7 Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

One of the most taken for granted spaces in a home often holds the most significant function and the laundry room definitely makes the cut. What most households do, is simply put it in the garage or a back alley, making it seemingly insignificant to the whole set-up. So, why not give it much-needed TLC? Transform it into a space of utmost functionality with these organization-savvy laundry room organization ideas.



1. Remember Me

Forgetfulness is quite common to busybodies. When you have to juggle work, household chores, play and laundry, some things can be left out, like a pricey item needing special attention in the wash. Remind yourself each time by installing a miniature chalkboard in the laundry room. There are also sticker decal boards that allow erasable markers to remind you of those items.

miniature chalkboard in the laundry room with black appliances

Source : homebnc.com


2. Laundry Room + Office

With many moms getting into the entrepreneurial or work-from-home groove; adding a small office right in the heart of a laundry room, definitely makes a practical move. Create an office nook and make use of barely noticeable appliances. Try to place your office space right where natural light seeps into a window. Add a built in desk and overhead storage and voila! Laundry room organization ideas like this one can really save a lot of time.

Laundry room and office combination

Source : atthepicketfence.com


3. Laundry In A Closet

Living in a high rise has its pitfalls. While suburban homes may have an entire room, these condominium units have to contend with whatever space is available for their laundry requirements. So why not convert a closet into a functional laundry room without “disturbing” the overall ambiance of your space. Simply stack up a washer and dryer then, add hamper-organizers onto shelves. Add a foldable drying rack, as well as an ironing board to seal the deal. Make sure to use seemingly irrelevant pocket spaces near windows to maximize every square inch footage and to let natural light seep in.


Washer and dryer in closet

Source : lushome.com


4. Breakfast/Reading/Laundry Delight

Get the most of a laundry room by carving a breakfast-coffee-reading nook in a corner. Simply install a bean bag or a sofa with a coffee table and a rolling trolley or cart for books or coffee condiments. Add some stylish decals on the wall to personalize the space. Makes for great relaxation while waiting for laundry to dry.

Breakfast reading nook in laundry room with light blue walls

Source : littlehousebigcity.com


5. Smart Drying

Make good use of natural light seeping into your laundry room. Add a wall-mounted drying rack in your laundry room. This does not only save needed space in the laundry, it also makes drying of clothes stylishly easy and convenient. This is one of the laundry room organization ideas that really take advantage of all the limited space.

Wall mounted drying rack in gray laundry room

Source : pinterest.com


6. Ironwoman Anyone?

School uniforms, office suits and formal clothes look too good to be seen wrinkled. Always have an ironing board ready by having a wall-mounted or foldable one. These ideas definitely free much needed space while ensuring functionality.

Brown laundry room cabinets and ironing board

Source : coloradospacesolutions.com


7. Hidden Clothes Hamper

Organize clothes according to color and style. Colored shirts and pants must go into one hamper. White ones in the other, while socks and small stuff goes into a separate storage. To de-clutter, hiding them inside a slidable cabinet drawer would be a great idea.

Slidable cabinet drawer

Source : pinterest.com


These laundry room ideas are all about crafting functional spaces, that take clutter away. So start planning that facelift as early as now. No matter how space-challenged your home’s laundry room, there are always innovative ideas to make it work, without spending a whole lot of money.



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Top 7 Ceiling Design Ideas for Less

The ceiling is often one of the most taken for granted areas during home remodeling projects. Many homeowners believe that ceiling design ideas are but cherry on a cake.


ceiling design ideas


One can simply paint it flat white, hang a chandelier, and voila. But do you know that a great ceiling design for the living room, kitchen, dining area, bedroom, or even nursery and patios, can deliver a sense of character and charm that will leave a deep-seated impression of those who step into your abode? Yes!


So, when thinking of ceiling design ideas, here are 7 styles that won’t overburden your pockets.



1. Painted to Perfection

Painted ceiling design ideas in blue with matching furniture

Today’s innovative technology brings about a riot of unique and dramatic colors, which can suit any meticulous taste. Ditch the usual white or brown route and go for teal, like the one above or Amaranth purple, magenta, wake-me-up yellow, and other attractive hues to match your furniture, rugs, and other decorative materials. Do keep in mind that small rooms will do best with lighter hues to give an illusion of bigger space. For areas with high moisture content, it is also wise to start with a paint primer that prevents mildew and molds.


