9 Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Light Up Your Kitchen In Style

In this case the kitchen stands for that area of the house where everyone cooks and eats together. This means the area needs to be well lit. Considering that it is a space often used to entertain dining guests, the lighting needs to be artful, in addition to being functional. So we have brought you a few kitchen lighting ideas to consider:


9 Kitchen Lighting Ideas


Luxury kitchen lighting ideas using pendants

Photo Credit : ngetem.com

#1: Often in kitchens, especially in the region over the dining table, setting pendant lights add a certain magic and feel. In most cases, the shades of these lamps add style. They also tone down the harsh light and allow only enough light to create a nice cozy atmosphere. As you can see here, 2 different kinds of pendant lights – varying in height and in size have been used. The effect is pretty nice. Pendant lights are a popular choice for kitchen lighting ideas.


Recessed lights as kitchen lighting ideas

#2: Another kind of lighting that looks really good in kitchen, and isn’t all that subdued, are recessed lights. These are built right into the ceiling, and are usually covered by a small round panel of glass. As you can see here, these are quite capable of lighting up your kitchen, especially the dining area. This is especially true as long as they are used together with some strategically placed pendant lamps.


Track lighting spotlights used in kitchen with island

Photo Credit : vissbiz.com

#3: Another pretty new idea that has been making inroads into kitchen lighting schematics is the use of spotlight like set ups with lights that can actually be rotated, so as to alter the feel of the room. Here’s a classic example of the same.


Cove lighting ideas used in white kitchen with island

#4: Cove lighting is another thing that looks elegant and even adds an element of mystery to your kitchen. This is because here no light fixtures visible. The lights are actually concealed into the architectural detailing of the ceiling – providing good reflected light. This provides an aura of mystique! In this case, as you can see, some chimney lights, and a few recessed lights, have been used together with the cove ones. This is one of the options for kitchen lighting ideas that provide a clean look.


Cabinet lighting ideas used in white kitchen

Photo Credit : zerodecor.com

#5: Now here’s another great idea. As you know, your kitchen cabinets need to be well lit, so that you can find the stuff inside and under them. So why not use the same light for lighting up the kitchen? This can be achieved through cabinet lighting in the kitchen!


Chandelier lighting ideas with island for white kitchen

Photo Credit : krisallendaily.com

#6: Now we’ll take a look at some old fashioned elegance. Yes, these are usually a little more high maintenance than the rest – but the look is probably going to be worth it! Consider getting chandeliers for your kitchen. The area just over your dining table can provide just the highlight a chandelier deserves! Kitchen lighting ideas can be elegant too.


White kitchen with pot rack and island

Photo Credit : remakingchristine.com

#7: Many people also like to combine utility and looks. This can be done perfectly by building the lighting into a functional piece of furniture in the kitchen. In this case, it is the Island pot rack suspended over the dining area or cooking area. It holds the pots and pans and also provides a nice recess for your lights.


Backlit modern white kitchen with island

Photo Credit : makitchen.com

#8: Now depending on the style of the rest of the kitchen decor, you can easily alter the kinds of light fixtures you use, as well as how you arrange them. Certain design schematics seem to look good with certain kinds of lighting. For instance, here, the modern theme of the kitchen is actually carried forward by the lights. Always keep in mind kitchen lighting ideas when thinking of a theme for your kitchen.


Backlit kitchen cooking area with wooden floor with pendant light over table

#9: As you can see here, an elegant combination of more than one of these kinds of lighting can also be used to create the right feel. In this case, just as you have plain cabinet lights illuminating the cooking area, the distinctive pendant light over the table only adds to the pristine white walled and wooden floor look!


The point being made here is that, kitchen lighting is quite a versatile concept. While there are distinct styles and schematics – they can all be mixed and matched. And ultimately, it is your kitchen and what you think will work in it that matters. As a result, use these 9 kitchen lighting ideas only as inspiration, and build up your kitchen lighting around them!


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7 Cute Kitchen Decoration Themes

Does your current kitchen decor design look bland and downright boring? The kitchen is the heart of a home. Family members usually gather here to prepare meals, do homework and school projects, and basically talking about everything under the sun. So why not look for cute kitchen decoration themes that will make each corner of this area, awe-inspiring and appealing for everyone?

To give you an idea, here are some funky themes worth trying.


