A traditional kitchen is one of the more popular ideas when it comes to decor. This will make sure to create a kitchen that has style and can still be enjoyed by everyone. Most families choose a classically designed kitchen, as it makes the kitchen easy not only for cooking, but also it will make it easy for working, and relaxing. Classic kitchen design ideas are a great place to start and here are 10 classic kitchen design ideas that suit every kitchen.

When it comes to the classic design of the kitchen, there is no standard template, but the personality and unique design of the kitchen matters a lot.


What makes a classic kitchen?

The classic kitchen is nothing but a traditional kitchen that allows higher degree of flexibility. It is also mostly focused on simple designs and at the same time making it a bold accent. For example, if you are planning on a white kitchen, then you can make the countertops with black granite or give the island a bold red accent, which will make them stand out and be unique.

You will be choosing a traditional design only, but at the same time you can also add a little bit of spunk to the design. So here we have recommended some great ideas that can be used by anyone.



Classic color combination

classic kitchen design ideas with color combinations

A classic color combination is the main idea in the list of classic kitchen design ideas, as you need to choose a color that will not disrupt the design. Try some combinations like white and grey, white and brown, and you can even go for wooden cabinets, which make the best choice. Also, choose contrast colors that won’t lose appeal over time.


Go for a basic backsplash

blue backsplash in kitchen with storage

There are two different types of backsplash that are available. One comes with a basic look without any printing and the other offers something different, but classic. If you prefer the first option, then go for a solid backsplash that comes with muted colors like white, grey, off-white, and others. If you are choosing prints, then try to choose a subtle pattern and avoid busy variations.


Add elegant details to the kitchen

elegant classic kitchen design ideas

Details like the round-edged countertop, will create a different classic look to the kitchen. However, in the process of making the kitchen don’t add too much of one single thing. The classic kitchen should encompass traditional designs like paneled walls, crown modeling, and even legs on the kitchen islands.


Check out custom hoods

custom hoods in kitchen

A custom range hood is one of the most popular ideas for classic kitchen design ideas and it can be made of carved stone, wood, or ornate metal. If you have custom hoods in the kitchen, then it will add a focal point to the kitchen by keeping it interesting and yet classic. A custom hood will enhance the traditional look of the kitchen and they are also durable.


Keep it light

lighting examples in kitchen above island

Perfect lighting is the most important thing for a kitchen as it will enhance the look and warmth of the kitchen. Choosing the fixture is important also as it will decide the type and shape of the shade. Your lighting for the kitchen should illuminate the work area and it should also increase the ambiance of the kitchen. Brighten up any space with these classic kitchen design ideas.


Mind the décor and appliances

Mind the decor and applicances

Even the decor and appliances of the kitchen matter a lot, so choose a décor that communicates its purpose and resist the temptation to include too new of features. For example, if you want to add a fridge that has touch screen benefits, then it is difficult to add that in a classic kitchen, as it complicates the design. But this doesn’t mean that you should always choose a timeless piece, as classic design is all about blending with techniques and timeless design.


Get inspiration from the past

classic kitchen design ideas from the past

The sole function of the kitchen is always food preparation, so a classic kitchen will be rarely extravagantly decorated. You can get inspired by the past aesthetics of a kitchen, and at the same time, it should perfectly match today. You can get a traditional design from the past history and turn it into a modern design. For example, include things like hanging storage, and open shelves, which will add charm to the kitchen and at the same time, looks classic.


Opt for functional storage

functional storage used in kitchen

While designing a classic kitchen, it is always a good idea to opt for the modules that will serve their purpose for a long time to come. It not only creates a classic kitchen, but comes with long-lasting materials and finishes that are easy to maintain. There are certain modules that will make your work easy, and creates magic in the kitchen. This is one of the more functional classic kitchen design ideas.



white kitchen with some modern ideas

One of the best things about a classic kitchen is the flexibility, as you can completely change the look of the kitchen by mixing in modern things. This includes adding modern bar stools or lighting, and even industrial bar stools and lighting. You can even try some modern tile that will go with the vintage-styled table and chairs. You can convert the classic kitchen to modern or eclectic by adding a few things.


Classic flooring

blue flooring with storage options

This is the final of the classic design ideas, as the flooring comes in two types like backsplash, which is solids and patterns. If you want to go with a simple and basic design, then warm wooden flooring works for you. For the printing patterns, you can go with herringbone and check the flooring. Even chintz is considered a familiar option. To make it more interesting you can go for Turkish tiles, which will make evergreen flooring.


Bottom Line:

The reason for choosing the classic kitchen design ideas is that they will suit a person’s individual style. It would be one of the greatest ideas to choose these classic designs, as they are easy to layout and elaborate on the component of classic style, while at the same time keeping it elegant.



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