7 Cool Interior Decor For Small Bedrooms

In today’s economy where real estate square footage is shrinking with inflation, finding yourself in the dilemma of decorating a small bedroom may prove to be a headache. A bedroom is supposed to be a calming space for relaxation and, yes, intimacy. Creating a romantic yet serene mood however, can be challenging if space is an issue. Luckily, we have scoured the net for interior decor for small bedrooms to alleviate this concern.


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Interior decor for small bedrooms with baskets and lamp

Photo Credit : decoist.com


When thinking of creating a sanctuary from life’s demands, here are seven handy ideas for interior decor for small bedrooms.


Brown small bedroom decoration ideas with dresser and red lamp

Photo Credit : decoist.com


It’s All About Color

Bedrooms are either warm and cozy or open and airy. Some simply want a space where they can curl up and get cozy with a good book, while there are others who prefer it open and airy allowing as much natural light as possible. Earth colors like terra cotta and light browns, beige, grays, mint greens, and pastels on walls and ceiling as well as bed, curtains, drapes, linens, throw pillows, and so on can lend an illusion of spaciousness, warmth and serenity. Do remember to keep things simple by not using too many colors—and paint vertically to lend a taller and larger feel.



No matter how small a bedroom, your choice of furniture can create a great impact. When choosing furniture like a bed, bedside table, dresser, closet, and so on, emphasize the height of the room. Choose tall and narrow furniture that can easily blend with the bedroom’s shape and square footage. Ditch the king size bed and go for a sleeker queen bed. See to it that your choice of bed has storage embedded or has enough storage space underneath. In your choice of furniture, try to draw attention upward.


Bed Linens

Bold patterns are a no no when thinking of bed linens as interior decor for small bedrooms. Choose light colored ones instead to prevent a feeling of being overwhelmed. Stick instead to choosing soft, light colored linens and pillow cases with simple designs and clear lines.


Let It Light

An ornate chandelier will look out of place in a small bedroom. Opt for recessed lighting to make it less conspicuous and overwhelming. Steer clear of over elaborate lamps. Having a sleek table lamp or a slim floor lamp to ditch those side tables will stylishly flank your bed without taking up a lot of space.


Ample Storage

Your bedroom holds your most personal things. Some homeowners can make do with built in wall closets to maximize space. If short on budget, you can always head off to Amazon and make do with portable closets. Aside from a budget and space friendly closet organizing system, it is wise to also acquire under bed storage to maximize space. You may also make use of dual purpose furniture like wicker baskets used as clothes/shoes organizer and side table.



No matter how narrow a space, accessories are must haves as interior decor for small bedrooms. An artwork or wall decal or perhaps, framed photographs would enhance a room’s ambience a notch higher. When accessorizing, always go for personal stuffs. This is one place in your home where special items are showcased.



Another great choice of interior decor for small bedrooms is the use of mirrors. Even in other small spaces, mirrors lend an illusion of more dimensions. It opens up the place and reflects light from natural sources.


Small bed with extra storage in white bedroom

Photo Credit : remodelista.com


Create a bedroom that serves as a refuge from life’s constant storms and tribulations with these awesome interior decor for small bedrooms ideas. Try scouring your local home depot or seek out home improvement shops. Flea markets are also a wise place to buy pre loved yet durable decorative elements. If you want hassle free shopping, head off to Amazon and check for discounts, free shipping, and vast selections to fill your heart’s desire.



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5 Boys Bedroom Decor Ideas – Which One Will You Choose?

Boys’ bedrooms can be somewhat more tricky to decorate than girls’ bedrooms. With girls, you can always go with pinks, or fairy tale characters, or even just cartoon characters. But with boys, with each stage, their likes and dislikes change, and you need to decide on a theme that will actually outlive their changing phases. So we have brought you 5 boys bedroom decor ideas to consider.



Boys bedroom decor ideas bunk bed in wood

Photo Credit : myhomerocks.com

#1: Boys like blue and so a blue theme is actually a pretty good idea. As you can see here, the theme actually focuses on blues and stripes. This is another stylistic element we usually associate more with boys than with girls. The colors used are also more boyish – the white, the green, and of course the wood. For a house with more than one boy – the bunk bed offers the perfect solution. However, just plain blue would actually make the room look pretty dowdy – but here there is very clever use of lots of colors to brighten up the room as well! When it comes to boys bedroom decor ideas, the color blue is always a good idea.


