Kitchen renovation often attracts a good amount of investment, especially if you like delicate and gorgeous things in your kitchen. It successfully transforms a house overall. Interestingly, the look of your kitchen before and after kitchen renovation is completely different. It looks great with a bit of a Midas touch. You must be enough passionate to design your kitchen most innovatively and productively. It can be some retouching to the existing one or complete renovation. Of course, the design, pattern, and style depends on the size, shape, and location of a kitchen. Still, good architects and interior designers can give you the best suggestions even in adverse conditions. Over the years, they are doing the same in different formats and shapes, hence they are experts in renovating your kitchen, as per your requirement.

If you are passionate about your kitchen and want to give it a new look, then you must go through the below section where you will find lots of before and after kitchen renovation ideas, suggestions and tips. Let’s check them out one by one.


Before: Small and Boring

Plain white kitchen with metal appliances


If you have a kitchen running for several decades and no renovation has been done over the years, then it is high time to get it done. Your kitchen might be a small one that lacks personality and looks cramped. It needs to be redesigned as per the best fit.


After: Decent and Elegant

Elegant with white storage shelves


As a part of the renovation, the wall tiles and countertops can be changed totally. You can use handmade mosaic ones which are durable and beautiful. Let the shelves be open so that light focuses on them. Also, display some tableware and artwork to help the kitchen look beautiful. If anyone had seen the past kitchen, will be surprised to see the differences before and after the kitchen renovation.


Before: Clumsy & Scattered

Clumsy kitchen


You might have a kitchen where everything is scattered. Knives are not inside the holder, pots are not organized, and so on. The tabletop counter might be a messy one and you are finding it difficult to search for the right items at the right time. You can plan to remodel the layout and find some places for storage.


After: Sophisticated and Clutter-free

Blue cupboards and white backsplash


At first, the countertop will have a new granite for a refreshing look. Turn the open shelves into cabinets and choose a perfect color that will suit your eyes. You have to paint the wall accordingly or vice versa. Start using holders, starting from a cutlery holder to knife set holder. Remove unwanted items and then check how it looks. For it will look brilliant for sure. The differences before and after kitchen renovation will be visible very clearly.


Before: Less Cooking Space and Free Counter Top

Green and wood kitchen


In some old-fashioned kitchens, you will find the cooking space is very limiting, even the countertop area too. The area has not been utilized properly and as a result, it looks clumsy and tiny.


After: More space in the Kitchen

Wood beam ceilings


This is the art of interior decorators, who will plan how to renovate this type of kitchen. If the size is big, then it is easier to put the things in the right place. But if it is a small kitchen and still you want a change, then lots of brainstorming need to be done. Change the cooking top to an ideal location and use a light-colored texture to make it look brighter. Overall, it will seem like a new space once the renovation work is complete.


Before: Old Type Setup

If you have an old kitchen where essential utilities are poles apart, then you may have a miserable time. An old-fashioned kitchen can be full of unutilized corners, a dull floor, and no vacant spaces. The architect or designer needs to think about what is exactly required to make the changes.


After: Modernization of Kitchen

If needed, the entire orientation can be changed. Options will be there to have sunlight enter into your kitchen so that it looks bright in the daytime. Further, good quality granites can be used as counters’ tops and all the shelves can be turned into the modular concept. Nothing will be visible from the outside and you can keep the kitchen as clean as possible for a long time. Lighting should be arranged in such a way that it gives maximum brightness in the evening. Overall, the before and after kitchen renovation should leave a good footprint for betterment.


Before: Outdated and Drab

You have an old kitchen that may be looking shabby and outdated. But once refurbished it might be the best one in the locality. Let’s check which items you can keep and which need to be replaced. Let’s keep the elegant look of the kitchen and plan for something more modern that will go with this heritage kitchen.


After: Elegant and Smart Look

Use dual-tone color in the kitchen. The lower side color and upper part color should complement each other. Use a countertop granite color based on your wall color. Add white in as many places as possible to make the kitchen look bright. Decorate with artwork and space-saving items. Then look at your kitchen and you’ll see that it’s a completely different one than what you had for years.


Before: Heritage Kitchen



Lots of kitchens are found which are more than 50 years old, or even more. There might be several things are outdated and out-fashioned. But they have a heritage value. If you are interested in keeping your past and heritage alive, then you could plan a new kitchen by keeping the old charm.


After: New Kitchen with Old Charm

New and Old Charm


You can use all the modern techniques to renovate your kitchen to look like the best one in modern times. You can also use those old items in various places within the kitchen, to add a classical value. It will be a different type of kitchen.

These are the differences before and after kitchen renovation. In most cases, it brings a fresh look that will keep you happy and you can spend several hours preparing yummy dishes.



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