Top 7 Back Yard Patio Ideas

Top 7 Back Yard Patio Ideas

While the front porch of your house remains open to visitors’ views, the backyard patio remains hidden. The focus is on privacy and it is a place where you can relax in solace while viewing the outdoors. You could be checking out the garden, a pool, or any other location open to what you can see. To make your backyard patio most comfortable, you can add some innovative ideas. The front porch of your home could be set up to impress visitors, whereas the backyard patio is the place to retreat in seclusion for you and your family. Following are the top 7 back yard patio ideas for you.

Make Your Backyard Patio the Best for Both Worlds

back yard patio ideas

Though the backyard patio is an outdoor location in your home; it can be as cozy and comfortable as any interior part of it.

  • A backyard patio is a true sanctuary for you and your family.
  • Using these top back yard patio ideas, you can make the space stylish as well as comfortable.
  • Using effective ideas; you can get the best of both worlds as the patio will be extremely comfortable and secluded as well.
  • You have to find ideas that suit you the best, as every homeowner would have different requirements based on his or her specific needs.

Make the Backyard Patio Usable for the Entire Family

Poolside ideas and decor

Spending relaxing time in your own patio could be a great experience. It will be an especially pleasant experience spending such time with the family and friends in complete privacy. It is also a most satisfying place to enjoy a get together in complete privacy without interference. It will be a good move to obtain excellent back yard patio ideas from expert designers. You can get the best of such ideas befitting your requirements and budget. A reliable professional designer can help you with relevant ideas on cost and space economy.  Thus, it will become easier for you to get the best at the cheapest and optimizing the space you have. It will become a favored retreat for your entire family.

Find and Use a Unique Backyard Patio Design

back yard patio ideas by the pool

You will certainly like to use some back yard patio ideas that are unique. It is necessary because of the following reasons.

  • You will be looking forward to make your backyard patio stand out in the crowd.
  • The focus will be on privacy and solace but the backyard patio should also be an inviting one for other family members.
  • A well designed backyard patio can also be used as your private meeting place with close friends and associates.
  • A backyard patio should be tailor made for casual outdoor seating.
  • A great idea would be using the most comfortable seats and weather proof furniture on the patio.

Use Fun-filled Back yard Patio Ideas

Bohemian ideas for the backyard

One of the most useful back yard patio ideas is to design the patio in a fun-filled manner. It does not matter if you do not have any furniture in the patio. You can opt for a Bohemian patio design in such case. Blankets, cushions, and a coffee table can create a fun-filled location for enjoying a picnic with your family and friends. This design allows you to use large seat back cushions for comfortable sitting, but you can also create structures for greater comfort. For instance; you can use a patio bench that is one of the most cost-economic designs. The best part of it is that you can create a backyard patio by DIY designing, as the design does not require technical expertise or skills.

Get Expert Support for Luxurious Back yard Patio Ideas

Luxury patio ideas

Things start on a different footing when you want to set up a luxurious backyard patio. It is time to obtain expert support in such a case due to the following reasons.

  • You need appropriate luxury back yard patio ideas that only the experts in the field can provide.
  • Since luxury patios involve larger investments; you have to ensure that the returns are proportionate to the investments made.
  • It involves the selection of soft materials through use of unique designs that will make the luxurious backyard patio a favorite of all users.
  • Attaching a deck, and use of attractive curtains can make the patio look better. A professional expert knows exactly how and where to use them for best results.

Use Novel Back yard Patio Ideas

Concrete patio with seating

Whether it is a small or large backyard patio you have, things will move your way when you use one of these unique back yard patio ideas. The reason is that it is not only important designing a stylish and functional patio, but also to ensure that it looks different. The solution is adding styles and substances that will make your backyard patio look different from the run-of-the-mill patios.

  • Make the patio look seasonal with the painting of plants and use of trendy furniture.
  • For new set ups; you can use an intelligent mix of classic and contemporary styles.
  • For remodeling of your existing backyard patio, add elements that can transform its looks in a positive manner.
  • A novel design is largely dependent on the use of the right color. Choose the most fitting colors for the patio.
  • Design the patio in a way that it looks to be an extension of your home.

