7 Awesomely Creative Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

Finding a small space that suits your budget and convenience is every homeowner’s idea today. You would want an abode that’s just a stone’s throw away from work, school, grocery, and other places you frequent. The hardest part, however, is in decorating. Choosing furniture for your small home can be quite overwhelming. You would want something that has to lend a cozy yet comfortable fit, without looking too drab or cramped or cluttered—and most especially, without the hefty price tag. When thinking of a practical yet functional vibe, these creative furniture ideas for small spaces can be of help.


7 Furniture Ideas For Small Spaces

1. Light Hued Furniture

It is common knowledge that a lighter shade can make a space feel larger than it appears to be. Hence, interior designers always recommend using a lighter color scheme for small spaces. You can repaint the whole room in white and wood furniture with cool pastel hues—or vice-versa. Re-upholstering a sofa may also suffice. Cap with summer-y throw pillows and whisk fresh blooms to get the airy and vivacious feel each time a guest walks into the living room. This eclectic living area below features a summer-y feel to deliver a punch of color, while keeping the rest of the area light and open.

Furniture ideas for small spaces


2. Divide and Conquer

Most urbanite homes, apartments or high rises today tend to merge two or three distinctive spaces in one. A bachelor’s pad, for instance, has everything on one floor—bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and work space. Place a distinctive division to these spaces to lend some drama. Visually separate a living room or bedroom from your kitchen or work room with the use of a divider. This can either be custom-fitted to the design or store-bought. Ikea, for instance, has a huge menu of room divider and shelving systems. Furniture ideas for small spaces like this one are great because having your space divided into sections can improve most rooms.

Divided home office with storage space and shelves


3. Go Cyber Space-y

divider and dining cum work table in white

Don’t you just love minimalist homes? Clean and uncluttered with nary a thing out of place—such is the essence of minimalism. Minimalist furniture is designed that way; but some are done with a highly creative twist. The one above, for instance, works as both a divider and dining-cum-work table. Amid its simplistic geometric design, it uniquely transforms a living area to deliver a creative and modern punch.


4. Living-and-Working Room

With many urbanites preferring to work from home, the idea of creating a multipurpose space is a necessity these days. That is why a functional office has become part and parcel of a living area. With this, one can make good use the surrounding walls. Eye level shelves can house decorative elements to add flair to the space. Storage for work materials, books, and the like, go to lower shelves. A simple desk unit can also be placed. The key here is to accessorize with repeated elements to create a consistent flow of the room’s design.

Living and Working Room with storage shelves


5. Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms often deliver the highest wastage in space. Add hanging storage shelves or make do with multi-tiered sink cabinets. Wicker baskets and other storage elements can also be added to a bathroom cabinet. To store bathroom essentials, you can make use of narrow shelves like the one below. This can be designed on your own or custom-fitted from your friendly Home Depot.

Narrow white shelves for bathroom storage


6. Study Nook

Does your kid tend to huddle work projects and assignments on the kitchen table? Create a study nook inside a small bedroom by creating a recessed wall space. Create an efficient study or work station in between closets then, add shelves above to store books, crayons inside canisters, and so on. Just add this sleek chair to create an airy and relaxed study area.

Study chair in black


7. Now You See, Now You Don’t Kitchen Furniture

In addition to hanging cupboards, one of the most clever and space-savvy kitchen furniture being used nowadays is the wall-mounted table. Practical and efficient, it provides a minimalistic and catchy appeal to the whole space. It can be stowed away when not in use giving everyone added space to maneuver. This is another one of the furniture ideas for small spaces that can really be a space saver.

creative furniture ideas for small spaces in kitchen


There is so much that can be done, no matter how space-challenged a current abode. One can still live like a king or queen in terms of comfort and design. While you can make do with these creative furniture ideas for small spaces, feel free also to add a full-body mirror that absorbs natural light. All in all, surround yourself with functional elements to truly create a vibrant, comfortable and imaginative vibe.


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15 Fantastic Space Saving Furniture Ideas For All Types Of Homes

Whether it is a big apartment or a compact home, we always love to organize our home. Now, people are showing more interest in giving a new look to their homes, and in that, they give significance to the furniture. When buying space saving furniture, cost and quality matter. Other than that, we don’t want to end up buying other furniture that consumes so much space.

This type of furniture comes especially in handy when you are moving to cozy or smaller homes. It is also acceptable if someone says tiny homes can’t have all that much furniture, and that is why we have recommended some space saving furniture ideas for all types of homes.

15 Space Saving Furniture Ideas:

Slim cabinet to hide all your shoes

Slim cabinet for shoes as Space Saving Furniture

We can’t avoid shoe racks in our home, but what do we do if we don’t have enough space in the entryway? You can always add a cabinet that can be folded away easily and all your shoes can be kept vertically. You can even take advantage of the space at the top of the cabinet. You can place a flower vase or décor items to make it look good and to take advantage of the space.