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7 Kitchen Decoration Themes


Trendy Cafe

Run a cafe right off of your own kitchen by adding decor elements representing a coffee theme. Don’t you just love having everyone seated on a bistro-style dining set? Add vintage coffee advertisements, coffee mugs and other decorative stuffs on shelves, cupboards and even on the kitchen countertop. Add a wall-mounted chalkboard sign like the one below and list down a menu for the day. Or you may refurbish an old cabinet, transforming its door via a chalkboard paint. The color motif could be muted brown and black, with a splash of burgundy or wake-me-up yellow.

Vintage Wall Mounted Brown Wood Framed Chalkboard Sign for cafe

Wall Mounted Chalkboard Sign


French Bistro

Ever been to whimsical Paris or perhaps, visited a whimsical abode in the South of France? Think about industrial lighting and route signs. Set up modern bistro chairs or go for vintage seating with marble accents. Set a “fat chef” decor on a corner and have the same design for canisters. Tuck a breakfast nook in a corner, then use a movable kitchen island for preparations and a roller cart to serve each meal, or to hold market finds for cooking.

French bistro decoration theme for kitchen in red

Source : pinterest.com


Barnyard Friends

Get the feel of a modern country kitchen by using decorative elements with all-white with blue, red or brown accents. Set up farm animals, horseshoes, bandana prints, and other decorative elements delivering that warm rustic charm. Barnyard carts can create a homey feel with any kitchen island. This is also the case with covering kitchen lighting tubes with ropes. Light finish wood slabs jutting out of the ceiling, also add that certain country feel. Kitchen decoration themes featuring the country, are always a fine choice.

Barnyard style kitchen decor theme in white

Source : ericolsendesign.com


Rainbow Connection

Most kitchens mainly use white for its sense of cleanliness. This allows you to easily spot dirt, grime and mildew which can infect food items causing ailments to anyone exposed to them. If you want to lift up its mood but don’t want to spend so much on repainting and adding of colorful back-splash tiles, then simply add colorful decor like the Apple Kitchen Decor set from Bonita Home or showcase collectible multi-colored dishes on open shelves. Make a statement with your funky kitchen by using decor that pops out from its white background.

Colorful kitchen decoration themes with brick wall

Source : blog.coisinhasstore.com


Old School Diner

Another cute kitchen decoration theme to use is the retro diner style. Bright and theatrical, it adds a sense of whimsy reminiscent of the 50s and 60s. Start with a checkered linoleum floor and extend up, using stainless decor items. Add a splash of maraschino red and white wall art, movie posters, road signs, old vinyl records, and travel mementos–and you got that nostalgic all-American kitchen diner vibe all over again. This is one of the more popular kitchen decoration themes, due to pure nostalgia.

Diner decoration kitchen theme

Source : gotohomerepair.com


Pop Art

Plaster all things Andy Warhol-ish to add more fun personality to your kitchen. Add a Marilyn or an Elvis canvas wall art, as focal point in the area. A poster and framed Campbell Soup wall art may also be great. Paint a mural ala Banksy or buy a custom wall decal from Amazon, to showcase an area in the kitchen.

Marilyn Canvas Wall Art

Marilyn Canvas Wall Art


Hobby Inspired Kitchen

Integrate your favorite hobby into your kitchen. If you or the whole family loves to surf or skate, then showcase a surfboard as the focal point in your kitchen decor. No longer used skateboards can be refurbished with their back covers painted with colorful prints. Love to play guitar, violin or cello? Paint unusable music instruments with bold prints and voila! You have awe-inspiring decorative elements that do not only inject fun, but also personality into a kitchen.

Kitchen decoration themes with a surfboard in white

Source : staceking.com

Cute kitchen decoration themes are endless! Let yours, as well as those of your family members inspire you in planning. Overall, a good kitchen revamp doesn’t really have to be expensive or over-the-top. Finding the right accessories may be all you need to set your way to creating a fun, unique and visually-appealing kitchen.


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10 Practical Kitchen Counter Corner Decorating Tips

Are you looking for kitchen counter corner decorating tips? Decorating a kitchen counter corner can be quite challenging. Not only will you be thinking of adding more personality and style to a narrow counter space, but also making it work while clearing visual clutter. If you are one who has to make each square inch count for a rather limited kitchen counter space, these decorating ideas and tips are for you.