Older boys bedroom decor ideas with tv and desk

Photo Credit : woohomedesigns.com

#2: For somewhat older boys, particularly teens, you may consider a departure from the blue theme. Here is a decor idea that actually manages to look really sophisticated, and yet fun – and without any blue! The room isn’t overcrowded, and the simple muted color and design on the walls only highlight this fact. The colors that predominate here are grey and wood shades. Also, the furniture, if you notice, is all statement pieces – something that any boy will be happy to have in his room!


Batman boys room with brickwall and foosball table

Photo Credit : digsdigs.com

#3: Here is another design that does not overdo the blue and yet straddles both the young and the older boy. For the younger boy, the major feature in this room will be the floor to ceiling batman mural – you can of course customize this to your kid’s liking. As in it can be any other fictional character they immortalize. But the walls will surely outlive that age, as will the classic furniture. In fact a foosball table can actually be added later as your kid grows. Being able to incorporate boys bedroom decor ideas, such as games, will always be a winner with your kid.


Sailor themed boys room in blue

Photo Credit : wallpaper1080phddesktop.blogspot.in

#4: Little boys also usually like sailor themed stuff. And why go with the overdone and clichéd sailor stripes all the time? Here is something quite different, and also quite new! The room has a very cool ship’s cabin feel to it with the layout and the furniture. And to enhance the sailor and ship feel, the walls have this beautiful picture of an old fashioned ship with sails. The wall in itself is a work of art – and it only makes the room more special! And the colors are bright too!


boys bedroom decor ideas

Photo Credit : mamaisonlc.com

#5: If you have two little boys – one of them really small – then this boy’s room cum nursery should be a good idea! As you can see the predominantly blue yet colorful theme is perfect for most boys. And the decor is perfect for really small boys and children. However, interestingly, the room is actually divided – and each side features very apt and age appropriate stuff – and with this idea you can make your space go the extra mile – especially if you have two boys in the house! Sometimes two boys means boys bedroom decor ideas that differ from one another


So – how did you like our 5 boy’s bedroom decor ideas? We’ve kept most age groups and factors in mind when selecting. Also there was quite a bit of variety too – so you are sure to find some decor – or at least decor elements that you can make work in your little boy’s room. Best of luck!



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7 Black Bedroom Ideas That Deliver The WOW!

Are you on the lookout for black bedroom ideas? A monochromatic color scheme like black, is a bold yet versatile choice for a bedroom. From dark-as-night with starry lights to chic decorative elements, cozy bed linens, window treatment, and so on, the possibilities can be truly exhilaratingly endless! Black invigorates a bedroom, adding a sense of grandeur with its statement design. It’s timeless, classy, and most importantly, stimulates deep relaxation. If you choose to go dark this year with your bedroom design, the following ideas will help.


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Black bedroom ideas with stars on walls

Source : viralgallerysite.com


1. Deliver that WOW! Factor by donning an all-black patterned bedroom wall or with an all-black accent wall. You can paint it or simply install this elegant Graham & Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper. Sleek and sultry, a bedroom can reverberate with power and mystery adding more drama to your interior design. With a monochromatic background, you can easily play with the accessories needed to deliver that harmonious feel.

Graham Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper in black for bedroom

Graham & Brown Vintage Flock Wallpaper


2. A monochromatic black bedroom can suit either a masculine or feminine interior design style. This is contrary to the popular belief that black is all about men and their depth. Independent, fierce women equally love black walls but with a twist– a mirror! Installing a statement mirror like the IMAX 11671 Aztec Embroidered Wall Mirror below adds not just a sense of elegance, but also an illusion of spaciousness through its reflected space.

MAX 11671 Aztec Embroidered Mirror in black

IMAX 11671 Aztec Embroidered Wall Mirror


3. Draw the eye into the middle of the bedroom by installing artwork as the room’s centerpiece. This Trifecta by Jon Allen, for instance, can astoundingly complement your choice of black bedroom decor. Made of all-natural silver complemented with black hand-etched art design, it adds more stylish flair that invigorates the whole space.

Trifecta by Jon Allen Black & Silver Abstract Metal Wall Art

Trifecta by Jon Allen


4. Create harmonious contrast within your bedroom by placing black furniture with clean lines or muted gray or perhaps, silver or white. The idea is to create a more synchronized contrast with bed linens, curtains and cushions, to create a symmetrical feel to your overall design. This boho inspired patterned reversible quilt from Chic Home, comes with paisley and geometric design adding more excitement to your black bedroom design.