Table that folds down

table that folds down

If you don’t have separate work or dining space, then you can use this table that folds down. This type of folding table can give space to four to six people at a time. You can even fold one side of the table down to take up even less space.

Minimal mirror with a shelf

Mirror with shelf as a Space Saving Furniture

This space saving furniture is especially for your entryway, the mirror will look great here with other furniture. You can use this for anything. You can check yourself out in the mirror before going out or grab your keys from the mirror shelf.

Pull out kitchen table

pull out kitchen table

The pull-out kitchen table is the best space saving furniture, especially for a smaller kitchen. This type of extended table will have one or more purposes depending on the way you install it. You can use this as a breakfast counter or to keep some kitchen items on it.

The bed comes with a storage

bed with storage as a Space Saving Furniture idea

Bed storage furniture is one of the best things that you can invest in, as you can save any extra clothes, luggage or shoes under the bed. In some storage beds, there will be drawers, pull-up, open-up, or lift-up units. It is considered one of the better space savers among other bedroom furniture.

Pull-out sofa bed

pull out sofa

The sofa holds the greatest place in living room furniture and you will definitely need a pull-out sofa for saving a large amount of space. It offers multipurpose utility for the room. It can either be used as a bed or sofa seating, depending on the situation.

Multipurpose crib

multipurpose crib with storage

If you are looking for space saving furniture for your baby’s room, you can look for a crib that has drawers to hold toys and other stuff. This type of furniture will really help you as the room will have more space for playing and other activities for your children.

Nesting tables

nesting tables as a Space Saving Furniture idea

A nesting table will work well in the space saving department, especially if you have a compact room. It has enough space to hold your coffee cups and other things. It also has some other hidden layers of tables that can be used when you need them.

Maximize the kitchen storage space

kitchen storage space

Even though your kitchen has more cabinets and drawers, most people will still feel it isn’t enough. So, it would be a nice idea to choose a design that will hold the necessary kitchen equipment, that also comes with additional storage space. You can either use it as a pantry or store any non-refrigerated items.

Storage options for bathroom

In most cases, you won’t find the bedroom vanity cluttered, but the bathroom vanity will be. Usually in a compact home, there won’t be enough space for placing cosmetics and other products in the bathroom. So, try to use the space under the sink, behind the mirror, and the sides of the walls.

Convertible chair

convertible chair in gray

A convertible chair is not only space saving furniture, but it’s also the smartest furniture option in your home. It can either be used as a chair in your living room or you can convert it to be used in a bedroom. You can add some cushions for more comfort as well. The functional design of this chair will surely save you more space.

Wall-mounted console for your living room

wall mounted tv console

A wall-mounted console not only adds an option for entertainment, but will also help to make the space more organized. This is a great idea for a space for your mounted TV and you can also store your smart TV devices.

Modern dining table

small modern dining table

For this modern dining table, up to 4 people can fit comfortably. It is also smaller furniture, so it can easily fit into a tight space. Here you can see the white top that contrasts with the natural finish of the wood. If you are using the dining table occasionally, then it will come in good use.

Lamp with Shelves

lamp with shelves in corner

No bedroom gets completed if it doesn’t have any lampshades, but this space saving furniture is one that comes with shelves. Yes, you can consider a lamp with shelves. This will not only give a pretty glow to your room, but also you can put some random stuff like books, coffee mugs, and other items.

Folding chairs

folding chairs

The folding chair can be used whenever you need it and it can disappear when you don’t need it. It can be easily carried to your kitchen or living room and can even be used as a decorative element in the living hallway. When the chairs are not in use, you can easily fold them up and can keep them under the bed or inside a closet.

Bottom Line:

The above-mentioned space saving furniture can be used for all your home types and especially for any limited-space homes. Every home owner wants to make their house look beautiful and attractive, so try these ideas which you won’t regret.


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10 Types of Brilliant Tiny House Bed Ideas With Pictures

Ever since Jay Shafer started the tiny house movement, the craze towards a tiny home and tiny bed ideas, has almost become a social movement. While a typical American home is around 2,500 square feet, a typical small or tiny house by definition is a home with square footage between 100 and 500 square feet. For any tiny house, minimizing the space used by any necessary furniture is a very important aspect. One of the necessary furniture pieces that can occupy a large footprint in a room, is the bed. It is also such a necessary object, that one cannot do without it.


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Tiny home in backyard on wheels

Source: tinyhomebuilders.com

Fortunately, many tiny bed ideas have been brought forward by different people which can be categorized like

  • Beds that can be folded up and out-of-the-way.
  • Beds that can be used as a piece of multipurpose furniture, such as a daybed.
  • Sliding beds underneath an elevated area.
  • Elevate the bed itself (lift bed) to free up floor space.

