Looking for warm and cozy country kitchen wall decor ideas? Creating a comfortable kitchen lair is one of the most important aspects in designing a homey space. Part of a country-style kitchen’s charm is its natural elements complemented with fine craftsmanship and rustic vibe. While the furniture, appliances, kitchentops, and windows can be well-suited with old-fashioned elements to truly imbibe nostalgia, country kitchen walls can sometimes be deprived of decor ideas. When thinking of adding some decorative elements on those walls, here are some amazing affordable finds.


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1. Wall Hanging Decor

Highland Graphics Inspirational Wall Decor blessing for kitchen wall

Highland Graphics Inspirational Wall Decor

One of the most common kitchen wall decor ideas is focused on natural elements like wood. This makes this inspirational wall decor an excellent pick to add on your kitchen walls. Made from reclaimed wood slats of old barnyard wood pallets, it speaks volumes of how the family living inside a home values not just each others’ presence, but also that of the time they spent dining together. It is also easy to incorporate into any dining room or kitchen decor with its beige-brown color and distressed finish.



2. Say It With Stickers

Blinggo Vinyl Wall Art Mural kitchen rules

DecalGeek Vinyl Wall Art Mural

Another great addition to your country style kitchen wall is this fun-tastic sticker decal. Simply un-strip and apply to a clean kitchen wall to add more life and meaning to it. Though moisture– and shock- resistant, it can be easily removed when the time comes for you to change design. It’s stylish without being too pricey.



3. Table Topper

Highland Graphics Table and Wall Decor sign for kitchen wall

Highland Graphics Table/Wall Decor

This one makes a great complement to the wall decor mentioned above. It can be placed on an adjacent area or propped up on a table. Still made of distressed or reclaimed wood slats from old wooden pallets, it provides a homey lived-in effect to your kitchen. It’s brown finish also gives it a rustic style perfect for country kitchen designs.



4. Modern Clock

Bits & Pieces Contemporary Kitchen Utensil Clock

Bits&Pieces Contemporary Kitchen Utensil Clock

Do you know why kitchens always have clocks? Well, it’s not to give you a deadline for eating, but rather as a guide for baking or cooking times. Add a bit of modernity to your kitchen design with this contemporary kitchen utensil clock from Bits&Pieces. This is totally a fun way of making forks, spoons, spatulas, kitchen knife, turner, and the likes as focal point in your kitchen design. Country kitchen wall decor ideas featuring clocks, are always very important.




5. Egggziting Kitchen Clock

Hadaaya Gifts & Home Decor Fried Egg Shaped Wall Clock

Hadaaya Gifts&Home Decor Fried Egg Shaped Wall Clock

Some country kitchen style may also lend to old-school nursery rhymes centered on sunny-side-up eggs, fried on a seasoned frying pan darkened by an open-fire pit. This unique wall clock shaped just like that with fork and knife as minute and hour hands, makes a great centerpiece on top of a kitchen wall. All you need is an AA battery and you’ll be hearing its egggggziting “tick-tock what’s for snacks”.



6. Rustic Wall-Mounted Key Hook

Comfify Wall Mounted Key Hook as kitchen wall decor

Comfify Wall Mounted Key Hook

If you are one who runs a marathon from your garage to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the family, then this country style wall-mounted key hook is designed just for you. Now, you will never lose your keys again as you scurry for dear life to thaw frozen meat, dice some vegetables, and preheat the oven for dinner to be ready on time. Simply place it just right on the entrance’s wall and let this rustic key hook hold your keys for you. Made with cast iron material, it oozes rustic appeal perfect for your country kitchen style.



7. Chalkboard Style Decor

Gango Home Decor Chalkboard Style Kitchen Sign

Gango Home Decor Chalkboard-Style Kitchen Sign

Add some creative flair into your kitchen with this chalkboard-style kitchen sign. Created by Donna Knold and published exclusively by Gango Editions, this is made of high quality paper and can be framed with your choice of design to suit your country style kitchen. Country kitchen wall decor ideas such as this allow you to leave notes and other things for other members of the household.



8. No-Mess Removable Chalkboard

EachWell DIY Vinyl Chalkboard on kitchen wall

EachWell DIY Vinyl Chalkboard

Give your children something to do while you’re busy prepping nutritious meals for the family. Simply install this removable vinyl chalkboard on any flat wall surface and let them have fun. You can cut it according to the dimension or shape of a particular wall in your kitchen. It can also be used to keep track of daily chores and schedules for your children as kitchen helpers.



9. Kitchen Wall Art

BigWig Photos Glossy Wall Art for kitchen wall

BigWig Photos Glossy Wall Art

Inject color into your kitchen with this tantalizing art piece. Made from glossy photo prints converted into ready-for-framing wall art, you can prop it up or hang it on your kitchen wall. This truly makes a colorful addition to your beige-brown-woody country kitchen style. Country kitchen wall decor ideas featuring art are always a good choice.



10. Wooden Hook Racks

Country kitchen wall decor ideas with Wooden Hook Racks

KNL Store Wooden Hook Racks

Spice up your kitchen with these wooden hook racks. Now, you can store kitchen utensils, keys, towels, pot holders, and the like on your wall, without looking too shabby.

Indeed, remodeling a kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive or over-the-top. Take in the comfort and coziness of the old countryside and integrate it into your kitchen design. With these country kitchen wall decor ideas, you can finally hit your goal of creating a homey space that exudes warmth and love for food and companionship.



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