7 Budget Friendly Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas

Planning a living room revamp on a budget? Many people spend quite a lot of time in their living rooms. This is where they receive and entertain guests, bond with family and friends, or discuss business matters with work colleagues over an important project. It is very important then to make it functional, comfortable and welcoming. These three qualities combined, however, can be quite tricky when you have little space and are running on a tight budget. Fortunately, there are budget friendly modern living room furniture ideas for you to choose from. Here’s a look at some of the highly recommended ones.


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Modern Living Room with Red Walls and furniture ideas

Source: ultimatehomeideas.com


7 Budget Friendly Modern Living Room Furniture Ideas


1. Nesting Coffee Table

HOMFA Nesting Coffee End Tables for living room

One of the most popular furniture ideas for modern living room today is the “nesting table”. These side or end tables are quite unique as they can be stacked or pulled to create interesting formations designed to optimize available space and function. This makes the HOMFA Nesting Coffee End Tables an excellent, yet budget-savvy investment for your living room revamp. Convenient, and easy to assemble, its premium quality MDF panel and bamboo leg design can add more elegance to your interior living design. It can also be used as reading table, dining table, writing table, and so on– indoors or outdoors.


2. Functional Sofa

BestChoiceProducts Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed in black

Modern living room furniture also calls for functionality in design, thus choosing a sofa bed is a noteworthy route to take. Sofa beds are perfect for studio apartment or abodes with no extra space for a guestroom. Simply make it into a bed during rest time and prop it up as a seating element. The BestChoiceProducts Modern Faux Leather Futon Sofa Bed, for instance, offers stylish comfort in this convertible futon sofa. Simply recline the backrest then, remove those armrests and voila! Modern living room furniture ideas that have sofas of this sort, are popular options.


3. Fireplace/Entertainment Center

Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console for living room

Yet another must-have in living rooms, is an entertainment center that will hold everything in place. You can insert a TV, gaming console, surround sound system, books, a DVD player, blu-ray player and other decorative pieces. An entertainment center delivers a cleaner, organized ambiance in your living room. The Ameriwood Home Carson Electric Fireplace TV Console, however, offers something more– warmth. With a built-in electric firebox, you can heat up your living space, making it perfect for snuggling during wintry spells. Choose from a variety of designs, in Sonoma oak, black, cherry, espresso, gray, Sonoma Oak-espresso, to blend easily with your current home design.


4. Corner Book Case

Tribesigns 5 Shelf Ladder Corner Bookshelf in living room with plant

Many modern living rooms combine both a living area and a dining area or kitchen, in a single space. To create a distinction, adding a bookshelf that works also as a divider, without hogging a lot of space is only fitting. This makes the Tribesigns 5-Shelf Ladder Corner Bookshelf a wise choice as it does not only distinguish one space from the other, it helps save space and creates added storage for your books and decorative knick-knacks. These modern living room furniture ideas usually include a book case due to their storage ability and great looks.


5. Barely There Side Table

KingsBrand Modern Accent Side End Table for living room

Glass makes an excellent accent to a space-challenged living room. It frees up space and helps reflect natural light in. Aside from that, glass is timeless and minimalist in nature allowing for more elegance in a room. The KingsBrand Modern Accent Side End Table’s open-base construction design is complemented with glass and polished chrome, which makes for a great futuristic look to fit any decorative style.


6. Functional Ottoman

SONGMICS 30 L Faux Leather Folding Storage Ottoman in black Bench for living room

Round ottomans were the rage a few years back. For cleaner lines in a modern home, however, a rectangular ottoman bench will make a better option as it helps create an illusion of order and has a minimalist feel. This makes the SONGMICS 30″ Ottoman Bench a great choice for homes also needing added storage. It can be used as accent to a bay window or as added seating in a hallway leading to your living area. This one comes in white, black, beige or brown to suit your current design. Modern living room furniture ideas include ottomans often due to their storage and utilitarian nature.


