6 Budget Friendly Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

How do you fit a kitchen, bedroom, and living room in one tiny room? Studio apartments are the rage nowadays. With limited space, crafting a liveable and comfy abode can require a lot of planning and a bit of ingenuity. You need to make the room lend an illusion of a much bigger space, while ensuring distinction from living area to kitchen and dining, and to bedroom space. Decorating your studio apartment need not be expensive though. To get you started, here are some tried and tested studio apartment decorating ideas to make your space less cramped.


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Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas


studio apartment decor on display

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1. First things first, carefully choose your palette. Small spaces require cohesiveness and smooth flow of color or hue from ceiling to floor, walls and in between. Experts in interior design often recommend neutral tones or light pastels to make the space feel lighter and livelier. You can also paint wall to ceiling in all white giving you more legroom to mix and match decorative items.


2. Make each area distinct by separating each zone using multi-functional designs. For one, you can make good use of area rugs to define separate floor plans. Or you can wedge a piece of furniture like this FurnitureOfAmerica Aydan Bookshelf-Room Divider in between a bedroom and a living room, to give you some sense of privacy. Taking the bed out of direct eye contact when getting into your door will help make the space more private while maintaining cohesiveness with other elements therein. Studio apartment decorating ideas like this allow a person to store their books or other items, in an organized way.

FurnitureOfAmerica Aydan Bookshelf Room Divider

Another way is to convert your bed into a daybed when there’s no more legroom for a bookshelf or a divider. Take this DHP Dillan Futon-Couch Bed. It can be used as your resting area during night time and as an extra seating option at daytime or when having friends or colleagues coming in for a visit.

DHP Tan Dillan Futon Couch Bed in studio apartment


3. Choose furniture pieces that offer multi-functionality. Aside from a futon-couch bed, you can look for tables and chairs with built in storage. Walls can also be recessed to accommodate shelving units as extra storage. A coffee table may also serve as a dining table or perhaps, choose one with hidden storage. A bench with storage can be added in certain areas, too. Some opt for daybeds with storage. The idea is to optimize usage of every square inch footage of your studio.

Studio apartment decorating ideas white bedroom

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Or you may also opt for bespoke furniture and cabinetry that keeps things hidden. Look for furniture pieces like a futon bed that folds away from sight when not in use, a cabinet that also hides a dining table and custom-made chairs. Some also have entertainment systems that hide in recessed walls and so on.


4. Make your studio apartment feel alive by adding decorative pieces that draw the eye away from the main space. Add some visual interest with contemporary art wall decor such as this meditative calm lake, beach and surf abstract landscape, lavender field rows or that sunny autumn day trees lining a path. Such statement pieces add a sense of vigor to any space while drawing the eye away to make an area feel roomier. This is a standard option for studio apartment decorating ideas, as it provides great visuals in a stimulating piece of art.


5. Draw the eye up to create an illusion of more space by adding sky-high curtains. Even without soaring ceilings, installing curtains that go far up the wall will help create a roomier illusion and more breathing room for such a cramped space. Go all-white or choose curtains with vertical lines for it to be more effective.


6. One rule of thumb that never goes out of style in studio apartment decorating– declutter. Let go of bills, junk mail and paper trails. Get rid of visual clutter like unnecessary artwork dangling on walls, appliances scattered around countertops and knick-knacks lying everywhere. These items will make the room feel cramped and downright nasty to the eyes. By decluttering, you’ll be freeing more space to allow the eye roam freely.

The Loft Advantage

loft gostinaya studio apartment decorating ideas

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Make the best out of your limited space with these studio apartment decorating ideas. If you have tall or sky-high ceilings though, adding a loft will give more square footage to your current abode. It may require a little more budget, but there’s just no more ultimate satisfaction than having your own private sleeping and working area right on the top. With that, you can free up more space down under and let the room breath.


