10 Small Master Bedroom Decor Ideas For Less

The master bedroom is a couple’s personal retreat. This is where love and intimacy blooms. While most of today’s homes have limited space and inflation seems to make prices of decorative items balloon, this should not stop you from finding small master bedroom decor ideas to make your resting place more comfortable, inviting, and relaxing. To get you started, here are some useful tips and tricks gathered from various interior designers.


Small Master Bedroom Decor Ideas


Stunning Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Source : homadein.com

1. Add a splash of color

One of the most effective, yet least costly decorating tools, is repainting your bedroom’s wall. To give it an illusion of a much bigger and brighter place, using light neutral colors will do the trick. Cool shades of blue, green, and lilac can add a sense of warmth and serenity. Neutral shades of tan and beige, also helps open up the whole space. With these, you can make a bedroom less confined with clearer lines.


2. Keep furniture minimal in a small master bedroom

Ditch the four-poster or medieval-sized beds that seem to engulf the whole room with their sheer size. Go for a comfy queen or double bed. If you and your partner are not fond of reading before bedtime, steer clear of side tables then. Instead prop a floor lamp or a potted plant in place. Of course, don’t forget to include a stool or an ottoman (that also holds extra storage) at the foot of the bed. This makes a great companion when preparing to go out. Small master bedroom decor ideas that included taking into account the size of furniture, are always good ideas.


3. Keep everything pulled together with matching window treatments and bedding vis-a-vis your wall

There is nothing more vivid and organized than matching your light-colored bedroom with complementary bed linens, pillow covers and curtains. Go for satin or velvety bed linens. Lace-y and flowing curtains in monochromatic colors will also add more warmth to the whole space.


4. Recreate a five-star hotel ambiance with a perfect play between natural and artificial light

Start by installing window treatments which fully welcome natural light during the day time. Add lamps in shadowy corners. Shade lamps can add not just glamour, but also stimulate a sensual edge, perfect for enhancing intimacy.


lighting ideas for your master bedroom in white

Source : luxurybusla.com


5. Accessorize with minimalism and style in mind

Don’t cramp up a small master’s bedroom with unnecessary details. Rather go for carefully arranged decorative materials like a vintage alarm clock, a slim side table, a crystal vase, a diffuser for essential oils, and so on. Hang a piece of artwork or a framed photo of the whole family having a good time, as a focal point. Free clutter on your dresser by simply propping a mirror to open the whole space and reflect light from the outside.

Gray headboard with end table and wood flooring

Source : homedit.com


6. Storage

Make good use of every square-inch space in your master bedroom by setting up off-the-shelf storage units. Instead of installing a headboard and flanking the bed with side tables, placing two tall units which can be built into the wall or as a stand-alone shelf to hold the usual knick-knacks, will make a lot of difference. Space underneath the bed can also hold storage for blankets, linens, pillows, and even socks and undies. Small master bedroom decor ideas which include storage, are also a smart ideas.

Master bedroom storage ideas in blue

Source : bhg.com


7. Bathroom Essentials

You don’t have to create an ultra glamorous bathroom to make a master bedroom complete. With most homes being space-challenged these days, couples have to contend with small bathrooms in their bedrooms, too. All you need is to keep things organized by hanging floating shelves and built-in storage, to create a relaxing space. Add a mirror to invite natural lighting and to give an illusion of a bigger bath space.

Floating shelves in white in master bedroom



8. Add Plant Life

Breathe life into your bedroom with low-maintenance succulents. You can simply prop them up on top of a dresser or hang them by the window via the curtain rod. This improves air circulation and gives a relaxing mantra to the whole space.

Plants in bedroom on hanging platform

Source : pinterest.ca


Bottom line is: These small master bedroom decor ideas for less simply show that there’s no reason for you to not make the best out of a seemingly dull space. Bring your decorating chops to the forefront and let your personal taste take center-stage. With your dedication, this decorative haul will definitely be bound for success.


