7 Outdated Decor Trends To Avoid

There is so much that can be done when redecorating a home. But like everything else in life, decor trends come and go. Even an expert interior designer has to go through the challenge of sifting through a highly dynamic market. Add to that one’s attachment to sentimental heirlooms and travel collections. When thinking of keeping up with the latest trends in the market, however, the following outdated decor trends to avoid are considered no-nos this year and beyond.


Outdated Decor Trends To Avoid



1. Too Much Brass-ness

Brass items used in home decor trends

Source : ofdesign.net

One of the most lamented outdated decor trends to avoid is the misuse or abuse of brass. A trendy topic in 2016, brass is becoming more of an eyesore, as homes amass tons of copper-based decorative elements into such limited space. Two or three brass elements in a space can deliver a clear message, but beyond that it’s channeling overkill. So, what to do? Mix metals to provide an eclectic and unique vibe to a space. Timeless bronze for high traffic areas like the kitchen will also look ecstatic. Do remember that, when mixing metals, stick to similar finish for a more consistent feel.


2. Designer Lamps

Designer lamps on table in front of blue wall

Source : houseology.com

Say goodbye to designer lamps and their inconsequential knockoffs, from Serge Mouille lamps to Esvitales, Frank Lloyd or the villainous Calgao hangman lamp. These lamps have rocked home interior design for quite some time and must rest on the laurels of classicism. While they may be appreciated by antique lovers, it is time for you to move on to more well-crafted pieces. Try checking out local products near you. This is one of the outdated decor trends to avoid if you want a more modern style.


3. Into The Abyss

Green walls and book shelves in study with orange chair

Source : houzz.com

Move out white, pastel and all things light! This 2023, the dark side has finally trumped up the lighter side. But instead of deep-sea blue, reds, black or dark grey, dark green is the “in” thing these days– that is, for walls. Think about a Pantone green living room or an artichoke green kitchen. Scandinavian walls are so last year. In addition to green walls, a bevy of mustard, mink or dark taupe will also be in full swing for upholstery and decorative pieces to deliver a more harmonious vibe to a space.


4. All Things Faux

Fake marble countertop in bathroom in white

Source : howtocleanmarble.org

Expert designers, like their fashion counterparts, continue to lament the onslaught of fakes and imitation in decorative elements. Think about marble imitations, fake fur or rug, faux leathers, designer-labeled fabrics, engineered wood, and so on. While there may be some inspirational faux pieces coming every now and then, too much of these can prove to be an eyesore. Shift your focus instead on finding authentic pieces, even in pre-loved stores or flea markets.


5. Say Goodbye to Reclaim Wood

reclaimed and repurposed wood mirror with storage

Source : foter.com

One of the biggest trends in past years was reclaimed or repurposed wood. Imagine having a dinner table that used to be a part of a pre-colonial floor, or slabs from a barn, made into open kitchen shelves. Without a doubt, old wood adds more character and dramatic flair to a space, but this year you just have to make do with antique pieces.


6. Macrame No More

macrame wall decor in bedroom decor trend

Source : ilevel.biz

One of the central concepts in boho chic decorative elements, the world of macrame has finally had its final bow. There are actually tons of ways to add a bohemian flair to a particular space, without hanging around cumbersome macrame decor. Got lots of them? Decrease exposure and then, infuse neutral pieces or those with clean lines to make the whole arrangement casual yet, elegant.


7. Geometric Decor

Geometric floor design decor trend to avoid

Source : digsdigs.com

Geometric design is so passe. This is even more so when used extensively. From lamps to terrariums, concrete geometric bases, to kitchen back splash, or bath feature walls, wall art, and so on, geometric decor must be used sparingly or none at all.


Outdated decor trends to avoid in kitchen

Source : decoratorswisdom.com

A word to the wise though, as much as possible steer clear of decor trends and inject your own signature flair into your home overhaul plan. Make good use of family heirlooms or collectibles from cross-continental travels. While these outdated decor trends to avoid may help clear up the confusion on what to infuse into your new home design, it is best to put your personality and life reflections onto center-stage when overhauling your space.


