Small Living Room Decor Ideas: Create The Illusion Of Space

Having a small living room could actually put you in a state of dilemma. After all it is the room that you primarily present to your guests. And yet, when it is small you constantly feel that you need to toe a very fine line when decorating it – go a little overboard and it can look unnecessarily cluttered. But there are a few intuitive small living room decor ideas that can actually make your room appear to be more spacious than it actually is!



Small living room decor ideas on display with mirror and pictures

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#1: Use mirrors to create the illusion of space. A single room at one side of the room reflects the room onto itself, in addition to reflecting light and attracting the eyes. This is a great way to create the illusory feel that there is more room than you think.


Furniture with multiple use and storage

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#2: Make multiple use of the same space. As you can see here, the back of the sofa has been turned into a bookshelf. In this way you can create the illusion of space by seemingly dividing a large room into two. Actually a clever piece of furniture only cuts the room in two – without there being too much space. These kind of small living room decor ideas really can give you much more room for storage.


Multipurpose furniture used with small living room decor ideas

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#3: Use multipurpose furniture specially designed for storage. As you can see here, this modular shelf looks sleek, provides a lot of storage space, and yet, due to its design also gives the illusion of space.


Muted colors used with decor ideas

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#4: Another strategy can be to use colors that are muted and subdued, like beige and cream. Along with that, if you can have a lot of natural light in the room – from a window, preferably – this can actually take away from the cluttered look.


Corner decorating ideas used in small living room

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#5: If the room is small – make better use of the corners. The corners are usually areas of a room that get neglected, and you’d be surprised how much space gets wasted so. In this case, as you can see, an L-shaped sofa has been used to utilize the corner space, and free up the remaining space in the room. Also, they have made beautiful use of the limited space behind the sofa with the help of a narrow shelf – elongating the room in perspective. Utilizing corners and other parts of the room, will open up other small living room decor ideas.


Floating sofa and settees as living room ideas

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#6: Floating sofas and settees without backrests can also add the illusion of space. This is because back rests cut into the space in a room – and divide it up. But the use of low seating, coupled with normal standalone chairs can give you seating space, even in a small living room


Small sofa livingroom in light room with plant

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#7: Also, downsizing the seating, particularly the sofa, can further maximize space. Have a few chairs on standby to use when you have guests over, but keep the basic sofa small and compact – and that way you have more space left over.


Patterned floor and modern livingroom with tv

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#8: A patterned floor – particularly one that features vertical lines along the length of the room – is another thing that tends to draw the eyes out to the end of the room. This creates a sense of elongation which can be very useful in creating the illusion of space.


Plants used in light colored living room

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#9: Another idea is to place plants either in the corner, or at the centre of any one side – preferably near large windows. The windows of course take the eyes out of the room and dispel the small space feeling. And the plants, especially if they are vibrant and large, draw the eyes towards the windows. Many different types of plants can be used in small living room decor ideas.


Here are 9 small living room decor ideas that can help you to make the most of the space you have. The fact is that the decor greatly contributes to the final feel of your space. The wrong decor can make even a large space appear cluttered. But with these pointers you should be able to properly do up your living room and feel happy about entertaining guests there!



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10 Budget Friendly Living Room Decorating Ideas

The living room is hailed as one of the most important spaces in a home. This is where family members bond and talk about their lives. Guests also bask in its warmth during visits and special occasions. Today’s homes however, have to contend with a cramped and claustrophobic living room due to limited square footage. To maximize light and space without spending so much, it is only fitting to pay attention to details to make a difference. With this, here are 10 budget friendly small living room decorating ideas to kickstart a much-needed makeover.



White room with artwork and two large mirrors


1. Choose Cool Paint Colors

blue room and light furniture with large ottoman

Such a simple feat with a lot of benefits, repainting has always been considered one of the most budget-friendly small living room decorating ideas ever conceptualized. When choosing a paint color however, choose cool tones of grays, greens, or blues. Paint the ceiling a shade lighter than your wall and compliment your wall with light colored furniture to create a feeling of added space. Also, it is easier to accessorize.


2. Window Pampering

Window treatment on elegant window

Adding window treatment can easily turn a living room space into something new. For limited space, choose ones that stretch all the way down to the floor. Do hang curtains 4 to 6 inches higher than the window top. This helps to create an illusion of space and height.


