Wondering how to get the bohemian look in your living room? This inspirational, visual guide full of bohemian decorating ideas for living room is really going to help you out!

So without any delay let’s begin

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1) Cherry patterned bohemian style living room

Cherry patterned bohemian style living room with wall art fireplace and shelves in white room

Source: apartmenttherapy.info

This boho style living room has natural light coming through big windows and bouncing off white walls. These are contrasted with a bold, colorful and stunning pattern, that makes the room look so bright and cheerful


2) Bohemian living room wall decor

Bohemian living room wall decor with buffalo chair and stone wall with other bohemian decorating ideas

Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

The stone wall of this bobo living room provides a different texture to the room while bringing in the colors of the desert and patterned pillows. This somewhat helps to create an experience of indoor-outdoor design.

Mofutinpo Vintage Flowers Bathroom Decoration in front of padded bench


This 14 by 14 panel of vintage flower patterns accentuates the wall of the living room by adding a splash of color and filling in the empty wall space. These come with a hanging kit and are lightweight and easy to hang on the wall.

OATHENE Bohemian Psychedelic Elephant Polyester in front of grey brick wall with couch with bohemian decorating ideas


The Bohemian Psychedelic Bless Elephant Pattern with Colorful Diamonds Indian Tapestry, pops out and looks absolutely amazing in the living room picture above. In fact, it will make a beautiful headboard if you have just got a mattress on a base for sitting in your living room.

Boho Macrame Hanging Woven Decor with yellow couch and white brick wall


This gorgeous boho macrame wall hanging, will change the look of any living room wall showcasing the great craftsmanship from North India. It comes in an ivory and black color and you can get it from Amazon here.

3) Boho living room rugs

Boho living room rugs with couch coffee table and other bohemian decorating ideas

Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

This bohemian living room, displays rainbow colors with different bold bright patterns and elements like a zebra rug. Bohemian decorating ideas like this one, are easy to achieve.

Safavieh Monaco Collection MNC243N Bohemian Chic Medallion Distressed Area Rug 3 foot by 5 Navy Light Blue


This vibrant colorful vintage boho area rug above, can completely transform your living room. It’s a traditional look, meeting with bohemian style. Pinks, blues, oranges, yellows and turquoise, are the main colors with each individual color popping out, making it even more beautiful in all types of lighting. Check whether it’s still available in Amazon at a great price.

LEEVAN Moroccan Area Rug 2 foot 4.3 foot Black Hand Woven Cotton Cream Chic Diamond Printed Tasels Rugs


If you are looking for a Moroccon style boho floor mat, this is the one to get – perfect for morning meditation or to pray on.

nuLOOM Maranda Vintage Medallion Area Rug 3 foot by 5


This vintage medallion area rug would work well in a neutral colored living room. The colors are muted and not overly bright and the rug looks perfectly distressed. The subdued hue makes the rug look antique and will make any dark hardwood floor look softer.


4)  Boho patterns

Boho patterns and wall art decor with chairs and other bohemian decorating ideas

Source: digsdigs.com


The mirror on the wall and the boho patterns on the pillows give a bohemian vibe to an otherwise common living area.

bohemian living room designs with furniture decor and dog

Source: digsdigs.com

This room displays that you can not only add rugs to the floor, but also on chairs; bringing in a different mix of patterns in a bohemian living room space.

If you thought canopies are for the bedroom only, the above picture will inspire you to think of using them for boho living rooms also.


5) Bohemian living room decor with greenery

Bohemian living room decor with greenery on floor

Source: hunkercdn.com

Setting a big plant on a boho style vase on the ground, gives your space an easy-going, casual feel. Decor does not always have to be elevated off the floor.

Boho decor with floor cushions on wooden floor in white room

Source: airtasker.com

Here’s another inspiring idea;  mix green with timber. This is easy to create with timber furniture and other similar components, with a nice green plant at the left to break the same color feeling.


6) Boho farmhouse living room decor

Boho farmhouse living room decor with white couch chairs and other bohemian decorating ideas

Source: onechitecture.com

If you want to give your living room a bohemian farmhouse look, the next idea is just for you.

Anchor the room with different floor rugs like this one or this. Add a super-soft silky faux sheep skin rug on the sofa or chair and patterned rugs like this on the floor for added texture.

Add a few throw pillows on the sofa like the ones below (click on picture for more details) to complete the look.

Eyes India Overdyed Decorative Colorful Pillow


Eyes India Meditation Colorful Decorative Pillow


For the walls, you can add a few pieces of farmhouse artwork, like those below.

SUMGAR Bedroom Paintings Pictures Artwork deer


Rustic Hanging Artwork Farmhouse Decorations arrows


Mason Jar Sconce Hydrangea Decoration



7) Boho Sofa for living room

Boho Sofa for living room with decor and plants and coffee table

Source: blog.jungalow.com

The above room is done in a jungalicious bohemian fashion with a healthy dose of color, pattern and plants. The above sofa has been custom made, but you can easily have similar ones like this one below, covered with Jacquard Tassels Bohemian Throw Blankets.

amorus Chenille Jacquard Tassels Bohemian Throw Blankets for Bed Couch Decorative Chair Cover



This big gorgeous, vibrant dark-colored throw rug, is perfect to cover your leather sofa, including the arms and will give your room the boho vibe.

NEWLAKE Quilted Throw Blanket for Bed Couch Sofa, Boho Chic Style 60 by 78 Inch as bohemian decorating ideas


Click on the above picture for more inspiration and ideas for a boho sofa.


8) Bringing the style outdoor

The below pictures are inspirations for indoor-outdoor bohemian sitting areas. The below bohemian decorating ideas can transform your outside area.