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5 Jaw Dropping Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

From zero yard work to cost free plumbing repairs, apartment living truly has its perks. But it’s not without any shortcomings either. One of the most significant dilemmas in apartment living is space. It is common knowledge that apartments offer very little space with a single room or multiple rooms. These rooms sometimes have multiple functions, which can prove to be frustrating to someone who has a passion for huge closets and armoires. But if you aren’t one who can make do with all the many details of luxury living, a few organizational tips is all it takes to keep your space uncluttered, organized and relaxing. To jump start your initiative, here are 5 jaw dropping storage ideas for small apartments.

Storage Ideas For Small Apartments in white

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Storage Ideas For Small Apartments

Tip #1. Living Room Face Lift

Living room storage ideas for small apartments

As one of the most visited rooms in an apartment, this is where space can easily become a nightmare straight from Elm Street. With foot traffic from friends and family coming and going through this virtually tight space, the need to refurbish a look that frees ample floor space while providing storage, can be attained with the use of dual purpose furniture. Think about this; a sturdy vintage trunk working as both a coffee table and storage for things like books, magazines or spare items that don’t fit in the closet. Have your ottoman refurbished so it can double as a footrest or seat, while having storage space hidden to accommodate small stuff. A sturdy book case can also be used to hold entertainment sets, books and other decorative elements to spice up your living area. Storage ideas for small apartments like this type of furniture, are great for most apartments.


2. Revamping the Bedroom

Bedroom storage ideas for small apartments

A place for relaxation; clutter here is a complete no no. Amid the trifling space available though, there are certain ways to boost your storage space. Invest in under bed storage which can be easily moved around when you need it. DIY projects on how to make a bed storage savvy are pretty easy to find abound and so are affordable items on Amazon. Simply add rises underneath your bed to raise and accommodate storage boxes. Incorporate your bedroom’s closet right into the wall with a sliding door. Incorporating a mirror into the cabinetry also makes an illusion of bigger space, as well as a way to give your bedroom a completely “clean” look.


3. Kitchen Overhaul

Kitchen storage ideas for small apartments

Make each square inch of your kitchen count by installing an innovative storage system. Add in ceiling hooks, wall hooks or side bars to hang pots and pans, ladles, mixing bowls, and other frequently used cooking and baking utensils. Add a sliding spice rack to your stove for easy breezy cooking. Of course, a rolling cart doubling as both a kitchen island, chopping and cutting board and storage, is a definite good investment. Storage ideas for small apartments like this are a great option.


4. Liven Up Bathroom Space

Bathroom ideas

A small apartment literally means having an equally small bathroom. Most apartments do not have space for bath tubs, but if there is one, make room for under side storage to hold towels, linens, reading material, aromatic candles, shampoo and other bathing knick-knacks. For those with little kids, install hanging bath storage baskets to hold toys and bathing needs. The space beneath or beside a sink, behind a door, and beside the toilet bowl, can also be transformed into an extra storage area.


5. Groovy Mini Office Space

Mini office with flowers and storage

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Many apartment dwellers bring their work home, hence the need for an office. As a rule, an office space should not be incorporated into your room; so as to promote relaxation and sound sleeping patterns. A corner desk in your living area or kitchen area may come handy. Make good use of a kitchen or living room’s corner by creating a recessed wall to accommodate a desk, a computer and other work paraphernalia. This gives you ample time to multi task between preparing dinner while working on a deadline.


In a nutshell

A tiny apartment should not limit your creative juices to recreate an illusion of a much bigger space. There are definitely ways to store your belongings to prevent bulking up an already limited space area. By simply maximizing vertical spaces and hidden walls and alcoves, as well as using dual purpose furnishings, you might be amazed at how much space is available to accommodate your intentions. It’s easy to take advantage of these storage ideas for small apartments.


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First Apartment Essentials – Decor Ideas You Can Actually Afford

Decorating your first apartment is a very exciting job! Your first chance to put your stamp on a place that is truly your own. You get to express your creativity, and create a place that reflects you. But, as you’ll soon learn, decorating an apartment is expensive. There are some first apartment essentials you need. Furniture, appliances, shelving, to small things like throw pillows for the living room -the cost can add up quick, even in a small space!