3. Condo-Style Seating

Condo sized living room decorating ideas with lighting and artwork

Small living room ideas cannot forego the need for a seat. Choose condo-sized sofas or apartment couches to save on space. There are so many to choose from nowadays of combination-furniture where a couch, chair and recliner are built in one package. Armless couches or chairs also help open space. To prevent clutter, consider buying a single or double piece instead of too many pieces.


4. Go Multifunctional

Multifunctional living room decorating ideas with brown coffee table with storage

Storage can be such a bummer in a limited space. To maximize storage, choose multifunctional furniture. Choose ottomans, sofas, coffee tables and other furniture which have hidden storage bins. Entertainment centers equipped with bookshelves can also make a good addition.


5. Change Position

Rearrange furniture living room decorating ideas with storage shelves

Can’t afford to repaint or buy new furniture? Then, re-arrange the furniture. One of the wisest small living room ideas is to simply reshuffle what you currently have. Make good use of walls and windows when reorganizing furniture. Re-arrange decorative elements like books, candles, vases, artwork, and so on for that entirely new look.


6. Art Be Mine

Art living room decorating ideas

Add a splash of color by hanging an artwork as focal point to a living room. Small decorating ideas from experts continue to suggest that by using a single large artistic item as focal point do not make the space feel crowded. In fact, it is much better and less messy than having several small pieces.


7. Mirror, Mirror on the Floor

Floor mirror with black frame living room decorating ideas

Mirrors create an allusion of extra dimension to a space. Because it reflects light, a mirror can make a room look larger than it truly is. Instead of the usual mirror on the wall, go funky and simply place it incline from the floor near a sofa or an area where it can reflect natural light.


8. Add Some Life

Plant living room decorating ideas in white with coffee table

Put life back into a seemingly dreary living room by adding some greenery. Choose plants that purify air and require less maintenance. Choose from Areca palm tree, snake plant, bamboo palm, peace lily, philodendron, red-edged dracaena, and golden pothos are great choices. These plants are known to minimize stress levels as well as add organic beauty to any space.


9. Smart Lights

Smart lighting living room decorating ideas with artwork

When it comes to small living room decorating ideas on a budget, smart lighting plans and accessories will definitely create an entirely new look without even trying hard. Revamp old lamps by repainting or change lighting solutions with energy-efficient ones. Choose accent lightings and hanging pendants that draw the eye up to the ceiling. Ambient lighting also lends a sense of warmth to a room while lamps create an impression of relaxation and spaciousness.


10. Recreate, Refurbish, Recycle

Repurposed furniture living room decorating ideas in blue and white

Do you know that your home is a treasure trove? So, instead of buying things from a nearby depot, consider doing an inventory of your home. Use items like decorative pillows or ottomans left to stagnate somewhere else. Refurbish mason jars and glass bottles using your arts-and-crafts talent. Some of these things can look their best when placed in a living room’s entirely new light.


Indeed, it is interesting and exciting to try new things in your living room. Amid its limitations, you can still create a functional space oozing with relaxation and entertainment without creating a dent to your piggybank. With these small living room decorating ideas, you can finally make great improvements using small cheap tweaks.



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Stylish Living Room Lighting Ideas: Give Your Room A Unique Look

For most people, the living room is where they spend most of their leisure time. Whether it is to watch TV or sit down to read a good book, or just simply lounge around for unwinding , the living room can be used for just about anything. Not only is it the space where you would spend your time, but it is also the space where your house guests would spend time in as well. This is one of the reasons it is really important to design your living room well. Not only do the types of things you have in your living room make a difference on the atmosphere and uses, but the arrangement of everything in the room also matters. However, spacing and arrangement isn’t the only way to change the way your living room looks and feels. So here are some stylish living room lighting ideas to get you started.

Lighting may seem not so important in comparison the other things, but it can actually accentuate the decor and also make a world of a difference on the mood and atmosphere of your living room. There is a lot to consider when it comes to suitable lighting, which is why you might want to take a look at the several lighting tips below from experts, to change your living room lighting ideas to suit the need and occasion!

Let’s take a look at few such ‘brightening’ ideas….



