To many bookworms, leafing through a books pages and smelling its unique dustiness, brings more excitement and warmth more than any gadget that’s been made. With more hardbound and paperback materials coming in, storage can become a problem. So, if you are one of the many who still are fond of the olden ways, here are creative bookshelf ideas for small rooms that will help maximize every square inch of space.



1. Floating Bookshelves

Floating ski shelf with white couch

If you are to place a floating bookshelf in the living room, try to make it as creative as you can. These bookshelves made from old skis are fluid works of art making it a great focal point. Apart from adding space to the room, this refreshing design adds a sense of exceptionality and fabulousness to the whole decorative element of the room.


2. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves

Floor to ceiling shelves with chair and light

Lots of rooms in your home have a seemingly blank canvas as a wall. Convert them into bookshelves to add more storage for your much-loved antique hardbound books and favorite paperbacks you had growing up. Let each recessed wall scream of history and passion for the divine and the imagination. Simply prop a reading chair on a corner and a reading lamp to enjoy a day languidly. This is one of the bookshelf ideas for small rooms that can really save you space.


3. Kitchen Essentials

Shelves next to refrigerator in kitchen

Bring out those cookbooks and place them where they belong—in the kitchen. There are various places where you can tuck them in for your easy viewing. Take a good look at those narrow spaces just in between cabinets, cutleries and appliances. With a few carpentry skills, you can finally add those bound recipe notes handed down from one generation to the next.


4. Movable Shelves

Movable bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Got any old ladders or cabinets with dilapidated walls? Prop a ladder on a corner and place books wedged at the center. Remove the dilapidated walls on a cabinet to make it look like a book stand. Either of these two can be moved around from one space to another to blend as a decorative element to any space. This is one of the bookshelf ideas for small rooms that is a perfect example of portable.


5. Headboard Bookshelves

Headboard bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Some people can’t sleep without reading a book. So, why not buy a bed with a bookshelf as headboard. Some people even go for custom-made bookshelves as headboard just to stress their love for reading themselves to sleep.


6. Corner Book-A-Thon

Corner bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Bedroom corners are often taken for granted allowing ample space to go to waste. Why not install this unique corner shelf to store some of your favorite reading materials. Place a sofa or a hanging rattan swing, prop up a pillow and read to your heart’s content.


7. Stairway Book Space

Stairway bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Why not show-off your book collection like how you did with your shoes? Take this F.L. Wright-designed wooden stair bookcase from his famous “Fallingwater” house. Not only does it showcase antique hardbound books, it also exudes so much warmth and creativity that speak so much of its home owner. No matter how narrow or wide a stairway, it can always accommodated a good sized book collection.


8. Bathroom Companion

Bathroom bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Who says you can’t read books while in the bathroom? Most moms with little tots see this place as a sanctuary. This is where they can be themselves and enjoy life’s little leisure—like reading. So, why not hang a free-flowing bookshelf on the wall? Simply leaf through the pages whenever you are in the room. It’s a great space saver too!


9. Doorway To Books

Hidden bookshelf ideas for small rooms in living room

There are certain rooms that every household owner would love to simply hide to the world. What better way to conceal it than by repurposing the door as a bookshelf. Make it look like a connection to the wall. That will ultimately help store books and knick-knacks and let go of a potential eyesore.


10. Dreamland Bookshelves

Bed bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Maximize storage space in your bed by customizing its foot into a bookshelf. Some even create a recessed hole at the bottom of their beds to help store books collected over the years. Not only does it add storage to the bedroom, it also adds drama to the whole bedroom design element.

Indeed, many people refuse to get hooked on e-books and all things digital. When your passion to read pages means getting the best out of your home space, make good use of these bookshelf ideas for small rooms to make way for real books. With these, you can finally find a home for your ever growing collection of books.



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