Are you thinking of the appropriateness of beach themed decor ideas while holed up in a bustling urban home? You don’t have to live near the beach to experience its relaxing ambiance. In fact, beach themed homes are beginning to grow in numbers in the metropolis areas as more and more property owners tend to bring the serenity of the sea or ocean into their abode. A popular choice for anyone to customize to fit their own personality and lifestyle, here are some key aspects to look out for when doing your own redecorating this season.



Beach Themed Decor Ideas in living room

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The Colors of Relaxation

Beach themed Mural painted on wall of bedroom

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Painting the walls and ceiling in cool blue will help bring the feel of being near the warmth of the ocean, as well as the blue sky to your home. A white accent that extends to the ceiling will help complete the look of how the sea meets the sand, to deliver a sense of serenity. Some people even go over the top by painting a mural of their favorite shoreline scene into their rooms. For practicality’s sake, a beach-themed decal will also be great for nurseries, kids rooms, and even the master’s bedroom.

blue beach themed cabinet for bedroom decor

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To accentuate your walls and ceiling, using shutters, drift wood, shelving, storage stuff, cabinets, and even furniture painted in puritan white, will help brighten a room and create a complete beach feel. Not only will the white stand out vis-a-vis the blue walls, it provides a cleaner more composed look leading to a whimsical nautical motif. Got an old cabinet? Paint it with blue or white and then, add pieces of rope as a handle. Of course, accentuating with greens, wake-me-up yellow and sandstone orange fabrics and accessories, will also make the whole beach-themed elements pop out. Beach themed decor ideas like this painted in the colors mentioned, give a great beachy feel to a room.


Touched By The Sea

beach novelty fabrics for decor

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Another great way of redecorating a home without spending so much, is through fabric overhaul. One of the trendiest beach themed decor ideas these days, is the use of fabrics that are textured to give the feel of the waves lapping or the sand on your feet. Think of smooth and fluid silk for pillows, curtains and bed linens. Add a little sandy roughness feel to your drapes, rugs, and storage pieces. Ocean life printed fabrics are also making a huge wave nowadays to truly add a customized feel to a beach-themed home, away from the beach.

centerpiece and candles with sea shells

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For your kitchen, adding pastel colored appliances and a sandy or woody countertop; painted in white or recessed to its raw form, will create a unique beach themed feel. Accentuate this by picking woven pieces like place mats, rugs, baskets, table runners, coasters, candelabras, and so on. Make use of natural fibers like rope, grass, bamboo or sisal to create a visually captivating dining area filled to the brim with elements from the beach. To round it up, add accent pieces like seashells, dried starfish, sand dollars, pebbles and so on. This will help make every meal feel like you are on the shorelines of Cabo San Lucas or the Maldives.

beach themed bathroom items on counter

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Make bath time more fun and exhilarating with whimsical pieces from the beach. You can paint a nautical mural or perhaps, add a beach-themed shower curtain or non-slip rugs. Prop up framed seashells as focal point, add accent pieces like a hardwood surfboard or bamboo bath mats. Towels, toothbrush holders, a trash can, soap holders and tissue dispensers in varying beach-themed design, will definitely give your urbanite bathroom a fresh new kick.


Memorable Add Ons

seashell picture frame for wall in white

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Do you know that it’s easy to create a seashell picture frame on your own? Make good use of those shells collected from a recent beach getaway, by creating accent pieces to showcase in your home. Beach fun photos can be showcased using seashell-beaded frames. Or you may want to simply add those shells inside a shadow-boxed frame like the one above. To complement these ideas, simply add aromatic candles or fragrance oils or a potpourri of earthen smells, to remind you of the fresh scent from the beach.

Blue furniture in white living room with painting and fireplace

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Without a doubt, there are tons of beach themed decor ideas out there. A popular theme of choice these days, all it needs is your sense of imagination to truly “own” the look and feel of your home. Do a good play of colors and textures. Try to integrate accent pieces in strategic areas. With the right fusion of elements, you can finally get into a a relaxing beachfront experience the moment you step into the foyer of your urban abode.



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