Whoever says that there’s no such thing as decorating a bathroom for Christmas is gravely mistaken. Many actually extend their excitement and charm up to the very sanctuary where they start and end their day– the bathroom! Spreading holiday cheer should not be focused on the living room, patio, bedroom, or guest room alone. Adding such cheerfulness to your bathroom should never be taken for granted. To start, here are bathroom decor ideas for Christmas, to deck your bathroom halls with sparkle and charm that won’t hurt the pocket.


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Bathroom decor ideas for Christmas

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1. A little Christmas tree goes a long way

Want a Christmas tree in a bathroom? Well, it does not have to be so large that it takes up all of your bathroom space. Instead, opt for miniature ones which you can easily prop up on the sink or in a corner to give your sanctuary a lift. Give it a more delightful spin by adding a miniature tree with blinking lights like the one below.

Artificial Holiday Fiber Christmas Settings Mini tree


2. Celebrate with your shower curtains, towels and foot guards

Go full blast by trading your usual bathroom stuff with Christmas-designed items. Start with a shower curtain that’s fitted to your theme. See to it that other bathroom accessories are picked to complement the curtain. Make sure you are getting an overall feel, buying a set like the one below, complete with towel sets, toothbrush holders, toilet sets. This will make much more of an impact. Bathroom decor ideas for Christmas like these, are easy to make.

Seasons Greetings Curtain Matching Christmas decor for bathroom


3. Say it with candles

There is nothing more relaxing than getting soaked in a bath tub surrounded by aromatic candles. Adding two, three or more scented decorative candles allows the fusion of both relaxation and creativity, giving your bathroom the lift it deserves for the yuletide season. Candles no longer just sit in the living area or in dining tables waiting to be lit come Christmas Eve. Now, you can enjoy day and night relaxation, by lighting up one like this (in floral, balsam, clove and toffee tones) Michel Design Works Gift-Boxed Large Soy Wax Candle. This, by the way, makes a great Christmas present, too.

Michel Design Works Candle Christmas for bathroom


4. Shout for joy

Christmas is a season to be joyful. People usually find it easy to laugh around each other or share wondrous moments. Such feeling can also be manifested when alone in a bathroom to relax after a tumultuous day. Simply hang a J-O-Y sign like the one below on a bathroom mirror or prop it up on bath tub or toilet upper lid. You may also choose NOEL or LOVE, FAITH or HOPE. This is one of bathroom decor ideas for Christmas that are fun to implement and hang on your wall.

Wooden Cutout Snow Covered Holiday Hanging for bathroom decor


5. Cover it up with Christmas cheer

Virtually everyone uses the toilet on a daily basis. So why not make this highly functional space more festive by covering it with Christmas covers. You can buy the whole set– rug, toilet set cover, non-slip mat, and so on– from Amazon with its vast selection featuring Santa, Winter Wonderland, Snowman, reindeer, elf, and so on. You may also opt for a color-themed Christmas feel without the prints to make it usable the whole year through. This 3-Piece Royal Plush Collection from Naturally Home in Christmas-y red is an excellent choice in putting a finishing touch to your decorating chops. Bathroom decor ideas for Christmas can really cover your room. This is a great example of that.

Collection 3 Piece Bathroom Contour Standard in red


6. Doorway to the holidays

Adorning front doors with wreaths is an all-time favorite among many households. Not many though are keen on putting one on a bathroom door. So why not add one to yours to add a festive flair and cheer. Christmas wreaths come in various styles, shapes and material. You can make one on your own or simply buy affordable items online like this 14-inch D-FantiX Merry Christmas Wreath Decor from Amazon. You can hang it on inside or outside of a bathroom door or perhaps, above the toilet. You may also dangle it on a huge bathroom mirror or window to create a focal point for the whole Christmas decor theme.

D FantiX Christmas Grapevine Wreaths Reindeer


7. Don’t forget Santa

Fun and exciting, creating a Santa-themed bathroom for Christmas will definitely rock! Simply add bath towels, floor rugs, shower curtains, toilet seat covers, soap-and-toothbrush holders, and so on, into your bathroom to create a happy holiday feel for everyone. Bring smiles early in the morning and allow guests to rest with the same smile as they prepare for bed. You can check out some of the best selections from Amazon. Bathroom decor ideas for Christmas like this one, can be done without using a lot of money.

Christmas bathroom decoration soap dispenser and tooth brush holder

Source: christmas.365greetings.com


By decorating a bathroom for Christmas with these ideas, you can finally create a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable bathroom experience for family members and guests as you celebrate the yuletide season. There are actually hundreds of ideas to showcase your creative chops. Let the ones above be your starting point to truly make the season count.



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