When we say master bedroom, people always want a bedroom where they will wake up with happiness and positive vibes. The bedroom is one of the most important places where every person will come and rest after a long tiring day. So, it would be always a great idea to give new look to your bedroom, and here we have suggested 9 classic master bedroom ideas that everyone will definitely love.

9 Classic Master Bedroom Ideas:

Choose the bed wisely

Classic Master Bedroom Ideas choose the bed

In the list of classic master bedroom ideas, the first rule is that you need to get a perfect mattress, so try out multiple mattresses. The mattress should be comfortable for you, as you will be spending 8 hours on it very often.

While buying the bed, make sure that you still have enough space for other décor items in the bedroom. You need to also consider that the color and the pattern of the bed match the remaining items in the room.

Go with rich colors

Choosing colors in Classic Master Bedroom Ideas

The colors are the most important features to make your bedroom look attractive. It’s always a good idea to use neutral tones, pastels, or bold color palettes. Never be afraid of incorporating strong colors in a classic bedroom.

To pick the right color, first get all the furniture and then finally choose a color that goes with them. The color you choose should match the furnishings rather than trying to match the shade. The colors of the master bedroom will reveal your opinion and mindset, so choose accordingly.

Add elegant furniture

Elegant black furniture in master bedroom

Most people prefer simple fashion furniture for their classic master bedroom ideas, but still, try to choose functional and elegant furniture. You can even add luxurious furniture that will come full of potential, like luxurious bedding, pillows, and window treatments.

To add a compliment to your bedding, you can add a canopy or gorgeous hand cut fabric, which will all look great in your bedroom. Other than the furniture, even the décor items matter a lot, like colorful flower vases or bottles that will add charm and allure to your room. A classic bedroom is more like a traditional bedroom, so go for the combination of period furniture, decor and accents.

Flooring matters the most

flooring choices in Classic Master Bedroom Ideas

In the classic master bedroom ideas, people only focus on the items that catch their eye attention like paintings, wallpaper, beds, and so on. But flooring is still just as important as other things.

Your floor can be hardwood, carpet, or any other material, but the aesthetics of the floor should match with the rest of your bedroom items. If you add so many things to your bedroom, but your floor seems empty, then there is no use in decorating your master bedroom. So, give equal importance to the flooring, as a light color flooring gives the illusion of more space.

Use multifunctional furniture

Multifunctional furniture

If you have a compact size bedroom still you can add furniture of your wish, as there are spaces saving furniture available in the market. So, all you need to do is buy furniture that serves more than one purpose.

For example, you can consider buying a futon sofa that can be used both as a sofa and a bed. Like this, there is furniture available in the market, convertible chairs, nesting tables, desks that can be folded, and other such furniture. This idea will make your bedroom looks classic and at the same time, it will be modern.

Add ample storage space

Classic Master Bedroom Ideas with bedroom storage in white

This is one of the best classic master bedroom ideas as it includes ample storage space in your master bedroom. The ample storage especially works if you have a small master bedroom, and it will create a space where you can store any additional items that you occasionally use during the season.

This idea not only creates additional space, but also makes your bedroom clean and open. You can use a tucked-away bin that comes out from under the bed or built-in storage that comes with shelves and drawers.

Style the room as per your needs

Master bedroom with gold and brown colors

The style of the classic bedroom ranges from traditional to modern, and it depends on the nature of the elements you incorporate. Most people think that styling a bedroom takes a lot of time and is a difficult task, but it is not.

If you want a calm and relaxing bedroom, then you can choose soft and neutral colors. You can even add unique items or vintage-styled things to make your bedroom a rustic or charming styled cottage. Add some antique photos or a quilt to your bed, as it will give your bedroom a completely countryside, yet classic and stylish look. Some people go for extreme periodical items to bring out the traditional look.

Go for floating shelves

floating shelves in bedroom with decor

This is one of the best and favorite classic master bedroom ideas. Adding floating shelves in sets, along your walls. This will also look good in your bedroom and it will provide more space for smaller master bedrooms. It will make your classic bedroom look modern and at the same time, it will give it a clean style.

For this floating shelf, it is recommended to use a color that is light and a soft tone. The most important thing is that it should match the color of the wall. It will give an illusion of a floating wall in your bedroom.

Add the necessary décor items

White bedroom with wood accents with greenery and storage

This is the final idea for your classic master bedroom that will accessorize the space of the bedroom with stylish décor items. But while choosing the décor items of the bedroom, you need to choose items that will directly be correlated with the rest of the space of the room, in terms of style and colors.

If you don’t select the right décor items then the space will seem mismatched and cluttered. This idea will work well for the smaller master bedrooms which have a tendency to feel cramped. Even go for customized décor items that will add life to your bedroom.


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