7. Midway Accent Chair

UrbanMod Mid Century Modern Style Chairs in white for living room

Accent chairs must also be chosen with function in mind. Aside from being decorative, these UrbanMod Mid Century Modern Style Chairs are designed for use in homes with open floor plans that extend a living room into a dining, kitchen or office area. Easy to assemble, comfy yet sturdy, and stylish with clean lines, these Eames-inspired accent chairs truly embrace modernism at its finest.

A living room revamp does not really have to create a huge dent in your financial coffers. These budget friendly living room furniture ideas are truly excellent options for their comfort, design, functionality and style. The idea is to create a space that breathes comfort and elegance while instilling a welcoming ambiance for everyone.


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7 Practical Furniture Picking Tips For A Small Living Room

Space is a common dilemma among urban dwellers these days. With so many plans for socializing and so little per square inch to squeeze, organizing a small living room can truly be a headache. The complicated task at hand, however, is not impossible. All it takes is a keen eye for detail, a passion for organization and, most importantly, a practical solution on what furniture to place in your floor plan. Check out these furniture picking tips for a small living room.


Furniture picking tips for a small living room with coffee table and shelves

Photo Credit : diasporadical.com


7 Practical Furniture Picking Tips For A Small Living Room


1. De clutter and Paint

De clutter and paint tips for a small living room in white

Photo Credit : marnikneven.com

Before you go hunting for furniture, it is highly advisable that you start with a clean slate to have a clearer view of the area you’ll be working on. Remove everything in your small living room. Sell that bulky furniture and stash toys, reusable decor, books and sentimental knick-knacks away. If your walls have dark colors, time for a repaint. Choose pastels or any lighter hues to make the room have an allusion of a bigger space.


2. Corner Filler

Corner furniture picking tips for a small living room with furniture and decor

Photo Credit : homestratosphere.com

Got a small corner space in your living room? Then go for a generously sized sectional or long couch. Sometimes, going for a sizeable piece of furniture can actually give an illusion of a bigger space. Also, it will be able to seat more people, as it is just a single piece and can also make the room feel uncluttered. When choosing, go for an ultra hip sectional brandishing clean, straight lines to make a small living room seem larger and more comfortable.


3. Go Down, Backless or Totally Bare

Sofa furniture picking tips for a small living room

Photo Credit : houzz.com

Choose your sofa or settee or couch accordingly. In some small living room spaces, a full size sofa just won’t do. Consider downsizing by picking a petite or a slimmed down sofa with clean lines as well as exposed legs to create an airy feel. If you have an open floor plan though, a backless sofa will make a whole lot of difference. Position it right at the middle and you got a chic yet multi functional seating option. Or you may skip the whole sofa seating arrangement altogether. Try two or three slim armchairs around a coffee table or a multi functional ottoman complete with storage option. Choosing furniture picking tips for a small living room that include a sofa are one of the most important you can make.


4. Concealed Storage

Built in storage furniture picking tips for a small living room with chest

Photo Credit : pinterest.com

When furniture shopping, do choose pieces with built in storage. This will help curve clutter and create a sense of spaciousness. A vintage trunk or a tray top ottoman with hidden storage will make great coffee table. Take a good look along your small living room’s perimeter. Give it a boost by putting a small credenza as extra storage. Recessed walls with concealed doors help boost your limited space.


5. Minimalist Look

Minimalist furniture picking tips for a small living room

Photo Credit : nyceiling.com

Keep it simple and straight while enjoying a sense of spaciousness amid some limitations in space. Minimalist furniture works best in living rooms which may also double as a bedroom or dining area. Studio type apartments and condominiums nowadays almost always have limited open floor plans, leaving not that much to the imagination. Minimalist chairs, tables and entertainment centers that can be concealed or can provide multiple functions, are great options for furniture picking tips for a small living room, too.