… and many others.

In this article, we will look at several such tiny bed ideas as a solution for small space and tiny homes.


1. Daybed

A daybed can be considered as the grown up version of a futon. By day it becomes an attractive sofa and at night it converts into a sleeping space. Great for studio apartments, and tiny homes, daybeds are a great way to add a guest bed to a home with a small space.

This old method of a daybed is a solution that today comes with many choices in terms of availability, configurations, styling, and size, like this one with twin trundle.

Homelegance Roland Fabric Upholstered Daybed with Trundle

Upholstered Daybed with Trundle


White Daybed with Storage

Daybed with Storage

As for multipurpose furniture that turns into a bed, many configurations exist; the most common is the daybed and pullout sofa. There are many other types of tiny bed ideas available, like the ones discussed below


2. Modern Wall bed

Red wall bed with storage shelves

Source: wpengine.netdna-ssl.com

This modern wall bed from Resource Furniture, doubles as a couch for your living room and it’s a queen-size bed. With this design, you can still leave some items up on the shelf and it easily comes down with the bed. It’s great little space to have your books organized there.


3. Murphy beds

Bestar 90“ Queen Wall Bed kit in brown with shelves


The good old Murphy bed, which was invented by William Murphy in 1911, filled the need for small apartments and dwellings. Like the bed above, the modern Murphy beds of today, even though one that stows away in a closet is still an option, mostly come in a cabinet.

The cabinet can have many different varieties and can easily contain books, or serve as shelves for other necessary items, when closed. Also, the cabinets do not have to be tall, but can stand about half the height of the more familiar beds like the picture below.

Arason Enterprises Creden Cabinet Bed in Original Coffee



4.    Elevator or Lift Bed

While Ana White, the popular DIY blogger, discussed a sofa/trundle bed combo for her first tiny house, her latest bed is a spectacular way of maximizing daytime and nighttime space: it’s an elevator bed created using garage door hardware.

Ana White Open Concept tiny bedroom ideas

Source: tinyhousefor.us

During the day it’s put out of the way, freeing up 100 square feet of open space; at night it comes down at the touch of a button. In case there are overnight guests, the lift bed comes down only halfway so they can sleep on the sofa underneath, bunk bed style.


For non-DIY-ers an electric lift bed is another option that is becoming available now, like the one in the picture below.

Electric bed lift with desk in blue room with tiny decor

Source: espace-loggia.com


5. Pull out Sofabed

And then, of course, there is the pullout sofa.

60” RecPro Charles Collection brown pull out sofa bed, loveseat with memory foam mattress

60” pull out sofa bed, loveseat with memory foam mattress

Today’s sofa beds like the one above, have much a easier design than the sofa beds of old. They have larger and more comfortable mattresses; similar to what you would find in a regular bed. The pull out sofa above comes with a memory foam mattress that conforms to your body for comfort and support.


And the unusual pullout sofa:

LILOLA Lucca Light Gray Reversible Sleeper Sofa Storage Chaise

Reversible Sleeper Sofa Storage Chaise


6.  Loft bed

Any discussion of a tiny home bed will be incomplete without the loft or bunk bed. Elevating the bed can free up space underneath. So this is a common feature in many of the tiny houses on wheels, where beds are placed in “lofts”. Nevertheless, a loft bed means something a bit different like the one in the picture below:

It’s a simple Metal Loft Bed Frame that is ideal for maximizing space. It provides a clearance of 57.5″ underneath and has endless possibilities to use the space. You can add a desk to create a study area, a dresser for storage or a bed, for additional sleeping space.

However, many readers who have slept in a loft on a roll of foam, would prefer a little more secure way to get in the bed. One may get away with that in your 20s or 30s, but for the older people, you’ll be searching for comfortable and supportive options like loft bed with staircase, instead of ladders as below.

Merlot Twin Over Full Mission Staircase bunk beds with 3 drawers for storage

Staircase bunk beds with 3 drawers for storage

The one in the picture above is made of solid hardwood throughout. According to the customers’ reviews, it’s very well built, sturdy and recommended for anyone who wants stairs over a ladder, for a bunk bed.


7.  Hidden bed in a drawer

Ever since Jay Shafer built the tiny home that started it all, beds have been put in lofts. However, for many, this creates all kinds of problems of safety, convenience, comfort (it gets hot up there) and bonked heads. It also will make the tiny homes taller and more expensive.

So a more desirable alternative are the ones that are used in small apartments, where the bed is put in a drawer. Many people have started using it as they are liking it better than folding down Murphy beds. Another advantage is you don’t have to make the bed every time or tie down the mattress. You can just slide it away, and the extra space can be utilized for an interesting and different use.

bed drawer in small room with storage shelves and wood floors

Source: treehugger.com

It’s a great option, but then you need a good architect to get it done for your tiny home.


