Outdoor entertaining isn’t just for the hot summer months. Installing an outdoor fireplace in your backyard instantly transforms your space into the perfect spot to entertain all year-round. Not only will an outdoor fireplace add warmth and ambiance to your backyard porch or patio, but it will surely become the focal point of your leisure time with family and friends. But before we jump into cozy outdoor fireplace ideas for your backyard, let’s first determine which type of model is most suitable for your home.


Wood-Burning Vs. Electric Fireplaces

Here is one of the most common questions we get when it comes to fireplaces: should you opt for an electric or wood-burning model? Both options have their pros and cons, so let’s take a quick look at some of the differences between the two.

Outdoor Fireplace with outdoor furniture

Many homeowners value traditional wood-burning fireplaces because they have a romantic appeal and provide an authentic fireside experience in an outdoor living space. They can also increase your property value up to 12%, which is a huge plus if you ever decide to sell. However, these models do require much more maintenance than electric fireplaces. Failure to regularly clean inside your wood burning fireplace can result in fire spreading, which is a dangerous situation that you should avoid at all costs. If you don’t mind weekly maintenance, then a wood-burning model may be right for your outdoor area.

On the other hand, electric fireplaces have been gaining popularity over the years. They’ve come so far, that most of them look like they’re crafted from real brick and stone. Did we mention that the artificial logs often can even crackle like real firewood in a traditional fireplace? Besides requiring little maintenance, another reason people love electric fireplaces is that most of them are portable. They can be rearranged to sit anywhere on your property and they can also be taken with you when you move. However, when it comes to electric models, it’s worth mentioning that your home’s electricity bill will be much higher with regular use. If that’s no issue for you, then going electric could be an ideal choice for you. Each style of fireplace has its unique benefits and drawbacks.

It’s up to you as a homeowner to decide which is the best option for you. Now that you know the difference between the two, we hope to inspire you with these 13 cozy outdoor fireplace ideas to create the most inviting backyard possible. From rustic to fancy, there’s a design to suit every style of home.


1. Modern Electric Fire Pit

No time or money to install a fireplace? No problem! The electric fire pit is modern, affordable, and incredibly easy to install. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for every type of decor style. And the best part is no chopping or hauling involved. Just flip a switch, and voila! Whether you have comfortable deep seating patio furniture or foldable lawn chairs, this is the perfect classy addition for evening get-togethers. Pull up a seat and enjoy the natural charm this fire pit brings to your backyard.


2. Cozy Wood-Burning Chimney Fireplace

A classic in many homes, the wood-burning chimney fireplace has a different feel when brought outdoors. It has a natural ambiance like no other. Kick back and relax near the fire on your outdoor sofa or a comfortable chair with a cider or hot cocoa. Even when the longest days of the year are far gone, you can still enjoy your backyard no matter the season. For style and functionality in the winter months, drape some plush throw blankets over your patio furniture in case it gets chilly.


3. Western-Style Bonfire Pit

Outdoor Fireplace with pizza

The Western-style fire pit is a tried and true traditional favorite. An open bonfire is also an excellent place to gather friends and family around for sharing stories. Large rocks surround the perimeter of the fire, making you feel like you’re camping without ever having to leave home. We also love the fact that you can cook over this fire pit. (S’mores are optional, but recommended!).


4. Sleek Lava Rock Propane Fire Pit

Do you love the idea of installing a long modern lava rock fire pit next to a dining table and chairs? We do too! This fire pit burns using propane, but the sleek design gives the illusion that the flames are coming from the rocks. If you have a pool on your property, the lava rock fire pit is also a beautiful poolside addition. This fire pit style goes best with the modern backyard decor – beautifully stained wood, chic tile, string lights all around, and gorgeous planters with stones and plants.


5. Rustic Stone Outdoor Fireplace

This wood-burning fireplace is crafted with real stonework and has a truly rustic feel. It looks like something you would find straight out of a ski lodge cabin or an older home. This type of fireplace goes great with backyard furniture that has earthy neutral tones. A wicker patio set with beige cushions would be the perfect addition to pair with your rustic stone fireplace.