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7 Mind Blowing Blue And White Bedroom Decor Ideas

Looking for stylishly mind-blowing yet practical blue and white bedroom decor ideas? Evoking the serenity of the skies and clouds, a white on blue palette truly brings comfort and elegance to the fore in a calm and collected manner perfect for bedrooms. The color blue which represents a color of order and trust, delivers a soothing feeling to the mind. When combined with sophisticated yet pure and clean white, you have a spectacularly timeless color combination for a bedroom that truly stimulates mental relaxation and intimacy.

When thinking of revamping your bedroom’s old look with a blue and white rendition, these decor ideas can come in handy.


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Blue And White Bedroom Decor Ideas


1. Wake-Me-Up, Not!

Blue And White Bedroom Decor Ideas Lush Decor Ravello Comforter Set

Lush Décor Ravello 5 Piece Comforter Set

Get into the groove of a luxuriant and relaxing bedroom by starting on your favorite spot– your bed! Choose a mattress and pillows that offer utmost support to the neck, spine and whole body to guarantee sound sleep all night long. Of course, this Lush Decor Ravello 5 Piece Comforter Set will offer more than just style and elegance, but also comfort and warmth when you need it.


2. Oh-la-la Headboard

Modway Annabel Upholstered Tufted Button Fabric Headboard King Size In Navy for bedroom

Modway Annabel Upholstered Tufted Button Fabric Headboard King Size In Navy

You don’t have to buy a new bed to revamp an old bedroom. Instead, buy a statement piece like this Modway Annabel Upholstered Tufted Button Fabric Headboard King Size In Navy to create a more chic and elegant bedroom. Luxuriously flowing, this soft-to-the-touch headboard adds a sense of timelessness and serenity to a dreary bedroom.


3. Treat Windows Right

Blue And White Bedroom Decor Ideas Deconovo Navy Blue Striped Blackout Curtains

Deconovo Navy Blue Striped Blackout Curtains

Spruce up your bedroom windows with the right type of curtains. Bedrooms are meant to give your weary mind and body rest. With the use of a dark yet stylish curtains like these Deconovo Navy Blue Striped Blackout Curtains, your bedroom can exude the tranquility you need while still remaining elegant and timeless. This is one of the blue and white bedroom decor ideas that can really improve the look of the room and your windows.


4. Relaxing Storage

Blue and White bedroom decor ideas with love seat ottoman

Epic Furnishing Love Seat Ottoman

Place a loveseat at the foot of your bed. This Epic Furnishing Love Seat Ottoman is perfect for small bedrooms as it incorporates added storage for throw pillows, blankets, and so on. An ottoman makes for a comfortable foot rest after a weary day at work or for sitting when dressing up. It also makes great storage for curtains or off-season clothing.


5. Practical Alternative

Blue And White Bedroom Decor Ideas with Elaine Karen Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector in blue with doggo

Elaine Karen Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector

Can’t get a new blue furniture to complete the awesome blue-and-white look inside your bedroom? Why not just pick up a furniture cover? This Elaine Karen Deluxe Reversible Sofa Furniture Protector is a reversible navy blue and sky blue sofa furniture protector which can lend sense of continuity to the ambiance of your blue-and-white theme. It’s inexpensive and practical, making it a perfect choice for your budget-savvy bedroom revamp. Blue and white bedroom decor ideas like this one are great looking and practical at the same time.


6. Chillin’ Comfort

Chill Sack blue Bean Bag Chair for bedroom

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair (Micro-Suede Navy)

Add a reading spot that’s both fun and relaxing. This Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair works like an oversized lounger to fit any bedroom. It embraces your body as you sit, allowing you full relaxation as you slump down to get back your bearing. While bean bags maybe marketed primarily for kids’ bedrooms, your master bedroom will definitely enjoy a more funky effect with this around.


7. Light It Up

Brightech Maxwell LED USB Shelf Floor Lamp for bedroom decor

Brightech Maxwell LED USB Shelf Floor Lamp

Of course, don’t forget proper lighting. Do you know that your choice of light will either make or break your bedroom’s aura? Choose lighting solutions that are not harsh to the eyes, to give your room the overall relaxation it requires. The diffused light of this Brightech Maxwell LED USB Shelf Floor Lamp, for instance, offers a meditative feel and healing spa effect with its translucent, off-white shade. Allow your boudoir to have that soft glow to keep your sensuality in check while relieving the pressure off your mind. It also comes with a three-tier display to hold other decor and also has a multipurpose charging station. Add 2 of these lamps to create the perfect balance.