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Tips to Organizing An Overstuffed Room

Whether reorganizing or moving into a new home, it is astoundingly daunting to go through a lifetime’s worth of possessions and personal effects. One will be amazed at the amount of time it takes to sort through all the seemingly daily knick-knacks you stash in a corner. But while the idea of simply stacking them all in a box and dropping them in the basement like a hot potato seems like a good idea, you can easily get lost rummaging through all that stuff with nary a trace of knowing the “wants” from your “needs”. Here are 7 tips to organizing and overstuffed room.


Tips to Organizing An Overstuffed Room


Organizing an overstuffed room

Before you start pulling your hair though, here are some tips on how to organize an overstuffed room—and make sure not repeating the same cluttered horrors over and over again.


1. It all begins with your commitment. Create a mindset that will lead to the path of a clutter-free space and commit to it. There is no sense picking up all the pieces and arranging them in neat piles only to create a mess again in a week’s time. Realize that you will fix all the clutter and you will commit to maintain a clutter-free space. Commitment is one of the more important aspects to organizing an overstuffed room.


2. Remove, keep, give away or sell. Prepare 4 huge boxes before sorting out your belongings. Label them with “for storage”, “to sell”, “trash”, and “to use”. Don’t just toss those things into their appropriate box though. Make sure to fold them and arrange them so the box won’t also be bursting at the seams. All the “to sell” items can be sold via a rummage sale or online. Pawnable items can be sent to pawnshops or to resale shops. This will help earn you extra cash for buying storage system later on.

Box organization ideas for an overstuffed room


3. Look for discreet ways to store the ones you wish to keep and the ones you will be actively using. There are some things that one simply cannot let go because of their sentimental value. Old photo albums, for instance, are memorabilia which holds a special place in one’s heart. So is an old Christening dress or the very wedding gown you wore when you first walked down the aisle. The key is to find storage systems which can keep them safe without causing too much of an eyesore or without crowding the room. This tip to organizing an overstuffed room is a great way to keep those sentimental items around and keep them safe.

Under bed storage ideas


4. Organize accordingly. Shirts, pants, undies and other things household members wear, can easily pile up on a chair, on a table or in a room’s corner. Learn how to fold these items the right way. It is also wise to teach school age children, messy teenagers, and others in the household, how to do things right. Here’s a great idea on how to fold shirts, pants, undies, skirts, and so on for easy access without leaving any mess:

Folding ideas for clothes to organize


5. Categorize everything. From your stockpile of perfume, makeup, jewelry, and hair bands to children’s toys, school stuff, towels, bed linens, and so on—sort these items and categorize accordingly. You can stack personal pieces like perfume and makeup on your vanity making it look more like decorative items. This is also one way to see the “excesses” and find a way to get rid of them. This tip to organizing an overstuffed room is always a great place to start.

Perfume and makeup on metal tray


6. Cultivate the habit of proper clutter management on everything you do. Cleaning the kitchen after every meal, clearing the fridge every weekend, returning books and other things into the right nook, remove décor right after each season, and so on, is a great routine to develop. These habits do not just organize things, but also makes a great way to sweat it out.


7. Go on a self-imposed buying hiatus. Some people easily get lured with the word “sale” or “good bargain” without even realizing the excesses it brings. The next time you decide to buy something, it is wise to analyze first if the item is really needed or will it require storage—and if there’s available storage. Stop accumulating unnecessary items. Make do with what you have and only buy when needed.


too much stuff is a long haul


Knowing how to organize a room with too much stuff is going to be a long haul. It can sometimes feel like it’ll take an army to organize even the smallest of apartments. Try to create a schedule and set goals accordingly. You can do it one room per day. The key is to set a deadline and to follow through by cultivating a de-cluttering daily habit. Now on to how to keep all the children in one place and behaving! With these tips to organizing an overstuffed room, you are well on your way to being more organized.


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10 Creative Ways To Use Leftover Paint For Home Decor

Painting is an easy and budget-friendly way to update one’s space. A fresh color of paint is all you need to add more drama and flair to a seemingly dreary room. It also enhances the ambiance of the overall space. However, one often ends up with a lot of leftovers—and you can’t just dump them down the drain! Not only is paint hazardous to health, it can also cause adverse effects to the environment leading to contamination. When thinking of disposing, here are creative ways to use leftover paint.