Chic Home Reversible Microfiber Decorative in black in gray bedroom

Chic Home Madrid 4 Piece Reversible Quilt Set


5. Spruce up your floors with an area rug. This A2Z Rug Traditional Black area rug evokes the style and quality of olden pasts, bringing with it a sense of sophistication and worldly feel of a traditional Persian rug. With its softer outer palettes and dark inner core, it can easily match with other current decor you may have. Black bedroom ideas involving rugs are easy to do and can really make a room look better.

A2Z Rug Traditional Collection Perfect in black for bedroom

A2Z Rug Traditional Black


6. Let your walls or ceiling feel like an open starry night sky by adding fairy lights. This battery-operated Fairy String Lights from AOSTAR adds a romantic and cozy touch to your bedroom allowing more intimacy or a more relaxing vibe to set in. You may also hang pictures in between lights to make it more of a decorative element. This fairy light set, by the way, comes in two lighting modes– steady or flashing.

AOSTAR Battery Operated Fairy String Lights in gray bedroom

AOSTAR Battery Operated Fairy String Lights


7. Wrap everything up with a unique chandelier. This modern chandelier below from Jac D’lights comes with crystal drops encased in a black shade, to help emit that relaxing glow. Adding a chandelier ultimately adds a sense of intimacy and class, to give your bedroom space that needed jolt. Black Bedroom Ideas that are elegant, such as this one take a little thought but are worth a thought.

Jac DLights Modern Chandelier with Black Shade for bedroom

Jac D’Lights Modern Chandelier with Black Shade


Artistic and chic people often choose black as a color of choice when setting up camp for their offices or bedrooms. It’s a powerful color that elicits awe, but only when a proper juxtaposition of elements are in place. With these black bedroom ideas, you can start mixing and matching various designs to truly deliver that WOW factor.



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4 Innovative Bedroom Painting Ideas to Personalize Your Room

Many people these days like to go for a minimalist and simple look when it comes to painting rooms. Plain, clean and simple white wallpaper is usually the choice or soft pastel shades, to make a room look bright. However, there is potential for much more to do when it comes to decorating a room. While some people prefer to just do the designing of the room with different types of furniture and pieces of art, a room can also be livened up and given more personality if you add even a little bit of design to the walls. This is especially true for the bedroom, which is the room that could probably represent you most – the best place where you unwind and relax yourself. If you want to do something about your plain colored walls or change your wallpaper, then you can take a look at some of these bedroom painting ideas so you can inject more of your personality into the most personal room of the house!



1. Use panels of patterned wallpaper

Panels of patterned wallpaper as bedroom painting ideas

Photo Credit : housetohome.media.ipcdigital.co.uk

Decorating doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Simply adding panels of a patterned wallpaper of your choice and having it placed on a plain colored wall already adds a bit of life and personality into the room. It could replace the idea of putting up a painting, and serve as one of the focal points of your room, perfect for placing by your bed.

If you want to be more hands on, you can opt to use the same idea and instead hand paint your own pattern onto a section of the wall. If you’re not confident doing it yourself, you could have someone else design it for you. It really adds a bit more personality to the bedroom. Hand painted designs are bedroom painting ideas that are always attractive.


2. Go for big patterns

Floral pattern as bedroom painting ideas

Photo Credit : housetohome.co.uk

Large sized patterns can give a slight image of grandeur and make your room much more personal if you use your favorite pattern. It doesn’t have to be a large scale floral design, although that is the most popular idea. You can select any one you like. Matching the pattern with the pattern of other things in your room, just like the sheet in the picture, gives your room more of a personality and an intimate feeling as well.


3. Create a picture tree

Picture tree in bedroom on green wall

Photo Credit : s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com

One other simple painting idea is to try having a tree beautifully painted behind your bed or anywhere in your bedroom you think needs the decorating, then having pictures over it. This can be used for family pictures, to literally serve as a “family tree” or simply to represent the people and moments important to you. This is one of the bedroom painting ideas that can add a touching feeling to a room.

If you don’t want to add the pictures, the tree design would still look beautiful, but simple! You could even have it as a place to stick post its, reminders a calendar or anything you would want to put up on your wall.