In this article, we’re going to give you some apartment decorating ideas that are actually affordable, but that won’t compromise on your vision. We’ve got some tips on cheap apartment decor without the cheap appeal! Let’s get started.

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first apartment essentials

Go Second-Hand for first apartment essentials

Our first piece of advice is to go second hand. If you want quality furniture without buying at top-tier prices, then buying reclaimed or vintage furniture is your best bet! If you keep a keen eye on second-hand markets, then you can find some quality stuff for bargain bin prices. A lot of the time, people will be happy just to get the old furniture out of their house. You can find anything from a new coffee table or dining table for your living room, to a vintage bedframe for your bed. There’s also a ton of second hand home decor that can bring a vintage or boho chic look to your living space.

So, keep an eye on online classifieds, garage sales, Facebook Marketplace, your parent’s basement, and anywhere that old furniture can be found! Sometimes, all it takes is a sanding or some spray paint to have it looking good as new!

Display Something Meaningful

A great, inexpensive design idea is to display something that is meaningful to you. Not only will this help develop a nice theme, but it will give your place something that is representative of who you are.

first apartment essentials with books and plants

Take something you are passionate about, and display it in a nice, organized way. It could be your book collection, your vinyl collection, memorabilia from your travels, or anything that you enjoy! Lay it out nicely on a shelf, on a bookcase, on a side table, or wherever it fits. If you have a lot of photos and art, consider displaying them in a gallery wall style in your dining room or entryway. And since you have likely started this collection already, it won’t be something you have to put a big investment into.

Wall Decorations

Hexagon Wall Stickers

Another easy way to add some character to a room is to hang things on the walls. From pictures, to decorative plates, to paintings, to anything in between, wall hangings are a great way to spruce up your place on a budget. And you can find cheap wall hangers almost anywhere.

They’re also a great way to add a touch of personal character to your space. Settle on a theme for your wall decor, and really run with it! First apartment essentials like this, are a great place to start.

A Nice Rug

Yoshie Persian Floral Area Rug

Investing in a nice rug might not be super cheap, but it might also be the best way to stretch your dollar! An area rug goes such a long way in tying together your whole decor scheme in your living space. It presents a focal point for all the furniture to organize around, and provides a comfortable space for you and your guests. Plus, rugs come in all shapes, patterns, and sizes. You can find an area rug that really complements the rest of your furniture, and really elevates the entire space!


How about a fresh coat of paint? First apartment essentials that are visual, are import too. We’re really focusing on simple things that make a big difference. Painting your space isn’t the most fun job, but you’d be amazed at how much it can change your space. Plus, as with everything on this list, it’s an affordable option!

Paint is also a great opportunity to get creative. You can go light, dark, or even go wild! The possibilities only end at your creativity. Plus, a fresh coat can take an old apartment and have it looking like new.

New Curtains

Curtains are another great way to put a personal touch on a room. Curtains are relatively inexpensive, and they’re big. This means you’re adding a big design feature on a budget.

Curtains are often overlooked when it comes to a new apartment, and we think that’s a shame. First apartment essentials like this are a good first choice as well. A nice pair of curtains actually goes such a long way in accenting the entire room, and there are a lot of options available! Not to mention that they’re form and function, and it’s nice to be able to keep the harsh sun out of your eyes!


Self Watering Planters Plastic as first apartment essentials

Houseplants are an awesome decoration, and they fit pretty much any design scheme. Houseplants are an easy, affordable way to add a splash of color and life to any room. Any home store probably has a houseplant section, and you can find all sorts of different plants to suit your personal style. Cacti, potted plants, hanging plants, droopy plants, flowers, there’s so much to choose from!

Focus on a Theme

So far in this article, we’ve focused mainly on specific recommendations, but it’s good to think about general design principles as well. Simply put, it’s a lot easier to decorate if you first plan for an overall theme. Decorating is all about tying everything together. It’s how each piece comes together and works to build an overall impression of your home.

So, before you start decorating, think of what your goals are! Think of how you want your home to look and then decide on what you need to make that happen. This way, you have a clear idea of what you want, and can simply focus on working within your budget to get everything you need.

