Hang On The Wall Kitchen Decor Collection Set

Though your kitchen wall may be filled with cabinets and open shelves, you will always find some blank space to contend with. And when it comes to kitchen walls, all rules concerning art and aesthetic simply goes out of the window. Walls, however, when left bare can make a kitchen seem incomplete. This is even more so when the rest of your home has a central theme. To ensure that your cooking slash eating space reflects the same level of taste as the rest of your home, finding the right kitchen decor collection set will definitely give it a boost.

When thinking of kitchen wall decor, the use of metals like silver, aluminum and painted alloy come highly recommended. Metallic decor is not just durable, it can also transform a seemingly boring wall into an extraordinary one without being too ostentatious. To give you a glimpse on how metal can easily convert a lackluster kitchen interior into an exciting place, here are 2 kitchen decor collection set options to choose from.


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To start off, here’s a set that delves on the vintage side of things..


1. Set of 3 Metal Coffee Cups

CT DISCOUNT STORE Set of 3 Metal Coffee Cups for kitchen

Show your love for coffee with this amazing metal kitchen decor collection set. Displaying a set of creative tableau showing hot cups of pure sensational coffee will definitely help boost the look of your kitchen wall as well as your daily dallying on the kitchen floor.

You can line them up horizontally or vertically. Put them on top of your cabinets. Or hang them according to the arrangement above. Depending on your kitchen space, these set of 3 Mocha, Latte and Java metal coffee cups definitely add more sass to your wall. For best results, have them placed near your coffee maker or perhaps, in a favorite breakfast nook. This kitchen decor collection set is good for almost any kitchen.

Many reviews from actual buyers state that they love this bronzed coffee cup set as they easily blend with any kitchen design. It is so easy to hang, too. To clean, simply take off from the wall and wipe with a soft cloth. If your kitchen has a bigger blank space, buy two or three sets to make decorating consistent. You can order your set from the trusted Amazon HERE.

For a more modern feel..


2. Benzara Cutlery Wall Decor Aluminum Utensil, 36/8-Inch, Set of 3

Deco 79 Cutlery Wall Decor Aluminum Utensil, 36/8 Inch Set of 3 for kitchen

Got a modern kitchen design? Why not go for this culinary inspired aluminum cutlery kitchen decor collection set? Aluminum is used extensively in modern decorative settings due to its many advantages. Aside from naturally generating a protective oxide coating thereby needing no paint, it also retains its hardness even in extreme conditions. Easy to clean due to its strong anodic coating, this 8 inch cutlery set will definitely boost your modern minimalist kitchen or its dining area.

To put this culinary inspired decorative element, simply line them up in a neat and balanced composition right on your bare kitchen wall or near the dining area. Aluminum is non toxic so cleaning them using a kitchen cloth can be easy and convenient. Built to last, this stylish and attractive design will make an excellent housewarming gift to a friend or family member who has recently moved in. This product which was only released on Amazon very recently has earned some fantastic reviews from buyers. Just check them out before finalizing your choice.



Coffee and utensils wall decor collection set for kitchen

Adding some drama to your bare kitchen walls can actually be done without losing an arm or leg. These two kitchen decor collection set options – set of coffee cups and cutlery set—will definitely make a good complement to your overall design. The coffee cups would make a great supplement to vintage and country style kitchens. The cutlery set, on the other hand, would make a great focal point in a modern minimalist home. Or you may have both to deliver an eclectic kitchen design that’s fun and creative.



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6 Farmhouse Style Ideas to Add Rustic Simplicity to Your Kitchen

Nothing is more inviting than a warm and cozy farmhouse style kitchen. Farmhouse kitchens are reminiscent of a time where color, texture and a sense of vibrancy and openness generate a sense of the laidback 1800s farm lifestyle. If there is one thing this kitchen brings, it’s the “homey” feel not much seen in many kitchen designs today. If you are one of the many who favors natural elements, here are 6 farmhouse style ideas which you can conveniently add to your own kitchen without breaking the bank.



Farmhouse style ideas

Photo Credits: Cottage Market

Paint Color

When it comes to budget friendly farmhouse kitchen revamps, make sure to paint walls and floors with a palette that complements your current interior design. There 4 popular paint colors in this type of kitchen: vibrant red, mustard yellow, mint green and aqua blue. Any of these vibrant colors must be added with cool tones to help balance out the overall palette. Mustard yellow, for instance, can be accented with pure white trims for a lively yet subtle feel reminiscent of old farmhouses. If you prefer white, use either red or brown or blue as accents.


