Have you ever stepped into a home and found yourself noticing that magical pull of comfort and relaxation? Or have you ever walked into another home and felt the exact opposite? Every home has its own unique interior design, owing to the perfect balance between the space, furniture and furnishings. They all have wall-to-ceiling elements and are different in how they are arranged to collectively exude balance, comfort and charm. This was written to make sure homeowners will not fall into the usual trap of archaic thinking. When thinking of creating a cozy home, here are some common decor mistakes to avoid.


decor mistakes to avoid

1. Do not fall into the oblivion of extremes

Too much of a Spartan look is definitely unwelcoming. Walls with nothing on them or an absence of furniture does not necessarily exude what you call a minimalist feel, but is rather standoffish. No matter how modern a home or how space-deprived, adding your personal touch will help add a sense of amiability to it.


Zebra printed furniture with purple accents and walls


2. Ditch the matchy-matchy decorating style of the past

Replicating a room straight from a catalog with matching furniture and furnishings makes it look contrived. Go for a “lived-in” look by choosing an eclectic design. Choose different yet pleasing furniture pieces and accents. Put antique with new pieces side-by-side or add a splash of color to an erstwhile dreary space. Create a space that tells a story, too. There many decor mistakes to avoid from catalogs. What might work on a page may not work in your home.


3. Never buy furniture without knowing proper measurement as well as arrangement plan for a space

Remember that showrooms are way much larger than your own space. Lighting element in showrooms also provides an added appeal to those pieces making them look pleasing to the eye. But upon delivery at home, you’ll be aghast at the results. So always draw a floor plan to give you a semblance on what to pick and don’t forget to get their sizes, too.


4. Artwork does not always mean plastered or hanged on a wall

Some can be propped to a mantelpiece or a side table, too. Placing them too high is yet another décor mistake to avoid. As much as possible, keep prints and paintings as well as framed photos and mirrors on wall at eye level. This means keeping them at an optimal height of around 60 inches.


Colorful and grand hanging chandelier

5. Remember that super-grand chandelier hanging right at your dining area?

Ditch that monstrosity. Improper lighting can easily change the ambiance of the whole room. Instead of adding glamour, the whole room may feel tacky and downright ridiculous. Choose functional lighting instead.


Kitchen decal hanging quotable quotes as decor mistakes to avoid

6. Don’t go around hanging quotable quotes decals and other decorative glitches in every wall of your home

It does not only look cheap, it also makes the whole ordeal annoying. Can you possibly imagine putting a huge EAT sign on your kitchen wall? Wall decals are too juvenile. Instead, accessorize in harmony with other elements in a room.


Color accent and photos white room wood trim


7. Too many color accents and photos are common decor mistakes to avoid

A splash of red in an all-white room can look great for a bar stool. Do not overdo it by matching it with red kitchen appliances or, worse, a red table. If you’re too sentimental and you love keeping framed photographs then, make a gallery wall. Arrange what’s left in an album and safely tuck them in a shelf.


power cables with black unit as decor mistakes to avoid

8. Just because we live in a tech-savvy world, doesn’t mean you should just splash those cables around

Think about smartphone and tablet chargers, USB cable, electric cords, and so on. Not only are these eyesores, they are fire hazard, too. Keep them hidden by repurposing storage solutions. Feel free to drill a hole at the back of furniture to house them, too.


White foyer area with chandelier with tall doors

9. Some homeowners tend to ignore their foyer area

It could be out of boredom or perhaps, they simply consider it a passageway to and from the living area. Bare foyers often, exude catatonia. It’s unwelcoming! Make a statement from the moment a guest steps into your home by using patterned wall papers or by hanging a painting on top of a mantelpiece. A mirror may also add an illusion of space in this rather elongated area—or to give you a quick check before dashing out. Decor mistakes to avoid are plentiful with mirrors. Be sure to do them right.


television as focal point of room

10. Using television as the living area’s center of attention—DON’T!

It’s ancient tradition to use the TV as focal point in your home’s living room. Use a fireplace or perhaps, a visually-captivating painting. If you can’t live without it, simply keep it tucked away when not in use.


In A Creative Nutshell

Create an inviting yet elegant home that exudes balance in every turn. When decorating your place or changing decor, try sitting in and absorbing everything you see and feel. Decide if the place is comfortable to the senses. All in all, remember these decor mistakes to avoid and you are up to a good start of living the cozy life.



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