Creative Ways To Use Leftover Paint



1. Furniture Medley

ways to use leftover paint

Source: bombayoutdoors.com

Add some sunshine-y feel to your patio or even your living area by repurposing old furniture with a fresh coat of paint. You can match fabrics and paint color to generate a harmonious vibe. Bright colors can also add more life to a boring corner seat. This old rattan chair above is spray painted with powder blue leftover paint to add balance to the patio.


2. Merry Tree Stumps

White painted tree stump furniture in living room as ways to use leftover paint

Source: ubmicc.com

One of the creative ways to use leftover paint, is by painting tree stumps used as coffee table. These low tables are a great addition to living rooms as they don’t take up that much space. All it needs is a fresh coat of enamel applied to the sides. Varnish the top and voila!


3. Canned Wine Rack

Canned Wine Rack in red in kitchen

Source: haverkamp-properties.com

Got both leftover cans and paint? Why not make a DIY wine rack? Simply paint those soup or milk cans with your choice of color, glue them altogether, and voila! You now have a canned wine rack which you can easily place on your kitchen tabletop.


4. Color Me Light

Painted hanging light in blue green and white as ways to use leftover paint

Source: pinterest.com

Customize each room’s lamp with leftover paint that complements the current color scheme. There is simply nothing that high gloss paint cannot transform to make a room more put together. You may also recycle wooden bushel baskets, paint them with your choice of leftover materials—all to create a pendant lantern.


5. Oil Drums Dress Up

Oil Drums Dress Up in green

Source: pinterest.com

Rev up your outdoor barbecue grill patio with this dressed up oil drum. Simply paint it with your choice of leftover paint. Add a sturdy yet not-so-heavy countertop and faucet to recreate a movable sink. This truly adds a creative sense to an outdoor space.


6. Woody-Artsy Wall

Woody Artsy Decor on Wall

Source: pinterest.com

House repairs often leave scraps of wood. With another creative way to use leftover paint, up your sleeves, you can once again turn these scraps into something useful, like wall art. It’s going to be time-consuming but the results can be truly astounding. You can create a whole wall or divide it into 3 or 4 sections to add some style.


7. Alice In Wonderland Staircase

Alice In Wonderland Staircase in home

Source: pinterest.com

Don’t you want to ascend or descend in style? Then, this statement staircase is definitely a great enhancement to your current abode. Simply mask-off with painter’s tape on each tread. Paint each with different colors of semi-glossy paints to recreate these steps. Be mindful of the room’s color scheme to ensure balance.


8. Serve With Style

diy tray spray painted coasters in drawer

Source: blog.homedepot.com

Got scrap of woods, plywood or birch? Why not make a DIY custom tray. Take all the trivets and coasters then, color them with your leftover paint. An unassuming drawer pull can become fancier when the wooden tray is played with color. This also includes trivets and coasters for drinks or boards for tapas or mini hors d’oeuvres.


9. Garden Fever

Painted garden fence with plants

Source: pinterest.com

Give your garden beds a facelift. One of the creative ways to use leftover paints as well as wood scraps, is to make a mini-fence for your garden beds. Simply paint these wood scraps and you’ve got an awesome garden that harmonizes with outdoor wall paint.


10. Key and Mail Rack

Light blue Key and Mail Rack

Source: pinterest.com

Make good use of your DIY skills by making this key and mail rack. A few scrap of woods and some carpentry skills as well as a fresh coat of paint—these are all it takes to make this key-and-mail rack rock. This one can also be used as a coat or umbrella hanger.


Paint Others Red

There is no limit to the creative ways to use leftover paint. You can also donate it for a loftier cause, like to a local elementary school for their art project or for a friend’s home, which badly needs a fresh coat of paint. There are also disposal locations who accept them as donations for free housing projects, like that of Habitat for Humanity. The idea is to not just toss them away like waste. So, the next time you plan for a makeover, do make sure to get a good estimate of your paint needs to eliminate leftovers.


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10 Archaic Decor Mistakes To Avoid

Have you ever stepped into a home and found yourself noticing that magical pull of comfort and relaxation? Or have you ever walked into another home and felt the exact opposite? Every home has its own unique interior design, owing to the perfect balance between the space, furniture and furnishings. They all have wall-to-ceiling elements and are different in how they are arranged to collectively exude balance, comfort and charm. This was written to make sure homeowners will not fall into the usual trap of archaic thinking. When thinking of creating a cozy home, here are some common decor mistakes to avoid.