Farmhouse style cabinet ideas with dark backsplash

Photo Credits: Foche

Bring Character Into Your Cabinets

Depending on your wall, floor and ceiling color palette, paint your cabinets to complete a farmhouse feel. A white on white backdrop would look good with wood colored cabinets. For a distressed look, try painting your cabinets brown then, put white paint on top. Sand down gently to reveal the brown paint. Add antique hutches to complete a vintage look. Open shelves and glass front cabinets are great way to display bowls and china collection. These are just some examples of farmhouse style ideas anyone can do.


farmhouse style breakfast nook in white kitchen

Photo Credits: Foter

Add a Breakfast Nook

Farmhouse kitchens are not complete without a breakfast nook. This corner should carry the same airy and carefree feel of the kitchen. Use a vintage table accentuated with buffet seat. You may also use a fixed bench that will double as storage for pots, pans and small appliances. If you do not have ample space, a small 2 seater round table with chairs tied up in striped cushions will do. Breakfast is always a big part of farmhouse style ideas.


Revamp Appliances and Fixtures

Space and movement are defining elements of a farm style kitchen. Add casters to your island table for convenience and accessibility. For the floor, installing wooden or stone tiles will add texture. If budget is on a tightrope, vinyl flooring resembling stone or wood can also work its magic. Check also for modern appliances that lend a vintage look. Some customization experts can create vintage enclosures for refrigerators and ovens to complete an overall farmhouse look.


Not Just Any Sink

One of the defining fixtures in most farmhouse designs is the sink. Single bowl apron sink in rounded or curved design will make a good choice. Think about freshly gathered garden vegetables rinsed in your sink. Check for sinks that have deep basins and integrated backsplash for functionality.


Accessorize, Accessorize

To create a truly cozy farm style kitchen, make use of old mason jars, figurines, baskets, enamel pitchers, fresh flowers, tea lights, antique china, and other vintage looking accessories. Add these to open shelves and cabinets. Hanging pots and pans on the ceiling atop a center island and hanging of wrought iron lighting will also create a homey kitchen farmhouse. These are classic farmhouse style ideas anyone can use.

Indeed, the kitchen is the heart of a home. When thinking of updating to a farmhouse style kitchen, remember to cohesively create a flowing feel that continues from the outside to the living area unto your kitchen by harmonizing the overall tone and design elements of your home. With this, you can finally realize farmhouse style ideas that blend well with your current interior design.



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5 Kitchen Decor Themes To Spruce Up Your Home

A kitchen is the heart of every home. This is where families and loved ones converge to prepare and partake in meals while sharing each day’s escapade. When thinking of doing some kitchen improvements, it is only essential that you find kitchen decor themes that address not just cooking or dining, but also make it a fun and efficient space for everyone to enjoy. From floor plan to your choice of furniture, appliances, and paint color; decorating a kitchen requires a concentrated balancing act. To give you inspiration, here are some kitchen decor themes themes to kickstart your kitchen improvement goals.



1. Bare And Sparse

kitchen decor themes with hanging cups and open shelving

Source : lonny.com

Reminiscent of New York in the 1970s, open shelve storage kitchens represent a bohemian feel that further adds drama to the whole kitchen-dining area. Pots and pans are no longer kept inside storage drawers. Kitchen countertops are practically bare of kitchen utensils. Instead open-air and floating shelves hold these items drawing everyone’s focus into them. To give it an added kick, choosing utensils that match the kitchen’s hue will provide a lively feel to the whole space.


2. Modern Zen

Modern Zen kitchen decor theme in white and green

Source : luxurytopics.com

For anyone who can’t stand any clutter or any trace of mess, a Zen kitchen design may prove to bring in the relaxation everyone needs during each meal preparation and dining time. Keep things spic and span by opting for more whites or creams subtly accentuated with light green hues evoking nature’s warmth. The key takeaway of Zen kitchens rest on hidden storage. To spruce it up, simply whisk in a few plants, a fruit basket or a tea set to inject a little modernity to the rather barren space. Kitchen decor themes such as this one are popular with people who want a more modern design.