6. DIY Built In Storage

Built in storage shelves in white living room

Photo Credit : curbly.com

Sometimes, small pieces of furniture can eat up a restricted space. DIY may sound difficult but can really help save up money. So, instead of buying a separate media center, desk or credenza, choose instead to craft your own built in floor to ceiling storage wall complete with a media center or a pull down desk.


7. Accessorize Appropriately

Decorative accessory in modern well lit living room

Photo Credit : ideasdecoracioninteriores.com

Decorative accessories go hand in hand when buying furniture. Mirrors, for instance, can help create a focal point while boosting light and creating an allusion of more space. Instead of floor lamps, stick with a ceiling lamp or track lighting. This is even more if you have high ceilings. Draw the eye upward by filling the vertical space with eclectic artistry. Adding plants on corners will also make a seemingly miniscule space alive and airy.

Light colored furniture in small room

Photo Credit : pinterest.com

Truly, organizing a small living room to make it more livable and spacious can be challenging. Knowing furniture picking tips for a small living room and what key pieces you need, along some degree of creativity, is all it takes to make it truly effective. Try to check out free apps intended for interior design. Once you know what you need, unleash your shopping practicality by picking furniture pieces online.


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Top 10 Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas

Are you looking for new home décor inspiration? Get into the groove of the 60s with noteworthy vintage living room decor ideas infused with modern chic charm. From super elegant Breakfast In Tiffany-esque ideas to eclectic Amalie-esque vintage decorating style, creating your own brand of old charm is definitely an exciting proposition. To get you started, here are some vintage living room décor ideas to give your living room a vintage-y lift.


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Top 10 Vintage Living Room Decor Ideas


1. Consider the “not-so-bold” yet sophisticated approach

Many believed that vintage living rooms must always come with over-the-top, bold-as-you-can color schemes. Well, not everyone thinks the same way. Consider soft pastel colors like pale pinks, plush violets, or airy blues. Mix and match with other tones that clash with this color palette to fully enjoy a daring yet interesting feel. Of course, going floral amid blues and pinks like the wallpaper below from Chinoiserie truly makes a magical vintage-y look.

Fine Decor 2900 40768 Chinoiserie Wallpaper in living room decor

2. Go geometric or bare-naked on walls

Another idea to give vintage pizzazz to a living room is by using geometric prints or by simply exposing those brick walls reminiscent of the 1960s. Geometric patterns were all the rage during mid-century. Some may choose bold geometry while others go for subtle pastels. If not a lover of geometric design, using the “exposed” look like the wallpaper below will make a great easel for your vintage-artistic living room. Vintage living room décor ideas such as this one are always popular.

Brewster Brick White Peel And Stick Wallpaper for vintage living room

3. Get space-y

Or better yet, create a statement look in your living area. Simply add retro living room furniture pieces like this Runtz ball chair below from Amazon which doubles as a child’s chair or as an ottoman.

Safco Products 4756BV Runtz Chair in orange

This mid-century loveseat furniture below also adds a classy and vintage look yet with a modern twist. Vibrant yet traditional, it adds an extra element to your living room style and comfort level to help gather the overall design of your space.

Century Colorful Fabric Loveseat Colors in blue


4. Let there be lights!

Mid-century living is all about pendant lights. To honor the look, consider choosing a classic design such as these creative wine bottle pendant lights. They add needed illumination and an overall feel for your living space.

Pendant Industrial Colorful Creative Multi colored wine bottle lights


5. Have a mini-bar handy

The 60s and the mid-century was all about socialization. So homes tended to have wine racks or cupboards right up in their living rooms to hold their selection of spirits. To save on space in today’s modern day living, adding a drink trolley like this one below makes it more practical, particularly when you regularly host dinner parties for friends or family.

Tidy Living Antique Serving Removable Mini Bar as living room decor idea


6. Pick a humble stencil design

Revamp an old living room into one that’s oozing with old sophisticated look. Get creative and experiment with stencil designs. This Martha Stewart Craft Vintage Decor Stencil will help convert bland furniture or walls into something beautiful and captivating.