10 Archaic Decor Mistakes To Avoid

decor mistakes to avoid

1. Do not fall into the oblivion of extremes

Too much of a Spartan look is definitely unwelcoming. Walls with nothing on them or an absence of furniture does not necessarily exude what you call a minimalist feel, but is rather standoffish. No matter how modern a home or how space-deprived, adding your personal touch will help add a sense of amiability to it.


Zebra printed furniture with purple accents and walls

2. Ditch the matchy-matchy decorating style of the past

Replicating a room straight from a catalog with matching furniture and furnishings makes it look contrived. Go for a “lived-in” look by choosing an eclectic design. Choose different yet pleasing furniture pieces and accents. Put antique with new pieces side-by-side or add a splash of color to an erstwhile dreary space. Create a space that tells a story, too. There many decor mistakes to avoid from catalogs. What might work on a page may not work in your home.


3. Never buy furniture without knowing proper measurement as well as arrangement plan for a space

Remember that showrooms are way much larger than your own space. Lighting element in showrooms also provides an added appeal to those pieces making them look pleasing to the eye. But upon delivery at home, you’ll be aghast at the results. So always draw a floor plan to give you a semblance on what to pick and don’t forget to get their sizes, too.


4. Artwork does not always mean plastered or hanged on a wall

Some can be propped to a mantelpiece or a side table, too. Placing them too high is yet another décor mistake to avoid. As much as possible, keep prints and paintings as well as framed photos and mirrors on wall at eye level. This means keeping them at an optimal height of around 60 inches.


Colorful and grand hanging chandelier

5. Remember that super-grand chandelier hanging right at your dining area?

Ditch that monstrosity. Improper lighting can easily change the ambiance of the whole room. Instead of adding glamour, the whole room may feel tacky and downright ridiculous. Choose functional lighting instead.


Kitchen decal hanging quotable quotes as decor mistakes to avoid

6. Don’t go around hanging quotable quotes decals and other decorative glitches in every wall of your home

It does not only look cheap, it also makes the whole ordeal annoying. Can you possibly imagine putting a huge EAT sign on your kitchen wall? Wall decals are too juvenile. Instead, accessorize in harmony with other elements in a room.


Color accent and photos white room wood trim

7. Too many color accents and photos are common decor mistakes to avoid

A splash of red in an all-white room can look great for a bar stool. Do not overdo it by matching it with red kitchen appliances or, worse, a red table. If you’re too sentimental and you love keeping framed photographs then, make a gallery wall. Arrange what’s left in an album and safely tuck them in a shelf.


power cables with black unit as decor mistakes to avoid

8. Just because we live in a tech-savvy world, doesn’t mean you should just splash those cables around

Think about smartphone and tablet chargers, USB cable, electric cords, and so on. Not only are these eyesores, they are fire hazard, too. Keep them hidden by repurposing storage solutions. Feel free to drill a hole at the back of furniture to house them, too.


White foyer area with chandelier with tall doors

9. Some homeowners tend to ignore their foyer area

It could be out of boredom or perhaps, they simply consider it a passageway to and from the living area. Bare foyers often, exude catatonia. It’s unwelcoming! Make a statement from the moment a guest steps into your home by using patterned wall papers or by hanging a painting on top of a mantelpiece. A mirror may also add an illusion of space in this rather elongated area—or to give you a quick check before dashing out. Décor mistakes to avoid are plentiful with mirrors. Be sure to do them right.


television as focal point of room

10. Using television as the living area’s center of attention—DON’T!

It’s ancient tradition to use the TV as focal point in your home’s living room. Use a fireplace or perhaps, a visually-captivating painting. If you can’t live without it, simply keep it tucked away when not in use.


In A Creative Nutshell

Create an inviting yet elegant home that exudes balance in every turn. When decorating your place or changing decor, try sitting in and absorbing everything you see and feel. Decide if the place is comfortable to the senses. All in all, remember these décor mistakes to avoid and you are up to a good start of living the cozy life.


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10 Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Urbanite living is becoming even more prevalent these days. People in suburban and the rural countryside, are getting into the groove of high rise living and multi-storied apartment complexes. They are looking into condominium units to save not just on taxes, but to go the “simple living” route. With more compact living units however, comes the usual dilemma—how to make good use of every square inch and add a stylish punch? With hundreds, if not thousands, of tips and guidelines from topnotch interior experts, the mistakes to avoid for decorating a small space can be a tough act to follow. Here, we have collected at least 10 small space decorating mistakes to avoid in ensuring a lovely yet space-savvy home.

