Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Spaces

For many homes, a small bathroom is quite the norm in today’s standard of living. While adding mirrors and other elements can come in handy, finding the right bathroom tile ideas for small bathroom can be of great help. When laid correctly, bathroom tiles do not just make an excellent waterproof barrier, they also help create an illusion of spaciousness when natural light comes in. Lilliputian rooms will greatly benefit from floor tiles that are cut and arranged accordingly. To get your small bathroom makeover started, the following bathroom tile ideas for small spaces will greatly help.

Designer trendy fixtures in a small white bathroom



Bathroom Tile Ideas For Small Spaces


Light It Up

White bathroom with flowers


Light colors like white, off-white, and pastels always exude a sense of openness to any given space. As opposed to dark tiles that box your bathroom in, these colors open it up and “invite” natural light in. They do not put a “stop” to the smooth flow of energy or prevent certain visual limitations in any room. Pastel colors also help add a sense of excitement. Do remember not to use grout that lends a sharp contrast to a tile color to prevent a visually-limiting grid-like look. If you may, going for an all-white tile design or with little geometric markings in them, will help open up any bathroom space while exalting hygiene, too.


Go Large

Large tile ideas for small white bathroom


Laying down large-sized tiles for small bathrooms has always been a fodder of debate. To some, it only makes the whole space feel cramped or too overwhelming. To many, however, the fewer grout lines from using large tiles, do prevent creating a grid-like, boxy feel to a space. Use oversize tiles with lines that smoothly flow along with the bathroom space’s own grid lines. If you can, a single cut full-floor tile will help create an illusion of continuity making the space more spacious and open. Maintaining a minimum grout joint width at around 3/15 inches will also prevent a grid-locked feel. Bathroom tile ideas for small spaces using larger tiles, take a little less work and still give a great look.



bathroom linoleum flooring tile ideas in light colored bathroom


Want to add excitement and vibrancy to your small bath? Try diagonally-laid or -designed tiles. This tile idea works by playing tricks on the eyes. It stimulates the sense of sight to think that the space is larger than what it seems. According to interior design experts, 90-degree oriented floor tiles for bathroom are quite regimented and easier to count– making any small space boring. Controlled chaos makes diagonal bathroom floor tiles spark a sense of creativity to a space. There are tools nowadays that make cutting of diagonal tiles easier for everyone, too.


Checkboard Design

checkerboard floor tile ideas for small bathroom


A common presence in many rustic and vintage homes is the checkerboard pattern. Not only does the design make a room feel grandiose and luxurious, it also lends an illusion that will make a room feel larger than its actual size. Most prefer a black and white monochromatic pattern, which is just right to make the room feel precise and organized. It can also make current decorative elements in your room blend well with this color. This is one of the bathroom tile ideas for small spaces that is nostalgic and always popular.


Mosaic Magic

Bathroom tile mosaic in small bathroom


Mosaic tile is another common favorite design in many homes. Stylish and dynamic, it can easily breathe new life into a bathroom space. Mosaic-designed tiles, however, tend to create a grid-like limitation, unbecoming to many small bathrooms. To help minimize, if not eliminate, this grid-like feel, tinting the grout with a color that resembles the dominating tile color will help create a sense of continuity to a bathroom space. Mosaic bathroom tile ideas for small spaces always look great and can lend a great design element to your floor.


What Type Of Tiles?

Marmomix Bathroom with gray tile


There is no limit to bathroom tile ideas for small bathroom. When you’ve already handpicked your color and design, choosing the type of tile must also be taken into mind. Porcelain tiles are recommended for small bathrooms with a bathing facility to ensure low water absorption rate and are also more economical than ceramic ones. The central idea is to use tiles that serve their purpose, with hues that captures light and designs that elongate a rather constricted grid-boxed space, to open up your space.


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10 Budget Friendly Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Are you one of those homeowners who feel like tearing up a whole wall or two for a complete bathroom remodel but you can’t? Without a doubt, the idea of remodeling a bathroom is one of the most expensive projects. Apart from paying a hefty sum to a home improvement contractor, this idea will also pose a huge problem if there is just no available space to expand with. Do you know that it only takes a sound organizational strategy to make your current small bathroom space stylish and user-friendly—without breaking the bank at that! Here are 10 budget friendly small bathroom organization ideas to jumpstart your goal to a comfortable space.


