If your bedroom is on the smaller side or you have many things that need organizing, you’ll need to get creative to save space. By using the walls for storage as much as you can, you free up floor space so you can still move around your room freely. We’ve curated this list just for you – with 20 awesome bedroom shelves for saving space.


1. Built-In Shelves Above Bed

We love the look of installing built-in shelves above your bed. They don’t take up additional space, all of your belongings are neatly on display, and the shelves make your room appear larger. What’s not to love?


2. Under the Bed Shelving

Bedroom Shelves under bed

Installing shelving under your bed is an ideal way to tuck away your belongings where nobody can see them (unless, of course, you want them to!). Don’t have much space for extra storage under your bed? Give your bed a lift with some risers.


3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide your bedroom with a clean, modern look. They’re held up by brackets and super easy to install. Incorporating these shelves into your bedroom will give it a light and airy look.


4. Floating Corner Shelves

Similar to the floating shelves we just mentioned, these shelves sit in the corner of your room. Corners are highly underutilized when it comes to saving space. Did we mention that these bedroom shelves add a ton of character?


5. Shelves Covered With Sliding Mirrors

Have you recently installed bedroom shelves? Here’s a tip – cover them with sliding mirrors. The best part is, nobody will ever know what’s behind them unless you slide them open!


6. Crate Shelves

If you can get your hands on some wooden crates, you can even DIY this one yourself. Just install them anywhere you have empty wall space. The crate shelves are a unique and visually appealing way to store pretty much anything.


7. Floating Nightstand

Not incredibly different from the floating shelves, this floating bedside table is cost-efficient and looks great! The best part is the practicality – if you have storage under your bed, then you can easily access it with a floating nightstand.


8. Hanging Nightstand

Now, this is one you don’t see everywhere. The hanging nightstand can be purchased at many home decor stores, found on Etsy, or even created at home. Opt for a rustic design or keep it classy – the choice is yours.


9. Shelving Along Perimeter of Walls

Declutter by installing shelving along the perimeter of your bedroom walls, just below the ceiling. Your belongings will be stored out of the way and free up much more space on your floor.


10. Hanging Storage Bins Under Shelf

If you currently have shelves in your bedroom, you can easily install metal rods on the underside to maximize your space with hanging storage bins. Just slide them open and shut when you need them, with your belongings neatly hidden inside.


11. Ladder Shelf for Desk & Storage

The shelf is designed like a ladder and is an excellent addition to any bedroom. It’s for multipurpose use, so you can utilize the shelf base to function as a computer desk. The top shelves are perfect for keeping items you want on display, such as photos, plants, or even office supplies.


12. Small Cube Shelves

If you’re lacking wall space, this idea might appeal to you. You can install as few or as many small cube shelves as you like. They’re much more visually appealing because you can manipulate and alter these shelves to be in the shape of your liking.


13. TV Wall with Shelving

Bedroom Shelves under flat screen tv

This contemporary shelving unit is perfect for you if you have a TV in your bedroom. They add to the aesthetic of your room as well as provide additional storage space. Not only that, but there are plenty of designs to choose from to suit your style.


14. Metal Rail Under Shelf for Clothes Rack

Run out of room in your closet? Here’s a hack to create extra closet space. Just install a metal rail under one of your shelves to make a second clothing rack. This hack transforms a simple shelf into a multipurpose second closet.


15. Invisible Bookshelf

Similar to the floating bookshelf, this shelf is virtually invisible. You can stack your books on two thin metal plates which are surprisingly durable, making it look like they’re levitating. Wherever there’s a wall, you can install an invisible bookshelf.


16. Bookshelf Headboard

For maximum storage space in your room, why not install a bookshelf that doubles as a headboard for your bed? You can store all sorts of things, from books and lamps to speakers and potted plants.


17. Loft Bed With Shelving Beneath

This stylish loft bed with shelving beneath it is the perfect addition to any small bedroom. You can even use the space under the bed for a computer desk, vanity, spare clothes rack, or any other storage you can think of. The opportunities are endless with this idea.


18. Hidden Shelves Behind Headboard

This shelf is similar to the bookshelf headboard, except it is hidden from the frontal view. What’s unique about these shelves is they are only visible when you’re standing at the side of your bed. You can use them for everything, from books to magazines to folded clothes. Hidden shelves give your room a truly clutter-free look.


19. Balancing Shelf

You can buy a balancing shelf or build your own using pipe, wood, and twine. This idea is perfect for storing books, potted plants, picture frames, or any other lightweight items you want to put on display.


20. Closet Cubbies

This idea takes us back to preschool. A closet with built-in cubbies is a great place to keep folded clothes, shoes, and hats out of plain sight. You can use the other half of your closet for a clothing rack to hang the rest of your clothes.


Time to Get Organizing!

We hope these 20 amazing bedroom shelves have inspired you. Keeping your room clutter-free not only saves space but is also essential for good feng shui. Do you have any storage secrets that weren’t on this list? We’d love to hear them!



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