Feel free also to choose blue and white bedroom decor ideas with white as a dominant decorative element. Simply paint your bedroom wall with your choice of blue shade and handpick white-hued ensembles to dress up a bedroom. Whichever way you choose, this bedroom color combination will always bring in the relaxation and intimacy you need.


Top 3 Color Schemes For Master Bedroom And Bath

Will color schemes for master bedroom and bath really affect the ambiance of your place of retreat and relaxation? The master bedroom is one’s personal sanctuary from the life’s daily conundrums. It’s a place where one, or a couple can getaway from all the stress of daily interaction with people from work, school, PTA meetings, and the like. Of course, you want nothing less for this particular room. You want it to be relaxing during night time and invigorating as the sun goes up. Most importantly, you want it to feel complete, organized and unified.


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Color Schemes For Master Bedroom And Bath


Color Schemes For Master Bedroom And Bath darker tones

source : odeliabydesign.com

One best way of creating an organized and relaxing ambiance for your master bedroom with an ensuite bath, is to find a unified color scheme or motif that soothes the senses. From walls to ceiling and floors, as well as to decorative elements therein, finding the right color scheme will definitely give you that look and feel you always look forward to coming home to each day. To get you started, here are some ideas to give these adjoining rooms the ambiance you deserve.


All White

white master bedroom and bath

Source : holmni.com

Fresh, serene and oozing with elegance, an all white color scheme from master bedroom to your en suite bathroom, is an excellent choice. Favored by those living with space restrictions, white is the very essence of tranquility and zero clutter. It allows both the rooms and their occupants the guilty pleasure of being in a cloudy heaven. It is important to note though that there are many undertones to the white color. To keep it warm, look for a white color scheme that has a pink, red, yellow or orange undertone. For a cooler look, a blue, green or purple undertone will work best. White color schemes for master bedroom and bath are always a good choice.

Also, take lighting into consideration when designing an all white master bedroom with en suite bath. Both natural and artificial lighting can directly impact your walls’ tone. As always, a room with a lot of natural light coming in will best be draped in an all-white sensational color scheme.


Bluer Than Blue

Different shades of blue in the color spectrum

Source : simplemost.com

Shades of blue


Different shades of blue are also popular in the master bedroom with en suite bath color scheme department. Aside from calming and elegant, blue also fires up romantic interlude among couples needing a perfect retreat to cuddle and simply whisper sweet nothings at the end of the day. With so many shades to choose from (see example above), so does your chances of uplifting your private space look and ambiance to suit your personal preference. Using the chart above, color schemes for master bedroom and bath shouldn’t be as hard to put together.

You can go for a softer look with green or purple in them, like say teal, Aegean, indigo or sapphire. If you want it more bold and forward, painting an accent wall with navy or azure can make the space pop out. The idea is to layer different hues of blue and create a tone-on-tone result like this en suite bathroom below with a color scheme that leads all the way to the master suite.

Hues of blue bath

Source : i.pinimg.com


Relaxing Green

Another great choice for a master bedroom-bath color scheme is green. Like white and blue, green comes in many hues and variations. Decorating with green has always been a favorite among many households though–regardless of the trend. It’s neutral and calming. It relaxes the eyes and creates a more welcoming feel to any space. Green breathes life and seeing it flowing nicely in your private getaway, will definitely make a revamp worthwhile. You can go bold or neutral and still have that spa-like feel. This grass-cloth wallpaper being used in the bedroom below, for instance, comes with the perfect blend of sage green, taupe and aqua giving the room a jolt in the calm and collected home-y department. This olive grasscloth wallpaper from Brewster may also make an excellent alternative.

Master bedroom and bath in green

Source : cdn.freshome.com

All in all, these color schemes for master bedroom and bath, never go out of style. No matter the season or the trend, people gravitate to these color coordinated options to create a personal getaway that flows smoothly and visually from one space to another. For the most enjoyable part, add decorative knick-knacks that also create a well-balanced look from the bedroom to the bath area. When done accordingly, this is one space where you and your partner will come running to each time.