Martha Stewart Crafts Vintage stencil 33561 for living room decor


7. Make good use of quirky yet elegant art and fabrics

Creating an old yet inviting atmosphere can be done with your choice of curtains, cushion and throw pillow covers, rugs, coffee table runners and so on. Artwork also adds a sense of character and individuality into your space. When choosing, go for large and bold patterns to boost the whole old charmed look. These Dahlia themed throw pillow covers from CaliTime which come in various shades, can complement your living room space awesomely. Vintage living room décor ideas that use vintage fabrics are always a great option.

CaliTime Cushion Covers Pillow Burgundy in living room


8. Get into the details

Take time to add more pizzazz to your overall vintage living room decorative design via little details that spell so much. An old refurbished clock, decorative ceramic jars, or this kitschy handheld phone below will definitely sizzle. As always, it is the smaller items that always give that grand effect to a living room’s overall look and feel.

LNC Ceramic Vintage Antique Telephone in white for living room


9. Upcycle your furniture

Low on budget yet high on vintage living room ideas? Why not spruce up your current furniture. Bring new life to old worn out pieces. Sand it. Paint and varnish it. Make it complement your choice of color palette to complete the look. An old trunk made as coffee table, for instance, will give a lot of interest to your space. Vintage living room decor ideas that can bring furniture back to life, are always a money saver.

Seward Trunk College Footlocker SWD5120 10 in orange for living room


10. Breathe life into your room

Plants and floral pieces were quite popular in those bygone eras. Also, you can add low maintenance potted plants to the design. Make sure to choose mess-free succulents which thrive even without you having to tend to them every single day. Not only will it please the eye, but those succulents will also help improve air quality in your living space.

Vintage living room decor ideas in white room

Source: countryliving.com


There is no limit to what you can do to uplift your living space. These vintage living room décor ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to planning a revamp in your current home design. With patience, creativity and a lot of passion, you can finally create a living room that exudes old elegance and charm.


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Living room wardrobe ideas: Things you should know about living room storage

Living room wardrobe ideas: Things you should know about living room storage

The living room has been the center of the home for a long time. A living room serves a multitude of functions to deliver a comfortable and happening life. The family also meets here every day to exchange pleasantries and discuss pressing problems. Being the ceremony room for guests, it is also the most public place in the entire home and is full of frequent activities. If you are tired of your current living room storage, these living room wardrobe ideas can help you to tide over the problem.

Tackling living space storage needs

The first thing one needs to do for this is to find out the things that are generating the storage issue. Whether it is due to scattered piles of books, antiques, holiday souvenirs, or trophies; one must make a list of everything that is creating the storage problem. It helps to find out the best possible solution. Next, check where you can fit a storage solution in the living room. Maybe there is an alcove or a convenient space that can be used. Customize your storage solution according to the space available. It could range anything from open shelves, and glass-front cabinets, to a wardrobe. Do enough brainstorming to arrive at a useful solution. Remember, you cannot change it every month.

Why have wardrobes in the living room?

Living room wardrobe ideas with wood accents and decor

It might sound odd to have a wardrobe in the living room.  These hefty pieces of furniture are traditionally for bedrooms and have been used to keep your clothes in. But wardrobes do not have to be limited to this use only. You can use them to store any thing you like. It is why the living room wardrobe ideas are being used more often these days. One can customize wardrobes to store books or any other items in the living room. Living room wardrobes can hide things that you do not want others to see.  They can also display your collection of antiques, books, souvenirs, trophies, etc. You may also dedicate a section of your living room wardrobe to coats and shoes. They come in handy when you do not have much space in the living area. Living room wardrobes could be anything from Shaker to Minimalist.  Sliding door wardrobes also have many uses. No matter what type of wardrobes you use in your living room, they infuse style and lift the ambiance.