Bohemian decor in a sitting area with plants above lighting and umbrella

Source: hgtvhome.sndimg.com

Bohemian outdoor sitting area with chairs and carpet

Bohemian deck with chairs plants and apples in a tub

Source: cdn-fastly.hometalk.com


9) Light up your living room with boho lamps

Boho lamps next to blue couch with boho pillows and other bohemian decorating ideas

Source: decomagz.com


Get this stunning handmade swan neck Turkish moroccan mosaic glass Lamp from Amazon for your side table. When lit, the colors will provide an amazing soft light for accents or as a night light for your room.

BOSPHORUS Handmade Swan Neck Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Lamp Light with Bronze Base



This mosaic glass handmade tiffany floor lamp (below) will also be a great addition to your bohemian living room decor.

Turkish Moroccan Mosaic Glass Handmade Tiffany Floor Lamp Light


When turned on in the evening, these look exquisite and are bound to be one of the talking points for your guests.


10) Boho table decoration

Bohemian wooden chair with plants couch and other bohemian decorating ideas

Source: decomagz.com

If your sitting space in the living room is crowded, instead of adding in a coffee table, you can follow this idea. You can place a big tray, without the table and add some greenery to it. It brings a bit different style to your sitting area, resulting in an appealing look in your living room.

Macrame bohemian wooden dinner table with flowers and candles



On the other hand, if space is not a problem you can add these beautiful vibrant color ceramic stone coasters to your table for a drink or any other get together or party; to impress your guests.

Absorbent Ceramic Stone Coasters Mandala Coaster Set with Cork Back Round Coasters and Holder Box 4 Inch Set of 6



yazi Handmade Crochet Doilies Flower Tablecloth Cotton Sofa Doily Hollow Table Cover Home Decor Beige Color 23.6 inch



On the hand, if you have a round table, the above modern boho pattern linen table cloth with a lace edge, is a fine collection to your boho decor


11) Boho pillows on sofa

Boho pillows on grey sofa with pictures on wall behind as bohemian decorating ideas

Source: decomagz.com

Convert any room easily to accommodate boho decor, by adding some boho pillow covers for your sofa pillows. You can buy fabric of different patterns from the market and sew them yourself . Or if you are short of time, you can buy them from Amazon (like the pictures below) and get them delivered straight to your home.

Merrycolor Tufted Decorative Throw Pillow Cover for Couch Sofa Woven Boho Tribal Pillow Cases with Tassel Square Cushion Cover Moroccan Style Accent Pillow 18 by 18 Inches Blue


It looks way more expensive than it actually is. Check out the price now on Amazon.


Merrycolor Moroccan Style pillowsMerrycolor Moroccan Style pillowsMerrycolor Moroccan Style pillows

Check out more boho pillow covers like above from here


12) Bohemian curtain

Curtains add flair and style to any room decor. You can add Bohemian drapes, netted or classic curtains to your living room, to change it from the traditional look. Bohemian decorating ideas for windows can add light to any room.

Lush Decor Turquoise and Orange Bohemian Stripe Window Curtain Colorful Bold Design Panel Pair 84 by 52


This Lush Décor Boho stripe window curtain (above) is an ideal piece for your rustic, yet chic, bohemian decor. These are light curtains and allows light to come into your room.

These bohemian Indian Mandala Design curtains are worth the money and can be a great addition to your room decor.


13) Bohemian furniture

Enhance your living room’s boho look with this natural edge coffee table.

WELLAND Natural Edge Coffee Table as bohemian decorating ideas



This boho style ottoman pouf adds an eclectic edge to your room and is another piece of boho furniture that can easily transform the look and feel of a traditional living room. Bohemian decorating ideas including furniture, are a great way to transform a room.

Mandala Life ART Bohemian Stuffed Yoga Decor Floor Cushion 16 by 8 inches Meditation Pillow Printed Cotton Pouf Silver on Black



Mandala Life ART Bohemian Stuffed Yoga Decor Floor Cushion in white and pink

Mandala Life ART Bohemian Stuffed Yoga Decor Floor Cushion in black and yellow

Mandala Life ART Bohemian Stuffed Yoga Decor Floor Cushion in pink and blue

Check out the above boho ottoman and more from Amazon here.



5 Tips to pull off Boho style

1) One thing the boho home never lacks is texture.

Adding texture to your living room can be achieved easily by adding things like baskets, natural fiber rugs, planters made of different materials, natural edge wood furniture, macrame wall hangings and more.
At the beginning, start by arranging a variety of several items into the area you are decorating. Then move them around, play around with different positions and materials until it feels right.

2) Low-level sitting area

Boho philosophy is all about chilling out and relaxing.
So obviously, floor pillows, soft ottomans poufs and bean bag chairs, legless sofas and even mattress’s are all great low-level seating options to have, because they give the feeling of an invitation for people to sit and down and relax for a while.

3) Don’t use black

One important thing to keep in mind in your chic bohemian decor, is to stay away from large, black pieces of furniture or big pieces of furniture in super dark woods. Stick with vibrant, warm colors. As for furniture, the light bleached woods provide airiness and a clean backdrop for the colors, patterns, and textures that you’ll be adding to your room.

4) Add Plants and then some more plants

The more plants you have, the better! Plants give that effortless “jungle” natural vibe, and they are amazing! Though you can use those hanging and vining plants, to add a ton of visual interest to areas of your room that feel empty, don’t forget that adding gorgeous and funky planters into your space, will give you more opportunity. Bohemian decorating ideas including plants, should always at the forefront of your design ideas.

5) Mix different Light Sources

Lighting is always one of the important things, in any decor style, and your lighting when you’re creating a boho space is no exception.

You can mix and match whatever types of light sources like String lights, lanterns, funky chandeliers, candles. You can use them all, but natural fiber pendants, look best in a boho lighting style.


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