10 Home Decorating Blunders and How To Avoid Them

A home’s decor is supposed to be a reflection of its owner’s personality. This is where your knowledge about art and sensibility blends into an astounding stage that draws out ohs and ahs from everyone basking on its glory. So, here is a compilation of the common home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, from top decorators.


1. Too Small or Too Big

Buying furniture that is too small or too big

Buying furniture pieces that are way out of proportion is a common blunder shared by many homeowners. When it comes to choosing furniture, see to it that these are in scale in comparison to the rest of the room. What could look astounding in a retail store’s wide open space and high ceiling, might look out of place in your own space. So, before you shop, consider writing down height, width or depth, and the rest of the room dimensions. You may even take a picture of the whole space and show it to the sales person for guidance.


2. Too Dim Where It Should Be Too Bright

Too much lighting in bathroom as home decorating blunders

Lighting is another crucial point in home decor. Bear in mind that natural lighting changes throughout the day and the seasons. Hallways, bathrooms and passageways can do away with glaring lights. The dining area and kitchen also require ample amount of brightness for practical reasons. The bedroom and living area, however, may be adjusted according to the desired mood. Hence, the use of dimmers would be a great option on this one. Be reminded that lighting can also make a room look larger and more welcoming. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, are as simple as saying, let there be light.


3. Perfect Match Is Not Always Perfect

Matching home decor and window treatments

You do not have to go all matched up. Some rooms like the living room for instance, may look good with matched up window treatment. But having the same design all throughout—from carpet to ceiling can be too much. Add some complimentary hues and patterns. Add a dash of texture here and there. Mix-and-match couches and throw pillows, rugs and blankets. Create an atmosphere that doesn’t give out a boring feel.


4. Must Love Paint

Deciding on paint color before other home decor

Homeowners often decide on the paint color first before anything else. This somehow makes it harder to find complementary fabrics to go with it. Try to shop for furniture and other decor stuffs—and base your wall or ceiling paint color from there. When buying paint, make sure to test out the colors, too. Do not just rely on labels as it may look totally different when coated on walls.


5. When Less Is More

Too many pillows create clutter as home decorating blunders

Some people just can’t get enough of a good thing. This however, can add clutter in a room. Throw pillows for instance, can’t be on too many couches, as this deprives its purpose. Too many picture frames on the shelves can also be an eyesore when not done accordingly. If you simply have too many, pack others away and rotate them. That will make a good makeover like say every quarter of the year.


6. Hoarding Quality Bargains

hoarding furniture and other home decor

There is nothing wrong in shopping for sales and bargains. However, being swayed by discounts even when it does not fit your current interior design or space, will only spell disaster. Even more so, it would be futile to buy a cheap couch only to end up using it for a few months or so. When it comes to home decor, always buy quality which you can afford and items that suit your design in mind. This is one of the home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, by understanding that sometimes too much of a good thing, isn’t as good.


7. Breathing Space

Placing furniture against walls

Placing furniture up against walls is one common mistake in decorating homes. To avoid this, try to create a breathing yet intimate space for people to easily talk while enjoying some legroom. Bring couches and chairs a little closer to add a feeling of intimacy and inclusion. The key is to invest in key pieces that fit the size of the room.


8. Treat Those Windows Right

Hanging window treatments too low as home decorating blunders

Window treatments add charm to a room. While this may be the case, hanging them too low make them look short and stubby. To avoid this, hang the window treatment at least a foot above the trim, as this will create an illusion of height. Putting a valance above the window will take in more natural light. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, consists of reasonable solutions.


9. Eye Candy

Wall art too high in living room as home decorating blunders

Do not hang your wall art too high. Not everyone is born six feet tall. It also makes the room feel standoffish. Art work must be hung at eye level or between 5-6 feet. The eye should rest on the center of the artwork. When hung over furniture, place it closer rather than above it.