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Kitchen Counter Corner Decorating Tips



Corner Sink-

Have a sink customized, if you have a rather narrow kitchen counter space. You can place a single kitchen sink or a double one angled perfectly, to maximize corner space. This is a perfect idea for kitchens, wherein space is a big issue. With a corner sink, you can finally add a new perspective to a kitchen’s design aesthetics.

Split kitchen sink in metal with a black countertop with plants and apples

Source: collaborate14.com



Breathe new life into a seemingly dreary kitchen with a pitcher full of flowery blooms, potted plants or succulents. If you are blessed with a garden, fresh blooms can be handpicked daily to give your kitchen a natural glow and also creating a positive flow from the outdoors to the indoors. This is one of the kitchen counter corner decorating tips that is good, due to all the natural light that usually comes into a kitchen.

Plants and blooms in white vases on a white Kitchen Counter Corner

Source: blogspot.com


Corner Herb/Veggie Garden-

Another more efficient decorating option, is to add a kitchen herb garden. You can upcycle plants or mason jars and plant your own basil, rosemary, mint, tomatoes, onions, and so on. A boon for households who love to cook fresh and organic vegan food, being able to simply snip and cut these tasty ingredients straight from your kitchen’s counter to everyone’s plate, is simply divine!

AeroGarden Bounty Elite with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit, Platinum


Cookbook Holder-

Make a statement in your kitchen by showcasing the family’s heirloom– a cookbook. Simply buy a cookbook holder like this adjustable bamboo number from mDesign below and tuck the cookbook handed down from one generation to the next, with it. This will help create a more unique personality to your cooking space. This is one of the more unique kitchen counter corner decorating tips. If you don’t have an antique cookbook to use, a newer one works just as well.

mDesign Bamboo Adjustable Cookbook Holder Stand for Kitchen Countertops Natural Light Wood


Corner Shelf-

Arrange mugs, cups, saucers, plates, and what-have-you by injecting a practical decor piece– a corner shelf! You can even throw a bouquet of fresh blooms to add more drama. This 3-tier number from DecoBros, for instance, is a smart storage solution that allows more functionality and space maximization for your kitchen counter.

DecoBros 3-Tier Counter and Cabinet Corner Shelf Organizer, Chrome


Corner Cafe-

For someone who can’t live without coffee, setting up a coffee station on your kitchen’s corner space, is pure heaven. You can set up a lovely coffee pot, complete with a glass canister for coffee grounds, sugar and creamer. Add another canister for cookies and biscuits, and you have one efficient kitchen counter corner idea that’s very efficient and practical.

Kitchen Counter Corner Keurig coffee machine

Source: pinimg.com


Cooking Utensils Storage-

Say goodbye to tedious digging in drawers. By setting up a caddy or organizer, you can make a space exude your own prowess in the cooking arena. You can choose to revive old mason jars or prettify some empty canisters, or perhaps, go for this bamboo utensil holder from Personalized Kitchen. This one can even be custom engraved for free!

Personalized Kitchen Utensil Tool Holder Caddy Orgnaizer Storage - Custom Monogrammed for Free

Spice Rack

Showcase your love of spices and everything nice, by setting up a rack to hold these cooking gems. This space-efficient solution can help organize your vast array of spices and create not just a stylish counter top, but a clutter-free one as well. There are many spice racks here that come highly recommended.

InterDesign Twillo Spice Rack, Corner Organizer for Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet, Countertops in Bronze/Sand



Squeeze artwork into your design to add beauty and sass to your kitchen counter corner space. You can buy framed artwork or create one on your own. Paintings are not the only artwork which you can add to your kitchen. You can also go for mini-sculptures or personalized art pieces to truly imbibe a fun and exciting kitchen adventure.


Corner Mini-Cabinet

Like a corner kitchen sink, you can also maximize storage space in the kitchen via a custom-built corner cabinet. This cabinet can hold many things, including plates, cups, saucers, spoons, forks and so on. Some simply prefer to keep some stuff hidden to create a clutter free environment.


White kitchen with subway tile, artwork and pendant lighting, with plants

Source: squarespace.com

Knowing these kitchen counter corner decorating tips can be truly fun and exciting. Albeit challenging, there are hundreds of ideas for you to mix and match. With any of these practical decorative solutions, your kitchen counter corner will definitely deliver a unique personality for the whole space.