4. Paint your favorite quote

Quote in bedroom above bed

Photo Credit : images.dickwithington.org

Another personal touch you could add to your room to really express yourself is to paint any one of your favorite quotes onto your wall. Not only does it represent you and what you believe in, but it could also be a quote to serve as a reminder you want to always have. This is a really simple, yet very personal and intimate touch you could paint into your room.

These bedroom painting ideas ideas are nothing too grand scale and expensive, yet they are significant ways of making your room a bit more personalized and represent ‘you’ some more. You may wish to try out any of these suggestions if you want to try something novel with your room. The bedroom is your space after all, so going a little ‘creatively crazy’ isn’t such a bad idea!



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7 Rustic Bedroom Ideas For Urbanites

Planning a revamp in your sleeping quarters? Why not go for simple natural lines and elements which are elegantly added, to create a rustic feel. Though often deemed unsophisticated and artless, today’s modern rustic bedroom decor ideas preferred by busy urbanites, have continually become the standard for comfort and coziness amid the hustle and bustle of city life. So how can you make something bucolic, work in a complex environment where modernization is happening left and right?

When thinking of creating a warm and cozy bedroom space that invites you in, the following ideas for a rustic feel amid city-living, can truly make an interior extraordinary.


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rustic bedroom decorating ideas with fireplace


1. Warm Color Palette

Rustic bedrooms emanate the neutral and natural elements, in a country style setting. Think about warm browns, beige, dirty white, pale yellow, cantaloupe orange, greens and blues, with a splash of gray, red or black. Some may even add a little gold every now and then, to create an utmost relaxing bedroom, reminiscent of pastoral life.

modern color scheme for rustic bedroom

Source: uniquetransport.us


2. Love of Wood

One of the central themes in all rustic bedroom ideas, whether classic or modern, is the use of wood in its natural form. Think about logs made into bedroom ceiling beams, bed frames, or night stands. Wood, in its mighty rawness, deliver a room’s organic beauty. Feel the difference by placing paneled walls or using reclaimed wood. Flooring using wood slats can also add charm to a bedroom’s appeal. Giving your queen-size bed a lift with this heritage pine from Ameriwood Home, for instance, can add that natural charm.

Ameriwood Home 5749215COM Farmington Headboard for rustic bedrooms


3. Textile Overhaul

Create a softened ambiance in your sleeping quarters, by using fabrics with a natural feel from bed linens to curtains, rugs and throw blankets. Wool and linen, as well as burlap fabrics, are excellent choices. Woven textiles are also a good choice. You may also give a room that crisp morning air flair, by incorporating rustic floral fabrics. For example, Vietnam roses on a rustic country-side with this vintage country FADFAY 4-piece Rustic Floral Cotton Bed Sheet (Twin-Size).

FADFAY Rustic Floral Cotton 4 Piece Pillows for rustic bedroom


4. Texture Fun

Be more adventurous in recreating a rustic bedroom amid a bustling cityscape, by playing with texture in your interior decorating scheme. Create balance, as well as contrast effectively by mixing and matching different textures all throughout your decorative materials. Some good ideas include ethnic rugs, sheepskins, a lone velvet reading chair, herringbone floors, recessed moldings, and plants. Anything with patterns or movements, inviting you to touch and explore, will definitely make the room feel cozy and complete.

Rustic bedroom ideas with wooden accents

Source: pinterest.ca


5. Keep warm

Unless you live in the tropics, a fireplace is often a central point in any rustic bedroom concept. Traditionally, it is covered with wood or natural stone. For urban homes, however, a remote-controlled fireplace-TV console, like the one below from Ameriwood Home Chicago, is the rage nowadays. It adds a sense of warmth into a room, as well as having storage for a TV, gaming console, cable box, and so on.

Ameriwood Home 1764196COM Chicago Fireplace for rustic bedroom


6. Clunky and Chunky Furniture

Ditch the usual sleek furniture pieces common in various urbanite cribs. When it comes to rustic bedrooms, beds, dressers, armoires, night stands, and divans must be large, robust and eye-catching. It does not have to be all wood though. Incorporate metal into the design, too. This Sauder 6-Drawer Dresser, for instance, makes an excellent choice to complete the whole look.