1. Living Room Lighting Tips

Living room lighting ideas with artwork, plants and fireplaces

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With lighting fixtures these days, one can see that they have four main uses, which you should consider when choosing what to place in your living room. There is accent lighting that plays on brightness in order to accentuate and highlight certain aspects or items in the room. There is also the very common ambient lighting that is capable of casting a warm atmosphere into the room for more comfort and ease. The third type of lighting is the decorative, which is not used as much for the light it provides, but allows a space to be given more character instead. The last main type of lighting is the task lighting which helps illuminate certain focal areas where tasks in the room are generally completed. Knowing which type of lighting fixture you are looking at is will help significantly in properly placing them inside your room. Lighting fixtures should always be a thought of when living room lighting ideas are considered.


2. Tips for Lovely Traditional Living Room Lighting

Tips for Lovely Traditional Living Room Lighting in white with furniture

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When you own a traditionally styled living room, it can be tricky to figure out how to configure the lighting properly, however there are several key tips you can keep in mind in order to not only provide convenience, but also be ordered with the style of your living room.

  • One important feature every traditional living room needs is a center light that has a dimmer. This way it can be adjusted to fit any sort of occasion and instantly turn on the intimacy with low light.
  • Another key tip is to ensure you have enough task lighting, like lamps, in the room to ensure you have the light you need when you are working. However, to keep it in the traditional style, be sure to maintain the symmetry, especially with matching lamps.
  • In addition to these two tips, you should also use the lighting to accent certain areas of the room, especially if you have pieces you want focused on, like a sculpture or painting.
  • Lastly, be careful with the types of ceiling light fixtures you use, especially if they serve as the center light. Don’t go too big or too small, and always keep in mind that even the fixtures’ designs have an impact on the room’s aesthetic.


3. How to Properly Light a Living Room

Lamp in corner of living room with book shelves and other decor in black

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The most important thing that needs to be considered when looking into living room lighting ideas, is the room’s usage. If your room has a general use, then general lighting will do. You can just use simple overhead lighting for this. If your use for the living room is to do work and other tasks, then it is important to keep your working spots most brightly lit with lamps and to keep the natural light a bit low so that your designated spots become more focused on. Lastly, don’t forget about lighting as accents to the room. You can add a few small fixtures to provide warm lighting, especially to create a nice atmosphere during the night.



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7 Small Living Room Ideas With TV

Remember those days when TVs weighed a ton and looked like another piece of furniture dumped in the living room? Luckily, today’s generation no longer has to contend with such a bulky piece of entertainment machine. With flatscreens in varying sizes, design and features continually bombarding the market, it’s no wonder that the era of the entertainment area in the living room has also made a comeback. When thinking of revamping your own digs, these small living room ideas with TV can come handy.


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1. Get creative by placing your TV set on an easel

Elegant and unique, an easel can give your TV a bump into the right stylish direction without hogging up too much space in your small living room. You can buy one straight from retail sites online and go for either wood or reinforced lightweight alloy. It’s not a bad idea to get one with moveable casters for convenience. Do you also know that a DIY easel can only cost you around $35? Check this out.

small living room with easel tv stand in white bedroom with beams



2. Hide it

Small spaces require consistent decluttering to prevent it from looking cramped. To maximize vertical space, concealing a TV set inside a piece of furniture or perhaps, behind a sliding panel off the wall is a brilliant idea. There are specially designed wall cabinets that hide a TV while posing as a piece of artwork. It makes a great focal point when nobody’s watching, and as a center for entertainment when someone’s itching for a good show. This is one of the small living room ideas with tv that is great for anyone who appreciates tv and wants their tv out of the way.

EZY-B Artistically Concealed TV Cabinet with doors


3. Converge it with wall-mounted shelves

To create an illusion of a spacious living room, it is wise to maximize as much vertical space as possible. Bare walls are complete no-no’s in this case. This is why it’s good to add wall mounted shelves to add storage, which also adds a sense of functionality to the whole living space. Add a flat-screen TV to spice things up and achieve a minimal yet functional look.

Small living room ideas with tv and wall shelf on white wall



4. Just put it up on the wall

Straight as a rod. No fuss. No drama. That’s it! Put your TV right on a wallpapered area. When there’s no room for another piece of furniture and shelves can make things look ghastly. Simply add an articulating wall mount like the Kanto FMX2 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount and voila! Boosting the style of your living room and being able to adjust a TVs angle for multiple viewing positions when needed, can be achieved. This popular method of small living room ideas with tv remains one of the most popular to this day.