Transform your Small Backyard Patio into an Inviting Private Escape

Indoor/outdoor patio

You can easily transform your small backyard patio into a favored private escape for your entire family using some bright backyard patio ideas. An essential part of the process is the use of fitting accessories and the right furniture. When set up in the right manner, the small backyard patio can become the most sought after area in your house. At the same time; a well designed backyard patio can also improve the overall décor of your house substantially.

You can make your backyard patio more inviting and functional using effective back yard patio ideas. The ideas listed above are suggestive as there are numerous ideas for creating a most usable and trendy backyard patio. However; the above ideas can help you to design the patio the right way.


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Patio Ideas on a Budget – Innovative Patio Ideas!

Is there anything more relaxing than a nice backyard patio on a warm summer night? That satisfying feeling of kicking back in your own, personal outdoor space. Designing your own patio space is the opportunity to flex your creative muscles and to tailor your outdoor area exactly to your needs. But when you start to factor in everything you want out of a patio, you’ll see the price tag ramp up rather quickly! It looks like you may need some patio ideas on a budget.

This budgetary concern was our main motivation for writing this article. We’re giving you our top budget patio ideas for those who are looking to get the most out of their dollar. Our tips will cover it all, from the patio itself, to the furniture, to fun accents and creative accessories like potted plants. Let’s get started on your patio makeover!

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patio ideas on a budget

Top Consideration: Your Patio on a Budget

Before we get started, there’s one idea we want to get out of your head. Just because you are “on a budget” doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your personal style or dream patio design! A budget just means that you are spending your money smartly, not that you are “cheaping out” on your backyard patio ideas. So free yourself of this restraint, because there is so much you can do to truly make a space your own, without breaking the bank!

So, read through our list of cheap patio ideas, and consider how our tips line up with your patio design. Because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you make the patio of your dreams. We’ve included adaptable, general tips, so that you can take our ideas and really make them your own!

Top Tips for Patio Ideas on a Budget

patio ideas on a budget chair

Hang Some Lights

Outdoor String Light Set on white patio

We’ll start off our list with one of the most popular tips for a gorgeous outdoor space – hang some string lights! Outdoor lights are a wonderful addition to almost any patio space. The traditional, rustic appeal, accents any space quite nicely, and the lights themselves are much cheaper than other types of lighting!

Another great thing about string lights is how versatile they are. You can hang them anywhere. If you have a deck with a railing, string them up along that. If you don’t have a deck at all, you can even hang them from tree branches. Wherever you choose, these lights are a great focal point for any outdoor space, on a small patio or a bigger outdoor patio. They draw the eyes upwards, and the result is that onlookers can fully appreciate your entire outdoor area in all its glory.

Use a Rug

Nautical Tropical Carpet Outdoor Patio Rug

Here’s another outdoor option that goes a long way. An outdoor rug is a great choice to really tie together an outdoor space. We’ve included this in our “budget” tips because we think that a rug is one of the best ways to really stretch your dollar. It just makes such a big difference and ties the outdoor furniture together, both in visual look and usability of the space. It makes an outdoor space feel more intimate and comfortable.

Additionally, if your deck is a little washed out, or you’re less than happy with the quality of your patio stones, then a rug is a great way to have a place looking new again. Rugs are a great way to add your personal style to your outdoor space, and to really bring together your individual pieces of patio furniture.

A Hammock!

HappyGo Camping Hammock

Our next idea concerns another piece of furniture that we think is so useful in a patio space – the hammock. Hammocks are one of the most cost-efficient pieces of outdoor furniture you can get for your patio. And this isn’t even to mention that they are also one of the most comfortable ways to kick back and relax! An outdoor hammock is a great way to get the most out of your relaxation zone.

Hammocks also add a great visual appeal to your outdoor space. Because if a patio looks cozy, it will feel cozy as well. They really add an element of character to your patio, and you’ll definitely get that bang for your buck.

Putting up a hammock is fast and easy, even in a small backyard. String it up between some trees, or buy a hammock stand to go with it.


Moving on from specific furniture suggestions, we thought we’d give a broader suggestion. There are so many areas of a patio that can be improved with some simple color changes and design touches!

Firstly, color is a sure-fire way to liven up many sections of your patio. It’s such a versatile, inexpensive way to add your own touch to so many different design elements. Consider painting or even just refinishing your deck. Many also choose to give their patio furniture a fresh coat. Even your backyard fence can do with some color! The options are pretty unlimited, and you can get your outdoor decor to match as well.

