For many homes, a small bathroom is quite the norm in today’s standard of living. While adding mirrors and other elements can come in handy, finding the right bathroom tile ideas for small bathroom can be of great help. When laid correctly, bathroom tiles do not just make an excellent waterproof barrier, they also help create an illusion of spaciousness when natural light comes in. Lilliputian rooms will greatly benefit from floor tiles that are cut and arranged accordingly. To get your small bathroom makeover started, the following bathroom tile ideas for small spaces will greatly help.


Designer trendy fixtures in a small white bathroom




Light It Up

White bathroom with flowers


Light colors like white, off-white, and pastels always exude a sense of openness to any given space. As opposed to dark tiles that box your bathroom in, these colors open it up and “invite” natural light in. They do not put a “stop” to the smooth flow of energy or prevent certain visual limitations in any room. Pastel colors also help add a sense of excitement. Do remember not to use grout that lends a sharp contrast to a tile color to prevent a visually-limiting grid-like look. If you may, going for an all-white tile design or with little geometric markings in them, will help open up any bathroom space while exalting hygiene, too.


Go Large

Large tile ideas for small white bathroom


Laying down large-sized tiles for small bathrooms has always been a fodder of debate. To some, it only makes the whole space feel cramped or too overwhelming. To many, however, the fewer grout lines from using large tiles, do prevent creating a grid-like, boxy feel to a space. Use oversize tiles with lines that smoothly flow along with the bathroom space’s own grid lines. If you can, a single cut full-floor tile will help create an illusion of continuity making the space more spacious and open. Maintaining a minimum grout joint width at around 3/15 inches will also prevent a grid-locked feel. Bathroom tile ideas for small spaces using larger tiles, take a little less work and still give a great look.



bathroom linoleum flooring tile ideas in light colored bathroom


Want to add excitement and vibrancy to your small bath? Try diagonally-laid or -designed tiles. This tile idea works by playing tricks on the eyes. It stimulates the sense of sight to think that the space is larger than what it seems. According to interior design experts, 90-degree oriented floor tiles for bathroom are quite regimented and easier to count– making any small space boring. Controlled chaos makes diagonal bathroom floor tiles spark a sense of creativity to a space. There are tools nowadays that make cutting of diagonal tiles easier for everyone, too.


Checkboard Design

checkerboard floor tile ideas for small bathroom


A common presence in many rustic and vintage homes is the checkerboard pattern. Not only does the design make a room feel grandiose and luxurious, it also lends an illusion that will make a room feel larger than its actual size. Most prefer a black and white monochromatic pattern, which is just right to make the room feel precise and organized. It can also make current decorative elements in your room blend well with this color. This is one of the bathroom tile ideas for small spaces that is nostalgic and always popular.


Mosaic Magic

Bathroom tile mosaic in small bathroom


Mosaic tile is another common favorite design in many homes. Stylish and dynamic, it can easily breathe new life into a bathroom space. Mosaic-designed tiles, however, tend to create a grid-like limitation, unbecoming to many small bathrooms. To help minimize, if not eliminate, this grid-like feel, tinting the grout with a color that resembles the dominating tile color will help create a sense of continuity to a bathroom space. Mosaic bathroom tile ideas for small spaces always look great and can lend a great design element to your floor.


What Type Of Tiles?

Marmomix Bathroom with gray tile


There is no limit to bathroom tile ideas for small bathroom. When you’ve already handpicked your color and design, choosing the type of tile must also be taken into mind. Porcelain tiles are recommended for small bathrooms with a bathing facility to ensure low water absorption rate and are also more economical than ceramic ones. The central idea is to use tiles that serve their purpose, with hues that captures light and designs that elongate a rather constricted grid-boxed space, to open up your space.



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