10. Own It Up

Copy idea out of home decor catalog

Copying a home decor idea straight from a magazine is a good idea. But when it comes to channeling your own interests, passion and style, it is important to create a space that speaks volume about it. No matter how eclectic or boring, monochromatic or bursting with color, chaotic or structured—it is a representation of you and your desire. Dress your home the same way you dress yourself. Your family and friends will get it anyway. These home decorating blunders and how to avoid them, can really make sure you stand out and not blend in.

Indeed, there is more to creating a homey feel than what meets the eye. Homeowners often go to great lengths just to create a space that exudes charm and intimacy. Learn from these ten home decor mistakes and how to avoid them in your own home.



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52 Ideas to Prevent Boredom During Corona Virus Lock down

When Corona was hitting tough and strong, most people were confined within their walls and it was a hard time. Life surely is becoming challenging as we are “social animals.” Social distancing and self-isolation were the need of the hour, but how can you also battle the hours of confinement? Well, there is always a silver lining to every dark cloud! Let’s discuss those silver linings and start practicing them. There are many things you can do to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down.


1. Create Music

Playing instruments and singing is really uplifting and you can do so sitting inside your room or from the balconies. You can do it on your own or can synchronize with other players sitting in adjacent balconies to form a real-time orchestra! Children can be encouraged to make their own songs or play their own instruments and sing to one another. This is bound to uplift the community spirit.

Create Music to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : rightcasa.com


2. Cook something New

It is quite likely that you are not going to get all the ingredients you need at this hour of crisis. So make the best of what you have in your pantry and try creating a new recipe. The final product might just be incredible and irresistible.

3. Photo Album Organization

Photo Album Organization

Source : googleusercontent.com

It might be that you have a bundle of photos that need organization, but have been waiting for a lot of free time. If that is so, the time has come. This will also allow you to walk down the memory lane and remember the yester-years with a smile on your lips and maybe at times with a heavy heart. But this will definitely revitalize you!


4. Dancing

It is not important whether you have learned dancing or have enjoyed your dance classes or hated dancing at weddings! This is unique. Just put on some music and get flowing with it! Dance will release endorphins which in turn will give you a feeling of happiness. This can also be a fantastic way to reconnect with your family as they dance along with you. And if you fall in love with all of this, prepare for the next family show!


Source : rightcasa.com


5. Setting up a Home Spa

You wish to pamper yourself but the local spa is closed. What then? Go for a bubble bath, give yourself a facial and paint your nails. And while doing all this, relax and enjoy a  beauty routine. Finally, take photos of your perfect look for social media!

Home Spa to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : rightcasa.com


6. Planting Seeds

It is immaterial whether you have a large backyard or a small window box. Plant some seeds to see herbs, flowers, and vegetables growing in the months to come. The growth will remind you that life is outside your four walls and also make your house smell and look great!

Planting Seeds

Source : rightcasa.com


7. Laundry – do it

You do wash your clothes but can never empty the laundry basket, right? Well, this is the time to invest in a thorough laundry job so that you get to see the bottom of the empty laundry basket. It definitely will be very satisfying!


8. Craft

If you are in love with crafts, the quarantine period is probably a bonus for you. You can do just what you desire to – knit, sew and make different things from scratch. This is bound to give you immense satisfaction, with the extra benefit of adding something exquisitely beautiful to your home and at zero price.


9. What about art?

This is the way to keep children engaged fruitfully – drawing, painting, and coloring. But this again can be the mantra for you too. Art is relaxing and it opens up the creative self in you. You can enhance your dexterity and once the painting is done you can display it on the walls of your house, brightening up the ambiance with your pride!

art painting

Source : rightcasa.com


10. Become an Author

It is believed that every person has at the minimum one novel inside them. If you have been dreaming of writing a book or may have a great story idea and would love to see how it shapes up, here is your opportunity. Start writing now as you never know when you will get such a huge empty time period to fulfill your dream!