The Garden

While not technically a part of the patio, we have to mention what a huge impact it will have on your outdoor space to give some special attention to the garden. Your garden comprises so much of the overall appeal of your outdoor space. A big, lively garden will make the space feel more natural and comforting. Touching up your garden is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the appeal of the space overall.

Another great option is to add some plants to your actual patio space! Just get some cheap clay pots, and plant some flowers, some leafy plants, or whatever suits your tastes! Even planting some herbs is a great way to get a mix of form and function.

Budget Patio Materials

Now that we’ve covered some overall design choice, let’s focus on the actual patio itself. After all, one of the main expenses that turns people away from a patio is the cost of building the patio itself. Because it’s no secret that building a patio can be expensive. But there are options for the budget-conscious. Here are a few ideas for a great looking patio without breaking the bank:

Pallet Deck

A pallet deck is a fun DIY idea that actually look great if done correctly. Essentially, a pallet deck is just reclaimed pallets which are laid together or attached. This creates a DIY “deck” of sorts. The main thing you need to get is quality pallets. Make sure that the wood is strong, and you are able to give it a good power-wash to have it looking like new again.

Aside from that, this is easy. It also looks great when laid out on a gravel patio, which we’ll check out next.

Gravel Patio Floor

A gravel patio is one of the least expensive and most simple patios to make. It’s inexpensive, but it doesn’t look cheap! A nice patio with smooth, light gravel actually has a pretty sophisticated appeal. Simply dig up a patio space, flatten the ground, and lay some gravel. It really is that simple.

The main expense is the gravel itself, but you really don’t need that much. You just want a nice, thin layer of gravel on top of some flat Earth. This keeps the gravel surface hard and secure, making it easy to walk on or easy to place patio furniture and accessories.

As mentioned, you can even try placing a pallet deck on top to get the best of both worlds.


Laying brick is a bit of a chore, but it’s definitely an economical option. Your main expense is the brick itself. You can buy all sorts of different brick made from different materials, and in different colors and styles. You can get as creative as you want with it! Either way, a brick patio has that traditional appeal, and is a solid surface to support your patio furniture and outdoor dining space.

This is definitely the most difficult patio to install out of the options above, but it’s also the most secure and solid choice, and will last you the longest as well.

patio ideas on a budget in brick

For Furniture: Go Vintage

Throughout our list we’ve given you a few different furniture recommendations, but there’s one tip that will have you really saving money: aim for used and reclaimed furniture!

Reclaimed furniture is a great way to save money on all your patio furniture and accessories. It also gives your patio a true sense of character. Everything there is hand-picked by you, and everything has its own story. Reclaimed furniture has stood the test of time, and will give your patio a classic look, traditional look.

There are many places to find salvaged furniture. Check out online classifieds, check out antique markets, even stop by a garage sale when you can. People sell their furniture often whenever they get something new, and a keen eye will result in lots of deals for you.


Thanks so much for checking out our guide to patio ideas on a budget! We hope we’ve inspired you with some cost-efficient ways to make a patio your own! Remember, you don’t have to sacrifice style to get the affordable look you want.


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Must-Have Patio Accessories to Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Must-Have Patio Accessories to Liven Up Your Outdoor Space

Creating a memorable outdoor space is an important part of entertaining guests. But during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, feeling good in both your home and backyard should be at the top of your list. Whether you already have patio furniture set up for a relaxing outdoor space or you’re looking for innovative ideas to help you out with the process, there are several must-have accessories that can transform your outdoor patio. Here are our favorites.

Relaxing Patio Swings and Hammocks

patio accessories

Swings and hammocks are fantastic patio accessories that add a playful feel to your outdoor space, but did you know they also provide numerous health benefits? Both work wonders for relieving stress and boosting your mood. You gain the perfect place for mid-day naps, and guests will enjoy lounging around in the hammocks. It’s a win-win.

If you’re interested in accessorizing but you don’t have anywhere to hang them, then free-standing hammocks might be better suited for you. You can place them wherever you want in your yard or on the patio.