8. Convertible Multipurpose Multifunctional furniture

As for multipurpose furniture that can be turned into a bed, many configurations exist, the most common is the daybed and pullout sofa which we have already discussed above.

Yet other types are available. Check out this one from Amazon.

Upholstered Bench with Fold Out Sleeper and Casters Dark Brown

Upholstered Bench with Fold Out Sleeper And Casters


According to the customer feedback, this bed in the picture is incredibly comfortable – much more than traditional sofa beds. Also, it can be made to look great, by dressing it up with some cushions and pillows.


Then there is this convertible foam floor sofa that converts into a bed. This option is one of the better tiny bedroom ideas.

LUCID 8 Inch Convertible Foam Sofa and Foldable Play Mat

8 Inch Convertible Foam Sofa and Foldable Play Mat

This solution also takes up little space, but the bed is not that big. Even so, the design can be quite attractive and modern. It is also excellent for guests as well.


9. Portable Floor Beds

Although not known as much to the United States, floor beds have been in use for thousands of years and are still widely used in many Asian countries. One can use a futon-style mattress that can give a comfortable night’s sleep and then be rolled up or folded and stored during the day. Foam sleeping mats and inflatable air mattresses are other options that can easily be stowed away when not in use.

FULI Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon shikibuton High Grade Floor Mattress

Japanese Traditional Shiki Futon High-Grade Floor Mattress


10.   Airbed

Another option for floor bed can be as simple as an Airbed. Air beds come in many forms, and the expensive types don’t always last longer than cheaper ones.

Intex Comfort Plush Mid Rise Dura Beam Airbed with Internal Electric Pump



Adding high-quality sheets and blankets can make an inexpensive air bed like the one above just as cozy and comfortable as an expensive one.

Airbed inside wood raised platform

There are people who have been looking for a tiny home bed design and ideas that don’t require them to crawl into bed or up a ladder. Also with height restrictions and in some cases length restrictions, they would love to see some other alternatives to address these problems in an innovative way. Alternatively having the bedroom on one level makes it too large for a tiny home. And there are people who are not crazy about pulling out a Murphy type bed or something similar which requires foot space.

For all these people, portable floor bed options are an easy way to overcome all their bedding problems.

Simplicity can be beautiful!

Hope this article has given you enough tiny bed ideas for smaller spaces and you can steal inspiration and decor thoughts for your own tiny snooze room!


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8 Innovative Solutions – Furniture For Small Spaces

In this article, we’re focusing on one issue that is particularly important in designing and organizing a space. We’re looking at how to get the most out of your space and the best furniture for it! Whether it’s a small apartment, a condo, or simply a small room, we’re checking out some small space furniture which can help you to maximize the limited storage space that you have. After all, it’s not about how much floor space you have per square foot, it’s about how you use it! These solutions for furniture for small spaces can help anyone.

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Before You Start – Proper Planning for your furniture for small spaces

Before we jump into our comprehensive list of space-saving furniture solutions, we thought we’d start with some general advice.

Our number one piece of advice is that it all starts with effective planning. No matter what type of look, theme, or design scheme you are going for, it is so much easier if you plan it all out beforehand. Have an idea of what you are trying to accomplish with your space, and let this plan guide all your decisions going forward. This is especially important with a small space, where you really need to ensure that every furniture piece serves a space saving solution. Everything from the office desk to kitchen counter space needs a specific storage idea for your small apartment.

So, before you go through our list, decide what type of style and look you are looking to achieve. This way, you can simply match up our suggestions with your preferences. Before you know it, you’ll have decided exactly what you need to decorate your space!


furniture for small spaces example Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

Proper shelving is a must for any small space. Wall shelves simply give you more space to store all your belongings. Shelving is particularly efficient because it only occupies space on your wall, and not on your floor! This makes floating shelves an ideal choice for decorating a small living area.

And shelves aren’t just for efficiency. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. You can surely find a style that suits you. You can use them as an opportunity to display your collections and add a neat theme to your place. Display your record collection, your book collection, or anything in between! Another neat idea is to place some droopy plants on your shelves and give your place some life and greenery.

Drop-Leaf Table

Drop Leaf Table as example for furniture for small spaces

A drop-leaf table is such a useful space-saving alternative. It gives you various amounts of space depending on when you need it. When you’re alone, you can push it against the wall and use it for small items. Then, when guests arrive, pull it out and flip it out. Multi-purpose furniture like this is an absolute must for a small space. Drop-leaf tables come in all sorts of styles as well. You can surely find an option that matches the rest of your furniture perfectly.