Small Bathroom Organization Ideas in gray with candles


10 Small Bathroom Organization Ideas


1. Bare Countertop

Bare countertop small bathroom organization ideas

Clutter makes a space look cramped. Freeing your countertop space will help make it more orderly and harmonious. Make good use of the empty area below your countertop and convert it into a storage cabinet. Simply measure how big you want the drawers to be and purchase DIY wooden or metal organizers. Plastic boxes which can be rolled in and out also make good options.


2. Magnetic Makeup Storage

Magnetic Makeup Storage small bathroom organization ideas

Tired of rummaging through drawers for that eye shadow? Why not create a magnetic makeup board? You can refurbish an old picture frame with simple items like an old metal sheet, some small magnets, glue, and other needed supplies. This will help save storage space as well as time saved from searching.


3. Recessed Walls

Recessed walls small bathroom organization ideas with tub and storage

Need a cabinet but are short on space? Open up your walls and organize a cabinet. Recessed walls can help add storage space to a small bathroom to hold more items. You can add wooden dividers or simply stack plastic containers or wicker baskets. Sort items accordingly or label them by category. If it is a shared bathroom, add names of family members on the label. If you want to talk about being organized, this is one of the small bathroom organization ideas for you.


4. Wall Towel Storage

Wall towel storage small bathroom organization ideas

You just can’t get enough towels and storage can be such a hassle. If your bathroom has a wall as division, make good use of the space in between to store towels. You may also store extra bathing supplies on top like shampoo jars, bar soaps and shower gels, toothpaste, toilet paper and so on.


5. Door Towel Bars

Door towel bars small bathroom organization ideas

Towel racks can easily consume space, something that your tiny bathroom cannot accommodate. Why not make good use of the space behind your door? Install towel bars behind it. The picture above does not only organize them but also add more stylishness to the overall bathroom design.


6. Vertical Shower Caddy

Vertical shower caddy small bathroom organization ideas

One of the most easy-to-do small bathroom organization ideas is by adding a vertical shower caddy. Functional and stylish, this helps free ample space in your cramped shower stalls. It can hold shampoo, conditioner, bath gels, bar soaps, razors, shaving creams, washcloths, loofahs, rubber ducks, and other bathroom knick-knacks.


7. Spice Racks As Storage

Spice racks storage small bathroom organization ideas

Got extra wood frames in your garage or an old spice rack in your kitchen? Paint it white or any color that compliments your bathroom design and hang them on the side of your countertop just right within arm’s reach. Organize your hair products, body lotions, hand sanitizers, and so on.


8. In-suite Storage

Cabinet being used to store extra items

For single-cabinet bathrooms, one way of maximizing space is by creating “in-suite” storage. Take this StickOnPods storage, for instance. These durable clear plastic containers can be easily attached to a cabinet or to any flat surface. This can hold small stuffs like nail polish, make-up, lipsticks, toothbrushes, eyeliners and so on.


9. Above-Door Storage

Above door bathroom storage

One of the most taken for granted space is the area above a bathroom door. Maximize every square-inch footage of your diminutive bathroom. Add a slab of wood on top of the door area to serve as supply storage. Simply secure the wooden slab with screw-on brackets. You can store towels, shampoo and conditioners, bar soaps in an airtight container, bath gels, and much more.


10. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror wall in bathroom with wood accents

One of the oldest tricks in creating an illusion of space is to add a mirror. Make your bathroom look bigger and airier by installing mirrors on the wall. Choose a focal point where it can collect natural light or simply use up one whole side of the wall.

Small bathrooms may seem like a hard challenge. But with a little ingenuity and love of putting things in order, it can actually be a comfortable space. Try out these 10 small bathroom organization ideas and fall in love with it all over again.