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Zero Miss Bedroom Design Trends

The bedroom is the very core of a home. This is where couples and single minded individuals retire to replenish their energy. It is the refuge of a weary soul when things go from worse to even worse. It is also where newlyweds share their aspirations and where children nurture their independence and well being. The best thing you can do is update your spring bedroom design for this year. To kickstart your search, here are some of the zero miss bedroom design trends to begin with.


Check these Bedroom Design Trends


Bedroom Design trends

Source: najamarshad.blogspot.com


Paint Detox

Paint colors bedroom design trends

Source: housebeautiful.com

Painting is considered the easiest (and one of the cheapest) ways to transform a bedroom. As always, color stimulates the mood and gives a complete feel of the overall design. As of recently, bold monochromatic colors were the hottest trend. This year, however, more and more people are retreating to their bedrooms leading to a 360 degree shift in color schematics. Retreat-like atmospheres are back in business with lighter shades like pastels, creams, cool mint greens, celestial blues, warm pinks and whites becoming highly preferred. People prefer a more serene environment making light hues one of the zero miss bedroom design trends for the time being.


Wallpaper Comeback

Wallpaper bedroom design trends

Source: londonbeep.com

Another trend that’s making a huge comeback this Year of the tiger, is the use of wallpaper. But this is not just the usual riotous choices of wallpaper but rather those that create a dramatic cum contemporary look to a bedroom. Some combine newly painted walls with a wallpapered wall, just where the bed is placed. This creates a whole new look without being too difficult or hard on the pockets.


Tailor-Made Comfort

wood and custom headboard bedroom design trends

Source: valebruck.com

At the center of any good bedroom design trends is the bed and all that’s in it. Today, many interior designers marvel at the artistry of headboards. Instead of simply buying at a nearby Home Depot, homeowners shifted their preference to custom built beds or one of a kind headboards that suit their taste and preference. Bed linens and pillow cases as well as curtains are also leaning on custom-made with many preferring uniformity and cohesiveness. Some even go the extra mile of refurbishing their duvets, divans and ottomans with complementary fabrics to deliver an overall harmonious feel.


Multipurpose Space

Bedroom with office design trends

Source: indulgy.com

As many individuals these days multi task to cope with the demands of a fast paced lifestyle, most master bedrooms are turning into multipurpose all in one spaces. It is no longer just a room where one sleeps or takes a catnap. Many master suites have corner offices to easily complete daily tasks without leaving its confines. See to it that your corner office takes advantage of the natural light and is away from the distractions of the bed and television. A mini gym is also a growing bedroom design trend, as more and more individuals have become more health conscious.


Functional Furnishing

headboard with storage in blue bedroom

Source: givemetalk.com

One of the biggest hurdles in today’s bedrooms is space. To maximize a bedroom’s square footage, the need for multi functional space efficient furnishings is what defines todays (and will for a long time to come) design trends. There are beds that double as sofas and there are beds with storage incorporated on headboards, or sides with wardrobe cabinets, pull up or folding beds, and so on. Many furniture designers are creating basically everything space efficient and multi functional with unique designs and texture.


Light It Up Green

led lights used in bedroom

Source: decorbathroomideas.com

LED and solar lighting are fast becoming household requirements these days. Energy saving and sustainable technology are seeping into homes with the purpose of cutting down on carbon emission. In addition to track lighting, and recessed wall lights, design wise, chandeliers and pendants are also making a comeback in warm metallic finishes set in unique shapes reflecting soft glow that evokes pure relaxation.


Golden Accessorizing

Gold accessories on bedroom stand

Source: inspiredbycharm.com

Bedroom decor and accessories are also leaning on the metallic, particularly gold. Inadvertently influenced by the gold tattoo phenom popularized by celebrities and music mavens, gold has made a comeback as a perfect accent color of choice.

Truly, as today’s fast paced modern living continues to be busier and more demanding by the minute, the bedroom has become a sanctuary for many. These zero-miss bedroom design trends for 2016 are hereby centered on serenity and simplicity without sacrificing personal taste in design and style. From warm to relaxing colors complimented with soft and natural shapes and textures with intuitive and custom furniture as well as sustainable elements, transforming a bedroom into a home’s favorite space.