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5 Small Kitchen Mistakes You Should Avoid!

Kitchens can be somewhat tricky to do up – it is the area of the house where you will be cooking. And yet, it is also the spot where you may decide to entertain the occasional guest with a meal! So it all boils down to the room having a utilitarian as well as an ornamental purpose. And as you would know, where cooking is concerned, the room needs to be just right so that it is ready to entertain guests as well. And the problems are actually compounded in case you have a smallish kitchen. So to put an end to your dilemma, we have brought you these 5 small kitchen mistakes you should avoid.


Small Kitchen Mistakes You Should Avoid



#1: Not having adequate space for storage

Small kitchen mistakes you should avoid like not enough storage

Photo Credit: Lynda Giddens via Compfight

In small kitchens, you need to exercise some imagination and ingenuity to create the perfect balance between storage space and clear space. In case there isn’t enough storage space, chances are that you will have all lot of stuff left out, and this creates clutter. A cluttered kitchen isn’t easy to clear up and that rules out entertaining guests here. Also, if storage space is short, you stand the risk of creating serious problems for yourself when you are cooking, because you may knock things over. There are small kitchen mistakes you should avoid at all times and this is an easy one to remedy.


#2: Counter space running short

Not enough counter space in kitchen

Photo Credit: dog tired via Compfight cc

The storage space is for keeping things out of the way or out of sight. But what about using the kitchen and cooking here? You will need counter space for the same. Ask any one with inadequate counter space, and they’ll tell you just how difficult it becomes to negotiate inside a small kitchen. Also, in case you want to be calling your guests into the kitchen to dine, then counter space is essential so as to give the kitchen an uncluttered and clean look. This is one of the small kitchen mistakes you should avoid, unless you want to end up with inadequate counter space.


#3: A dimly lit kitchen

Need better lighting in this kitchen as a small kitchen mistakes you should avoid

Photo Credit: BJBEvanston via Compfight cc

Many people do not pay enough attention to lighting in the kitchen. This leads to a dimly lit kitchen. As you will know, for all the knife work and presentation of food, light is essential! Ever seen a professional kitchen? They are usually full of bright lights – because this allows you to check on your food properly and ensure that it is coming along fine. You may want to dim the lights for when the guests arrive – but consider when you don’t? The best idea is to get bright lights, and install dimmers, for when needed.


#4: Messing up the ventilation in the kitchen

Kitchen ventilation needs to be adequate

Photo Credit: froboy via Compfight cc

Often when you are trying to carry out a self designed renovation in the kitchen, ventilation can suffer. The professionals are much more aware of the necessary elements. However, being inexperienced, you may never have considered this factor. However, the question of ventilation is never as vital as in a small kitchen, especially one where you may want to entertain guests as well. After all – you cook a lot of food in here, but you certainly do not want the smells to linger around, do you? And proper ventilation, along with a kitchen hood takes care of this. This is one of the small kitchen mistakes you should avoid and be aware of. You can cut out many problems by having cleaner air in your space.


#5: Designing your kitchen identical to a design you saw

Kitchen renovation trend used instead of matching design

Photo Credit: Brandon Heyer via Compfight cc


Kitchens, as we mentioned right at the start, are somewhat difficult to renovate. You may follow any design you want – but a few factors are very important to keep in mind. And these are shape, location and layout. Never borrow directly from a design that doesn’t match your kitchen in these factors. Because not all kitchens are built alike. And just because something is in trend doesn’t mean that it is going to work out in your kitchen. What you ultimately want is storage space, ample light, proper ventilation, and proper space and leg room. So make your own changes to the design to include all these factors.

So, we hope you’ve got a hang of the 5 small kitchen mistakes you should avoid that are most commonly made nowadays. As we move ahead and houses become smaller, so do kitchens. But to keep your kitchen functional, yet aesthetically pleasing keep these things in mind.


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10 Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas To Improve Your Space

Do cobwebs or dust accumulate on the gap between your kitchen ceiling and cabinets? Above cabinet kitchen decor ideas are aplenty for homeowners to pursue and they don’t need pricey interior decorators to do that for them. There are actually stylish ways to address that awkward space and allow your kitchen space to a gain new perspective; as well as heights. To ensure that the the bulkhead above those sturdy cabinets don’t turn into a wasteland, here are some useful decorating ideas to emulate.