Kanto FMX2 Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount


5. Build a library around it

Book lovers who love to showcase their love for reading usually create a haven for their prized pieces for everyone to see. Recessed walls with bookshelves and a TV at the center is an exciting idea. Or if you want something minimalist, buying a TV stand that also doubles as a bookshelf will be cool! This DEVAISE Bookshelf-TV Stand, for instance, can be combined to create the design you want. Awesome, right?

DEVAISE Bookshelf-TV Stand


6. Nobody puts “baby” in a corner– not!

For a living room that’s deprived of enough breathing space, making use of corners can help elongate the area and lend a sense of spaciousness. You can prop the TV set at a certain 45-degree angle or you can take your pick from this vast selection of corner TV stands HERE and maximize every square footage of your small living area.

Basement corner living room ideas with tv



7. Get something mobile

Another excellent way of optimizing maximum square footage of your diminutive living area, is to make use of movable stuff. This makes a Kanto MTMA55PL Mobile TV Stand a wise investment when adding an entertainment showcase to your living room. A TV can be propped up when on Netflix binge then, stashed somewhere when inviting some people over cocktails. This is another small living room ideas with tv that is super convenient. Just roll the tv into the closet when not in use.

Kanto MTMA55PL Mobile TV Stand

There are so many small living room ideas with TV for you to choose from. But before you jump into anything, make sure to get a good grasp of your current space. See what of the above ideas will work in your current set-up and make it rock, so it can transform a TV set into a flawless decorative item without hogging up too much space.



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Spruce Up With These Wall Decorations For Living Room

Livings rooms generally require a little more of fair share of ‘sprucing up’ than the rest of your home because not only do we spend a lot of our time lounging there but more importantly, it is that very room where we invite and entertain our guests! While re-doing living room, working with wallpaper can be a little tricky and perhaps this is why most people just go for a simple, plain colored design. This usually works well with any type of room design, especially if you’re going for something minimalist, but you have to admit, it can get a bit dull looking after a while. For that, Wall art can be the perfect fix to this problem. Not only would it give the room a little bit more of a personality, but it could also be a perfect way for you to express yourself. After all the living room is where the “living” should be happening, so it’s only right to make sure it looks like that! Wall art could be the simple and potentially quick fix to the dilemma of having a plain room. You would be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. This is just some of the wall decorations for living room we’ll be talking about below.

If you’re ready to find out what you can do to add some life and color into your living room, read on and check out these interesting wall art ideas!



1. Easy DIY Ways to Create Art For Your Walls

Easy DIY Ways to Create Art For Your Walls for your Living room


Creating displayable art doesn’t have to be difficult at all. It doesn’t even require drawing skills. There are many easy ways that one can make their own DIY art for any wall of the house. One of these is simply using what you have around you, like hanging up a scarf, framing some old wallpaper, hanging shoe boxes on the wall with designs and something inside of it and the like. For the more artistic, even if it’s just slightly creative, it’s not so difficult to make some simple string art, use some art materials to make really simple pieces you can hang up, or even use some adhesive materials to create your own wallpaper. You could even just put things on a string and hang it up. There are many ways to create art for your walls, and it’s really not as daunting as it seems. Wall decorations for living room doesn’t have to be as hard as it seems.


2. Creative Faux Finish Ideas for Your Bare Walls

Faux Finish Ideas for Your Bare Walls in Living room

Photo Credit :

One way to make you walls look more interesting is giving it a faux finish, or having it done in such a way that it appears to have a texture like wood or fabric. This way, you don’t have to actually spend to get the real thing, but you still get an interesting effect. You could take inspiration from any type of fabric that you like and apply a light finish onto your wall, maybe even your ceiling. If you want to go for an older look, you could use distressing, sponging and similar techniques to get that style. You could even try getting an outdoors like look going with textures of trees and plants. It may sound difficult, but some of these are completely possible on your own. If you want to be safe, then you can always go to someone more professional. Professionals are always willing to help with wall decorations for living room.


3. Ideas to Decorate Your Walls With

Many simple ways to decorate your walls


There are many simple ways to decorate a room, and this can mean anything from making something yourself or simply putting something up on the wall that you may not have thought of before. There are several ways to personalize a wall, like handwriting something on it or using self adhesive sheets to form words and designs that you like. There are also a few really simple fixes to a dull wall, which can easily be solved by a trip to a flea market or somewhere where you can find a print or piece of some sort that you would want to put up on you wall. A simple framed photo can make a difference, and you don’t always have to buy it from somewhere. You could even have one of your own photos printed out and hang that up. Pictures always make good wall decorations for living room.