Stackable Chairs

Stackable Chairs

Chairs are an interesting choice from a design standpoint. The simple fact is that, most of the time, you don’t need that many chairs. Chairs are only really needed when guests come over, which means that most of the time you only need as many chairs as there are people in your residence.

For this reason, we suggest stackable chairs! The stackable chairs above, are unique, modern, and they stack up when you aren’t using them. Simply store them in a closet and bring them out when you have company.

One of the best ideas with space-saving furniture is to plan for different occasions. Give yourself options for when you have guests, but only make permanent what you need for yourself. Stackable chairs are the perfect option for this design strategy. When it comes to furniture for small spaces, this is one of the best ideas.

Pull-Out Bed/Futon

Sofa Futon

A pull-out bed or a futon is another excellent space-saving option. If you want extra room for guests to sleep over, then these are the ultimate in transformative furniture. And, like many types of furniture, they come in all different styles! You may think of a futon as a bit “tacky,” but you’d be surprised at the modern design options available.

So, if you’re looking to add some sleeping space but don’t know where to put it, then opt for the 2-in-1 option!


Drawers for Closet

Furniture with drawers are a must for a space-saving living space. It might seem like an obvious point, but the more you emphasize furniture with built-in storage, the more space you will have to store all your belongings! So be sure to work this type of furniture into your design schemes. Whether it’s your side tables, your shelving, or your coffee table, you can always opt for the option that has extra storage.

You don’t even need to display all your drawers. Many choose to keep them tucked away inside their cupboards, pantries, and beneath the sink. They are simply a great way to keep everything organized and out of view. When space is a premium, you’ll be happy to have a place to keep all your things! Most rooms can use more storage, so drawers are a great option for furniture for small spaces.

Nesting Tables

Modern Stackable Nesting Coffee Accent End Table

Nesting tables are another neat idea, and they provide you with various options to meet the situation. Similar to our stackable chairs above, nesting tables allow you more or less space when you need it. If you have guests, then pull them apart and give everyone a place to put their drinks. Then, when it’s just you, nest them together and you’ve got lots of extra space! When space is a luxury, it’s good to give yourself these kinds of options. Not to mention that these are a very popular type of table, so there are numerous design choices available.


furniture for small spaces example Floating Shelves Wall Mounted Set

A bookshelf is a great idea for a small space, and they’re useful for much more than just books! Bookshelves provide you with a large piece of furniture with ample shelf space. You can use this space to store whatever you want! Store your books, movies, video games, or anything you want to keep organized and within reach. It’s fun to show off your collections, and also helps to inject your space with your individuality!

A bookshelf can also act as a nice focal point for any room. There are modern choices, like the one above, or more classic/traditional bookcases. You can easily pick an option that fits into your pre-existing design scheme. Bookcases can be used for so many design elements and that’s why they are a great option for furniture for small spaces.

#1 Lesson: Stack, Fold, Store

You may have noticed some running themes throughout our list. We focused mainly on furniture that serves more than one purpose. Whether it’s furniture you can stack, furniture you can fold, or furniture you can store away for later, the best way to optimize a small space is often to focus on dual-purpose accessories. This gives you the opportunity to display the furniture when you need it, and to tuck it away or transform it when you don’t. With a small space, you usually just want the option, because you don’t always want to make it a permanent fixture.

This type of furniture extends well beyond this list as well. You can find space-saving options for almost any type of furniture! Whether it’s stackable options, transforming options, or just smaller options, you can find space-saving variants of almost any type of furniture.

And of course, we haven’t forgotten style! Because when it comes to decorating, we know it’s not all about functionality. You want your space to look great, and you want it to properly reflect your tastes and design preferences. And you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options out there. Even within the categories we mentioned above, there are so many different options of size, colors, and styles which can fit any design scheme. Space-saving and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

Remember: Sometimes Less is More!

Before we wrap up this article, we’d like to leave you with one idea. It’s a little cliché, but it rings true here, and that’s that less is more! Sometimes, the best design choice for a small space is to let some areas sit empty! You don’t need to fill every corner with furniture, and sometimes it’s best to focus on what you really need.

Empty space actually does wonders in making a space appear bigger, which is a primary concern in a small living area. So, if you’re undecided as to what to do with a certain corner of your room, then sometimes the best option is nothing at all!

Focus on You

Thanks so much for reading through our guide to space-saving furniture for small spaces! Our primary concern was giving you options that work with your personal design preferences and ideals. We gave you options that were flexible, portable, and came in a wide variety of styles. At the end of the day, it’s your space, and you know best how you want it to look. So, take our ideas as inspiration, and match them to your personal styles and preferences!

Small spaces might seem like a design hurdle, but we like to think of them as more of an opportunity. You have less space to work with, which means that you can really focus on maximizing the space you have! Focus on the things that matter to you, and create a living area that truly represents who you are.