11. Organize your wardrobe

Just the perfect time for a spring clean of your wardrobe! Once you remove all those clothes which hardly fit you or you hardly wear, you will find that your wardrobe looks entirely new! You can sell those clothes through eBay thus earning a little pocket money.

Organize your wardrobe to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : art-painting


12. Create your own Animation

Encourage your children to create cartoons, then watch them! Stop motion animation is not tough and can be done with just a camera and some patience. Just write a story, form your characters and start working! It can fuel your child’s imagination!


13. Inbox Organization

Organizing your inbox is another ordeal that usually gets pushed back till the last moment. But here is your chance! Organize your inbox so that you can locate the all-important emails easily. Also, delete the junk and your task is complete!


14. Camping out Indoors

Take along a tent, your sleeping bags, and a few board games and enjoy an indoor camping trip. You just need to unplug the television and reconnect with your family and friends just outside your front door!


15. Balloon Tennis

Get hold of a balloon and two paper plates and you are ready to play balloon tennis. Each player gets a plate and the match starts. The balloon should remain in the air as long as possible just with the touch of the plates and the person who lets the balloon touch the floor loses!


16. Organize a fashion Show

Many of us have full wardrobes but hardly get the scope to wear all. Now that you have spare time, try on the clothes you had forgotten you had and step out to perform the fashion show in front of your family! If the kids want to participate, it would be a chance to organize and sort out their wardrobes!

Organize a fashion Show

Source : rightcasa.com


17. Make a Scrapbook

If you wish to preserve your memories, scrapbooking is definitely a great way! You can scrapbook anything, right from photographs, to kid’s drawings. to school reports, to theater tickets and such others. The scrapbook is going to become a milestone you will treasure. You can do it yourself or involve your kids in it too.


18. Yoga

Yoga is not just physical exercise, but mental too. It is bound to improve your mental health. You can do yoga with the help of YouTube in the comfort of your living room. There are certain yoga channels specifically meant for children. So you may involve your kids in your yoga sessions. Some channels combine soft yoga with fairy-tales and stories to make them more interesting.

Yoga to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : rightcasa.com


19. Feng Shui

If you believe in Feng Shui, you probably are aware that it affects the energy of your house. You just need to move the furniture and objects in your house in a certain way to enhance the energy of your environment. All this may make you feel that you are stuck in a more energetic environment.


20. Plan the Next Get Together

This scary episode of the Corona virus is eventually going to be over. Think positive! And once it disappears, a get-together or party is imminent. So plan for it to get together with all your friends and family. It will be great when the time comes to spend some quality time together! Planning ahead is always a great idea and it’s a great way to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down.


21. Start a Hobby

What is it that you had always wanted to do but haven’t yet? Was it wishing to build a model railway track or maybe knit a pullover? If you have such wishes lined up, start now. This new hobby might require items that you can always purchase online and then develop your skills following online tutorials.


22. Solve a Puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles are activities that you can pursue solo or with your family. It might take you a couple of days to complete a puzzle. But the best part is that you can pick it up and put down at your own convenience so that the other tasks and commitments are not hampered.

Solve a Puzzle

Source : rightcasa.com


23. Meditation

Once you know how to calm your mind, you will never get worried or stressed whatever be the circumstances. You have to just lie down, focus on your breathing, take deep breaths in and out and clear your mind!


24. Interviewing Grandparents and Parents

Do you have a family tree? Has your family history been scripted? If not this is the time to complete it for your children and grandchildren. Call your parents and grandparents, interview them and record the audio. Your comprehensive family history will be prepared and at the same time, the important social contact needed by the vulnerable and elderly will be provided too!


25. Organize a Treasure Hunt

An indoor treasure hunt can be organized for the entire household so that they get to enjoy the riddles, tricky clues and a small prize at the end.


26. Catch up with Friends

If social isolation is affecting your mental and physical health adversely, you can beat it by chatting with your friends through Facetime or Skype. Technology has shown you the path where you do not have to be in the same room to enjoy a chat with your dear ones.