Swings also come with plenty of options. They can either be free-standing or bolted from your patio ceiling, similar to a hammock. There are also hammock chairs, which are a beautiful thing. They can be hung from covered patios, combining swinging benefits and hammock relaxation in one. The choice is yours.

Bring Out the Hosting Platter

What better way to delight your guests than by bringing out a hosting platter full of finger food and drinks? An outdoor serving tray adds an element of charm, perfect for a charcuterie board, parties, and picnics. Using an ottoman as a table for guests with a serving platter on top for guests to enjoy is a fun modern alternative to your traditional patio table.

A Canopy of String Lights

patio accessories string lights

Creating a canopy of twinkling string lights is a hot trend right now and a breathtaking way to brighten up any outdoor space. Hang them over your patio or garden and give your backyard a beautiful outdoor bistro feel. Use a ladder and secure the lights with zip ties or hooks wherever you like them. Once everything is set up, you’ll create a magical outdoor experience that you can’t get enough of.

Picnic Table With Built-In Cooler

This is probably something you didn’t know you needed.

It’s time to say goodbye to long treks to the kitchen to top off your beverages. This picnic table has a built-in cooler that you can fill with ice to keep your drinks cold on those hot summer days. It’s the perfect place to entertain guests.

Plus, if you’re handy, there are plenty of DIY tutorials online. Even if you’re not, you can skip the hassle and purchase one of these tables premade online or at stores like Home Depot. Whichever setup you opt for, this picnic table is a must-have this summer.

Gather Around a Fire Pit

No backyard setup is complete without a fireplace or fire pit to get together with friends and family. Gather around and tell stories, keep warm on cooler nights, roast hot dogs, or toast s’mores. The coziness and ambiance that fire pits bring are unbeatable – they’re the perfect patio accessory.

Create Some Homemade Crafts

patio accessories DIY Crafts

Do you pride yourself on being crafty? When it starts to get hot, homemade crafts like DIY hand fans are fun to put out for guests. You can make simple ones with construction paper, satin ribbon, and acrylic paint. If DIY isn’t your thing, then you can always purchase a Japanese fan for entertaining. It’s a thoughtful touch that everybody will love.

You can also set out some homemade spritz bottles to keep your guests cool during those really hot days. Consider putting a few drops of essential oil into each bottle. Peppermint, basil, and sea salt make for some great summery scents.

Pool-Side Patio Umbrellas

What’s a staycation without some shade? If you already have a pool in your backyard, then you’re in luck; poolside patio umbrellas are a great addition. If you’re looking for something more high tech, some outdoor umbrellas even come with a USB charger and lighting. Your friends will thank you for keeping their phones all charged up during pool parties or while unwinding in lounge chairs.

Decorate With Colorful Accents

The spring and summer seasons are all about dining al fresco – and colorful accents are in this year. It’s time to break out the throw pillows in vibrant fuchsia and orange, fun-accented dinner plates, a funky tablecloth, and a colorful set of wine glasses. Bold patterns, eye-catching textiles, and beautiful florals work best with muted patio furniture to liven up your patio.

Don’t Forget the Wireless Speakers

No patio is complete without a set of wireless speakers. Don’t worry about the elements – outdoor speakers are designed to withstand wind, rain, and even snow. Most of them are also Bluetooth-compatible, so you and your guests can play your favorite playlists all spring and summer long.

Time to Liven up Your Outdoor Space

Are you feeling inspired yet? Summer’s still a little way around the corner, but spring will be here before we know it. It’s time to start getting these must-have patio accessories in time for the warm weather. Try to showcase your personality but don’t be afraid to try some of these bolder patio accessories. Your backyard will become the best hangout space for you and your guests. Just remember to have fun with it.


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6 Tips to Keep Your Patio Installation in Great Shape

6 Tips to Keep Your Patio Installation in Great Shape

So you’ve installed a brand new paver patio, and it looks phenomenal! But have you thought about how to maintain your patio installation to keep it in great shape?

patio installation

Setting up a patio is a great touch to expand your home. It’s an outdoor space used for dining or recreation adjoined to a residence. But as most patio owners know, establishing a patio area is just half the battle! To truly enjoy what you’ve created, you have to make sure you keep it in good condition!