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7 Fun and Practical Kids Room Furniture Ideas

Children love to spend much of their time in their own bedrooms. They do not just sleep there, they also play, do their homework, and make all things fun in this pretty exclusive place. It is their own wonderland where their young minds can freely manifest their creativity and sense of adventurism—and without undermining the idea that these little cutiepatooties grow up at such astounding speed. Kids room furniture ideas, therefore, should be done with a lot of factors to consider in mind. Way beyond the usual aesthetical appeal, it must also be fun, practical and comfortable. Here is some of the top furniture that delivers all you need in a kids room.


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Kids room furniture ideas


Practical Kids Room Furniture Ideas



1. Adjustable Toddler Beds

Trundle adjustable toddler beds in pink

From birth to toddler to teenage years, kids growth spurts can be truly amazing. One day, you see them in their diapers and the next, you already see them in their prom dresses and tuxedos. When choosing beds for your kids room furniture ideas, it is wise to go for adjustable toddler beds—with trundle, if possible. Choose white for a neutral design as it is so bright and easily matches the current paint or wallpaper of the room. A trundle can serve its purpose later on for those sleepovers or when you feel like being with your child when he or she is sick.


2. Bunk Beds

Wooden Bunk beds in kids room with steps

Shoehorning two or three children into a cramped bedroom is no mean feat. To make it even stylish and functional can be more challenging. One of the oldest kids room furniture ideas, bunk beds, allows maximizing available floor space for storage and other activities. Select the most appropriate for your child’s room. Even with a single kid, the extra room down there can be used as a study or play area. Smart space savers as these beds are called, they are also trendy as they allow you to decorate in accordance to your child’s likes and dislikes.


3. Personal Desk

Personal desk in white kids room

Kids these days are so into their cyber element. With this, a good desk is a must for school age kids. This will definitely be a centerpoint of their life. From homework for studying to a makeshift dressing table, find a desk that also allows storage for most anything—books, trinkets, beauty essentials, and so on.


4. Colorful Dresser

colorful dresser

Kids rooms are all about fun and color. So why not refurbish an old dresser. All you need to do is a water-based primer, chalkboard paint, a sanding pad, paintbrush, some newspaper to hold-off the paint splatter, and a few minutes of your precious time. To add to the excitement and drama, it would be best to let your child choose the paint color and allow him or her to join in the painting of the white primer.


5. Activity Table and Chairs

Step2 Build And Store Block And Activity Table

When it comes to functional kids room furniture ideas, an activity table with chairs is another must-have. Choose one which offers not just a work area for kids to draw, build or create but also where they can eat. Of course, storage must also be incorporated within. Take note that having little kids is akin to cleaning up after a party you’ve never attended. Make sure to go for activity tables with extra storage for crayons, papers, LEGOs and other toys.


6. Bean Bag

blue bean bag for kids room

No kids room should go finished without a bean bag. From little tot to teenage ones, this Pokemon Snorlax (more like Snore-lax) bean bag is to sleep for, literally. This massive Pokemon Go character is famous for its overall lethargic attitude thus, adding a touch of fun and functionality to your child’s bedroom. You, too, can prop up your legs and grab a favorite book while the children play.


7. Storage Haven

Storage ideas for kids room furniture ideas

Of course, the most important element in kids room furniture ideas, is clever storage. It must be both practical and accessible. At the same time, kids should not have a hard time knowing what to do with such storage. Consider engaging your child when choosing the type of storage for his or her bedroom. Let him choose what color scheme, for instance. By letting them have a hand on the planning stage, they can organize and tidy their space with gusto and ease.


Wise Options

wise options for kids room furniture ideas

When thinking of kids room furniture ideas, non-themed functional and space-savvy fixtures are definitely the way to go. Children easily outgrow beds, chairs, desks, and dressers so, always go for practicality when choosing size, function and design. Look for furniture with a multi-purpose scheme. Most importantly, choose timeless designs that will cater to the ever-changing needs and temperament of your kids. With these, you can finally create a more personalized space swelling with character and charm that will mark your child’s unique element in your home.