27. Reading a Good Book

Most of us book-lovers often have stacks of books lined up to be read and now that you are stuck down, this is the opportunity! If you have kids, encourage them to read so that when they go back to school after the break, it does not become taxing for them.

reading a good book to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : rightcasa.com


28. Happy Hour

You can’t visit your favorite bar, right? But you can always enjoy your date night or happy hour within your home. This will give you a chance to practice your cocktail preparation skills! Just mix your drinks and be your own bartender! Learning how to make drinks will surely prevent boredom during corona virus lock down.


29. Bowling with Tin Cans

If you have just ten tins and a ball, you can create your own personal bowling alley. Once done, organize a tournament with your family members and enjoy the competition! It will be great fun!


30. Finish the Home Improvements

Every one of us probably has lots of jobs that we keep putting off for want of time. It might be decorating the living room or painting the front door or de-weeding the back garden and this is your best time for completing these unfinished tasks.


31. Resume Update

You might be planning a career change soon or are anticipating a lay-off due to the impact of corona-virus or thinking of some job upgrade – whatever be it, you need to update your resume. So utilize this free time to do so. It would be spending time wisely and sensibly.


32. Viewing Old Movies

Sitting down and watching your favorite old movies is ‘nostalgia’ personified. They will bring back good old memories and leave you feeling happy and joyous. Grab that old list of movies you’ve always wanted to watch and you’ll see why this is a great idea to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down.

Watching movies

Source : rightcasa.com


33. Building with Lego

Most children below the age of 12 love Lego. So you can give them challenges daily so that they remain entertained as well as being mentally stimulated. It is the perfect way of keeping them amused. You may ask them to build a space rocket, create a feast for your friends, build a fairground or design your dream desert island. Let their imagination run wild!

Building with Lego to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : rightcasa.com


34. Writing Letters

Revive the dying art form of letter writing at this hour of crisis. If your parents, friends or grandparents are in isolation, write a letter to them. It will make their day and bring a smile on their face. You can also encourage your kids to write letters. It will help them keep in touch with their loved ones and also develop their writing skills. This will create memories while being another way to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down.


35. Starting a Blog

You can share your feelings and thoughts with the world outside through your very own blog. The subject can be varied and till you find your target audience. Though your blog is a very small corner in the huge world of the internet, it sure is liberating to have your own space to do whatever you desire.


36. Pen Down a Gratitude List

It would be a good idea to jot down your heartfelt gratitude towards the people who have made you the person you are. It will definitely be one way to calm and reassure yourself in this hour of crisis while maintaining a positive outlook.


37. Planning a Road Trip

Where have you gone since the lockdown period has ended? You could be visiting your family or maybe head for the coast? This is your time to plan for the next vacation or trip which will definitely help you remain positive.

Planning a Road Trip

Source : rightcasa.com


38. Hosting a Tea Party

Host a fancy afternoon tea party for your family. This will motivate you and your family members to get out of their pajamas and get dressed up. Everyone is to be asked to dress up in their finery, have miniature cookies and cakes and behave as if they are in the best restaurant in town!


39. Playing Board games

Board games are forever. So locate your favorite board game and set up a tournament. These games continue for hours and bring out the competitive spirit in every participant. Monopoly is one such favorite game.

Playing Boardgames

Source : rightcasa.com


40. Host a Video game Marathon

Hold a video game marathon. You can go anywhere with these games and this is the scope to embrace escapism. You are bound to forget all your worries for a couple of hours as you try to rescue the princess or win the Grand Prix.

Host a Video game Marathon to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down

Source : rightcasa.com


41. Build an Indoor Obstacle Course

You can create an indoor obstacle course in your house using toys, pillows and other obstacles. Try to make it as tricky as possible and then you can challenge every member of your family to participate in this fun exercise.


42. Organize a Pajama Party

Put on your pajamas, gather the cozy blankets and make the entire family come together with a bag of popcorn. Relax while you paint each other’s nails, view a movie or tell scary tales. This is the ideal way to bond and unwind with your family.


