Will color schemes for master bedroom and bath really affect the ambiance of your place of retreat and relaxation? The master bedroom is one’s personal sanctuary from the life’s daily conundrums. It’s a place where one, or a couple can getaway from all the stress of daily interaction with people from work, school, PTA meetings, and the like. Of course, you want nothing less for this particular room. You want it to be relaxing during night time and invigorating as the sun goes up. Most importantly, you want it to feel complete, organized and unified.


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Color Schemes For Master Bedroom And Bath


Color Schemes For Master Bedroom And Bath darker tones

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One best way of creating an organized and relaxing ambiance for your master bedroom with an ensuite bath, is to find a unified color scheme or motif that soothes the senses. From walls to ceiling and floors, as well as to decorative elements therein, finding the right color scheme will definitely give you that look and feel you always look forward to coming home to each day. To get you started, here are some ideas to give these adjoining rooms the ambiance you deserve.


All White

white master bedroom and bath

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Fresh, serene and oozing with elegance, an all white color scheme from master bedroom to your en suite bathroom, is an excellent choice. Favored by those living with space restrictions, white is the very essence of tranquility and zero clutter. It allows both the rooms and their occupants the guilty pleasure of being in a cloudy heaven. It is important to note though that there are many undertones to the white color. To keep it warm, look for a white color scheme that has a pink, red, yellow or orange undertone. For a cooler look, a blue, green or purple undertone will work best. White color schemes for master bedroom and bath are always a good choice.

Also, take lighting into consideration when designing an all white master bedroom with en suite bath. Both natural and artificial lighting can directly impact your walls’ tone. As always, a room with a lot of natural light coming in will best be draped in an all-white sensational color scheme.


Bluer Than Blue

Different shades of blue in the color spectrum

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Shades of blue


Different shades of blue are also popular in the master bedroom with en suite bath color scheme department. Aside from calming and elegant, blue also fires up romantic interlude among couples needing a perfect retreat to cuddle and simply whisper sweet nothings at the end of the day. With so many shades to choose from (see example above), so does your chances of uplifting your private space look and ambiance to suit your personal preference. Using the chart above, color schemes for master bedroom and bath shouldn’t be as hard to put together.

You can go for a softer look with green or purple in them, like say teal, Aegean, indigo or sapphire. If you want it more bold and forward, painting an accent wall with navy or azure can make the space pop out. The idea is to layer different hues of blue and create a tone-on-tone result like this en suite bathroom below with a color scheme that leads all the way to the master suite.

Hues of blue bath

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Relaxing Green

Another great choice for a master bedroom-bath color scheme is green. Like white and blue, green comes in many hues and variations. Decorating with green has always been a favorite among many households though–regardless of the trend. It’s neutral and calming. It relaxes the eyes and creates a more welcoming feel to any space. Green breathes life and seeing it flowing nicely in your private getaway, will definitely make a revamp worthwhile. You can go bold or neutral and still have that spa-like feel. This grass-cloth wallpaper being used in the bedroom below, for instance, comes with the perfect blend of sage green, taupe and aqua giving the room a jolt in the calm and collected home-y department. This olive grasscloth wallpaper from Brewster may also make an excellent alternative.

Master bedroom and bath in green

Source : cdn.freshome.com

All in all, these color schemes for master bedroom and bath, never go out of style. No matter the season or the trend, people gravitate to these color coordinated options to create a personal getaway that flows smoothly and visually from one space to another. For the most enjoyable part, add decorative knick-knacks that also create a well-balanced look from the bedroom to the bath area. When done accordingly, this is one space where you and your partner will come running to each time.


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