This also allows you to prioritize. You can settle on the most important things, and purchase in order of importance. Because let’s face it, you aren’t going to have your dream apartment right away! It’s a process, and you’ll likely spend years perfecting your home. So, budget for the important stuff right away, and worry about the rest later!

first apartment essentials in red and white


Thanks so much for checking out our decor ideas on a budget! These first apartment essentials can open up a world of possibilities. Decorating is such a fun and creative expression of your individuality, and you don’t want that fun to be soured by budgetary concerns. We focused on affordable design ideas that don’t compromise on quality. We are confident that, with a little bit of planning and research, you already have the budget to create your dream apartment!


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12 Perfect Studio Apartment Decor Layouts That Work

Studio apartments are becoming more and more common. When it comes to decorating a studio, you can see it as a challenge or an opportunity. It all comes down to your mindset. One key thing to remember is that studio apartments require specific decor. Because of their size, you can’t just treat them like any other space. Below you will get some of the best ideas for studio apartment decor layouts.

Here are some great tips for making the most of your studio space. It’s hard enough to decorate a new space without spending hours upon hours doing research. To help and inspire you, we’ve pulled together a list of studio apartment decor ideas for you, taking a close look at what works and what doesn’t.

studio apartment decor in grey and white

Studio apartments are becoming more and more common. When it comes to decorating a studio, you can see it as a challenge or an opportunity. It all comes down to your mindset. One key thing to remember is that studio apartments require specific decor. Because of their size, you can’t just treat them like any other space. Below you will get some of the best ideas for studio apartment decor layouts.

Here are some great tips for making the most of your studio space.It’s hard enough to decorate a new space without spending hours upon hours doing research. To help and inspire you, we’ve pulled together a list of studio apartment decor ideas for you, taking a close look at what works and what doesn’t.


When planning your new home, think about what you need from your space. Start by making a list of things you’d want to be able to do at home. Then, make a list of the things you need to make that happen.

It can be helpful to make a list of rooms or specific spaces and then think about them in terms of their functions. Making the mental shift from living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens to eating, sleeping, and cooking is a great way to look at your apartment in a new way. It is also helpful to think about living areas in your old apartment or house that don’t get much use. Determining what rooms you use and what rooms you don’t can give you ideas about how to combine spaces. When you did use that room, how did you use it? How can you factor that into another space?

1. Create Separate Living Areas

studio apartment decor with separate living spaces

In a studio apartment, it can be tempting to create a one-room-fits-all living space, but this isn’t necessary. The lack of doorways doesn’t mean that you have to combine everything into one room. Try to create distinct living spaces for different purposes.

Use decor to establish the feeling of multiple rooms or zones. Add a coffee table and a sofa in the corner with a reading lamp and some paintings. If you work from home, make yourself a little office nook. Get creative with your studio apartment decor.

2. Be Minimalist

studio apartment decor with red and black

A simple way to keep things looking clean and stylish is to minimize. This process begins with decluttering. Strip things down to the bare bones and then add back what you need. Avoid making your studio apartment feel barren, though. There is a difference between minimalism and emptiness.

Minimizing keeps things clean and tidy and establishes a subdued space. In a studio, how you put the limited space to use, is one of the biggest things to keep in mind. Minimalism helps you make the most of what you have. The key is to avoid unnecessary clutter.

3. Think In Nooks

As we mentioned, it is time to stop thinking in terms of rooms. By definition, a studio apartment doesn’t have rooms, so they’re irrelevant to the design. When you think in terms of function, nooks start to make a lot of space.

A nook is a tight, cozy space that distinguishes itself from the rest of the room. You’re likely familiar with the concept – think breakfast or reading nooks. With a little imagination, the opportunities for your studio apartment are endless.

Instead of building a dining room, create a neat dining nook in the corner. Instead of an office, put together a work nook. This is one of the better studio apartment decor layouts that some people forget about.

4. Rethink Spaces

To make the most of your studio, start rethinking space. To do this, you have to think outside of the box.