So whether you’re a new patio owner or thinking about installing a new paver patio, we’ve compiled a list of six tips to keep your patio installation in great shape! Keep reading to discover some important pointers and answers to frequently asked questions!

6 Tips for Your Patio Installation

Before we dive into the tips, it’s important to start prepping and fixing your patio at the beginning of spring to get ready for summer days! Springtime comes with a lot of rain, and you want to make sure you get ahead of that so you can keep-up early on!

And now let’s look through some tips to keep your patio installation in good shape:

1. Use a paver sealer

using paver sealer in patio installation

It’s only natural that your freshly installed patio is exposed to elements, such as rain, blistering sun, and wet snow. To keep your paver patio intact, seal your patio using a paver sealer. 

Most likely, if you hire professionals to install your patio, they will include this procedure. But if you’ve installed it yourself, consider using a good paver seal. This approach is one of the most effective ways to protect your paver – whether you’ve used stone, brick, or concrete.

Use sealers as soon as you have your stone pavers installed because waiting until later will cause your permeable pavers to fade or require more maintenance before sealing. The general rule of thumb is to reseal your DIY paver patio (or one put in by professional patio installers) every 2 to 3 years using a sealant designed specifically for pavers.

2. Clear debris and dirt regularly

In your regular maintenance schedule, this should be the first step. Dirt, debris, and dust will build up all over your patio, and without regular cleaning, this buildup of debris can cause your pavers to break down.

Simply sweep over your backyard patio pavers to remove dirt and debris to keep your bricks or stones clean to decrease the risk of staining the surface. Try not to put off clearing the dirt because that buildup will collect in the nooks and crannies of your patio and haunt you later on.

A great pro tip to remember is this: if you know it’s going to rain, head outside with your broom and sweep away any dirt, debris, and dust. Rain will make the cleanup process a lot harder!

3. Scrub stains with mild detergent

spraying mild detergent

Wash away any grime and dirt by spraying down your pavers with a garden hose. Try not to spray directly onto the joints to avoid misplacement.

While you’re rinsing your installation, take the time to scrub any stains with a mild detergent. Mix water and mild detergent and work at pavers with a wire or deck brush to remove the stain. Pro tip: If you’re using a new wire brush, test it out with the detergent in a hidden area to prevent any damage!

Some stains are stubborn and won’t come off easily. You may need an extra pair of hands to work on all the stains to keep your installation looking fresh all the time. It’s crucial to spot clean as soon as you see them instead of putting them off for later.

4. Replace any chipped or broken pavers

Chipped and broken pavers not only look bad, but they are also very dangerous for anyone that has access to your patio. Replacing broken pavers is probably the most difficult part of patio maintenance.

You can either hire a professional patio builder to come in and replace the chipped or broken stone or brick pavers – or you could do it yourself. To do it yourself will most likely take a few hours and a lot of patience. You can remove and replace individual stones – make sure it’s the same color and material as the rest – without disturbing the surrounding pavers.

If there is too much damage and too many paving stones are chipped or broken, it might be time to replace the entire patio with new stones. It’s essential to choose the right type of paver material when installing your patio. The material will make or break the durability of your patio and whether it lasts for a few years or a decade!

5. Use natural solutions to kill pesky weeds

spraying to kill weeds around pavers

Weeds are a very insistent and common problem with patio installations. No matter how well you’ve sealed your paver joints, weeds have a way of popping up between stones.

Although it may be tempting to just pull them out and toss them, don’t do it! Opt for natural solutions instead. Many natural weed-killing solutions don’t involve harsh chemicals, which can potentially damage your pavers.

A common natural solution to kill weeds is vinegar, salt, and dish soap. Combining this into a spray bottle and treating the weeds when the sun is out is the best course of action to get rid of the pesky weeds! Multiple treatments will probably be necessary to keep them away once and for all.

6. Have a regular maintenance schedule

To keep your patio in tip-top shape, you have to commit to a regular maintenance schedule. People with phenomenal-looking patios keep their patio installation in great shape because they clean it regularly. Staying on top of your cleaning game and regular maintenance will ensure a fresh-looking patio installation. If you neglect taking care of your new patio outdoor living space or walkway for months, there will be a buildup of debris, dirt, dust, and stains. And when you go to tackle it, it will be very difficult to remove. So set a schedule and stick to it, to keep your patio installation looking brand new! Luckily you won’t have to do any heavy maintenance if you keep up with the small cleanups over time!