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8 Vintage Style Bathroom Design Ideas For That Retro Feel

Retro is in… as you’d find in most in trend home decor books and blogs. And naturally, you’d also want to incorporate the same in your home. The bathroom used to be a room that was only functional – and for the most part kept out of the eyes of your guests. But you have to agree that even guests need to use it sometimes. So when you are putting so much thought into the rest of the decor, why give the bathroom a miss? And to remedy that, we have brought you 8 Vintage style bathroom design ideas. See any you love?


Vintage Style Bathroom Design Ideas



Vintage style bathroom design ideas in white

Photo Credit :

#1: This first idea bespeaks tranquility with whites and creams dominating. And this also channels the retro sophistication with panache. The light wood floor only adds to the whole look. As with the look here, you can pick some retro prints with subtle color for the upholstery and linen to break the monotony.


Vintage style bathroom with metal tub and decor

Photo Credit :

#2: In the olden days, bathrooms didn’t exactly look like the bathrooms of today. They more closely resembled normal rooms, with tables, and basins, and maybe a tub. Also, as with other rooms, you’d expect wallpaper and attention to light fixtures. All that is present in this look. Sometimes vintage style bathroom design ideas are very simple, non complex designs.


Vintage claw foot tub and shower in gray bathroom

Photo Credit :

#3: Clawfoot tubs were all the rage in the era gone by. They added regal style, and also firmly kept the tub off the floor. And going for a retro style tub – with other accessories and furniture to match can be another idea. Here the centerpiece would be the tub – holding pride of place. You’d then slowly do up the rest of the bathroom around it.


Vintage tub with photo wall design ideas and pictures

Photo Credit :

#4: To expand on the bathroom that looks like a room theme, here is another example of vintage style bathroom design ideas, that you can incorporate. If damp isn’t a problem you will be having, then a photo wall – with particularly retro style photos, can serve as a great backdrop. Also the rest of the bathroom too is furnished much like an attic room.


Vintage sink in bathroom design ideas

Photo Credit :

#5: Now let’s look at something very different. This idea seems perfect for a quaint little cottage somewhere by the sea – and you could incorporate it even in your modern home… It has a very rustic feel to it with all the wooden furniture having the driftwood look to them. And the white walls provide the perfect frame to these pieces.


Art work in vintage style bathroom ideas

Photo credit

#6: Think vintage and you need to also consider the era when people were just making it into the cities, and into urban set ups. The bathrooms were gaining in importance, but they hadn’t yet reached their current form. That would be one room where people didn’t want to dedicate too much space to, and didn’t want to spend too much money on either. You could expect exposed bricks. And this one takes that idea and glorifies it into essentially a modern bathroom, but with a vintage feel.


Gray vintage bathroom with wood floors

Photo Credit :

#7: Here is another bathroom that is very vintage – and completely the antithesis of the last one. Here as you can see there is expensive furnishings, a deep rich color to the walls, and so much space! IF you live in a house that affords you this much space for the bathroom, by all means you can work on such a design. It is sure to become the talk of your circle!


Blue and white vintage bathroom

Photo Credit :

#8: This last example of vintage style bathroom design ideas almost looks like a fairytale bathroom – but it is vintage, nevertheless. What you should also notice that by being unobtrusive about it, it actually fits in the modernistic glass shower room quite organically into the design. And therefore, this is a good vintage style bathroom for those who are short on space, and want a functionally modern space nevertheless.

Now that you have seen our 8 Vintage style bathroom design ideas, we are sure you’ve found the much needed inspiration, if not an exact design. But before you choose, always take stock of how much space you have, what you can afford – and the problem of damp. The bathroom can be a tricky place to furnish, but with the right precautions and help, it should be fairly problem-free!


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Complete Bathroom Sets With Shower Curtains: A Budget Friendly Revamp

Like the kitchen, a bathroom is one of the most worked up spaces in a home, yet it’s often overlooked. It’s the very space that greets you in the morning and the same one that pampers you before retiring for bed. However, many homeowners tend to pay little attention to their bathrooms up until there’s a leak in the faucet or some foul smell, emanating from within. When, in fact, there are many ways to revamp this space and enhance its ambiance without shelling out a lot of cash– and one such idea is by simply looking for complete bathroom sets with shower curtains, to upgrade its whole look and feel.