In a regular apartment, a lot of space goes to waste. This empty space serves a needed aesthetic and proportional purpose in a larger space. You have less space to work with so you need to be careful.

For example, the foot of the bed is an often overlooked area. But, the end of the bed can serve as an organic place to begin a new nook or room. Push a dresser against it, add a desk and workspace, or even position your sofa along the end. The same goes for ceilings and open air space. Start hanging things, decorate your ceiling, or make use of high shelving for storage.

5. Add Mirrors

One of the best ways to make your studio feel bigger is to hang mirrors. Mirrors provide an extra dimension to the room, giving the appearance of more depth, light, and space.

When it comes to mirrors in a studio, the bigger the better. A large mirror is especially handy in a tight area of the apartment, such as the bathroom.

Be mindful of what you are reflecting when you place a mirror. If you’re in the living room or bedroom, try placing plants or flowers in its path to double down on their natural flair and brighten up your room.

6. Use Rugs

One of the greatest tips when it comes to making use of floor space is to use rugs to establish sections. This goes hand in hand with the creation of nooks or rethinking how you use your space.

Use rugs on the floor to categorize and divide your living space. Rugs also add texture to your room, evoking different feelings in different areas. They can also really help tie together your furniture or storage space, giving a sense of completeness.

7. Use A Lot Of Light

Try to make the most of the natural light you have. If you have a lot of windows, use them. Add sheer curtains and let the light fill your room. Place mirrors in their path to reflect that natural light.

If you’re low on natural light, add your own. Try hanging rope lights on the bedframe and windowsills, or add freestanding lamps around the room. Wall lamps are another great way to add a little warmth and make your home feel welcoming.

8. Learn To Hide

Here is another great tip. From beds to kitchenware, learn to hide everything.

There are obvious ways to hide things. If you’re low on space, then hide your storage by using sliding drawers beneath the bed or coffee table. Tuck your toaster or blender away when it isn’t in use, or make your countertop double as a bar.

Hiding can also mean getting creative. Try adding a folding screen to tuck your bedroom away from the rest of the apartment, giving yourself a little privacy.

9. Enclose The Bed

We love the look of an enclosed bed in a studio. They’re great when trying to maximize your space or want a little extra privacy. They also look fantastic.

Enclosed beds range in style from box-beds to canopies. Box-beds are enclosed with wood or other similar material on the sides and top and often serve a double-function by including shelving or drawers.

Canopies are a little simpler. To put a canopy over your bed, all you need to do is buy a frame and some curtains. Canopies aren’t as useful when it comes to storage or maximizing space, but they create a cozy, private atmosphere and establish a distinct bedroom feel.

10. Think Small

studio apartment decor with small table

With a studio, thinking small is thinking big. Think about how much space you need for your activities.

Do you need a full six-person dinner table? Would a cafe table beside the window do the job? Or, do you usually eat on the couch watching Netflix anyway?

Rethink sofas and beds, too. While larger pieces of furniture make your studio feel fuller and more purposeful, they can also take up precious floor space. It might be time to downsize from the queen bed to the double or to switch from a full-sized couch to a loveseat.

11. Give Your Color Palette Some Thought

Don’t let your walls go to waste. Paint or wallpaper them! If you can’t paint your walls, build a consistent color palette with your furniture and decor. Generally, there are two ways to go: monochrome or eclectic.

With a monochrome palette, your apartment looks sleek, clean, and consistent. Having a single color makes the space look unified and whole. For an eclectic look, try separating your living spaces with different color palettes. A warm and cozy palette works best for the bedroom. Don’t forget to add some texture with rugs or curtains. In the kitchen, go sleek and clean with neutral colors and hard surfaces.

12. Combine Storage and Living

Whether you buy premade pieces, like a storage bench, or you innovate, like putting cushions and a blanket over a trunk, doubling down on storage and living, is a great way to make the most of your studio apartment.

Floating furniture is another way to add storage space. By raising your bed and sofa slightly, you open up a previously neglected space. Now, you just need to slide some plastic bins or drawers beneath, and you have yourself another closet.


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