Bricks are an essential building material. And while they are usually hidden behind plaster and paint, they can add a touch of uniqueness and quirky design to your home! They can add a touch of the old to your new home – and they can also draw attention! Today we have brought for you, 9 brick wall ideas that can serve as design elements for your home decor.



Brick wall ideas as centerpiece in living room with wood flooring and accents

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#1: Brick walls as a centerpiece lend a certain old world charm to the room. While the rest of it is kept subdued and monochromatic, the bricks act as an attention grabber and are a great stylistic element.


Painted brick wall ideas in browns to match the rest of the room decor

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#2: Bricks painted in the same color as the rest of the room blend in and yet stand out at the same time. Here you can see that the neutral shades of beige and cream are highlighted by the bricks being the same color. Brick wall ideas don’t always have to standout so much.


Wall and fireplace vintage brick wall ideas with bookshelf and decor

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#3: Repeat the brick work – use it to accentuate more than just the walls for a nice touch. An example is the wall and the fireplace here.


Rustic white painted brick wall ideas in kitchen

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#4: Break the monotony of white or any other color that is repeated a bit with some rustic brick backdrops. In this kitchen, the white and silver appliances find the perfect backdrop in that lovely brick wall! You don’t usually need to use brick wall ideas in kitchens, but when you do, this is a great idea.


White distress painted brick wall ideas with bed lamp and artwork

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#5: Distress painted brick backgrounds can also add a very nice feel to your rooms. They lend it a cool and not overworked feel.


White Living room with exposed brick walls and wall columns

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#6: If you have exposed brick along the living room or other such room walls, do not take the trouble to cover them up. Exposed brick can serve as a great focal point in any well furnished and otherwise done up room! In this case the brick has been used as an accent throughout the room and as a background for all the rest.


Black painted modern brick in living room with wood flooring

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#7: Paint over exposed brick with a nice uniform color that matches the rest of the room to lend a touch of modernity to even a brick lined room! In fact, in this living room you can see just how the black paint totally lifts the entire scene! Brick wall ideas can be modern after all.


Modern brick used in a lighter living room with wood floors

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#8: You can also use the brick juxtaposed with modern decor, to create the perfect amalgamation between the new and the old. You can see that displayed to perfection here.


Rustic brick with light stand and wooden drawers

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#9: The final idea is to take brick and use it to depict exactly what it stands for – rustic simplicity. In this case you can just leave the exposed brick, as it is and support it with rustic and simplistic wooden furniture – nothing too futuristic.


Brick walls have been around for ages – and quite a few decades ago, it was cultured and stylish to cover them up. But don’t fall for that old trick anymore. Let your brick walls talk – let them bring your home to life! And you can do that perfectly with these 9 brick wall ideas. So, take a good look around your home and start conceptualizing now! And when all goes well, you will have a home that you can be proud of!



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