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Complete Bathroom Sets With Shower Curtains


Bathroom sets with shower curtains in many colors


If your bathroom’s major finishes are still in mint condition or that it’s not included in the renovation budget for this year, simple upgrades can actually do so much to refresh the whole space. Here are some excellent picks for you to invest in.


1. Starter Set

DII Oceanique 5-Piece Bathroom Starter Set in bathroom

Just because you have a small bathroom doesn’t mean it can’t be revamped. This 16-piece affordable bathroom set is designed specifically to add new meaning to an apartment bathroom, a kid’s bathroom, or a guest bathroom. It comes with quintessential ceramics such as a soap dish, a cup for brushing, and a lotion dispenser. It also comes with a shower curtain and 12 shower hooks.

The DII 16-Piece Shower Set delivers all the essentials to a small bathroom at such an affordable price. Coming with a gender-neutral design of a CityScape and Mosaic Tile design, it can easily blend in with your current interior, while giving an erstwhile dreary bathroom a much-needed lift. Ceramic pieces are quite durable and easy to maintain while the shower curtain is made of 100 percent imported polyester complete with reinforced non-metal button holes for that rust-free protection. This set also makes a going away gift for a son or daughter who’s about to start college while living in a dorm. Complete bathroom sets with shower curtains like this can match a lot of different decors or ideas in your bathroom.


2. Hand In The Towels

WPM 18 Piece Bath Rug Set in light bathroom

If your bathroom is bursting with ceramic accessories, finding a complementary bathroom set can also be done. This 18-Piece Bath-Rug Set from WPM, for instance, offers a cool design for bathrooms looking for an airy or beach-mode feel. Designed with a pleasing aqua blue-green hue, this set comes with the following items– a bath mat, a contour floor mat (for under the sink or the toilet bowl, a fabric shower curtain with 12 matching rings, a wash cloth, a hand towel and a large bath towel.

The WPM 18 Piece Bath Rug Set is a perfect addition to any modern country home looking for that laid-back feel in their bathroom. With such a pretty aqua blue-green design, your bathroom space can feel like being near a beach or lake while drawing more natural light in. With a coordinated look up to your towels, getting this set will feel like having a bathroom straight from a hotel catalog. This is an example of complete bathroom sets with shower curtains that you can do, that will really make your bathroom look great.


3. Go Full Blast

Madison DAM-SET-BK Damask Black Deluxe Bath Set in off white bathroom

Instead of buying separate pieces, why not go full blast in your bathroom revamp? Such is the essence of this Madison DAM-SET-BK Damask Black Deluxe Bath Set. Affordable yet durable and doesn’t fall short in the appealing department, this complete bathroom set can update the entire look of a bathroom without a hitch. This set offers the following items— ceramic accessories (soap dish, toothbrush holder, tumbler, and lotion pump), tub rug, contour rug, bath towel, hand towel, washcloth, and shower curtain with clear plastic rings.

One of the best things about the Madison DAM-SET-BK Damask Black Deluxe Bath Set is that the included rugs, being skid-resistant and tufted for comfort, can help in ensuring the safety of everyone. The included shower curtains fabric is also water-resistant and easy to clean. In fact, it is machine washable. The included clear plastic rings also do not cause any rusting. How’s that for a fully-updated look without spending so much!

Now is the time to create the bathroom of your dreams. With these complete bathroom sets with shower curtains, who needs costly major overhauls to breathe new life into your bathing space? The idea is to find the right set that easily blends with your current home’s design. In doing so, you can really update your bathroom’s look without disrupting the design flow of your interior– and without breaking the bank, too.


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10 Zen Interior Decor Ideas For Bathroom

Want a bathroom that has the ambience of a relaxing spa? Soothing atmosphere, calming color combinations, ambient lighting, harmonious display of decor and accessories—these are just some of the common elements that make a Zen bathroom one of the most wished for. This is where our 10 Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom come in.


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Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom with black tile

Photo Credit :


When you wish to peel away the stress nudging your mind and body, creating a relaxing bathroom does not really have to be mind boggling. All it takes are subtle touches and perfectly thought of interior decor and accessories, to truly make a difference.