FAQ About Patio Installations

Q: What should you put between patio pavers?
Whether you’re installing the patio yourself or getting professionals to do it for you, the best thing to put between patio pavers is “polymeric sand”. This sand will hold the bricks together on your patio. And a bonus is that weeds don’t seem to like polymeric sand!

Q: How do you prevent weeds from growing in between pavers?

patio with brown furniture with red cushions

Proper installation is the first step to prevent weeds. A firm sand foundation gives a level base for installing the patio. Once all the pavers are in place, pack additional sand in the crevices and joints to ensure each pave stays in place. Ultimately, this step prevents weeds from growing between pavers.

Q: What is the best way to clean patio pavers?
The best way to clean patio pavers is to move any furniture or objects sitting on top, sweep away any debris, rinse the pavers with water and then start scrubbing! You can buy a non-acidic cleaning solution designed for pavers, or you can use water and mild dish soap to scrub and spot clean. Make sure to rinse all the cleaning solutions away for a polished look!

Q: Can you pressure wash patio pavers?
You can pressure wash patio pavers to remove any tough stains and break down any buildup. Dust, debris, spills, and leaves will leave marks all over your patio, and over time, it will be hard to clean it by just scrubbing. So many turn to pressure washing their pavers. Just be careful not to aim the pressure wash at any joints to avoid paver misplacement.

Final Thoughts

Regular maintenance will keep your outdoor paver patio in great shape while preventing damage. The main elements of patio maintenance are cleaning, sealing, and weed control. Do cleaning year-round. Seal them as soon as you install the pavers and then every 2 to 3 years after that. And weed control should be tackled every spring when weeds love to bloom. Fixing the menial issues and keeping up the look of your patio will save you the hard work of replacing the stones or bricks later on!

While patio installations don’t need a whole lot of maintenance year-round, they still need consistent up keep. It is the only way to keep your patio looking fresh for years to come!

Maintaining a patio that is show stopping and a great recreation spot for your family and friends isn’t out of reach! Hopefully, these six tips will help keep your patio installation in great shape for decades – or just until you get tired of how it looks!


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How to Make Easy Brick Paver Patterns for Beginners

How to Make Easy Brick Paver Patterns for Beginners

Are you building a patio and want to know how to make easy brick paver patterns to up the look of your landscaping? No matter how handy you are with DIY projects around your home, there is always something new to learn to enhance your home.

brick paver patterns

You can do patio bricks in a plethora of different patterns in your outdoor space. But the pattern is solely for aesthetics and won’t alter the performance of your brick surface. Easy paver patterns for beginners should not require you to cut the bricks or paving stones. It should be simple to layout and easy on the eyes as well.

Read on to discover how to make easy brick paver patterns for beginners. We will cover what you need before you get started and a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process of making a gorgeous paver patio or brick path!

What You Need

One of the easiest and appealing brick paver patterns would be the checkerboard pattern. For this, you need the width of two bricks to be the same as the length of one. So the perfect size of paver to use for this project is 4 inches by 8 inches long.

The easiest way to install a brick paver patio is to use the sand set method. Top a layer of compacted gravel with landscape fabric and a soft sand layer. You then lay the bricks on top. Once you lay the bricks, you have to brush sand into the cracks between the paver bricks to lock them firmly into place.

Materials You Need

  • Brick Pavers
  • Edging for brick patio
  • Sand
  • Compactible gravel
  • Landscape fabric

Step-by-Step Guide to Make Brick Paver Patterns

Laying out brick paver patterns

1. Mark out the patio edges

Before you start excavating, you want to make sure you mark where you want the patio. You can use stakes to create the basic layout for the patio. These lines show where the outer edges of the brick and not the actual edging. Using only four stakes, you can create the outer layout.

2. Bind strings to enclose the space

Now it’s time to string the stakes together to create the space you plan to install your patio pavers! Adjust the string so that it won’t get in the way when you start excavating.

3. Excavate the patio area

Excavate the area about 8 inches deep. Start along the sides and then move toward the center, ensuring that the entire area is level from side to side.