43. Try the Brainteasers

You can try out brainteasers like crosswords, Sudoku, and other such games which will help you relax and enjoy. Just cuddle on your sofa and exercise your brain!

Try the Brainteasers

Source : rightcasa.com


44. Virtual Gyms

Ask your yoga teacher or gym instructor to organize virtual classes. That will be more effective. Staying in shape is a great option to prevent boredom during corona virus lock down.


45. Arrange your Cupboards and Drawers

This is the perfect time to organize your cupboards and drawers. The cupboard might be stuffed with old “take away” menus that need clearance. They might contain medicines that have passed their expiration dates. Utilize this opportunity to organize them and make them sparkling clean.


46. Tell Stories

Gather the entire family, lie down together and have story sessions. The stories might be funny incidents from your yester-years, ghost stories, family histories and such. When you share these stories amongst yourselves, time flies and you hardly miss your computer or television.


47. Call your neighbors

If you have elderly people living in your locality all by themselves, just give them a phone call to make sure they are alright. They are living all by themselves with no company in this hour of crisis in total isolation. Show them some love.


48. Folding Napkins

Learn small skills like folding napkins and practice them to perfection. You perhaps have yearned for perfecting such arts for a long time. You will be in a better position when you hold a party the next time. Plus it could also help in the kitchen. You can prevent boredom during corona virus lock down by taking great advantage of your time by doing things like this.


49. Organize a Wine Tasting Party

Open each of the bottles of wine including the half-filled ones left in the cupboard, pour a few drops from each of these bottles in a line of glasses and then host a wine tasting party. You can learn more about each of the wines you taste by online surfing and then make stories about all this!

Wine Tasting Party

Source : rightcasa.com


50. Watching the Stars

With pollution minimized, this is the time to spot the stars and the constellations in the night sky. Take your children with you and teach them more about the night sky. They may fall in love with astronomy!


51. Watching Television

This is probably the most obvious solution! This is your opportunity to catch up on all that you have missed and meant to watch someday. Do so with minimum guilt now! There are innumerable TV series to be downloaded and seen.


52. Specific Ideas for Children

You have to be creative when you deal with children. You must have paint at home, so you can create lots of drawings and collage activities for them. They can also explore the gardens and the rest of the property. Now for the ideas ……

Encourage creativity in your child by asking them questions, varying from how to why, to where, to when and their little brains will start ticking. Keep anything and everything that can be craft material and then only will your child start building! Throw challenges at them and you will be surprised with what they can do! Now is the opportunity to give them time. You have enough in hand back at home, so spend a couple of hours with the child.

You may find online sharing resources like BBC Bitesize or Twinkl; where the child will get to meet entrepreneurs, designers and artists sharing their resources. Give them the challenge of preparing lunch for you while you work. Indulge in art yourself and when they view the result they will be inspired too. Cook, color or do crochet work with your child and have fun!

It would be a very good idea to teach them life skills like mopping up, folding their clothes or vacuuming. Show them how to do these now that you have some time on your hands and they surely will learn these invaluable skills. During evenings, sit together and enjoy board games or watch something interesting and educating on television. At times, set up a Zoom talk with their friends. But this is not to be done every day. but once in a while.
Limit the screen time of your child. Set a timer for entertainment, as well as tasks. This will teach them time management. Introduce them to books, cooking, gardening, drawing on toilet rolls….

Whatever be the circumstances, while dealing with kids, remain calm. This experience will bring you closer to your child and you will get to know them better. Don’t worry if they lag behind a little. Just maintain the daily routine of learning. Inspire the child to learn and do not burden them; they should fall in love with the process! You can use this time to prevent boredom during any new corona virus lock downs by teaching the kids and that’s always a good thing.



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Top 10 Practical Toilet Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

We’ll forever remember 2020 as the year that germs spread throughout the world. While the ongoing pandemic still rages across the globe, many of us are upping our hygiene game. We’re washing our hands and wearing masks, and most of us clean our home regularly – we hope. In this post, we’ll give you ten practical toilet cleaning hacks for your home.