2. Pressed Tin or Corrugated Metal


Pressed tin ceiling design ideas in kitchen

For spaces with high ceilings and for older abodes, pressed-tin panels painted in your favorite tint of white, silver, or gold will make great ceiling design ideas. For a more inexpensive option, corrugated metal would also make a good ceiling idea for both rustic and modern design schemes. Both add double protection on roofing issues permeating the interior of the home, as well as adding visual appeal to it.


3. Ceiling Paper

Ceiling paper design ideas for dining room

Decorative paper for walls is so passé. Why not add drama to your ceiling using them? Add a feel of coziness or whimsy to the whole space by placing “ceiling papers” with delicate or bold patterns, ranging from geometric shapes to flowery blooms, nautical designs, African safari, and so on. Oversized rooms will do best with bright and bold patterns while smaller ones will blast off with delicate patterns in light hues. With hundreds of available designs, ceiling paper is one of the most versatile ceiling design ideas.


4. Classic Wood

Classic wood layout in kitchen

One can never go wrong with the classic wood design. It will channel a cozy countryside or New England cottage ambiance. Aside from its aesthetic appeal, wood ceiling buff-up a room’s insulation and absorbs noise. For an inexpensive route, choose mineral fiber planks or foam-made faux beams that can be painted or stained.


5. Textured Appeal

Textured ceiling design ideas in kitchen with island

For those who want to maintain the utmost simplicity of an all-white ceiling, adding texture will make it more dramatic. Spray-able or airbrushed popcorn texturing can be done by simply adding dried granules to your choice of latex paint or via thinned drywall compound stomped with a brush. When the texture applied is fully dried, the ceiling can then be painted with white—or your choice of color.


6. Lighting Extravaganza

Lighting with large tub in white bathroom

One of the most aesthetically-appealing ceiling design ideas is to add a plethora of lighting fixtures to highlight the space. The bathroom above, for instance, makes use of dimmable vectrons for a cozier bathroom. Recessed lighting, pendants, track lighting, and other sorts of lighting styles, will help enhance your ceiling.


7. Decorative Ceiling

Decorative pink kids room

Nurseries and kids bedrooms are a haven for creative imagery. Make a small room standout by letting the eye move upward with decorative options. Let your creative prowess go wild making use of the ceiling as an empty canvass. The above pink flower creation adds a fairy tale appeal to a little girl’s bedroom.


Without a doubt, ceilings are often overlooked when planning a home improvement project. Ceilings can be redesigned so it will draw attention upwards and add more dramatic ambiance or create a cohesive look for the whole space. With these budget-friendly ceiling design ideas, you can finally consider redoing such in your own home.



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5 Easy-Peasy Dollar Store Home Decor Hacks

Who wouldn’t want an Instagram-perfect home? But while we would want to emulate Martha Stewart’s home styling ideas, there are actually many ways to enhance your interior decorative design with just arts and crafts supplies and a few things from a friendly Dollar Store. Without further ado, here are some Dollar Store home decor hacks to spruce up your abode without causing a dent in your piggybank.


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Easy Peasy Dollar Store ideas

Source : pinimg.com


1.Stylish Basket

Add more sass to a guest bedroom or a kid’s playroom by adding a rope utility basket. Getting the idea from IHeartOrganizing, this stylish rope basket only needs a few yards of cotton filler cord (which can be bought HERE if you don’t have any stashed from an older craft project), You’ll need a Dollar Store plastic basket (preferably in white), some leftover paint (if you want a colorful take on your rope) and a hot glue gun. Simply wrap the cotton cord around the plastic basket and secure it with the help of the hot glue gun and voila!

Laundry basket made of dollar store materials before and after

Source : bp.blogspot.com


2. Mason Jar Magic

This one comes with a lot of promise. Mason jars can be transformed into so many things– an oil lamp, a hanging pendant light, the body of a table lamp, as jar luminaries for special occasions like Halloween or Christmas, glitter candle holders, fabric encased votives, and so on. You can buy them in bulk at a nearby Dollar Store then, paired with this glitter paint from Amazon below, create a truly dazzling appeal. Dollar store home decor hacks using mason jars can also be found on other websites, such as Pinterest.

