Having fresh herbs on hand will help diversify your masterpiece dishes and will help your home look pleasant and clean. Growing herbs indoors is easy, and it adds scent and feels to the kitchen, unlike any other plant you’ve ever grown! An indoor planter box is always a great solution.

Kitchen Indoor Planter Box

A DIY kitchen indoor planter box for herbs can be created in a variety of ways. These fresh herbs will be easily accessible and will add the best flavor to your meals every season! There is no need to run to the store mid-meal prep to grab your favorite herbs when it’s sitting in your kitchen, waiting to be plucked!

In this article, we will go over the eight best DIY kitchen planter box ideas that anyone can build, whether you are a beginner DIYer or an expert! Say hello to a brand-new way of healthy and green living with your very own indoor herb garden! Let’s dive right in!


1. DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Starting with the simplest way to grow herbs in your kitchen – the Mason Jar technique! You can grow your fresh herbs by placing the root in water and creating an opening/hole on the lid of the Mason Jar. Make sure to label each Mason Jar so you know which herb is where!

This can be placed on a shelf in your kitchen or on the windowsill so it can get daily sunlight. You’ll have fast access to all the fresh herbs you need for your next masterpiece dish, and all in the comfort of your kitchen. This idea is a simple and effective way to grow herbs indoors, and it can be done by anyone!


2. DIY Hanging Utensils Herb Garden

DIY Hanging Utensils Herb Garden

If you have a line where you hang utensils for convenience and fast access, you should consider hanging herb planter boxes! All you need for this easy DIY creation is a square or rectangle boxed pot filled with potting soil. Purchase a hook and make sure you can hang the boxed pot on it. Label your pots with a black permanent marker for a personalized touch!

This can hang somewhere along the walls of your kitchen or backsplash. It is incredibly convenient, especially if you use fresh herbs in most of your dishes. And it adds character to your kitchen! If you’re looking for a unique planter box for herbs, consider making a DIY hanging utensils herb garden! This indoor planter box idea adds a lot of character to a kitchen.


3. DIY Copper Tin Can and Chalkboard Tags Herb Garden

DIY Copper Tin Can and Chalkboard Tags Herb Garden

If you’re looking for a crafty DIY idea to grow herbs in your kitchen – this idea is for you! Buy a few tin cans – depending on how many herbs you want to grow – spray paint in copper or gold, mini chalkboards (you can probably find this in the arts and crafts section of your nearest dollar store), some chalk, and voila! You’re ready to start creating your indoor herb garden!

These copper, or gold, tin cans should be placed near your kitchen window. They will give your kitchen a rustic and artsy vibe. If that is a look you enjoy, this easy DIY idea will be the best to grow your fresh herbs!


4. DIY Teacup Windowsill Herb Garden

DIY Teacup Windowsill Herb Garden

Are you big on tea and have a collection of teacups? Well, then you should consider using some of your unique teacups to pot some fresh herbs for your cooking needs! Take a few teacups – different in sizes for a unique look – fill it up with potting soil, and you’re ready to plant your herbs. Make sure to label each of the teacups so you can tell the herbs apart.
These teacup planter boxes can be placed on your windowsill for direct sunlight and easy access when you cook. A fresh idea for tea lovers, this original DIY planter box idea will make your time in the kitchen the most pleasant experience!


 5. DIY Vertical Hanging Pots Herb Garden

DIY Vertical Hanging Pots Herb Garden indoor planter box

Are you more into aesthetics and crave different and unique ideas when it comes to decorating your home? Well, this vertical hanging pots herb garden will check off the unique factor! All you need are some plastic pots, spray paint of your choosing, a permanent marker, an awl, small command hooks, potting soil, and herbs!

These pots should be lined up vertically on an empty wall near your kitchen window. This will give the herbs direct sunlight so they can grow to the best potential. Make sure the top pot isn’t too high, as you should be able to reach your herbs. This magical vertical garden is pleasant to the eyes and aesthetically very unique, giving you and your guests a magical experience every time you enter the kitchen!