3. Elegant Bistro

Bistro setup as kitchen theme in darker colors

Source : pinterest.com

Want to feel like dining in the quaint bistros of Milan? How about the chic ones in Paris? Many a romantic couple nowadays are so into the uniqueness and romanticism brought about by the bistro look of the aforementioned tourist hotspots. A bistro-themed kitchen evokes the emotional superiority of the Italians as well as the French, with their love for food and all things hearty and flirty. Here, a perfect balance between one’s adoration for coffee gets exactly the same accolade to that of bottles of wine. Cabinets and furniture pieces are darkly tinted with glassware dominating the whole elegant appearance. A rococo painting or a simple chalkboard often takes centerstage on this kitchen decor theme.


4. Cozy Cottage

Cozy Cottage kitchen decor theme in white

Source : houzz.com

Nothing is more homey and unpretentious than a cozy cottage kitchen. If you want a more lived-in look that evokes happiness each time everyone gather, all you need is a harmonious blend of humble elements. Think about weathered or painted wood cabinets, wicker seats and bar stools, complemented with beaded-board walls, as well as ceiling. Farm wares, ceramic utensils and vintage items may sometimes dominate the whole space. Wood floors and colorful curtains and other accents, set the tone for the whole space.


5. Trendy And Space-Savvy

Trendy And Space Savvy black and white kitchen

Source : decoist.com

Living in a high rise or apartment, a kitchen revamp can be quite a challenge to urbanites. Apart from the challenge brought by limited space, design must also reflect the overall feel of the whole home and its surroundings. So, why not take the major elements in where you are currently living, and use that as main source of ideas for this kitchen decor theme. Go for white or deep black or any other current color trends and patterns, too. Other notable accessories are bar stools, built-in cabinets and multi-functional furniture, as well as modern wall art.


Give It Your Best Shot

There are countless other kitchen decor themes available for you to discover. Keep in mind though that when picking the best one, take your personality as well as that of your family (if any) into consideration. As a rule, always go for harmonious balance, functionality and convenience to create a truly awe-inspiring kitchen where your loved ones will grow.



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10 Tips For Small Kitchen Storage – Save More Space

In this new age of small houses and living spaces, the two sections that suffer most are the bathroom and the kitchen. And while the bathroom is somewhat easier to deal with – the kitchen can be a big problem! There is so much stuff that must go into your kitchen, and you still need to have workspace as well as space to move around. So how does one work their way around this problem? Well, these 10 tips for small kitchen storage may be just the thing you need!



Tips for small kitchen storage with peg board and pots and pans

Photo Credit : apartmenttherapy.com

#1: You may have some space in the cabinet, but not enough by far. In that case, use your cabinets to store either food or utensils without handles. As for all utensils that have handles, get a pegboard and mount it on a wall. Then hang stuff on it!


Plastic baskets for small kitchen storage in pantry

Photo Credit : thisoldfarm.net

#2: Another idea is to invest in some kitchen baskets that are durable. When needed you can store your stuff and stash them wherever you have place, under the counter, over the cabinets, etc. Otherwise they can always be stacked together when not in use.


Stackable shelves for small kitchen storage

Photo Credit : kitchenimagine.com

#3:Cabinets will usually have a lot of headroom, which otherwise just goes wasted. Instead install stackable shelves inside to make the most of all the available space. Space saving is really the key to tips for small kitchen storage.


Plastic file holders as small kitchen storage on back of door

Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#4: Plastic file holders can be attached to walls or the inside of cabinet doors – and you can store narrow things here. A good idea is to keep rolls of foil, cling wrap, napkins, etc. here.


Trash bag roll dispensers for better kitchen storage

Photo Credit : thekitchn.com

#5: Install 2 different trash bag roll dispensers inside the under-sink cabinet. You will search for them there so this is convenient, and you also save space in other drawers or cabinets where you’d otherwise be storing the garbage bags!


Custom made bar as small kitchen storage in blue

Photo Credit : scottjameshubbard.com

#6: Get a custom made bar height table and install in it your kitchen. This will serve a number of purposes. As you see here, it can double up as additional storage space. Normally, you could use the top as extra kitchen space. And when you have a small group of friends over, you can always just eat in the kitchen!


Hooks and pot rails for small kitchen storage glasses and utensils

Photo Credit : .directkitchenremodeling.com

#7: Hooks or pot rails can be your best friend. They allow you to store in a linear fashion, along the wall, thus saving you a lot of cabinet space. Also, these are a great way to let your utensils and glasses, air dry!