FolkArt Extreme Glitter Acrylic Paint in Assorted Colors for home decor hacks


3. Cool Trivets

Any Dollar Store, whether online or offline, always has a section for laundry stuff and clothespins are no exception. For this project, you will need to buy the ones made of wood because, of course, plastic cannot handle heat. Simply spray paint with whatever color you fancy and connect using a hot glue gun and voila! Colorful trivets made of clothespin to add more life to your dining table. This piece of decor will be as useful as it is colorful.

Cool Trivets from clothes pins


4. Spa Bath Mat

Ever came across a pebble bath mat in your nearby Home Depot? At more than $150 a piece, those bath mats can truly make you feel at loss for words. But these mats are known to be quite invigorating. It helps improve circulation by hitting on certain pressure points in your feet while you shower. It also helps remove dirt from your soles and help you save more on a pricey foot spa. With just a handful of pebbles from your backyard, an outdoor rubber mat (with holes for drainage; of any shape you want) from your Dollar Store, and a waterproof silicone sealer and there you have a relaxing bath each time! Dollar store home decor hacks using mirrors like this, are a great option for any DIY project.

Spa Bath Mat made of stones on rubber DIY

Source : i.ytimg.com


5. Mirrors Galore

Create an illusion of a bigger space while enhancing the mood inside your home by converting simple mirrors from your friendly Dollar Store into stylish decorative pieces. There’s the starbust mirror DIY from PopSugar which only needs a Dollar Store round mirror, some wooden skewers, a paper towel and the proverbial arts and crafts stuff. Or that Pottery Barn-inspired mirror which welcomes natural light into your home and also adds a glamorous appeal to your overall interior decorating style. Definitely, there’s more to those Dollar Store mirrors than what meets the eye.


Decorating on a budget is a fun and rewarding experience. There are 1001 Dollar Store home decor hacks out there waiting to be tapped. With your creative genius and limitless desire for all things DIY, your home is definitely in for a much bigger surprise for less. Happy decorating!



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6 Ways How Mirror Can Enhance Your Interior Design

How about using a mirror ‘on the wall’ for a change? This time the purpose being not just to assure you that you are looking your beautiful best, but to make your home decor as outstanding as you are!  Whether you live in a small space or not, placing mirrors in specific areas in your home can do a lot of good to completely change the look of the place altogether!  Not everyone knows how mirrors can greatly effectuate a change in room decor and here you will find ideas on how mirror can enhance your interior design, and that’ll keep you ahead of others in this aspect!



How mirror can enhance your interior design

Source: distrohome.com


Let us show you how to make use of mirrors to enhance your home.


It Provides A Room With a View

Add mirror to mirrorless room to enhance interior design

Source: hgtv.com

This is perfect for rooms that lack windows or have small windows that you don’t get a view of what’s outside. One of the best things that you can do here is to incorporate a mirror. It is best to buy a larger mirror with a beautiful frame and hang it on your wall. You can also add a pitted plan on the opposite wall. This is a great way to enjoy the space without noticing the lack of windows.


Shine Some Light

Add mirror to increase light to enhance interior design in living room

Source: ghar360.com

In this case, for those rooms that don’t have enough light coming from the windows you can make use of a mirror’s reflective properties. You can ‘play around’ with that reflective property in that particular room and find the best position where it can reflect more light. This will also make the room bigger than it actually is…mirrors can create this effect! This is just another way on how mirror can enhance your interior design.


Turn It Fab!

Dual mirror on white wall to enhance your interior design

Source: adoreyourplace.com

If you have a taste for all things glam and fab, then there are plenty of mirrors that can give you what you want! A mirror can easily set the feel in any room. This is perfect if you find a particular room dull and you want to spice it up. Choose the right size of mirror as well as the right frame that suits your taste. And once you have chosen a mirror, find the perfect spot to place it. Metallic accents are popular if you want your room to exude an air of oomph!


Create An Illusion of A Bigger Room

Floor to ceiling mirror to enhance your interior design in bathroom

Source: accostar.com

This is really very easy to do.  You can actually use any size of mirror, but of course this will depend on the room and your taste. A floor to ceiling mirror is a popular choice for those who wish to make a room larger. This is just one more great way on how mirror can enhance your interior design.


Decorate to Decorate

Flowered mirror on light blue wall

Source: domesticfashionista.com

There are times when just having a mirror placed in a room is just for the sake of decoration. And there is nothing wrong with that! As mentioned, a mirror is a great piece of accessory that holds a lot of other purposes as well that are often overlooked. If you already have a room well decorated, keep in mind that adding a mirror wouldn’t hurt! So go on ahead.