Decorating walls doesn’t have to be complicated at all, just check out some innovative ideas and find something you like or you think would look nice and put it up there. Your living room will transform from drab to dramatic!!



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Top 10 Living Room Design Tips and Tricks

Albeit its small space, the living room can be quite challenging to design. There are so many factors to consider and each factor must complement various elements in the whole interior design. While there may be 101 ways to spruce it up, let’s begin with these top 10 living room design tips and tricks to jumpstart your interest in creating a lively and vivacious space.



1. Add Color

Living room design tips

Set the mood of the whole living room space with color. Be reminded that the colors you pick will create an overall feel or ambiance to the space. Colors can either relax or energize according to their warmth or coolness. Many households use muted hues to deliver a serene ambiance while harmoniously keeping things in a balance.


2. Floor Power

wooden living room floor with modern furniture

Go for stylish yet comfortable flowing. Consider the amount of foot traffic when choosing living room flooring. From tiles to marble, wall-to-wall carpet or not, this lays one of the most important foundations of a living room design. To make furniture stand out, choose neutral flooring. Hardwood floors, ceramic and stone tiles, and full carpeting are popular choices these days. Marble, though expensive, is also a great option. Flooring is one of the living room design tips that really enhance the look of a room.


3. Antique TV to Bookcase

Antique TV to white Bookcase storage ideas

Got an old television set or any battered furniture that only needs a few tweeks and paint to look like new? This antiquated television, for instance, can be turned into a book case or a coffee table or a side table. Some people even use these finds as a pet bed. Do remember to be careful when using old TV sets as inner wires can cause electrocution.


4. Seating + Storage

Ottoman with storage in leafy print

For small living room areas, making good use of your seats to double as storage is the wisest thing to do. Find an ottoman with hidden storage or perhaps, turn an inexpensive bookshelf from Ikea into a bench. This Kallax shelving unit can be easily assembled and then, stuffed with storage boxes, steel feet for support, and of course, a cushion for comfort.

Shelving unit and storage with seating and pillows for living room


5. Mirrors Never Go Wrong

Large round mirror in living room design

You will need a focal point in your living room design. This will help draw anyone into the space. While others go for a fireplace or an ostentatious work of art, many homes go for a mirror. Square or rectangular ones lend the illusion of ample space in a small living room while a round one will help wrap-up a seemingly large room.


6. Leggy Furniture

Furniture leg ideas for living room

Many use the excuse of using leggy furniture to add an illusion of space. To stylish homeowners, however, these living room design tips and tricks, deliver a unique artistry and elegance. Scandinavian homes are very much into colorful and artsy furniture legs—and for good reasons!


7. The Piano Bookshelf

Piano bookshelf ideas in living room

Perhaps one of the most ingenious ways of creating a focal point in your living room design is this piano turned bookshelf. If you’re a music lover with an old piano lying in the attic with no chance of giving it up due to its sentimental value, turning it into this will definitely add more sass to your living room design. It’s a simple DIY project which will definitely make the whole thing more memorable.


8. Zero Curtains and Spotlights

No curtain living room design ideas in white

To dress or not to dress—the million dollar window treatment question. Enhancing natural lighting elements in a living room can be done in more ways than one. Some choose light curtains in pastel hues or without any curtains at all. This is one way to invite natural light in during the day. At night, a perfectly ensconced spotlight allows a spacious and airy feel, too.


9. Hidden Entertainment

TV in sliding cabinet with storage

Due to lack of square footage, many living rooms today also double as a family room where family members watch TV or play games together. So, why not incorporate it into the living design and then, tuck it away via a sliding cabinet. Set up a piece of artwork on the sliding door to add more charm to the whole set-up.


10. Accessorize

Living room accessories and design white furniture

Wrap-up your overall living room design by using perfectly balanced and well-coordinated accessories. From plants to lamps, rugs, framed photos or artwork, coffee table, drapes or curtains, candle and tray or bowl, throw pillows and blanket, sculptures and so on—these items keep the room alive.

Do you have other living room design tips and tricks up your sleeve? The sky is the limit when it comes to concocting ideas for a spiffy and functional, yet elegant and budget-friendly living room space. Decide by considering a theme in mind and start your search from there. There are so many items you can find in both online and actual flea markets, to make your living room dream come true.



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