Designing a wardrobe

Designing a wardrobe is a challenging job. It is because no one can remodel the living room frequently. So, you need to plan it thoroughly. Assessing the space is the first and most important step of successful living room wardrobe ideas. It helps one decide the size of the wardrobe. Wardrobes with sliding doors are perfect for a living space as they do not need extra space to open doors. Solid wood is the ideal option to build wardrobes. Wood is durable, eco-friendly, and easy to maintain. Plywood, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), and metal are also used in making wardrobes.

Options for living room wardrobe ideas

Your living room reflects your taste and lifestyle. For this, one has to be serious about living room decoration. It must be comfortable, cozy, and practical for your family. A well-chosen living room wardrobe can achieve these goals. The living room also has maximum foot traffic. People settle there to read books, watch TV, hold parties, and to do many more things. One must install functional furniture when the space is small. It is why the choice for a living room wardrobe has to be taken in all seriousness. Living room wardrobes have many advantages. They keep things safe and protect from dust, dirt, humidity, etc.

Stand-alone wardrobe

Living room wardrobe ideas stand alone wardrobe

Stand-alone wardrobes are one of the most popular living room wardrobe ideas. One can get modular wardrobes for that. They deliver the most punch and can give the illusion of more space. These are also the best for contemporary homes. You can get free-standing modular wardrobes in various styles and sizes. However, you must get one that fits the available space and caters to your individual needs.

Built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes are the best option for living spaces with non-standard shapes and angles. You can customize them to integrate with your living room space. As such, they follow the dimension of the living room, entail maximum space utilization, and also blend in with the interior décor.

Living room wardrobe ideas style decision

Living room wardrobe ideas with storage and table

You can style your living room with a wardrobe in many ways.

  • Glass-front wardrobe: Glass-front wardrobes let you appreciate your collection without opening the door. These are best for living rooms that are blessed with a lot of natural light and for those who have a passion for organizing things. It may hold anything from books, antiques, sea shells, family photos, etc. You can place contrasting items together or show pieces between stacks of books to liven up the living room.
  • Minimalist approach: It involves minimal furniture and decorative elements on the living room walls. You can combine the wardrobe with a soft sofa, a coffee table, and a carpet.
  • Classical look: Solid wood wardrobes are the best to impart a classic timeless look in the living room. You can have a wardrobe that spans from floor to ceiling. Build it with sliding doors, and use a color that blends with the color of the wall.
  • Hi-tech modern style: Wardrobes with metal surfaces are perfect to deliver this look. The furniture should be as concise as possible.
  • Rustic look: Wooden wardrobes without gloss and finish are ideal to infuse a rustic look. However, it should complement other furniture and the overall décor of the living room.
  • Flashy pop art: Wardrobes painted in unnatural colors hold the key to this style. It creates a focal point with the wardrobe and improves the living room interior.

In passing

It is challenging to nail down living room storage issues. It is possible to solve awkward storage problems by installing a wardrobe in the living room. Now that you know living room wardrobe ideas, implement those which complement the décor without overcrowding the space.


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Living Room Color Ideas To Kickstart Your Home

Want to change the ambiance in your living room? Getting a makeover for this particular area can be quite challenging. The living room is no simple space. Usually it is the family’s go-to spot when entertaining guests or simply spending time having fun together talking about anything under the sun. It does not only reflect your personality, but also of all family members– cohesively woven together to present a harmonious home-y charm where everyone tends to gravitate to. From paint color to furnishing, fabrics and accessories, these living room color ideas will surely give your home a much needed lift for the new year.


Living Room Color Ideas For Your Home


Timeless and Enchanting

If you are one who doesn’t get easily influenced with the Color of the Year, then using timeless hues can add more enchantment to a living room. Colors that never grow “old” can also save you a lot of time and effort. They are ones that you’ll never get sick of. Think of layering various sandy whites on walls and ceilings, to create a softened yet comfy look. You can then complement these with neutral accessories. Matte or dover white is another great option and so does alabaster, like the one below. If you want something darker, navy blue can give off a cozy vibe, too. For a more traditional take, olive green is also a great choice for timeless enchantment.