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Painted Chairs Guide – 7 Mistakes People Make Painting Kitchen Chairs

Painted Chairs Guide – 7 Mistakes People Make Painting Kitchen Chairs

While painting a kitchen chair appears to be an easy task, it’s not. Attention needs to be given to the physical state of the chair. Has it been in, or is it currently in a smoker’s home? Will children be using it? These are all special considerations when thinking about durability of the painted chairs.

No one wants to have to paint chairs every year. Very few people enjoy painting kitchen chairs at all. Yet there is a proper technique to it. If not done properly, paint can appear uneven. Worst-case scenario is that the paint won’t adhere, or either smoke or the previous color leaks through.

Properly painting kitchen chairs, while time-consuming, boils down to following simple steps. Doing this will help you avoid frustration and enjoy your newly painted chairs.

painted chairs

Properly Clean the Chair Before Painting 

First, food particles should be removed. The chair should be relatively clean before you apply paint. Prep work is key and shouldn’t be skimped on if you want flawless results.

However, what if there is a smoker in the house? The prep work then becomes slightly more involved.

Smoke embeds itself into any surface it touches.  It requires more than just a “surface clean” to get the smell out. Improper cleaning or masking odor will just make the smell return. Additionally, the smoke can bleed through layers, creating a very uneven look.

The first step is to do a spot-check using baking soda on the chair. This is to ensure that color doesn’t lift off of the chair. If, after an hour, the chair is fine, then coat the entire chair. Allow it to sit for 24 hours, then vacuum up the baking soda and remove the excess.

The second step is to clean wood components with Murphy’s Oil Soap or a wood cleaner. Do not use wood polish as it won’t get deep into the pores. Wood soap works best because it removes set-in smells, plus the tar from the nicotine. The idea is to cleanse as deep down as possible.

After the chair is dry (usually 24 hours later), apply a vinegar/water solution. Take one part vinegar to one part water and mix. Plain vinegar usually works best.

Spray the solution onto the surface. Then, wipe clean. Keep cleaning until the rag comes clean. Using this solution will further take out the nicotine and neutralize the smell.

Then, follow up with a lemon polish to seal in the moisture. Allow to dry and set for another 24 hours. Then, prime.

For smoke trapped in material coverings, use baking soda as outlined above. Vinegar and water can be used to neutralize the smell depending on the material, followed by a scent masking fragrance. This is the easy way.

To do it the proper way, the chair should be reupholstered.  The smell will tend to linger unless it’s leather. Then, you may be able to get away with a leather cleaner to get deep into the pores. However, the cleaner will need to be reapplied until the cloth comes clean. Using a white cloth is advisable as it allows you to ensure the chair is completely cleaned.

Additionally, some chairs have factory coatings that need to be removed. Their purpose is to keep the wood clean. A degreaser must be used before priming, or a light sanding.

If the chair has several layers of paint, consider using a paint stripper to remove all of the layers. While it is time-consuming, the end product is much better. Painted chairs that are older, tend to sometimes have layers of paint on them, so don’t forget this step. Being very thorough with decor painting ideas like this, always helps.

Chairs Should Be Painted Upside Down

painted chairs should be done upside down

Chairs should be placed upside down before painting. The underside should be done first as this is where tiny details get overlooked. A small brush may be required if there are delicate, ornamental etchings on the chair. Painting a chair upside down allows the paint to fill the small areas. This is especially important if the chair has any detail to it.

The first step should be to sand the area. This creates a surface for paint to adhere to. Apply the primer so that paint will last. Primer also prevents paint from bleeding through. Then, paint the topcoat. A brush or spray works best on any chair.

After this is done, you are ready to apply paint to the top and really change the color.

Use The Right Paint For the Proper Surface

While chalk paint will adhere to any surface, using it to paint over a rusty surface spells disaster, as it will bleed through the surface. Smoother textures can cause it to peel and chip.

This type of paint easily picks oil up from your fingers tips if it is not sealed properly. Therefore, latex or oil-based paints may be a better alternative. They’ll last longer without flaking or peeling.

Always Use Separate Primer

Now, several paints include primer. This makes painting easy. It prevents the frustration of purchasing yet another paint can. While great for walls, they are not ideal for chairs, be it a fabric chair or a rocking chair.

Chairs are considered high-use furniture. If they are made of wood, there is a greater urgency to apply a separate primer. Applying a separate primer aids in proper adhesion. It means that if you are repainting a chair, the old color will not bleed through, especially if you are lightening the color.

Mahogany chairs can especially bleed through without a primer and need to have a stain-blocking primer used first. Then, paint can be added.

If chairs have been in contact with smoke, a special primer needs to be used. They are expensive, but worth the added cost. Extra steps should be taken beforehand to ensure the smoke is removed from the furniture.