6. DIY Chalkboard Herb Garden

DIY Chalkboard Herb Garden

Looking for a fun and simple idea to grow your indoor herb garden? All you need are a few terracotta pots with drainage holes, chalkboard paint, potting soil, herb seeds, and chalk! You can place these black chalkboard pots on a wooden stand or windowsill near your kitchen window for a gorgeous and fun indoor garden look!

Ask the person whose handwriting is the best in your family to brandish the right pot with the right herb label and you’re all set to start growing a cute herb garden in the comfort of your kitchen! Add this indoor planter box idea to stay better organized.


7. DIY Windowsill Hanging Herb Garden

DIY Windowsill Hanging Herb Garden indoor planter box

Looking for a clean and decorative statement for your kitchen? This windowsill-hanging herb garden will catch the eyes of everyone that enters your kitchen and keep you smiling as you cook day in and day out!

All you need for this DIY project are eight clay pots, white spray paint, rubber bands, a foam paintbrush, four-ply jute rope, two oak dowels (measure your windowsill for the measurement), curtain hanging rings, curtain brackets to hold the rods, potting soil, and herb seeds! Slightly more work than some of the other ideas, it will be worth it when you’re done creating this masterpiece garden for your home! This indoor planter box doesn’t require a lot of effort, yet still looks great!


8. DIY Minimal Potted Shelf Herb Garden

DIY Minimal Potted Shelf Herb Garden

Lastly, if you are looking for a minimalistic-looking herb garden, listen up! This potted herb garden is pleasing to the eyes and works best if you have any empty walls in your kitchen. All you need are three metal straight grab bars, nine pots with hooks on the side, white spray paint, nine sets of hooks (to hang on grab bar), potting soil, and herb seeds!

This idea will be eye-catching, minimal, and a drop-dead gorgeous addition to your kitchen. No more running out to the garden or store to get fresh herbs when you have them hanging in an aesthetically pleasing layout in your very own kitchen!



Indoor Planter Box Herb Garden FAQs


Q: What herbs can you keep indoors?

The best herbs to grow in your indoor kitchen planter box are basil, mint, chives, oregano, rosemary, cilantro, thyme, and parsley!


Q: Do herbs need full sun?

Herbs require at least six hours of sun per day to grow to their fullest potential. Since you can’t guarantee full sun for an indoor garden, make sure you keep your herbs by a window that you know will have ample sun time. If you don’t get much sun during the winter, you can look into supplementing the sun with a grows light lamp that will shine on your herbs for a longer time.


Q: What herbs can you plant in the same container?

plant in the same container

If you want to minimize the space you use for your indoor herb garden, but grow the greatest number of herbs, you can look into planting two or three herbs in one pot! The five best herbs to grow in one pot include thyme, rosemary, sage, lavender, and oregano!


Q: What herbs don’t need direct sunlight?

Most plants need sunlight to grow efficiently. But some herbs can grow without sunlight and thrive well in shade! Some of these herbs include chives, parsley, Corsican mint, lovage, and tarragon! Depending on how you arrange your DIY indoor herb garden, you can position these herbs more inward and leave the other herbs that need direct sunlight closer to your window!


Final Thoughts

Indoor planter boxes for herbs are an indoor garden filled with your favorite herbs. These fresh herbs can be used to add delicious flavor to your meal creations! Herbs also have a great aroma that will fill your kitchen while you cook.

These ideas for DIY kitchen indoor planters can be created with a few tools and materials at home, even if it’s your first DIY project! A herb garden is ideal for families that love to cook and eat fresh and appreciate rich flavoring. Running to the store last minute or forgoing an essential herb in your dish will be a thing of the past!

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to start your very own indoor herb garden. If one or more of these DIY ideas has resonated with you, start this project as soon as you can to give you and your family the herbs, taste, and happiness you deserve!



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