4. Pour the gravel base

Next, pour the compactible gravel inside the area until it’s about 4 inches deep. Rake the gravel out to smooth and level it. Use a hand tamp to tamp the gravel until it is compacted.

5. Position paver edging

You can now install edging along the patio perimeter. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s directions because it varies. Standard plastic edging is compatible with brick patios and will be mostly hidden when you secure the bricks in place. You have to use metal spikes to install this edging. Line up testing bricks along the sides to ensure the placement is accurate and then remove the test-fit bricks, leaving the edging in place.

6. Add a layer of sand

Pour landscape fabric over the smoothened down gravel. This fabric will suppress pesky weeds and separate the gravel layer from the sand.

Once the fabric is neatly laid, pour 2 inches of sand on top. Smooth the sand as you go, ensuring it’s level. Leave 2 inches between the top of the patio edging and the sand. Once the sand is in place, you can now remove the layout stakes and strings from the first two steps.

7. Lay down the first row of bricks

Starting in one corner and moving along the edging, lay down the bricks row by row. Alternate the bricks so that two are horizontal, then two art vertical and so on, to complete this checkerboard easy brick paver pattern! Press the bricks into the sand, placing them as close as you possibly can to each other. Use a rubber mallet to settle them into the sand as needed.

To make sure it’s straight, run a mason’s line across the first row and pull the line tightly. Straighten the first row of bricks as needed before you move onto the next step.

8. Lay the rest of the bricks one row at a time

brick paver patterns with plants

Lay down the rest of the bricks, row by row. Move the mason’s line for each row to make sure it’s straight. Pro tip: lay a sheet of plywood on top of the bricks that you can kneel on while you work on the next rows to prevent moving the installed bricks. The last row should be snugly fit against the installed edging.

9. Firm bricks into place with sand

Once you are done laying the bricks, pour sand over them and sweep it over the surface using a push broom to settle the sand into any cracks. Reach all the cracks and add more sand as you move along, until every crack is filled and snug. Use a hose to spray the patio and settle sand in the cracks. Pour more sand and sweep it into the cracks and spray again. You want to repeat this step until all the cracks are filled and the sand is settled.

10. Complete the edging

Once you finish laying the bricks, pour sand over them and sweep it across the surface with a push broom to settle the sand into any cracks. Reach all the cracks and add sand as you go until all the cracks are filled and snug. Spray the patio with a hose to settle sand in the cracks. Pour and sweep more sand into the cracks and spray again. You want to repeat this step until you fill all the cracks and the sand settles.

Final Thoughts

So many people are choosing to install paver patios by themselves. It cuts down on the cost dramatically and gives you a home project to keep busy this summer! Making brick paver patterns doesn’t have to be something difficult that you let the professionals take care of anymore.

If you are a beginner, we hope this step-by-step guide has motivated you to make easy brick paver patterns for your patio without the help of professionals!

Good luck and have fun!


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Waterproof Outdoor Cushions – A Simple Way to Take Your Patio to the Next Level

Waterproof Outdoor Cushions – A Simple Way to Take Your Patio to the Next Level


So, you have an enviable outdoor patio done and some beautiful furniture pieces to liven it up – but are you missing something? If you’re in a climate where rain is a regular visitor, you may have thought about how to keep your patio décor and furniture, damage-free. You can do this with waterproof outdoor cushions.

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Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

While there are ways to try waterproofing your furniture cushions yourself, it’s probably best to invest in waterproof cushions waterproof outdoor cushions during the rainy season. This way, you don’t have to worry about hurrying out when it starts drizzling to cover up your furniture.

Jazz up your patio with waterproof cushions and you can bid goodbye to unnecessary stress about your newly done patio! The best and simplest way to take your patio to the next level is by investing in these convenient cushions!

In this article, we will recommend the five best waterproof outdoor cushions for your patio set, as well as the two best waterproofing sprays on the market!

5 Best Waterproof Outdoor Cushions

These waterproof cushions can be used as a replacement for your current cushions during seasons where there will be high chances of rain or snow. It can also be used year-round if you choose because most come in stylish patterns that can liven up your entire patio aesthetic!

1. Lovtex Patio Water-resistant Lounge Cushions

Lovtex Patio Water-resistant Lounge Cushions

These lounge cushions come in a pack of four, and you have 15 different styles to choose from! They can be used on a single chaise, or you can lay them out on a couch. There is even an option for bench or swing cushions.

