Whether you are a mom, a step mom or a dad trying to create a personalized space for your beloved daughter; or perhaps, a daughter trying to convince your parents to redecorate your ‘den’, these bedroom ideas can be of great help! It can be your guidebook to creating a room that ‘speaks of’ a girl, a teen or an almost a woman’s individuality. These 4 bedroom ideas for girls are a great place to start.


Starting With The Basics

Before you start dragging anything in your daughter’s bedroom, it is important to have a master plan. This is the most crucial part as the overall design and decorative element will rely on this one. Have a notepad ready and take note of the floor and wall space. Will her bedroom double as a playroom or hang out room? You need to have a clean sense of purpose and must be practical enough to understand the room itself and its limitations.


Master Plan

Your master plan should include the following:



Start off with your daughter’s favorites. Little girls love French tutus, fairy tale books and television shows. Most of them love bursts of colors and ostentatious stuffs. Teens as well as college bound sweethearts, however, can be a harder nut to break as their likes and dislikes vary according to the latest craze in town or in their sense of individuality.



Splurge if you can afford it. If not, you can always repurpose some of those vintage items. A little DIY can go a long way in stretching your budget, too.



Harmonize a room in such a way that it will lend out an organized look. From wall paint to furniture, rugs, pillows, curtains, ottomans, bookshelves, bed frame, side tables, and throw pillows, color and texture must coordinate with each other.



Playing a central part in a girl’s bedroom decorating idea is your paint color of choice. For practical reasons, keeping it while will give you more flexibility in organizing elements therein. It also allows you to easily keep up her constantly changing lifestyle.


To get you started, here are design ideas divided according to age category:


1. Little Girls

Little girls love bright hues, of rainbows and unicorns, of pink and red, cartoon characters, and all things fun. This room should be both playful and comfortable. A study nook that also doubles as a space for playing and fun must be keep in mind. A white on fuchsia pink and red, will create a stunning look but if it is a more relaxed environment you want, use mint green or any pastel hues. Accentuate with furniture and furnishings in complementary colors. Fabrics in floral any feminine motif never go wrong with little girls. To make the most of your budget, consider pieces that can easily transition to a more grown up space. This is important to consider when looking at bedroom ideas for girls.

Bedroom ideas for girls in blue and white

Photo credit : traditionalhome.com


2. Teen Girls

A teen girl’s bedroom speaks of “me, me and me”. It is her hangout where she can welcome friends to listen to music, watch videos, or simply gossip about everything under the sun. Teddy bears, unicorns, pink frills and rainbow walls may have to go. This calls for a more sophisticated in the now look.

Lend in some support to a budding fashionista with bedding made of satin or taffeta, a full length mirror and framed issues of Vogue on top of her boudoir will make great accessories. For a sports nut, a shelve to display trophies or perhaps, a bulletin board for ribbons and medals can go along with bedding and accessories of her favorite team’s colors. When choosing a theme for this bedroom, always consider your teenage girls personality. This is important when considering any bedroom ideas for girls.

Teen girls bedroom ideas in white and pink with shelves

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3. College Bound

Dorm rooms are often small and messy. Make do with what you have in creating a fun yet functional look without going over the top. A study nook is important and so is maximizing the limited space available for storage. Beds and side tables must be retrofitted with shelves. An all white bedroom accentuated with your daughter’s favorite color will create a glamorous yet relaxed feel.

Dorm room bedroom ideas for girls in gray and pink

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4. Shared Bedrooms

Families and dorm rooms are sometimes shared. If this is your dilemma, do not despair. Talk to both girls sharing the room and find a color scheme to coordinate both their personalities. Each girl can have her own section and a part that they can share. It cannot be helped that some, even siblings, have different tastes. The key is to unify the room without forcing any of them to make do with the other’s personality. Personalize each space with bed linens, rugs and pieces of furniture that will celebrate their individuality yet, creating a unified look for the whole space. When looking at bedroom ideas for girls, anything that adds a personal flair will be cherished for years to come.

Shared girls room in purple with shelves

Photo credit : realsimple.com

When it comes to creating bedroom ideas for girls, the concepts are seemingly endless. Make sure to create a style that does not only fit your daughter’s personality and temperament, create one which also fits your budget.



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