Small space decorating mistakes to avoid

Source: i2.wp.com


Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid


1. Always Going “Small”

Blue grand sofa with dining room table

Source: cbrp.tk

One of the toughest mistakes to avoid for decorating small space homes is the idea of choosing “small”. People are so afraid to think big with the creeping notion that such interior decorating idea will constrict the whole space in a chokehold. Not really! Don’t ever believe in such a misconception. Modern design elements do not limit small spaces with small-scale furniture and decor. There are big ways so as not to overpower a small room. When a space is tight then, look for a big statement piece that allows extra storage. Take this grand sofa, for instance. It can be used as both a living room and dining room element without being too cheesy. All it takes is to dramatize your space. With space underneath those high legs, you can also add a movable storage element.


2. Zero Furniture Plan

Many small-space dwellers think that all they need is small furniture pieces to keep things in order. This old-school furniture plan is one of the biggest mistakes continually being perpetuated by many. While every inch matters, there are cool furniture arrangement options for you to consider. Simply create arrangements that allow you to maneuver between daily needs and for hosting social gatherings. Go for simple furniture pieces with pull-up chairs or hidden areas for ottomans.


3. Post-It Rugs

zebra print rug in small light colored living room as Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Source: newhavenhardware.com

Many homeowners pick rugs the side of postage stamps due to the constricted space. Designers advise however to go big on rugs. Not only does small post-it rugs make a room lend an ambiance of a smaller space, it also limits the degree of stylishness and texture added to the space. Don’t shrink the room any further. Go big or perhaps, lose the rug entirely for a more fluid interior design.


4. Color Me Blind

Dark living room with wicker furniture

Source: pinterest.com

Don’t let go of your love for dark colors. Homeowners think that dark monochrome colors always make a small room feel tapered or restricted. Well, you can actually put dark and bright colors side by side. Here, cerulean blue walls topped with crisp white and natural wicker accents allow harmony and balance, without going into overdrive.


5. Bedroom Drama

blue bedroom sheets with plants and light colors as Small Space Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

Source: furni.walkabye.com

Don’t limit dramatic flair to your small bedroom. Eliminate the claustrophobic feel of low-ceiling bedrooms by using light crisp color schemes. Think about bright white walls accessorized with colorful navy striped beddings to recreate a relaxing beach home. Invite natural light in to surround the place or add a crystal-bauble light or chandelier to add some punch.


6. Bored Bathroom

corner etagere bathroom with metal shelves

Source: aftashouse.com

A bathroom also doesn’t have to be stiff when decorating a small space abode. Think about using fun and color with patterns and paints. To add more storage, simply install open wall shelves and slim étagère to hold those must-haves. You may also make use of recessed walls.


7. Storage Limits

small kitchen design ideas with open storage

Source: hgtv.com

One of the most common mistakes to avoid for decorating small space homes is focused on storage limitations. Homeowners tend to focus all their efforts to utilize every square inch footage—don’t! Don’t stash everything on awkward corners and spaces. Instead, go high. Use ceiling space for floating storage. Go for tables and chairs with concealed storage while leaving ample free space underneath their legs. Taking advantage of a rolling island cart instead of fixed islands, as well as open shelves on kitchens also makes sense.

Bonus: Free Entry or None At All

Stylish entryway with table and partition screen

Source: bhg.com

Just because you have limited space doesn’t mean you deprive your home of the usual flair of an entryway. Well, you can’t recreate the whole luxurious foyer thing, but you can certainly organize a stylish entryway. Make use of a partition screen and then, place a slim table to hold a few decorative pieces. This allows having a makeshift wall divide from the main living area to your doorway.


Charm It All Up

There is no limit to your imagination on what can be done in a small abode. Take to heart these mistakes, to avoid for decorating small space homes and add your own artistic flair. Go for a cohesive theme and work-up your design style with charming trinkets and accessories. All in all, a discerning eye is all it takes to avoid the usual small space decorating mistakes to ultimately create great impact and add character to it.