10 Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas



1. Give the room a visual boost by layering silver stuff or ceramics. A tabletop collection is one great way of converting that bulkhead space, without spending money buying new decorative elements. Simply get your priced China or Eastern vases off those closed-off cabinet drawers and highlight them on top and voila!

Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas in all white kitchen

Source : cammnet.com


2. Why not go vintage with decorative serving platters and plates? Fill the gap between the ceiling and your kitchen cabinet with an antique collection like teapots, vases, mason jars, dishes, candelabras, cookie jars, and so on. Go for a huge platter as centerpiece or anything that will complement the height and artistry of the overall kitchen tapestry.

Vintage serving plates above kitchen cabinets

Source : pinterest.com


3. Wine lovers unite! You don’t really have to buy a wine holder or make an entirely new shelf for storage. Simply make good use of your DIY carpentry skills by creating your own wine storage on top of the cabinet using leftover wood. This is one way to add wine storage without costing an arm or leg. Also, because one can never have too much wine. Cheers!

Wine racks as Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas

Source : apartmenttherapy.com


4. Got something big from a recent jaunt abroad then, make it dominate the bulkhead above a kitchen cabinet. Take this large rattan server on top of a vintage standalone cupboard. Big and bulky, it allows it to be viewed clearly, even at a distance. Its utter simplicity adds a sense of cohesiveness to the overall kitchen decorative style; while extending visual height to the space.

Large basket on top of kitchen cabinets

Source : carlaaston.com


5. There’s always room for those lovely blooms from your pocket garden in your kitchen. Instead of simply placing a bouquet on your countertop, make a garland and place it on the space above your kitchen cabinet. Or if you have no time to change it every 3 days or so, go the paper garland route. There are plenty of online tutorials on how to make one. Above cabinet kitchen decor ideas like this one, really add color to a space.

pocket garden as Above Cabinet Kitchen Decor Ideas

Source : olhometro.com


6. Another way of turning ho-hum kitchen cabinets into a statement-making piece, is to add lush greenery. Whether real or faux, green potted plants will add a sense of vibrancy to a seemingly dreary kitchen. Though a little pesky, going for real plants will also help improve air quality in your kitchen space, making cooking and dining a healthier time.

Plants in pots above kitchen cabinets

Source : pinterest.com


7. Make it a semi-gallery loft for your art collection. You don’t have to be a fine artist to showcase a collection of your children’s treasured school pieces. If you are also into cross-stitching, you can frame and showcase the fruit of your months of labor in this diminutive space. This is one of the great above cabinet kitchen decor ideas, to preserve memories.

Art gallery above cabinets in blue kitchen

Source : engineeringahome.wordpress.com


8. Chalkboards are all the rage these days. You can actually use it as another clever above cabinet kitchen decor ideas. Let this black canvas hold important family events for the month or menu selection for the week. This is even made more clever for household chore assignment announcements.

chalkboard above cabinet kitchen decor ideas

Source : housebeautiful.com


9. Make it an additional storage space by placing baskets on top. Go for something simple and complementary to the current set-up. Wicker baskets can hold extra kitchen utensils, cutlery, table napkins and so on.

Baskets on top of kitchen cabinets in white kitchen

Source : pinterest.com


10. Not sure what to put into this extra space? Mix and match your favorite items to create a whimsical display of your hidden treasures collected over the years from colorful glass bottles to Ming vases, wine glasses, hand-painted ceramics, silverware, miniature statues, milk jugs and so on.

Knick knacks in extra space above cabinets

Source : pinterest.com

It’s too late to curse your home’s architect or the carpenter of your cabinetry or your pet cat who takes the space as its territory. With these above kitchen decor ideas, you can finally turn the bulkhead space above those cabinets from wasteland to la-la-land. By adding character and flair to your above cabinet space, you can finally give your overall kitchen space a more personal and interesting look.


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10 Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where family members gather to prepare food and eat together, while also discussing the little things that made their day. This is also the very place where nourishment of each and every member of the household comes. At some point, however, the need to update an outdated kitchen is deemed essential and necessary. However, for cash-strapped families, the idea can be overwhelming. When you are thinking of upgrading your home’s kitchen space, but are short on money, you can use these cool budget friendly kitchen makeover ideas.