Sauder 419072 Dressers Furniture 6 drawer for rustic bedroom ideas


7. Light It Up

Soft, warm, and inviting– these should be the central point of any bedroom lighting, whether rustic or not. This is your sanctuary for much-needed rest from the stressful life in the city. So why choose lighting and fixtures that add more stress to your life? Look for pendant lights, ceiling lights, or perhaps, chandeliers like this LightInTheBox Rustic Wooden Pendant Chandelier that adds a little bit of vintage flair to your room.

LightInTheBox Vintage American Chandeliers for rustic bedroom

Overall, keep these rustic bedroom ideas in mind when revamping your current space. Think of everything warm, cozy, comfortable, and inviting when choosing elements to incorporate into a bedroom. Don’t just settle for the usual charming coarse style though. Tweak your design elements a little bit to add your own personal take.



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Minimalist Bedroom Ideas On A Budget

Want to revamp a bedroom, but are on a tight budget? Minimalist bedroom designs have continued to rise in popularity over the years. These designs are simple with no fuss and frills whatsoever. The style is seen to be keen in using less ornaments with barely there details. It offers a clean vibe that converts a bedroom into an ultra relaxing personal sanctuary. If you wish to emulate the same, without causing a huge dent in your money bag, these minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget will definitely rock.


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Minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget with light walls plants and floor artwork

Source: home-designing.com


Subtle Color Motif

The one thing that’s persistent in a minimalist bedroom is this– simplicity. Minimalist designs tend to be for monochromatic color themes like all white, black and white, gray with black, or any single muted color. A neutral bedroom palette does not only exude the utmost relaxation, but is also effortless for maintenance as well. So, you may want to repaint it and start mixing and matching design elements from there.


Clean-cut Bed

Regardless of the design, choosing the right bed should be foremost on your list. Considered the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, many minimalist interior designs go for a low profile platform type. Frameless beds are readily available in Home Depots today. DIY fanatics also go for upcycled wooden crates, bundled up to create a functional bed with storage. Simply dress it up with a bold or silky satiny bedding, like this number from Pinzon’s below. Add a pop of color via a corner chair and voila! That’s one dramatic bed beckoning you to rest.

Pinzon 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Hemstitch Sheet Set Queen, Dusty Blue


Get artsy

Apart from a bed and some storage, many minimalist designers consider other decorative elements, not so ideal additions to their space. Minimalism embraces clean lines that exude a no fuss vibe to anyone who uses the space. To balance it out, add an engaging piece of artwork that will draw one’s eye. You can check out some of the best selections HERE. Simply prop one or two on the floor, or hang on the wall to add charm to your bedroom.


Mirror splendor

For small bedrooms, creating an illusion of spaciousness is essential. Aside from paring down furniture and decorative elements, consider propping up a mirror on the floor. This will not only welcome natural light into its midst, creating a cleaner, more commodious cocoon for you to rest upon. Mirrors can be found in lots of places for cheap making them one of the better minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget.

modern minimalist bedroom with white table lamp and floor mirror

Source: lemonaidapp.co


Extra attention to lighting

Don’t just settle for the usual nightstand as a bedside table. Suspended cord lights have become a sensation in many modern homes and high rise units these days. Some inject fun with the use of string lights plastered on the wall like glittering waterfalls. To rev up a pared down bedroom, however, you may want to add wall sconces like the ones below.

White room with sconce lighting above horizontal artwork in white frame with gold table and white furniture

Source: autoinsurancequoteslas.info


Unassuming storage

Look for platform beds with integrated storage. This will not only help with clutter, but also minimizes a feeling of bulkiness within the space. A floating night stand in this serene bedroom below, for instance, can accommodate a wicker basket or movable storage beneath. You can even add a leaning chair for more revved up functionality in an erstwhile subdued space. Storage that is unassuming is always one of the better minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget.

Minimalist bedroom with wood paneling walled windows and white chair

Source: homedit.com


Plants and blooms

Breathe life into a low profile bedroom with plants or blooms. A pop of color from orchids hanging near the window or a dainty floral arrangement, can add warmth to a seemingly cold detached space. Green leafy plants and succulents are also great choices to add in a minimalist bedroom. You may also craft your own terrarium for added style.

Small plants in round decorative glass on table in front of book

Source: lunagemme.com


Creating an impact to a streamlined space can be a tad overwhelming, particularly when money’s tight. Fret-not, with these ingenious minimalist bedroom ideas on a budget, you can finally revamp your old space and create an exciting new one to keep stressors away. Enjoy!



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