The toilet is an area of the home that needs constant attention. If you leave your toilet without cleaning for awhile it could start developing stains on the porcelain. You need to ensure you keep it clean throughout the year to avoid disease.


#1 Did You Know Coke Can Clean Your Toilet?

Crack open a refreshing Coca-Cola right now. Wait! Don’t drink it; pour it down the toilet (that’s where this sugary beverage belongs anyway). Over time, lime and calcium buildup on your toilet can lead to some unattractive stains.

cleaning your toilet with coke

Source : cradiori.co

Pour the Coke or a bottle of Gatorade into the toilet bowl and let it sit in the water for 10-minutes. The mild acidity in the soda starts to break down the deposits. Scrub the bowl with a scouring brush and the stains will lift.

You can use this hack to remove toughened stains from any porcelain surface on the toilet, including the bowl and cistern.


#2 Get Rid of Hard Stains with Vinegar

Sometimes Coke won’t have the strength to lift the stains. Hard stains around the toilet look terrible, but fortunately there’s a natural cleaning solution. White spirit vinegar has so many uses around the home and it’s suitable for cleaning those hard stains from the porcelain.

cleaning toilet with brush

Source : yourproplumber.com

The acidity in the vinegar kills germs on contact, including virus cells. Instead of wasting your money on those expensive liquid toilet cleaners, you can get the same, if not better results using cheap vinegar instead.

Avoid using apple cider or brown vinegar, as both will stain your toilet a light brown color and that’s what we’re trying to avoid with this exercise. You can pour the vinegar directly into the toilet bowl for cleaning or fill a spray bottle.

If you have stubborn stains that are challenging to remove, try adding half a cup of baking soda to a cup of vinegar and a half-cup of water. The baking soda adds effervescence to the water, allowing the vinegar to penetrate the stain.


#3 Scrub Away Grime with a Pumice Stone

A pumice stone is a light, porous volcanic rock. If you have a porcelain toilet, this stone will scrub away the stains in seconds. However, it’s important to note that the abrasive stone will damage marble, fiberglass or laminate toilets.

Using pumice stone for toilet cleaning hacks

Source : cleanmama.com

Buying a pumice stone is one of the most affordable toilet cleaning hacks available and using it is easy. Follow these steps to get the best cleaning results from your pumice stone.

  • Start by putting on some rubber kitchen gloves to protect your hands.
  • Wet the pumice stone before you start cleaning.
  • Dip the stone in a bowl of warm water and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Set a bowl aside containing your vinegar/ baking soda/ water solution discussed in the previous section.
  • Scrub away the stains, keeping a tight grip on the pumice stone as you work.
  • When scrubbing, you’ll notice a paste start coming from the pumice stone if you’re using water.
  • Leave the paste on the toilet for 10-minutes before rinsing clean with fresh water.
  • Flush the toilet after you finish.


Pro Tip Remember to re-wet the pumice stone as you work. Letting it dry out will damage the stone and possibly your toilet as well.


#4 Toss Out the Bleach and Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Lysol sales are through the roof this year. However, cleaning your toilet with bleach might not be the best option. Bleach is a toxic substance and its residue gets all over everything when you clean with it.

Plus, bleach has that clinical, sterile smell to it that makes your bathroom smell more like a doctor’s office than a room in your home. We recommend swapping your bleach out for hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is just as powerful at killing germs and it’s the safer choice for use in your home.

Hydrogen peroxide is available from your local drug store for pennies. This agent’s cleaning power offers your home and toilet protection from bacteria, viruses and mold.


#5 Build a Homemade Toilet Bomb

Our next toilet hack involves building a bomb – wait a minute, don’t get carried away with other thoughts. We’re talking about a toilet bomb. What is a toilet bomb? It’s an effervescent cleaning tool that cleans stains, absorbs odors and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the bathroom.