Paint in the Proper Conditions

Many people like to paint when weather is humid. Hot temperatures with high humidity can cause delays in drying. Conversely, if it is too cold, paint can freeze in the air before coating the furniture. For the best results, follow the instructions on the paint can.

Use the Correct Sealer

Chairs should be sealed for durability. However, wax is not always the preferred choice. Experts direct people to use a glaze or polyacrylic sealer.

While paste gives a gorgeous finish, if used excessively, it can scratch or wear. The purpose of wax is to enhance the painted furniture, not protect it. Polyacrylic, or “poly,” prevents scratches. It stands up to everyday usage.

The best method is to use poly as a base, then apply a paste wax over the top. It makes marker, pen, or other stains easily removable.

It should be noted that poly needs to be applied every few years, especially on kitchen chairs. Wax only needs to be applied every few months.

The benefit of using paste wax is that it will deepen the color. Poly will intensify the color but not deepen it. Brown paste wax adds a nice patina if you don’t want to wait for the glaze to completely dry. The downside is that it only comes in one shade.

Wax, on the other hand, allows wood to breathe better. However, poly dries faster. Preference depends on desired effect and timeline.  Your choice does make a difference when it comes to painted chairs.

Allow Enough Time to Dry Between Coats

painted chairs on cart

Paint needs to fully dry between coats. Due to the toxic nature of inhaling paint fumes, it should also be applied in a well-ventilated area. Depending on the weather, paint can take up to an hour to dry.

If the weather is warmer, it should dry in half an hour. In colder weather, it may take up to three-to-four hours.

There are many other tips for painting chairs. You want to use the proper brush with the correct length. This allows you to get into the fine details of the furniture.

Also, be sure to use old clothing. Many people think they won’t get paint on them, but we quickly forget to be careful. Paint is horrible to get out of clothes and can damage them permanently.

Painting kitchen chairs can add a simple upgrade to any kitchen. Plus, so many different techniques that can be used to create a desired effect.

Attention needs to be taken in properly prepping the surface before painting the chairs. If anything leaks through, the end result is ruined. Then the chair needs to be completely stripped and redone.

Be sure to take the time to prep it properly beforehand. This will save a great deal of aggravation in the end. Then, work with a primer, paint and seal, allowing coats to thoroughly dry in between layers. The end result will be perfectly painted, durable chairs.


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7 Beautiful Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas – Try the Trend

7 Beautiful Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas – Try the Trend

Chalk paint is known for its ability to turn any repurposed old furniture into something that is shabby chic. However, chalk paint does have some considerations that are a bit outside of its normal usage. Below we’ll have some chalk paint furniture ideas anyone can put to use.

Modern bedrooms and farmhouse kitchens are now incorporating chalk paint into their designs. Homeowners love its effect as it provides a lived-in textured look over the usual gloss or semi-gloss paint options. Chalk paint allows either furniture pieces or walls to have a little more character and can establish the mood of a room.

Things to Consider Before Using Chalk Paint

Practice using chalk paint on a scrap piece of paper before applying it to your project. Chalk paint is very different from other paint, and you don’t want to make mistakes on your furniture that you may have to fix later.

Chalk paint also dries quicker than normal paint, so you will have to move quickly before it dries altogether.

Painting With Chalk Paint

chalk paint furniture ideas

To create a solid color:

  1. Use a solid color and apply it with your brush.
  2. Be sure to cover all the cracks and crevices in the piece of furniture.
  3. Once it has dried, return with a second coat.
  4. Make sure that it is applied uniformly through the entire piece.
  5. Allow to dry.


For a distressed or antique look, you need two different colors.

  1. Apply a base coat to the entire area of your furniture.
  2. Dip a brush into the second color. Dab it into a cloth so that it is almost dry. This coat will visually create depth.
  3. Dry brush your second color over the first. Brush it over only the raised areas.
  4. Once both coats are fully dry, use sandpaper or a scrubbing brush to gently sand the corners and raised edges.
  5. Complete the look by sealing it in with paste wax to protect it.

Here are a few suggestions as to how to transform your room with chalk paint:

Dress(er) it Up!

The misnomer is that chalk paint adds more of a vintage look to any piece of furniture. Not so! To dress up a dresser, chest of drawers, or armoire, give it a coat of chalk paint. Chalk paint doesn’t always have to provide a distressed look.

All you have to do is use a moody blue and add new handles. Then, you have updated the look of your dresser. Chalk paint furniture ideas sometimes aren’t what you expect, this is a great example of that.

Small, Yet Mighty!

For small pieces of furniture with drawers or a flat surface, chalk paint can make the piece very playful. This approach works on items that go in dining rooms, entryways, living rooms, or anywhere where you are looking to fill space.

