If there is one space in your home that gives you tranquility and peace of mind, it is the bedroom. This is where both your body and mind retreat after a long day of challenges at work. This is where you and your partner talk about the future, your plans about the children, or anything and everything under the sun. From controlled whispers to loud guffaws of joy, your bedroom holds a lot of importance. Thus, it would be prudent to make some makeovers every now and then. This would make it more comfortable and cozy. Here are 10 bedroom ideas on a budget to get you started.

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Bedroom ideas on a budget

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When thinking of bedroom decorating on a budget, here are some important ideas to ponder:

All It Takes Is a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint bedroom color ideas on a budget in purple room

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Add a sense of calm and serenity to your bedroom walls by choosing muted colors. Choose lavender, powder blue, sage green, and other relaxing hues. When it comes to bedroom decorating on a budget, giving a fresh and comforting coat of paint will be the most practical thing to do. It can easily make a drab looking room look elegant and turn nights into an awesome sleeping experience. This is one of the bedroom ideas on a budget that anyone can do if they have some time.


Revolutionize Your Bed

Republic Morocco Comforter Set 8 Piece Queen


The most important part of a bedroom is, of course, the bed. As such, it is imperative that you never skimp on it when doing a makeover. Pick a snug and comfy mattress. Memory foam would make a good investment for their irresistible comfort and durability. Consider having a duvet or a comforter for maximum comfort. Also, breathe new life into your bed by investing in the bedding and linens. Luxury linens do not really have to be over expensive. Shop smart by scouring inexpensive choices in various online retail stores like Amazon. Take this Moroccan 8-piece comforter set, for instance. Great quality and design at just a fraction of a price!


Highlight the Headboard

MairGwall Bed Wall Decal Grill Style Vinyl Headboard Wall Sticker


When thinking of bedroom decorating on a budget, focusing on your bed by adding a headboard would truly make a huge difference. Make your bed the focal point of the room by adding a headboard. You can cover a thin cot mattress with geometric patterned fabrics and put it on top of the bed. Or you may try the current craze of placing headboard decal art stickers. Take this classic decal headboard vinyl art sticker, for instance, from Amazon. Cool and creative, this makes a truly practical choice.


Invest in Comfort Pillows

Girl sleeping on comfortable pillow

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The moment you feel like the whole world is crashing on you, your first recourse is to lay your head on a comfortable pillow. With this, make sure to choose pillows that work for you. Tummy sleepers will benefit largely from soft low fill synthetic pillows. For back sleepers, choose medium thick pillows or an orthopedic memory foam pillow for added comfort. Side sleepers should go for a firmer pillow to help fill in the gap between the outside shoulder and the ear. Add accents for an eclectic look. This is one of the bedroom ideas on a budget that really can improve your health. Getting plenty of sleep is always a good thing.


Get Rid of Clutter – Stylishly

Organize It All Natural Wicker Wastebasket, Honey


Toss all the trash and clutter away. Keeping a bedroom free from junk will increase its relaxing and organized appeal. Store certain stuffs in decorative baskets and keep them out of sight. You might want to take a good look at this wicker wastebasket for inspiration. They can be placed under the desk or under the bathroom sink. For a completely relaxing room, steer clear of television sets. Research has shown that having one in your bedroom hinders sleep.


Add Some Artistic Touches

Generic Sea White Full Moon in Night 5 panels 100% Hand Painted


Have your kids create hand painted caricatures. Place it in high quality canvas and voila! You now have a great artwork, an heirloom, right in your bedroom. Do it yourself artwork lends a more personalized approach in bedroom decorating on a budget. Inexpensive wall decorative paintings can also be found online. This modern canvas oil painting is one inexpensive option.


Add Some Character to Your Dresser

White dresser makeover bedroom ideas with antique window and wreath

Convert a seemingly dowdy dresser into something classy by simply adding accents. Change wallpaper or use a sticker painting. Place some stuff on top to add dramatic flair.


Bring A Sense of Wonder to Your Window

Curtains in bedroom ideas on a budget

Put some “wow” appeal to your windows by placing an attractive valance or a dramatic curtain. There are many styles, designs and fabrics that you can choose from to complement your bedroom decorating on a budget initiative. Some curtains are actually so versatile that they deliver an awesome feel to a room without causing any dent to your budget.


Breathe Life Into Your Bedroom

Plant in bedroom ideas on a budget

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Make your bedroom come alive by adding houseplants. This natural element helps generate oxygen while removing toxins from the air inside the room. Aside from deterring illnesses, these plants boost healing and lend an environment friendly appeal to a bedroom. If you have a bamboo palm or red edged dracaena or perhaps a snake plant in your garden, simply trim them, place in a clean pot, and you are good to go. These plants, by the way, are hardest to kill and do not require much watering making them friendly even to those who have purple thumbs. Make sure to place them in an area where they easily catch sunlight though. Plants are always good bedroom ideas on a budget.


Make It Aroma Therapeutic

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser, 2 Pack Aromatherapy Diffuser for Essential Oils

Bedroom decorating on a budget can still be made even more relaxing by adding aromatherapy. Choose calming scents from lavender, chamomile, lilac or vanilla. There are portable diffusers nowadays that are over friendly to budget stricken homes. Take URPOWER essential oil diffusers, for instance. Simply have your favorite essential oil handy and add to it any of the 7 changing mood lights to enjoy a truly relaxing ambience. Scents bring back memories and are always good bedroom ideas on a budget.


In a Nutshell

Couple on bed green bedroom with plants

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There are so many practical ways for you to get on with the bedroom decorating on a budget project. Add some color. Change its vibe. Rearrange things and furniture. Indeed, one can easily rejuvenate a seemingly bleak and dreary bedroom design with these practical and handy tips. Try them out!


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