10 Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas


1. Fresh Coat of Paint

Kitchen makeover ideas

Source: hgtv.com

There is nothing that a fresh coat of paint won’t do to a certain space. According to expert home interior designers, painting is the most budget friendly method for all types of home makeover. Not only does a new coat of paint change the kitchen space’s style, it also improves the entire aura of the room. If you want a kitchen that’s bright and cherry, consider wake-me-up yellow or minty greens. Bold monochromatic colors like the picture above transforms a kitchen to exude a contemporary vibe. This is one of the kitchen makeover ideas that can be done over a weekend.


2. Treat Windows Right

Window treatment kitchen makeover ideas

Source: gharexpert.com

Strip down those blinds by putting in new curtains. Do choose a color that will compliment your fresh coat of paint. White curtains can compliment blue, yellow or green walls or virtually any type of wall color. White painted walls, however, will look better with printed, plaid or patterned curtains. Many modern kitchens, however, prefer keeping windows bare to encourage natural lighting to seep into the space.


3. Eye on the Table

Curtain and cloth kitchen makeover ideas

Source: gharexpert.com

New cloth for tables and chairs will make a great impact to your overall makeover, too. If possible, look for designs that compliment both your choice of curtains and paint. This helps to bring about a carefully put out kitchen design that does not break the bank.


4. Portable Island

Portable island kitchen makeover ideas

Source: pinterest.com

Short on space? Why not choose a movable island? A kitchen island can help add character to your space as well as added work counter, storage and seating. This makes it a perfect solution to most small kitchens.


5. Swap Out Your Sink

Stainless steel kitchen makeover ideas

Source: fireplacecarolina.com

Another kitchen makeover for less lies right in your sink. Ditch the overly scratched stain wrapped horror. Swap it out with a sleek stainless steel variety complete with a sleek and stylish swiveling faucet and pull down spray. Stainless steel are known for their durability and ease of clean-up or maintenance, too.


6. Light It Up

Track lighting kitchen makeover ideas

Source: kitchenrecessedlighting.com

If you haven’t discovered track lighting, this is the best time to shift your kitchen’s light fixtures. Let go of bulky chandeliers and install recessed lighting and other modernized lighting fixtures that are not only proven money savers, but space savers too. Choose LED lights for long term cost efficiency. Kitchen makeover ideas that involve lighting are a great way to shine things up.


7. Redo Cabinets

Repainting cabinets kitchen makeover ideas

Source: kitchencove.net

Consider redoing your cabinetry and cupboards. Get rid of grease, dust and other contaminants by washing them thoroughly using soap and warm water. Remove hinges, drawers and door pulls. Sand and paint or varnish and when completely dry, install new handles or pulls. Though not without effort, it is one way to add new drama to your kitchen space without spending a lot of money. Do make sure the paint color compliments the wall color. Kitchen makeover ideas like this one can make a huge difference.


8. Dress Up Those Cabinets

New Hardware in kitchen on white cupboards

Source: lowes.com

If you can’t afford the whole cabinet makeover, try something smaller. Changing out hardware on cupboards and drawers will do. Replace knobs, moldings and handles to add more character to your kitchen furniture and storage sets.


9. Easy-to-Install Tiles

Smart tiles as kitchen backsplash

Source: thriftycraftygirl.com

Tired of your kitchen’s bare, boring counter wall? Why not make good use of smart tiles? These self adhesive faux, tin tiles are awesome, yet an inexpensive alternative while adding a sense of flair to your kitchen space. Say goodbye to tedious gluing and grouting and simply, cut-scratch and paste over your counter and enjoy a fully vamped kitchen.


10. Stylish Storage For Less

Custom built trays pullouts in kitchen

Source: currentzionsville.com

One of the biggest problems in most kitchens is storage. To boost your own space’s capacity, use custom built trays and pullouts. This will help de clutter and create a spacious and relaxing vibe to a kitchen space.

You don’t really need deep pockets to recreate your eating area with these kitchen makeover ideas. If you are in a bind for a makeover, but don’t have the budget to replace countertops and cupboards, the aforementioned ideas definitely represents a good compromise. Though some of these may require some creativity and DIY skills, with a little patience you can finally transform your current kitchen space with a fresh new look for less.


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