White living room with grey accents and framed mirrors

Source: hips.hearstapps.com


Cool and Relaxing

Want a place that takes all the stress off your back once you set one foot at home? Painting your walls with cool, relaxing colors and complementing these with decorative accessories, will give that ultimate cool vibe to reignite everyone’s personal energy hub. Paring aqua blue with sandy white, for instance, can deliver a breathe of fresh air reminiscent of living in a beach-like atmosphere. Combining the colors of corn silk and chestnut for accents and trim, will lift that vibe. Jade green can help transform a living room into some sort of a Caribbean oasis, particularly when accentuated with real potted plants (see below). This is a great example of one of the living room color ideas that can really improve the look of a room.

Light green living room with coffee table, plants and framed artwork

If it’s the feel of the ocean you like, jewel-toned blue will make your place feel like a vacation home. Think about amethyst walls with a burst of purple on sofas and other decorative elements, like a floor lamp. Different shades of blue, like the ocean blue one below, lend a bouncy, bright, openness to a space, even when in the middle of a bustling city.

Royal blue living room with grey couch and coffee table plus other decor

Source: hips.hearstapps.com


Warm and Inviting

Living in a cold, winter-all-year-long area, should not be an excuse to also have a dreary home. Coming home to a warm and welcoming living area, can give everyone a jolt of happiness in a rather depressing atmosphere. Think about warm colors and soft fabrics carefully laid out on shades of mango-yellow walls. A peach paint color also gives a warming and welcoming vibe. To make it not feel too overwhelming, painting a section of your living room wall with peach (or if you want a lighter shade, go for a cantaloupe-y one) can be done, like this cozy home featured in Old Brand New, below.

White shelves with colorful decor and wooden cabinet

Source: oldbrandnew.com

Red is also a warm and inviting color, but ditch the fire engine hue and go for crimson instead. A rich shade of crimson helps to warm up any space. To add more drama and charm, mix and match contrasting furniture, accents and accessories, in pinks and blues. If you prefer something daintier, dover white, red, and various shades of pink or coral, can also help dissipate the boldness, commonly drowning this rich shade.

Green living room with wicker furniture, artwork and chandelier

Source: castlesunlimited.com


Bold and Exciting

To the young and carefree, bold and exciting living room color ideas abound. Think wake-me-up yellow, as an accent wall or sofa instead. Pink is another color that’s mostly referred to as “girly” or “feminine” — which should not be the case. Simply whisk in funky and bohemian elements on textiles, furniture, patterns and decor, to make it balanced and vibrant, like this New Orleans home below.

Pink dining room with artwork, plants and fancy lights

Source: oldbrandnew.com

Of course, if you want to make visitors gasp from excitement and surprise, choosing black as a major theme in your living room color motif, is also a great idea. This modern living room below, for instance, gives out that bold fashionable vibe. The gold, gray and matte white accents make the room less choppy, and more cozy to stay on with. When it comes to living room color ideas, black can look great if worked into a space correctly.

Living room colors in a darker shade with artwork and furniture

Source: home-designing.com


These are just some of the living room color ideas to take into mind when thinking of a revamp your home this year. Other colors to consider are ebony, gray, dark and cobalt. Regardless if you want something bold and bright, totally serene and calming, timeless or modern, the idea should be to find that perfect color motif to adorn your living room and make it truly breathe life.


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11 Living Room Wall Decor Ideas: Which Ones Work For You?

The living room is generally the room in the house which is most often in the eyes of the visitor. After all, most of us use this room specifically to entertain. And that means, no matter how the rest of your house is done up, you need some really great living room wall decor ideas to help you make your living room stellar! And we have brought you some great examples!