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Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas: 6 Ways to Do It For Less

Changing a bedroom theme during teenage years is mind-boggling particularly to girls. A time to say adieu to dolls-and-princesses themes, the idea of asserting their independence can prove to be overwhelming. When thinking of decorating your teeny bopper’s sanctuary, however, it is important to showcase her taste and personality. But be reminded that such preferences can be temporary. In a few months or years, her personality will once again shift leaving you with a lot of unplanned expenses on your hands. It is important then, to create a design that’s not heavy to the pocket. To get you started, here are inexpensive teen bedroom decor ideas for girls.


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Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas


teen bedroom decor ideas with hanging chair and artwork

Source: freshome.com


Fresh Coat of Paint

Teen bedroom paint decor ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Repainting her teen bedroom is, by far, the most inexpensive idea to showcase her personality. Adolescence is a time to shift from girly pinks and pastels to bold hues. Not only will it give a sense of freedom, it also brightens the mood. Paint an accent wall with bright color if you feel like it’s too soon to shift to that direction. This is one way to add some pizzazz without really touching the walls. For girls, stripes are quite popular these days as it also creates an illusion of spaciousness and versatility. To give this teen bedroom decor idea a boost, ask your daughter to give a hand when repainting to make the endeavor more worthwhile and fulfilling.


Exposed Flooring

Wooden floor teen bedroom decor ideas

Source: pinterest.com

One of the most overlooked design element in a teenage girl’s bedroom is the floor area. Kids’ rooms often have carpets. You can save a lot by simply stripping it bare then, expose the wood underneath. Wood can be burnished or painted to match the overall hue of the room. A decorative area rug in animal print or geometric design complemented with a beanie bag or an ottoman will make a favorite hangout for a teen. Flooring changes can really change the space and is one of the better teen bedroom decor ideas.


Reversible Bedding

Reversible Teen Girls Comforter Bedding Set with Medallion Swirls in pink

Another important element in an affordable teen bedroom decor makeover is the wise choice of bedding. Accentuate your new paint and floor with the right bedding. From shabby chic to old-Hollywood glitz, stripes and geometric shapes, the sheer number of choices can make one’s head spin. A wise choice is to go for reversible bedspreads (and pillow cases, too!) that highlight a decorative design on one side and a solid or another decorative design on the other. There are many choices one can find in Amazon and even in nearby Target.


Accessorize Sensibly

Teen bedroom accessories decor ideas with pink couch and flowers

Source: etsy.com

When choosing decorative accessories, it is important to always keep in mind that your teenage ward’s taste changes easily and frequently. Furniture, for instance, must be practical and can be spray painted should a change in the overall theme be wanted. Removable wall decals, picture frames or a piece of artwork also make great teen bedroom decor ideas in accessorizing a room. They can be easily removed and replaced—and are not too heavy to the pocket, too.


Light It Up

Teen bedroom lighting decor ideas with peace lamp

Source: etsy.com

Lighting is an important element when it comes to teen bedroom decor projects. You can buy inexpensive yet funky lamps or get into a DIY vibe by going for hand-decorated lampshades. For small bedrooms, go for hanging lamps to save on space. Tracking LED lights also make great options as these are inexpensive and consume less energy. For DIY lamp designs, head off to Pinterest for inspiration.


Lively Windows

Teen bedroom window treatment decor ideas with plates

Source: funkyjunkinteriors.net

Another easy on the pocket teen bedroom decor idea is a window treatment. Choose fabric for curtains and drapes that complement bedding and the overall room design. Roman shades and mini blinds are also a great design element. DIY bead curtains or a funky design, like the decadent plate valance above, also makes great handicraft project which you and your teeny bopper can do during leisure time.


In a Nutshell

Pink and white teen room with desk

Source: home-designing.com

When brainstorming for teen bedroom decor ideas, it is imperative to learn by heart your teen’s unique perspective. Her bedroom is a place not just for her to sleep but also as an escape from a rules filled world. This is where she gets to be herself. While some of her ideas may seem discordant, sometimes delving to the obscene, it is important that you respect her taste as it will make the whole effort worthwhile. To save, try to scour budget friendly stores like Amazon for key pieces and create a bedroom that’s put together beautifully. In all things else, make the redecorating project a collaborative experience for you and your child to bond and create lasting memories.


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