Chalk paint adds that extra pop of color to the room without being too bold or overpowering. It creates that soft, subtle look without being overly noticeable. Conversely, it can add a bit of color to a neutral room without being overstated.

To create an even more dramatic look, if your table has drawers, people have placed faux vines, ivy, or greenery along with the drawer and had it hanging out a bit. This is a beautiful look for an entryway into a house. Since the only thing that people use the table for is usually keys and small items, the drawer will serve no direct purpose aside from decoration.

Built-in Beauty

chalk paint furniture ideas in blue

You can add chalk paint to armoires, but differently than mentioned above. If you paint it the same color as the walls, or a close shade, it can appear as if you have high-end custom-built cabinets installed into your bedroom. This is an easy “cheat” visually.

This look provides a shabby elegance. It is not overly fancy but still elevates the look of the room. Chalk paint furniture ideas such as this one, are easy to apply when done correctly.

Captain of the Chalk Paint

If you have a captain’s bed in your house that needs an update, consider using chalk paint. Captain’s beds are a great way to increase storage space in a room. Creating a nautical room can be a natural progression with a bed such as this one.

To update the bed, use bluish-grey chalk paint for a nautical appearance. Add clear wax and brushed silver handles to complete the look.

Ombre Dresser

Giving a new life to a dresser can be both fun and exciting. All it takes is a little outside of the box thinking!

Ombre has been a hot item for several years now and is tying into the tie-dye movement currently being resurrected. To create an Ombre dresser, complete the following set of instructions:

  1. How many dresser drawers does the item have? This is how many shades of paint you will require to complete this look.
  2. Select the darkest color you like, then go up in incremental shades of the same color palate. Most ombre designs begin with a medium shade and end up in one that is close to white.
  3. Another way to do this is to find a paint color that you like and a bucket of white paint. Pour a bit of your main color into a plastic cup. Add white to each cup to make the color lighter.
  4. The first cup should be the main color plus 1 tbsp. of white, the second should have 2 tbsp. of white, and so on.
  5. The amount of white paint may need some adjusting depending on how much is required to cover the drawer. The contrast between the doors also comes into play.
  6. Test each color and allow it to dry before painting the entire area.
  7. Once the colors are mixed (or purchased, as the case may be), pull out all the drawers. Paint the front of each one.
  8. Once completed, paint the frame. Most people select white just to add contrast, but it can be any color you desire.
  9. Allow the dresser to dry, and you are done!

Historic Hutch

chalk paint furniture ideas being applied

Give your hutch a retro makeover by incorporating these steps:

  1. Take off the back of the hutch.
  2. Sand the front and top of the hutch to give it that distressed look.
  3. Apply your lightest color of paint to the front, sides, and top of the hutch. Avoid painting the trim.
  4. Remove the drawers and paint them a darker color. For a dramatic effect, add black hardware to the drawers.
  5. Once the main area has dried, paint the trim a dark color to highlight it and to visually create depth. You can reverse this as well by incorporating the distressing methods described above.
  6. Apply pasting wax to the front to seal in the effect.
  7. You can do the back in one of two ways. Some homeowners have removed the back and glued fabric to one side, then reattached it to the front. This is a wonderful way to play with texture. Others have painted it a dark solid color to add depth.
  8. For an additional flare, you can replace the glass with a patterned texture or add a texture over top of the glass to create a vintage look.
  9. Add a light at the top and marvel at the beauty of your new hutch.

Coco Country Grey Rustic Table

To create that farmhouse look with chalk painting, purchase a Country Grey and Coco chalk paint.

  1. The first coat should be Coco.
  2. After it dries, brush a layer of Country Grey diluted with water. The levels should be half and half.
  3. Once dried, use a medium grit sander to reveal most of the wood- mostly at the tabletop.
  4. To give a smooth appearance to the top of the table, follow up with a fine sanding block. Take it to the point of virtually burnishing the paint directing into the wood. It should shine even before applying wax.
  5. Seal with two coats of soft, clear wax. Then buff.

These are some very creative ways to use chalk paint furniture ideas in your home. The paint itself does not need to be boring at all. Chalk paint allows you more flexibility to do what you want with your furniture.

The great thing about chalk paint is that it doesn’t have a high or semi-gloss finish. Therefore, it works well when you want to give your furniture a distressed or antique look. The vibrancy is more muted, yet it adds a stunning effect to any room.

Painting a solid color adds a more muted feel to the furniture. It is a tone down from the walls but adds a subdued yet bold appeal. A great way to add fun to any piece is also to do an ombre. This is so easy and quick to do with chalk paint.

Creating that shabby chic or vintage look is incredibly easy with these chalk paint furniture ideas. It is as simple as adding two coats, sanding, and waxing. Plus, the benefit of chalk paint is that it dries quickly.

So, where will your imagination take you?


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