To kickstart your decorating prowess, here are 10 Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom that exude relaxation at its best.


Zen Interior Decor Ideas For Bathroom


Zen interior decor ideas in white bathroom with storage

Photo Credit :


1. Relaxing Color Palette

Make good use of color psychology when choosing your bathroom’s wall palettes. Pastels and cool colors like mint green or lavender will make a bathroom feel welcoming, as if embracing you with its warmth the moment you step in. An all white bathroom with a splash of natural greens will also make a great choice. Amazon’s Amy Howard At Home spa-white one-step paint would make a good choice.


2. Spa Like Tiles

Mimic mother nature’s elegance in your own space by incorporating it in your interior decor ideas for bathroom tiles. It does not really have to be expensive to do, as there are ceramic tiles which mimic the aura of marbles and granites. Mosaic tiles are also an excellent choice as they deliver a soothing feel while maintaining visual interest and keeping you within your budget. When adding natural elements, always assess what relaxes you the most and begin from there.


3. Rainshower Head

Many Zen homes make use of waterfalls to enhance the relaxing effect of its environment. You can do the same to your bathroom. Like the pitter patter of the rain, rainshower heads deliver the ultimate relaxation. If short on budget, you can always go for thin stainless steel showerheads that create a waterfall effect.


4. Storage

Another important aspect in a Zen like bathroom is its clutter free ambience. Nothing beats a bathroom that leaves no mess. This is where good storage usually steps in. A wicker basket would make a good storage for curling irons, hair dryers, brushes, and bathroom tissue as well as cosmetic products and the like.


5. Aromatic Candles

Create an ultra soothing ambience as you soak yourself in the bathtub by turning off the light and simply enjoy the luxuriant glow from aromatic candles. Choose from various aromatic sensations available in the market.  For safety, make use of jar candles that are traditionally made and designed to give warmth and relaxation.


6. Bath Tub

There are a number of bath tubs these days that come equipped with massage features. Soaking in a hot tub after a day’s toilsome work would definitely give your system a boost. There are bath tub designs which mimic the natural elements of nature for a more Zen like feel.


7. Robe and Towel Holders

Bathrobe and towels must always be placed outside of storage for aeration. If kept in an enclosed place, these bathroom accessories can become moldy due to moisture being absorbed. To make the place look tidy, install holders that complement the whole Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom. Some holders come in sets making them more affordable choices.


8. Plant Life

When thinking of interior decor ideas for bathroom, plants should not be taken for granted. Plants help provide much needed oxygen that helps liven up a bathroom. It also absorbs harmful toxins and unwelcome smells. Plants are natural air purifiers and if you wish to have a clean bathroom, buy plants.


9. Lighting and Electrical Fixtures

Consider energy efficiency when choosing lights for your bathroom. A dimmer switch may do the trick to reduce glare and create a soothing effect. When choosing lighting, always go for LEDs to help save money on electricity bills. Also, include a speaker or smartphone docking station for music. Music is always great for Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom.


10. Artwork

Last but not least, good artwork plastered on a wall will help complete the whole Zen like ambiance for a bathroom. Choose one that depicts water and nature to truly lend a relaxing feel.


Zen bathroom interior decor ideas

Photo Credit :


Without a doubt, carefully thought of Zen interior decor ideas for bathroom will create an ambience of peace and tranquility. Not only will this help de stress oneself from the daily grind, it will also help rejuvenate one’s system making the mind and body work harmoniously with each other. With these decorative elements in place, you can guarantee relaxation to its fullest.


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Vitamin Sea: Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Fancy visiting the beach for much-needed vitamin sea? One of Earth’s most enjoyable features, beaches offer a chance for everyone to unwind and de-stress. Think about soaking in the sun or walking barefoot on a white powdery, sandy beachfront, with the waves lapping at your feet. But with the next beachfront some hundreds of miles away from where you’re at, there’s no better way than creating your own haven right at the comfort of your own home. If adding pebbles and real sand is out of the question, these beach themed bathroom decor ideas may give you just the Vitamin Sea vibe you need.