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10 Home Decorating Blunders and How To Avoid Them

A home’s decor is supposed to be a reflection of its owner’s personality. This is where your knowledge about art and sensibility blends into an astounding stage that draws out ohs and ahs from everyone basking on its glory. So, here is a compilation of the common home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, from top decorators.


1. Too Small or Too Big

Buying furniture that is too small or too big

Buying furniture pieces that are way out of proportion is a common blunder shared by many homeowners. When it comes to choosing furniture, see to it that these are in scale in comparison to the rest of the room. What could look astounding in a retail store’s wide open space and high ceiling, might look out of place in your own space. So, before you shop, consider writing down height, width or depth, and the rest of the room dimensions. You may even take a picture of the whole space and show it to the sales person for guidance.


2. Too Dim Where It Should Be Too Bright

Too much lighting in bathroom as home decorating blunders

Lighting is another crucial point in home decor. Bear in mind that natural lighting changes throughout the day and the seasons. Hallways, bathrooms and passageways can do away with glaring lights. The dining area and kitchen also require ample amount of brightness for practical reasons. The bedroom and living area, however, may be adjusted according to the desired mood. Hence, the use of dimmers would be a great option on this one. Be reminded that lighting can also make a room look larger and more welcoming. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, are as simple as saying, let there be light.


3. Perfect Match Is Not Always Perfect

Matching home decor and window treatments

You do not have to go all matched up. Some rooms like the living room for instance, may look good with matched up window treatment. But having the same design all throughout—from carpet to ceiling can be too much. Add some complimentary hues and patterns. Add a dash of texture here and there. Mix-and-match couches and throw pillows, rugs and blankets. Create an atmosphere that doesn’t give out a boring feel.


4. Must Love Paint

Deciding on paint color before other home decor

Homeowners often decide on the paint color first before anything else. This somehow makes it harder to find complementary fabrics to go with it. Try to shop for furniture and other decor stuffs—and base your wall or ceiling paint color from there. When buying paint, make sure to test out the colors, too. Do not just rely on labels as it may look totally different when coated on walls.


5. When Less Is More

Too many pillows create clutter as home decorating blunders

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing. This however, can add clutter in a room. Throw pillows for instance, can’t be on too many couches, as this deprives its purpose. Too many picture frames on the shelves can also be an eyesore when not done accordingly. If you simply have too many, pack others away and rotate them. That will make a good makeover like say every quarter of the year.


6. Hoarding Quality Bargains

hoarding furniture and other home decor

There is nothing wrong in shopping for sales and bargains. However, being swayed by discounts even when it does not fit your current interior design or space, will only spell disaster. Even more so, it would be futile to buy a cheap couch only to end up using it for a few months or so. When it comes to home decor, always buy quality which you can afford and items that suit your design in mind. This is one of the home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, by understanding that sometimes too much of a good thing, isn’t as good.


7. Breathing Space

Placing furniture against walls

Placing furniture up against walls is one common mistake in decorating homes. To avoid this, try to create a breathing yet intimate space for people to easily talk while enjoying some legroom. Bring couches and chairs a little closer to add a feeling of intimacy and inclusion. The key is to invest in key pieces that fit the size of the room.


8. Treat Those Windows Right

Hanging window treatments too low as home decorating blunders

Window treatments add charm to a room. While this may be the case, hanging them too low make them look short and stubby. To avoid this, hang the window treatment at least a foot above the trim, as this will create an illusion of height. Putting a valance above the window will take in more natural light. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, consists of reasonable solutions.


9. Eye Candy

Wall art too high in living room as home decorating blunders

Do not hang your wall art too high. Not everyone is born six feet tall. It also makes the room feel standoffish. Art work must be hung at eye level or between 5-6 feet. The eye should rest on the center of the artwork. When hung over furniture, place it closer rather than above it.


10. Own It Up

Copy idea out of home decor catalog

Copying a home decor idea straight from a magazine is a good idea. But when it comes to channeling your own interests, passion and style, it is important to create a space that speaks volume about it. No matter how eclectic or boring, monochromatic or bursting with color, chaotic or structured—it is a representation of you and your desire. Dress your home the same way you dress yourself. Your family and friends will get it anyway. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, can really make sure you stand out and not blend in.

Indeed, there is more to creating a homey feel than what meets the eye. Homeowners often go to great lengths just to create a space that exudes charm and intimacy. Learn from these ten home decor mistakes and how to avoid them in your own home.


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