You can buy pre-made toilet bombs at the grocery store. However, these products come with plenty of chemicals and many of them are unsafe around children. Why not go natural with your toilet cleaning duties?

Toilet bomb for toilet cleaning hacks

Source : blogspot.com

Here is our recipe for the best homemade toilet bomb:

What Ingredients Do I Need for My Toilet Bomb?

  • 1-cup of baking soda
  •  ¼-cup of citric acid
  •  Four drops of tea-tree essential oil
  •  4-tablespoons of freshwater

How Do I Use My Toilet Bomb?

  • Mix the citric acid and baking soda in a large mixing bowl
  •  Add the essential oil and keep mixing
  •  Sprinkle a ¼ of a teaspoon of water over the ingredients
  •  Keep mixing
  • Eventually, you’ll get a white paste starting to form
  • Shape it into a ball and leave it to dry overnight
  • You should get four to six balls out of this mixture
  • Toss the toilet bomb into the bowl and let it fizz away the stains
  • After it stops fizzing, scrub rigorously using the toilet brush
  • Flush the toilet twice after you finish scrubbing


#6 Get Fruity and Wash Away the Germs

Why spend your hard-earned money on expensive toilet cleaners when you can use effective natural alternatives? Grapefruit isn’t only great for breakfast – they make great toilet cleaning tools too!

Grape fruit used to clean toilet

Source : theseamanmom.com

Cut a large ruby grapefruit in half. Coat the cut face with a generous amount of sea salt and start scrubbing the toilet using each half of the grapefruit. The citric acid in the fruit helps to lift stains as you work. After cleaning, leave the juice to soak for 10-minutes before washing down the toilet a final time.
As a bonus – Your bathroom will have a fresh citrus smell after you finish.


#7 Unclog Your Toilet with Hot Water

Is your toilet backing up? If you hesitate to flush the toilet, chances are there’s a clog somewhere in the pipes. If the clog turns into a blockage, it could back the toilet up all over the bathroom floor. Can you imagine if it gets into your home? – what a mess.

Fortunately, there’s a simple toilet cleaning hack to fix this issue. Boil some water in a kettle and pour the contents down the toilet bowl. The boiling water helps to dislodge any clogs, freeing your pipes from potential blockages.

Pour the water into the toilet bowl, wait a minute and then flush. You might have to repeat this hack several times if there’s extensive clogging in your pipes.


#8 Clean the Siphon Jets

The siphon jets under the rim of the toilet bowl are where germs love to hide. You can clean the jets using duct tape and vinegar. Scrub down the toilet with the vinegar/ baking soda/ water mixture discussed earlier.

After you finish, place the duct tape over the siphon jets, and pull it off. The adhesive on the tape will remove any stains on the jets.


#9 Don’t Forget to Brush!

Cleaning your toilet is always a satisfying experience. However, the job isn’t over until you finish cleaning the toilet brush. Many people never think about cleaning the brush and they should because it’s a source of germs and disease.

Take a bucket and fill it with hot water and a cup of vinegar. Let the brush top soak in the bucket for an hour before taking it out and rinsing it dry. When returning the brush to its holder, add some toilet cleaner to the holder to sterilize the brush after you finish using it. The toilet brush should not be forgotten about when it comes to toilet cleaning hacks.


#10 The Final Touch

After cleaning your toilet, you have the reassurance that no pathogens are lurking around the bowl. However, using many of these natural toilet cleaning hacks won’t produce much fragrance. Therefore, to keep your bathroom smelling lovely throughout the day, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the toilet water.

The fragrance will spread throughout the room and it smells much better than commercial toilet cleaning products.


In Closing

Cleaning your toilet is a vital part of your home hygiene. We hope these toilet cleaning hacks make the challenge of lifting stains and freshening the bowl that much easier. From natural cleaners to homemade toilet bombs, we think we covered everything you need to know to keep your toilet clean.

Give a few of these hacks a try and let us know how they worked out for you!



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