Cabinet door baking supplies for kitchen

Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#8: The cabinet doors are actually quite a bit of handy space getting wasted. Installing small racks or even hooks here can help you to utilize this space with ease. One good idea is to hang oft used baking supplies here! You can also make it interesting and easier to follow by marking each item with what it’s used for!


Strip magnet in kitchen for knives and utensils

Photo Credit : apartmentgeeks.net

#9: Another great way to save some space and add an interesting touch to your kitchen, is to give the knife block a miss. Instead have a strip of magnet installed along one wall. Use this to hold the knives in place. You can also use it for other small cutlery items of everyday use as well! This is one of the more creative tips for small kitchen storage.


Magnetic spice holders in kitchen with wood accents

Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#10: And a final idea you can always check out is magnetic spice holders. You get to see the spices easily and they stay easily accessible, plus you save cabinet space! And when you need to cook you can actually get the ones you need and temporarily keep them on the range hood!


Your kitchen may be small, but there is no reason to think that it is inadequate. In fact, as you can see with these 10 tips for small kitchen storage, all you need is some inspiration, a bit of ingenuity and some good DIY and you too can make your kitchen space stretch out!



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10 Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas: Your Kitchen From Drab To Fab

Just as food plays a very important role in any family, the kitchen is also a space for community. Often, the kitchen is the place where the family comes together. If it does extend into the dining space, then you also have guests and friends frequently coming in to this area. And that means the look of your kitchen is important! So – when you have a blank and unoccupied wall in the kitchen – this is your chance to add character to the room! To help you with that, we have brought you a handful of kitchen wall decor ideas.

So – let’s take a look…



Black and white geometric pattern in kitchen wall decor ideas

Photo Credit : housetohome.co.uk

#1: You can try a monochrome theme – go with a geometrical pattern in black over white tiled walls. And you can even extend a few of the horizontal lines into shelves.


Vintage pastel kitchen wall decor ideas with wood floors

Photo Credit : chihuolang.com

#2: You can also try painting the walls in a light shade of pastel like blue, yellow or pink. Thereafter, just use the same color, just one shade darker on the cabinets in the kitchen. You’ll have a very lived in old world feel. Wall painting is one of a number of kitchen wall decor ideas that is a great way to change the design of your space.


Wall shelf unit using kitchen wall decor ideas in white kitchen

Photo Credit : realsimple.com

#3: For those with not too many storage units, and therefore not enough space, a blank wall can actually house a large shelf. Get a box sort of shelf with multiple racks. You could also paint it in fun colors, even use different patterns on the insides, to make the shelf come to life!


Gray modern kitchen ideas with artwork, island and other decor

Photo Credit : kitchens88.com

#4: While colors look good in a kitchen, nothing spells out elegance quite like warm, but understated shades like ivory, gray or cream. Do up your whole kitchen in these shades, and maybe hang a picture to bring some color to the blank wall. You can always improve kitchen wall decor ideas with a little more color.


Artwork as kitchen wall decor in modern white kitchen

Photo Credit : kitchenideas.biz

#5: If you like modern decorations, then stick to white walls, and choose an accent color like steel or shiny red or black. Use this color for your furniture, and maybe you can install a small 2 person table with chairs along the empty wall. Of course this only works so long as there are just 2 people in the house.


Utensils hung on wall as kitchen decor ideas in white kitchen

Photo Credit : pinterest.com

#6: You could also use this wall for storage, minus any shelves. Just install some good looking and strategically placed hooks. Then you can hang your pots, pans, utensils and other things here as well! They’ll look good across the wall, and they’ll also be stored right!


Wall shelves as kitchen wall decor ideas for herbs

Photo Credit : walldecoration.org

#7: Another option is to install wall shelves in a line from top to bottom – maybe 3 or 4 in a row. These can serve to store specific things. Shelves can lead to other kitchen wall decor ideas as well, such as other ideas for spices.


Hook hanging items

Photo Credit : crafthubs.com

#8: Another quirky idea is to put up hooks at regular intervals and hang your various (good looking, mind you!) big round baking molds on these. They look really nice! You could also try the same with other things.


Micro herbs garden with mason jars

Photo Credit : inhabitat.com

#9: Just because it’s a kitchen doesn’t mean that it cannot have plants. In fact, if the wall in question gets a lot of direct sunlight, you can actually install some small hanging planters, and keep your kitchen micro herbs garden in these! Kitchen wall decor ideas can always involve greenery.


