Creative Long Driveway Landscaping Ideas

Having a long driveway can make landscaping seem overwhelming and a little nerve-racking. These long driveway landscaping ideas should be able to help. How can you make such a lengthy space look fabulous without it being monotonous and boring?

Well, you have come to the right place. Here, we know a thing or two about long driveways, landscapes, and how to combine the two for a brilliant driveway design that will make your neighbors green with envy.

With spring finally around the corner, everyone is starting to look at their lawns and see what projects they should prepare to tackle first. For many, their long driveways are a definite starting spot.

In this article, we are going to help you spruce up your driveway entrance for this upcoming season with nine different driveway ideas that will add a little curbside appeal to your exterior and provide a look you can be proud of.


1. Raised Planter Pathways

Use raised wooden planter boxes to line the sides of your driveway going from the road all the way to your house.

You can keep the boxes a few feet apart or place them tightly together to make one straight run down both sides.

Next, add your favorite flowers into the planter boxes, keeping them uniform and well-maintained.


2. Shrubs and Bushes

There is a wide variety of bushes and shrubs out there that are simple to care for, require little maintenance, and can change the entire look of your asphalt driveway.

Try placing bushes every five feet or so and lay down decorative rocks or mulch around them, creating a colorful, natural border that’ll guide you to your garage.

Shrubs and Bushes


3. Planters and Pots

Take some time to research all of the planters and flower pots available for outdoor use, then choose your favorites to line the edges of your long driveway.

You can choose between smaller shrubs or beautiful, seasonal flowers to place in the planters. You can also mix the two up, alternating between every other pot.


4. Topsy Turvey

Straight lines and edges are overrated. If you are looking for a creative and fun way to landscape your gravel driveway, consider creating patches of curvy mini gardens.

Fill your little garden patches with bright flowers, vibrant mulch, and some ground lighting that will bring the look to life at night.

Topsy Turvey


5. Rustic Resources

If you live in the country or any other rural setting, there are ways to really bring a rustic feel to your driveway without making your yard look cluttered or crowded.

First, you want everything to flow nicely from start to finish. One of our favorite ideas is laying landscaping rocks a few feet wide down the entire length of your driveway.

Next, hollow out some small tree trunks or long pieces of balsa logs. Then, plant some small, easy-to-maintain flowers such as daisies, marigolds, or petunias.

Rustic Resources for long driveway landscaping ideas


6. Trees and Themes

Do you have large trees lining your driveway? Whether you have some now or would consider adding some, you can easily utilize these trees to incorporate into some amazing landscape designs.

Create full circles around these trees and fill them in with the mulch color of your choice, then add some greenery with plants like elephant ears or Hostas. Next, fill in the spaces with bold colors that will really stand out.

Finally, follow up with some fun decor to match each season or holiday, such as plastic eggs for Easter or pumpkins in the fall.

Trees and Themes pumpkins


7. Farm Fences

It’s always been popular to line longer driveways with old wooden fences. This is a great Western look that can really improve the look of your yard while guiding guests to your home.

Place the fence five to eight feet back from the driveway and have it extend the entire length, from your house to the road. Then, extend it out in the front to create a beautiful entranceway.

Here, you can place small hanging pots or post lights on the fence, adding plenty of colors and illuminating the look. This is one of the long driveway landscaping ideas that can really make an impact.

Farm fences as long driveway landscaping ideas


8. A Rocky Lane

Flowers and plants are always a great way to create a fabulous landscape look, but have you ever considered decorating your driveway with large rocks?

There are many great ways to lay down rocks to make gorgeous designs that really emphasize and improve the passageway leading toward your home.

If you are a fan of the natural element and want to incorporate a little greenery, you can consider adding a few potted shrubs along the way to boost the look with a little color.

A Rocky Lane


9. Crab Apple Trees

Although the name may not sound all that attractive, the trees themselves are absolutely stunning. Lining your driveway with them, will give you an amazing landscape creation that will practically take care of itself year after year.

You can add to this look if you’d like by adding colorful ground lights to brighten up your driveway at night, or by incorporating statues into the design.

Many people also enjoy adding mini-gardens at the beginning of the driveway to welcome spring with a little floral inspiration.

Crab Apple Trees



There are endless ways to bring your long driveway to life and create a look your guests will love. Try one of the long driveway landscaping ideas above, or put your own spin on any of these options and have fun watching your landscape come to life.



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