After a hard and stressful day, a soak in the hot tub will be the blessing of everyone’s life. Most people want to invest in a hot tub, but they don’t know where to put it. Most people don’t know that their home has a hidden place that can occupy the hot tub. Lots of people, wonder can I put the hot tub in garage?

Yes, the garage is the best place to keep your hot tub, and it also doesn’t cost a lot of money for maintaining. If you think it is not possible to keep a hot tub in garage, then this article is for you.


Can I put the hot tub in garage

The placing of a hot tub in garage is one of the best choices, but to execute the plan you need to make certain changes. If you keep your hot tub inside it comes with a lot of benefits, as you can use the tub whenever you need it regardless of the weather outside. Also, it offers the utmost privacy and it is as convenient as you can go straight from the hot tub to take a shower or enjoy watching TV.

You may have heard of keeping the hot tub in the sunroom or conservatory room, but keeping the hot tub in garage is something new to everyone reading this article. It may seem like a dream to most people, but you can make this dream a reality.

Here are the certain things which your garage should have or need to make, if you are planning for a hot tub in garage.


Things to consider before placing a hot tub in garage:


Insulating the garage

insulating the garage

Most garages don’t come with a heating system as we use the garage only for storage or to park vehicles. If you are planning to keep the hot tub in the garage, then you should properly insulate the wall. If you want you can even insulate the exterior walls. Properly insulated walls will have less condensation over the garage ceiling and walls, so it will prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Also, you can insulate the garage door which is easy to do, just add panel foam on the inside of the door.



drainage for the hot tub

You can’t even imagine how much water will go out if a person gets out of the hot tub. So, there should be a proper drainage connection, or else the water will stay on the floor. You need to build a proper drainage system that allows water to escape, so a floor drain is essential. Also, ensure that the floor is graded properly to prevent stagnant pools of water, and remember that the hot tub should be properly drained and cleaned frequently.



filling the tub

After the drainage system, you also need to spend time organizing the plumbing system. Remember, it will take several hundred gallons of water to fill the hot tub, so it is not possible for you to fill the hot tub with a bucket. If you have a tap in the garage then that is fine, or else you need to install one so you can fill it with clean water.



Garage flooring

For the proper installation of the hot tub, it should be placed on a stable and same-level surface. The concrete floor in the garage is considered an ideal location but you can also choose a surface that is water-proof and also offers high-resistant properties. If you place the tub in the garage, slipping and falling are the most common accidents. So, it would be worth spending on floor materials such as rubber or tile around the hot tub, which will give a comfortable feel when you get out and walk around.



ventilation doors

Ventilation is the most important factor to consider if you are planning for a hot tub in garage. Your garage should have an adequate supply of air as the hot tub will create more humidity and moisture. This is more noticeable if you have installed the inner insulation of the door. Only a proper supply of air in the garage will keep the garage away from moisture and mold-related problems.

If your garage doesn’t have enough proper ventilation then some of the issues you will face are condensation, mold, and wood rot. A garage is a place where the humidity will be high, so to prevent further issues you can install an exhaust fan. But never go for a noisy fan or central air system that creates more noise, as it will ruin your hot tub plan in the garage.


Mold and Mildew

mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are one of the most dangerous problems your garage can have. The most recommended temperature of the hot tub is 100 Fahrenheit to 102 Fahrenheit and even you can go a maximum of 104 Fahrenheit. The hot water in a hot tub will create warm and moist air inside the garage and when the moist air settles on the wall of the garage then mold will start developing.

The mold will develop if it has three sources; which are moisture, air, and the food to feed on, which is the drywall. To avoid such problems your garage should have a proper ventilation system that won’t allow the moisture to stay on the wall.



spacing in the garage

Space is the most vital factor which is required for the installation of the hot tub. The two things that will determine whether the garage is spacious enough or not, is the size of the hot tub and the extra room around the hot tub for maintenance purposes. Also, make sure that you can bring the hot tub inside of the garage room, and after analyzing all these things you can bring the hot tub into the garage.


Bottom Line:

Yes, it would be the best idea to put a hot tub in garage and this is for the house that doesn’t have any space to accommodate a hot tub. All you need to have is proper space, ventilation, water, and electrical connections, and stable flooring. In winter, you can experience the warm temperatures by chilling in the hot tub in the garage.



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