Food themed framed photo wall

Photo Credit : inspirationluv.com

#10: Finally, this is an idea that can easily come out of the living room and bedroom and come to the kitchen – conceptualize and put together a photo wall! And you know what’s better than a photo wall in the kitchen? A food themed photo wall in the kitchen!


So there you have 10 very different and thought provoking kitchen wall decor ideas. Now all you need to do is get on with the planning. And once you do – you are all set to give your kitchen the character it deserves!



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7 Kitchen Decor Themes For High Rise Living

The kitchen has always been hailed one of the hearts of many homes. It is more than just a space for cooking and eating but rather, a place where everyone comes together to partake in discussions over familiar banter. Though most kitchen decor themes mostly revolve around the idea of family and friends gathering on lazy weekend brunches, a real dilemma has always been felt by those living in high rises. Condo kitchens, as we all know have limited space thus, making decorating truly taxing. So, when thinking of redecorating your space, here are some inspirational, practical and easy to do kitchen decor themes for high rise living or apartment living.



Family in dining area


1. Artistic Stove

Artistic stove for cooking

Not allowed to repaint or do any major overhaul in your unit? Then, invest in an oven and range set-up that will unleash the master chef in you. A really great stove can transform any kitchen. Planning a kitchen overhaul around its cooking zone is the wisest and, by far, the easiest part of creating kitchen décor themes without even trying. This complete artistic stove-slash-oven set-up can be either customized or bought straight from any appliance store and usually doesn’t require approval for tenants in high rises.


2. Recessed Shelving for Extra Storage

Recessed Shelving and storage

Another important aspect in high-rise living kitchen makeovers is space restrictions. The need to maximize every square-footage of a home requires smart space-saving storage ideas. One of such is by making good use of what you have. Get your kitchen wall naked and turn those recessed walls into storage spaces. It can hold plates, lines, spices, cookbooks, and what-have-you. To add a decorative touch, line those exposed bones and studs with wallpaper or paint that coordinates with the overall home design. More storage always helps with kitchen decor themes for high rise living.


3. Eclectic Surprise

Eclectic colorful kitchen decor themes

Surrounded by a row of dreary buildings? Why not bring sunshine into your kitchen abode? Show your fun side with a kitchen riding on an eclectic side. Mixing different styles can easily add charm, comfort and personality to a kitchen space. Go for a traditional white or pale blue foundation and add surprising touches like these colorful tiles. Add some floating shelves and you’re good to go.


4. Fab Farm

Farmhouse kitchen decor themes with sliding barn door

Who says you can’t have a country farmhouse or barnyard in the city? Amid the space limitations, you can still make a kitchen feel homey by adding wood elements, open shelving, an old-fashioned range, a woody flooring, free-standing cabinetry, and so on. These barn doors, for instance, add some mesmerizing charm to a pantry.


5. The Ultra Modern

Modern white and green kitchen decor themes

If you are one who basks in the “now,” one of the most highly coveted kitchen decor themes for high-rises are ultra modern kitchens. From flat-panel door style to frameless full-overlay cabinets and sleek tubular pulls, everything about modern kitchen themes lie on simplistic, minimalist and space-saving ideas. There is apparent lack of ornamentation yet, everything about the design speaks volumes of stylishness and charm. Simply add consistent accent pieces to bind the whole theme together.


6. Color With Passion

White and orange kitchen decor themes

Decorate your cooking and dining space with gusto. Most condominium dwellers are situated in busy metropolis usually characterized by dreary paved surroundings and busy foot or vehicular traffic. Mute such things with a space that hugs you with comfort and enchantment. Add a splash of bold color complete with a high gloss finish. This white and orange ensemble, for instance, take this condo kitchen to new heights. When choosing accessories like decorative plates, serving ware, tiles, or kitchen linens and other textiles, keep consistent with the color palette to avoid visual riot. Colors are a great way to set your kitchen decor themes for high rise living apart from others.


7. Go Classic Black and White

Black and White kitchen decor themes

For single-and-ready to mingle male or femme fatale, however, a monochromatic palette tends to add more visual interest and personality to a kitchen space. Think black-and-white or all-white with an all-black accessories (or vice-versa). Black and white ensemble is always deemed classic and “safe” particularly in modern kitchen spaces smacked right at the heart of the metropolis.


Indeed, remodeling a high-rise kitchen can be an overwhelming experience—but an exciting one at that. Living on the 10th floor or more may seem like a world away but bringing what you love into the said space can still be done. Let these kitchen decor themes for high-rise living inspire you to make such changes.



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