Accentuate It!

Small bedroom with a dual mirrors

Source: makeupbytiffanyd.blogspot.com

A mirror can accentuate a simple room, doubling the visual impact. However, this has to be done strategically position wise. This is usually used if you wish to reflect a valuable art piece in your home or in your dining room.

Now that you know how mirror can enhance your interior design, it’s time that you start considering the possibilities and potentials of adding a mirror, to take your interior decor to a different level! Choosing the right mirror for your home may seem like a dilemma at first but once you are decided on the effect you exactly want to create, you will gradually but surely be able to find the right ones and make the right choice!



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10 Ways to Enhance Lighting and Style Of Your Home With Mirrors

Apart from huge windows and tall ceilings, mirrors are a space-savvy decorators and DIY homeowners’ best friend. There is just no better way to enhance lighting and style of homes than a well-placed mirror. This stylish object helps expand walls, amplify natural and artificial light, enhance view, open small spaces, break-up visual clutter, and basically solve all types of design dilemmas. Check these 10 ways to enhance lighting and style of your home with mirrors.



Enhance lighting and style of your home with mirrors

A well-placed mirror adds some sparkle and oomph to any interior design. Here are 10 clever ideas to do on your own abode.


1. The Full Wall Mirror Effect

Mirrored wall in Living room with white furniture

A seamless full-wall mirror can astoundingly solve small living room, kitchen, or bedroom space problems. It gathers natural light and magically creates an illusion of a much larger space. Areas which appear gloomy or dreary will also be illuminated. Add a standing lamp to make it even more magical at night.


2. Large Mirror On A Mantel-top

Large square mirror with black frame over mantel in living room

Place a larger-than-life mirror on top of a mantel to open up the space. This will make the room seem larger as well as optimize light saturation to make it cheerful and upbeat. Simply whisk in a few decorative pieces to glam it up. This way to enhance lighting and style of your home with mirrors, really does make a room appear much larger.


3. Mirror to Reflect A Window

Large mirror in bedroom to reflect window light

Bring in natural light into a room by placing a large mirror opposite it. The one above makes good use of a customized large mirror placed semi-diagonally to create a warped illusion and bring eyes to the top. Placing a mirror opposite a window also makes a room create a lively aura.


4. Mirror As Kitchen Backsplash

mirror as kitchen backsplash

Some people use stones, tiles or laminated items as backsplash behind a sink or a cooktop. Why not use customized mirrors to help open your kitchen space? To hide splatter and for easy clean-up, make good use of antique varieties or those easy to wipe models.


5. Mirror Wall Art

Three large rectangle mirrors with wooden frames in dining room

Homeowners may also use mirrors as both wall art and light enhancer. These three wall mirrors here create a dramatic statement to a formal dining area while enhancing natural light.


6. Mirror In-Between Windows

mirror in between windows in bedroom with brown frame

Living in a high rise allows you huge access to natural light sources. Ditch the curtains for those windows and place a full-length mirror in between. This will create an illusion of an additional window to maximize natural light. The idea of simply propping one against the wall also reverberates relaxation. This way to enhance lighting and style of your home with mirrors, is an easy one to pull off, in a short time.


7. Of Mirrors and Boudoirs

White boudoir with large square mirror

Some boudoirs do not incorporate a mirror to their design. Why not hang one at least 1 to 2 inches from it? Or simply prop a large mirror? This can trick the eye into believing that there’s more space therein. Propping a lamp there also optimizes the lighting element and delivers a glamorous look.


8. Sunburst Mirror Ideas

sunburst mirror ideas in dining room

Design your own sunburst mirror to make a room more elegant and magical. You can prop it on top of the matrimonial bed or over a console. Sunburst mirrors also make excellently stylish living room centerpieces.


9. Round Mirror and Books

round mirror and bookshelf in white

Add more splash to your bookcase by tucking a round mirror in it. Placing a round mirror right smack into the center of a standalone or wall bookcase, will create a sense of artistic depth into a room. If you have an old entertainment center, simply paint it with white, place the mirror in place of a television, and illuminate light and charm to the whole space.


10. Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

mirrored medicine cabinet with lighting ideas

Most bathrooms quintessentially have a medicine cabinet that’s every bit as neglected as the contents in it. Add a splash of design savvy by placing a mirrored medicine cabinet. This will help gather natural light and add more sass to the space.


Many homes have mirrors but only a few actually have a good grasp on how to use them efficiently and stylishly. These are just some of the many ideas to use mirrors for better lighting and design. Try one of these ideas to enhance lighting and style of your home with mirrors, to fully enjoy their charming effects.



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10 Inventive Bookshelf Ideas For Small Rooms

To many bookworms, leafing through a books pages and smelling its unique dustiness, brings more excitement and warmth more than any gadget that’s been made. With more hardbound and paperback materials coming in, storage can become a problem. So, if you are one of the many who still are fond of the olden ways, here are creative bookshelf ideas for small rooms that will help maximize every square inch of space.



1. Floating Bookshelves

Floating ski shelf with white couch

If you are to place a floating bookshelf in the living room, try to make it as creative as you can. These bookshelves made from old skis are fluid works of art making it a great focal point. Apart from adding space to the room, this refreshing design adds a sense of exceptionality and fabulousness to the whole decorative element of the room.


2. Floor-to-Ceiling Bookshelves

Floor to ceiling shelves with chair and light

Lots of rooms in your home have a seemingly blank canvas as a wall. Convert them into bookshelves to add more storage for your much-loved antique hardbound books and favorite paperbacks you had growing up. Let each recessed wall scream of history and passion for the divine and the imagination. Simply prop a reading chair on a corner and a reading lamp to enjoy a day languidly. This is one of the bookshelf ideas for small rooms that can really save you space.


3. Kitchen Essentials

Shelves next to refrigerator in kitchen

Bring out those cookbooks and place them where they belong—in the kitchen. There are various places where you can tuck them in for your easy viewing. Take a good look at those narrow spaces just in between cabinets, cutleries and appliances. With a few carpentry skills, you can finally add those bound recipe notes handed down from one generation to the next.


4. Movable Shelves

Movable bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Got any old ladders or cabinets with dilapidated walls? Prop a ladder on a corner and place books wedged at the center. Remove the dilapidated walls on a cabinet to make it look like a book stand. Either of these two can be moved around from one space to another to blend as a decorative element to any space. This is one of the bookshelf ideas for small rooms that is a perfect example of portable.


5. Headboard Bookshelves

Headboard bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Some people can’t sleep without reading a book. So, why not buy a bed with a bookshelf as headboard. Some people even go for custom-made bookshelves as headboard just to stress their love for reading themselves to sleep.


6. Corner Book-A-Thon

Corner bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Bedroom corners are often taken for granted allowing ample space to go to waste. Why not install this unique corner shelf to store some of your favorite reading materials. Place a sofa or a hanging rattan swing, prop up a pillow and read to your heart’s content.


7. Stairway Book Space

Stairway bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Why not show-off your book collection like how you did with your shoes? Take this F.L. Wright-designed wooden stair bookcase from his famous “Fallingwater” house. Not only does it showcase antique hardbound books, it also exudes so much warmth and creativity that speak so much of its home owner. No matter how narrow or wide a stairway, it can always accommodated a good sized book collection.


8. Bathroom Companion

Bathroom bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Who says you can’t read books while in the bathroom? Most moms with little tots see this place as a sanctuary. This is where they can be themselves and enjoy life’s little leisure—like reading. So, why not hang a free-flowing bookshelf on the wall? Simply leaf through the pages whenever you are in the room. It’s a great space saver too!


9. Doorway To Books

Hidden bookshelf ideas for small rooms in living room

There are certain rooms that every household owner would love to simply hide to the world. What better way to conceal it than by repurposing the door as a bookshelf. Make it look like a connection to the wall. That will ultimately help store books and knick-knacks and let go of a potential eyesore.


10. Dreamland Bookshelves

Bed bookshelf ideas for small rooms

Maximize storage space in your bed by customizing its foot into a bookshelf. Some even create a recessed hole at the bottom of their beds to help store books collected over the years. Not only does it add storage to the bedroom, it also adds drama to the whole bedroom design element.

Indeed, many people refuse to get hooked on e-books and all things digital. When your passion to read pages means getting the best out of your home space, make good use of these bookshelf ideas for small rooms to make way for real books. With these, you can finally find a home for your ever growing collection of books.



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