These cushions by Lovtex are made of durable outdoor polyester material that is waterproof and high quality.

2. Classic Accessories Water-resistant Bench Cushion

Classic Accessories Water-resistant Bench Cushion

This is a patio bench, swing, or loveseat cushion, which comes in 10 different color options. With five different dimension options, you’re sure to find the size that fits best with your patio furniture.

Classic Accessories’ water-resistant cushions are made with waterproof coating and backing, which will resist stains, fading, and water! Through the rave reviews, you can see how many happy customers there are – from providing multiple sizes and color options, to their durability!

3. Downluxe Waterproof Seat Cushions

Downluxe Waterproof Seat Cushions

These seat cushions come in a pack of four. You can use these on single chairs or as seats on a couch. With 18 different style options, you’ll surely find one that matches the vibe and aesthetic of your family’s outdoor patio!

Downluxe’s waterproof cushions are made of durable and comfortable polyester fibre fabric. The high-quality fabric will ensure that the material will not fade or deform easily. The waterproof coating will prevent any water or rain damage to the fabric so you’re looking at stylish and long-lasting cushions!

4. Uheng Waterproof Outdoor Chair Cushions

Uheng Waterproof Outdoor Chair Cushions

These chair cushions with ties come in a pack of 6 – hence the price! It comes in 8 solid color options to match your patio’s overall look. If you’re not looking for 6 pieces, there is also an option for just a 2-pack.

Uheng’s waterproof chair cushions are vacuum sealed, comfortable, and durable. They’re made with 100% polyester fiber fillings, and they give you and your guests more padding than regular couches. They have a waterproof cover that can easily be zipped on and off for cleaning, and they’ll protect against rainwater as well as fading from sunlight.

5. Pillow Perfect Waterproof Tufted Loveseat Cushion

Pillow Perfect Waterproof Tufted Loveseat Cushion

This is an individual loveseat cushion, but it has a variety of cushion options. Go through the measurements and cushion options to choose the best one for your patio setup. With 12 different varieties, you’re bound to find the perfect fit for you!

Pillow Perfect’s waterproof cushions are resistant to weather and fading from sunlight. They’re made with polyester fiber filling, which is plush and comfortable. It only has one color/style option, which may or may not suit your patio aesthetic, so choose wisely!

Best Waterproofing Sprays

If you can’t seem to find the perfect waterproof cushions for your patio set, you have an alternative option! You can buy a waterproofing spray and waterproof your precious cushions yourself!

1. Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

Scotchgard Heavy Duty Water Shield

This spray is a strong outdoor fabric protectant that will repel any heavy-duty rainfall or water spillage. It creates durable protection from all the elements with just one application while maintaining the fabric.

It’s safe for use on a variety of materials, including polyester, nylon, polypropylene, cotton, and more! Spray it on your fabric in your outdoor patio for complete water resistance. And you only have to reapply it seasonally, or as you see fit.

2. Bayes High-performance Fabric Protectant Spray

Bayes High-performance Fabric Protectant Spray

This spray is a high-performance fabric protectant that opts for pure water as a carrier instead of acetone and petroleum distillates. It is completely safe to use indoors, but it provides the best and maximum protection under heavy outdoor conditions.

It will protect your outdoor patio cushions from not only, water but also UV degradation, and it’s stain resistant. The highlight of this waterproof spray is that it is eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and recyclable. If buying eco-friendly products that are great for the environment is important to you, then you have to try this spray to believe its hype!

Final Thoughts

 A finished outdoor patio isn’t enough. To elevate your patio to the next level, you should consider waterproofing your cushions. This will ensure that you never have to run out to cover your patio set when rain is forecasted or cover up your patio furniture at the end of the night when all you want to do is crawl into bed.

You can waterproof your outdoor patio cushions by purchasing a waterproof cushion for the rainy season, or you can choose to waterproof your current cushions with a water-resistant spray! Whichever path you choose will take your outdoor patio to the next level and wow every guest you have!

This article recommends the five best waterproof cushions and two best waterproofing sprays you can buy right now to elevate your patio game! Hopefully, you have found the best option to keep the water and rainy days away from your precious patio furniture!

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