6. Hand-Crafted Hammered Copper Fire Pit

Is building an outdoor fireplace not in the cards for you? Try incorporating a hand-crafted hammered copper fire pit into your backyard. They are super durable and deep for long-lasting fires. Opt for a round copper fire pit and pull up some chairs around it or install a square-shaped copper fire table next to your outdoor sectional or sofa for a more modern look.


7. Wood-Paneled Porch Fireplace

A wood-paneled fireplace can instantly create a farmhouse feel right on your back porch. This design looks amazing contrasted with white walls and light-colored flooring. We recommend keeping your patio furniture neutral and as simple as possible for this look. Consider adding splashes of color through accent pillows, throw blankets, paintings, potted plants, and an outdoor rug to brighten up the area.


8. Large Minimalist Stucco Fireplace

Installing a large minimalist stucco fireplace is a popular choice for many homeowners because of the homey cottage-like energy it gives off. The designs are usually quite simplistic, making them easy to pair with a wide variety of furniture. Decorate your porch or patio to your liking, whether that’s with a sofa and chairs, a dining area, or even a set of pod chairs. Despite how clean and sleek these fireplaces look, the design commands attention and stands out in any background.


9. Southwestern-Style Kiva Fireplace

Kiva Outdoor Fireplace

This outdoor fireplace is inspired by Southwestern Puebla architecture. Traditionally, they were crafted with adobe, although the more modern fireplaces are often made from stucco or plaster. Kiva fireplaces are usually tall, cone-shaped, and surrounded by a metal-faced frame. This fireplace will fit perfectly into outdoor patios with stucco or tile flooring and beautiful Southwestern patio furniture. Think Mexican hacienda-style – earthy tones, rustic reds, wooden furniture, pottery, and bright textiles. A kiva fireplace will surely create one of the warmest and most inviting atmospheres for entertaining guests.


10. Elegant White Brick Outdoor Fireplace

An elegant white brick fireplace makes a lovely addition to any modern backyard. Climbing white roses spread across the outdoor fireplace will add a classy touch. This goes best with lighter colors like porcelain tile or marble stone patio flooring. Gather a couple of rattan armchairs and a white round coffee table near the fire to complete the look. Are you sensing a theme here?


11. Faded Brick Kitchen Fireplace with Mounted TV

The faded brick fireplace is perfect for a covered kitchen patio. To tie the look together, you’ve got your white kitchen cabinets, stainless steel sink and mini-fridge, and of course the grill. A bar table with high stools or a comfortable three-piece sectional both go great here. But the look isn’t truly complete without a flatscreen TV mounted above the fireplace for family and friends to watch the game as they eat.


12. Paint it Black

Do you want to remodel your outdoor space but you’re worried about being on a tight budget? A black fireplace is a beautiful focal point and can be a great addition to modernize any home.  All you have to do is pick up a can of jet black paint and get to work. A simple paint job can upgrade even the most outdated of fireplaces. You’ll fall in love with the drama it creates right in your backyard. Be sure to stick with mostly whites and blacks when it comes to patio furniture and decorations. You can brighten things up with a touch of color using a variety of potted plants and flowers.


13. Double-Sided Fireplace

Not only can you enjoy the fire from either side of the fireplace, but it also serves as a room divider to create multiple seating areas. A great idea is having a dining table and chairs on one side, with a lounging space on the other. Another way to make the most of the double-sided outdoor fireplace is having one side undercover for those rainy days, with the other side exposed to the open sky for dry weather.


Time to Create Your Backyard Fireside Retreat

Creating an inviting backyard doesn’t have to be a challenging feat. With one of these cozy outdoor fireplace ideas, entertaining family and friends is a piece of cake. Now just sit back, relax, and enjoy warmth and ambiance with loved ones in the great outdoors.

Now tell us, how do you plan to create your very own backyard fireside retreat? Did any of these innovative suggestions inspire you? Let us know in the comments below!



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