkiness, its distressed hardwood look will definitely put a unique personality to your living room. Reviews from actual Amazon buyers range from “awesome” to “whimsical”. Others simply adore its easy assembly and cool structure reminiscent of a crate for hay. For uniformity, buy one of this coffee table with matching accent tables which can also be bought separately from Amazon. Coffee tables are always great antique decor accessories for living room.

Here comes a great accent for the wall..



LuLu Decor, Antique Roman Metal Wall Clock in Fleur De Lis Design



3. Antique Roman Metal Wall Clock

Reminiscent of a Fleur de Lis, this decorative antique Roman style wall clock comes with a sturdy metal finish and glass dial for easy and classy viewing. Durable and unique, it will no doubt revamp your interior to deliver a classic personality reminiscent of olden Roman times. Beautiful and creative, it is also made of high quality Quartz battery operated movement requiring only 1 AA battery making it practical and whimsical at the same time. No wonder, reviews from Amazon are on the positive side. Buy one as a housewarming gift or as a new addition to your antique collection.

Don’t like something on your wall? Here’s another excellent choice..


Seiko Wall Pendulum Clock Dark Brown Solid Oak Case with Hand Rubbed Finish



4. Seiko Hand Rubbed Solid Oak Wall Pendulum Clock

Instead of the customary wall clock, one can also opt for a more antiquated look with a wall pendulum clock. This one from clock giant, Seiko, features ornate metal dial with intricate vine pattern complemented with chic glass cover. Pendulum clocks are great alternative to the usual battery operated clocks. This simply makes use of spring mechanism or gravitational force on its falling weights to run the clock hands.

Used since the 17th century, pendulum clocks are known for their accuracy in telling time. Its appearance is often handcrafted with wooden cases complemented with precious metals. This pendulum clock from Seiko imbibes such opulence and charm without the usual hefty price tag. No wonder cool reviews from actual users are done in caps lock and many are actually in awe of this pendulum clock. Instead of a typical decorative clock, this pendulum would definitely make a good purchase as an antique decor for your living room.

Now, let’s check on some lamps..


Dale Tiffany Tiffany Downbridge Floor Lamp with Art Glass Shade, Antique Golden Sand



5. Dale Tiffany Downbridge Floor Lamp

Want to add drama to your living room? Buy this astounding Dale Tiffany downbridge floor lamp from retail giant, Amazon. Made with antique golden sand finish, it adds a dramatic statement to the whole appeal of the living room. This stylish arc floor lamp adds flair while radiating warm ambience to your living area. With intricate metal base and lamp holder holding the cut glass shade, this 100 watt sensation truly makes the whole look appealing. Simply plug in to the nearest electrical socket, turn on/off its switch and you have lighting that is so stylishly chic it feels like in centuries old movie scene. Rave reviews state that the real thing is not just topnotch quality, the pictures simply do not give justice to its actual appearance. Antique decor accessories for living room like this need to be seen to be believed.

For a flowery antique feel..


Kendal Tiffany Style 16" x 58" Two Light Rose Floor Lamp



6. Tiffany Two Light Rose Floor Lamp

Amp your living area with this rosy edition from Tiffany! Known for their antique decor for living room, Tiffany lamps lend an aura of nostalgia and drama reminiscent of a bygone era. This two light rose floor lamp is no exception. Made with sturdy bronze finish post and base, this structure supports a stunning shade with intricate roses design. Simply place 2 60 watt bulbs, plug it in, turn it on, and enjoy a unique classic ambience right in the center of your home. The reviews from actual users range from “gorgeous” to “elegant” with 5 stars coming in aplenty. This makes a good housewarming gift or as a way to revamp your living area in style. So, what are you waiting for? Buy one now!


White room with antique decor accessories for living room, furniture and cat

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When thinking of revamping your home style, start by adding antique decor accessories for living room. Antique living areas span the most stylish decades of all time. By simply buying antique decor for living room that offer charm and one of a kind style, you can finally pay homage to the golden age of a distance yet unforgotten past.



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