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Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas



Wall Art

Start by drawing the eye to a beach-themed focal point in your bathroom. It could be a painting of sea creatures like the Green Sea turtle below, dolphins, sandy beachline, surf boards lined up, and whatever theme you have in mind. The idea is to have a focal point that will eventually serve as the central theme. From there, you can pick decorative pieces to go along with the wall art. Feel free to check out other wall art designs on Sumgar HERE. This beach themed wall art list, also offers a wide variety of choices for you to truly imbibe a captivating focal point in your bathroom.

SUMGAR Green Sea Turtle Wall Art for Bathroom


Wall Decal

Another inexpensive way of enhancing visual content of a bathroom, is by adding a beach themed wall decal. Instead of pricey wall art, you can transform an entire wall with affordable sticker decals like this Fancy Fish Design Bathroom Wall Decal. From seahorses to dolphins, turtles, and jelly fish, feel free to check out various bathroom themed wall art decals HERE. This list will also give you various choices to get the Vitamin Sea vibe you want. Beach themed bathroom decor ideas using decals, is a good choice as they are not all that expensive.

Fancy Fish Design Bathroom Wall Decal as Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas


Boat Shelf

Add a bit of storage with a display cabinet that’s designed for beach life. Some homeowners repurpose medicine cabinet covers with beach-themed design. It’s a great DIY project to pursue, particularly those who love carpentry and creative concepts. Or you may want to check out this Beach Theme Display Boat, designed with cutesy sea creatures, complete with a fishing net. Hang it or prop it up to add more sass to your bathroom design. This is one of the beach themed bathroom decor ideas that are a little more involved, but will look great when finished.

Beach Theme Display Boat with storage


Beach-y Rack

Hang towels, bathrobes and the like, in style. There are plenty of hooked wall racks in beach themed design, for you to choose from. This MyGift Oceanic Sandy Beach Style Metal Hook Wall Rack, for instance, comes with hand-decorated sea creatures– a seagull, starfish, seashells and sand stuff. You can also add one in the foyer, to stash your keys, scarves, coat, umbrella, and other accessories to get that complete feel.

MyGift Oceanic Sandy Beach Style Metal Hook Wall Rack as Beach Themed Bathroom Decor Ideas

Seaside Vanity

Get the complete beach themed bathroom vanity set, to fully imbibe that Vitamin Sea feel in your bathroom. You can feature a full collection vanity set, like toothbrush holder, soap dish, towels and bath robes, and so on. This dainty Zenna HomeSeaside Serenity Toothbrush Holder, for instance, is carved with hand-painted shells made from resin. It emits a stylish and relaxing feel. Check out vast choices from Zenna Home Seaside Serenity Line. You can choose a single set or pair items according to your needs.

Zenna HomeSeaside Serenity Toothbrush Holder

Another charming brand that offers vast choices, when looking for a beach-themed bathroom decor set, is Bacoba Guild. Its complete line of bathroom vanity sets come with a coastal rope design, adding that perfect beach life accent to your bathroom decor.

Beach themed bathroom decor ideas



Add a whimsical candle holder to your bathrooms design element. You can go for traditional candelabras then, simply accentuate these with beach stuff, like shells and starfish commonly found in arts and crafts stores. This Heartful Home Beach Decor Bathroom Collection – Wall Mounted Caddy Set is another excellent option for its multifunctional feel. Feel free to check out various choices HERE.

Heartful Home Beach Decor Bathroom Collection - Wall Mounted Caddy Set


String Lights

Whoever says adding string lights to bathrooms is a waste of resources, is obviously wrong. Add a sense of whimsy and a calming effect to a bathroom, by adding these Impress Life Nautical Theme Decorative String Lights. Think of lounging in the bathtub after a day’s toil at work. With these waterproof string lights, you can simply soak your tired bones and frayed nerves for hours, to rest without the usual glare. Light a few aromatherapy candles, too.

Impress Life Nautical Theme Decorative String Lights

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing Vitamin Sea vibe. Start with these beach themed bathroom decor ideas. The idea is to choose that single theme and hand pick items that work together to create a completely harmonious, relaxing look. Have fun shopping!


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