Living room wall decor ideas with decorative racks in yellow and gray

Photo Credit : cozylivingroomideas.com

#1: First up, you can use the wall behind the sofa to put up little decorative racks. Make these racks interesting in themselves. You can then keep curios and keepsakes in them.


Wall shelves above gray sofa as living room decor

Photo Credit : gnuarch.org

#2: You can also take the shelf idea to the next level, especially if you have modernistic tastes and believe that that should be reflected in your living room. Here is an example that is sure to spark some conversation. And as you can see – the things you keep on these shelves are also different from the curios you can keep on the regular shelves. This maintains some much needed homogeneity. Living room wall decor ideas that are modern, are ones that are always a good idea.


Shelves in living room for wall decor in black and white room

Photo Credit : gurukoala.com

#3: Another idea that you can incorporate shelves into, is if you have your TV in the living room. In that case, merely placing the TV along one wall looks too severe. Instead, work on doing up the way in harmonious pieces, like this example here.

Black and white living room bird decals for living room

Photo Credit : cozylivingroomideas.com

#4: After shelves we move on to decals and creativity. Here you can see a beautiful white and black living room that is actually partitioned off from the kitchen. The partition acts as a wall that does not seem like a final end to the room. And across this wall you have the pretty black on white decal. It frames the sofa – and adds much needed variety to your room. This is one of the living room wall decor ideas that really can add contrast to the room.

Small orange room floral decal on living room wall

Photo Credit : mopodir.blogspot.in

#5: Another idea for decals is to go for something that is not quite extensive as the first one. As you can see here, the idea is to pick a piece that goes with the decor of the rest of the room, and use it to highlight just one wall. Also, the thing to note is that the decal is actually placed along one arm of the sofa – as opposed to keeping it in the center behind the backrest of the sofa.


Large floral and pink butterfly decal for living room

Photo Credit : cherrydabosslady.blogspot.in

#6: Here you can see the decal has been placed along a different wall, and part of it is actually obscured by the TV. The design is also what adds a pop of color to the room that really makes the otherwise monotonous room look so attractive!

quote decals as living room wall idea

Photo Credit : modern.urbanimg.com

#7: Finally, we have another decal idea – this one is actually more contemporary and doesn’t go the usual flowers, trees and floral route. This one here is a quote, written in a very quirky manner. You can go for similar quote based decals – and make sure the whole thing is visible. Or some people also go for simple relief pictures of cartoon characters in black. They hark back to your childhood, but without looking entirely childish!


#8: Next thing we’re suggesting to you are photo wall ideas. These are all the rage these days – and they tend to work in most cases. Photo walls can be of two types – personal or curated. This is the first type, and interestingly, the photos aren’t actually put up against the wall, but rather on shelves. The color combination also works wonders! This is one of the more popular living room wall decor ideas.


Curated photo wall ideas for living room

Photo Credit : silentfilmlegend.blogspot.in

#9: The other type of photo walls that you can consider is the curated ones. Here you use the wall as a canvas to put up photos or pictures by others. You can either pick all similar types of images to put together. Or you can pick different types and ensure that there is a theme to the variation.


Mirror frame wall decor living room ideas

Photo Credit : homeideas.website

#10: Many people also go for a series of mirrors with different frames. They make for a nice collage. But as you can see here, alternately placing one mirror centerpiece can also work wonders. Mirror frames are living room wall decor ideas that can amplify your design in many great ways.


Square frames in modern brown and orange livingroom

Photo Credit : skydesigns.us

#11: And finally – more abstract designs, like square frames, or round ones, juxtaposed together in modern designs can also lend a stark yet beautiful touch to your room. You could get these pre-assembled, or even conceptualize and customize your own!

So there you have our 11 living room wall decor ideas. As you have seen, we included different versions of the same themes – each suited to a different kind of decor. Now you know that you have a number of different inspirations – you just need to figure out what works for you!


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