The bedroom is the very core of a home. This is where couples and single minded individuals retire to replenish their energy. It is the refuge of a weary soul when things go from worse to even worse. It is also where newlyweds share their aspirations and where children nurture their independence and well being. The best thing you can do is update your spring bedroom design for this year. To kickstart your search, here are some of the zero miss bedroom design trends to begin with.


Check these Bedroom Design Trends


Bedroom Design trends



Paint Detox

Paint colors bedroom design trends


Painting is considered the easiest (and one of the cheapest) ways to transform a bedroom. As always, color stimulates the mood and gives a complete feel of the overall design. As of recently, bold monochromatic colors were the hottest trend. This year, however, more and more people are retreating to their bedrooms leading to a 360 degree shift in color schematics. Retreat-like atmospheres are back in business with lighter shades like pastels, creams, cool mint greens, celestial blues, warm pinks and whites becoming highly preferred. People prefer a more serene environment making light hues one of the zero miss bedroom design trends for the time being.


Wallpaper Comeback

Wallpaper bedroom design trends


Another trend that’s making a huge comeback this Year of the tiger, is the use of wallpaper. But this is not just the usual riotous choices of wallpaper but rather those that create a dramatic cum contemporary look to a bedroom. Some combine newly painted walls with a wallpapered wall, just where the bed is placed. This creates a whole new look without being too difficult or hard on the pockets.


Tailor-Made Comfort

wood and custom headboard bedroom design trends


At the center of any good bedroom design trends is the bed and all that’s in it. Today, many interior designers marvel at the artistry of headboards. Instead of simply buying at a nearby Home Depot, homeowners shifted their preference to custom built beds or one of a kind headboards that suit their taste and preference. Bed linens and pillow cases as well as curtains are also leaning on custom-made with many preferring uniformity and cohesiveness. Some even go the extra mile of refurbishing their duvets, divans and ottomans with complementary fabrics to deliver an overall harmonious feel.


Multipurpose Space

Bedroom with office design trends


As many individuals these days multi task to cope with the demands of a fast paced lifestyle, most master bedrooms are turning into multipurpose all in one spaces. It is no longer just a room where one sleeps or takes a catnap. Many master suites have corner offices to easily complete daily tasks without leaving its confines. See to it that your corner office takes advantage of the natural light and is away from the distractions of the bed and television. A mini gym is also a growing bedroom design trend, as more and more individuals have become more health conscious.


Functional Furnishing

headboard with storage in blue bedroom


One of the biggest hurdles in today’s bedrooms is space. To maximize a bedroom’s square footage, the need for multi functional space efficient furnishings is what defines todays (and will for a long time to come) design trends. There are beds that double as sofas and there are beds with storage incorporated on headboards, or sides with wardrobe cabinets, pull up or folding beds, and so on. Many furniture designers are creating basically everything space efficient and multi functional with unique designs and texture.


Light It Up Green

led lights used in bedroom


LED and solar lighting are fast becoming household requirements these days. Energy saving and sustainable technology are seeping into homes with the purpose of cutting down on carbon emission. In addition to track lighting, and recessed wall lights, design wise, chandeliers and pendants are also making a comeback in warm metallic finishes set in unique shapes reflecting soft glow that evokes pure relaxation.


Golden Accessorizing

Gold accessories on bedroom stand


Bedroom decor and accessories are also leaning on the metallic, particularly gold. Inadvertently influenced by the gold tattoo phenom popularized by celebrities and music mavens, gold has made a comeback as a perfect accent color of choice.

Truly, as today’s fast paced modern living continues to be busier and more demanding by the minute, the bedroom has become a sanctuary for many. These zero-miss bedroom design trends for 2016 are hereby centered on serenity and simplicity without sacrificing personal taste in design and style. From warm to relaxing colors complimented with soft and natural shapes and textures with intuitive and custom furniture as well as sustainable elements, transforming a bedroom into a home’s favorite space.


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