Ceilings are no longer the neglected areas of your room. You don’t just need to hide the cracks or wires. A decorated room with a bland ceiling would look strange and incomplete. In case of living rooms, decor has moved to the ceilings from the walls to give the room a pretty appearance from all angles. Herein comes the concept of false ceilings. It is quite often an afterthought. They make your interior look chic and fashionable. But the decor and aesthetics should reflect your style as your home is an extension of your persona. And it should blend ideally with the color, furniture, and other installations. Following are some false ceiling design ideas for living room.

The false ceiling designs of living rooms can reduce wastage, conserve energy, amplify and increase the sound in the room. They also reduce the need for air conditioning and add beauty to the inner space. What you need is good planning and a proper sense of aesthetics. While modern homes are more ideal with geometrical lines and curves, the traditional do well with columns and moldings. Get to know about some of the amazing false ceiling ideas to change the look of your living space!


1) Under the Natural Canopy

This unique false ceiling is composed of natural material and shaped like a canopy. All this completes the rustic charm of the living room perfectly. Wooden frames support the material and hold it upright. Just amazing…

false ceiling design ideas for living room with wood accents and storage shelves

Source: homify.com


2) Neat Tray Design

This simple tray design has edges lower than the rest, so that the ceiling gets a neat border. This accentuates the ceiling but maintains the focus on the room and its exquisite interiors. Warm recessed lights need to be installed to maintain the elegance so that the look is minimal emanating a soft warm glow.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with decor and mirrored wall

Source: cloudfront.net


3) Dark and Well Defined

The image below tells all. The entire ceiling is not covered, to cut down the cost. The color should preferably be the same as that of the surrounding furniture. Matching furniture is important with false ceiling design ideas for living room like this one.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with dark colors and white fan and decor

Source: homify.com


4) Pink Floral with Lighting Fixtures

If flowers and pink appeal to you, have a look at the gypsum false ceiling design below.

false ceiling design ideas for living room in pink floral design with lights

Source: homesthetics.net


5) Creative Layers

If the ceiling has layers, the two different designs divides the dining area from the living space. The style of lighting should be different too.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with room divider and lighting options

Source: homify.com


6) Decorate with a Classy Ceiling Fan and a Chandelier

You can decorate your simple tray false ceiling, by adding a chandelier. A fan can also do the trick provided it is stylish enough – the fan blades should match the overall design of the false ceiling. The false ceiling, stylish fan and chandelier make a nice combination!

false ceiling design ideas for living room with chandelier decor and dark wall

Source: cloudfront.net


7) White and Light Ceiling

If your ceiling is light colored, it is more beautiful and elaborative and you can view this from the image below. You may have small hints of dark shaded designs, which are striking and define the limits of the ceiling design. The undefined lines and added curves on the ceiling gives it a special look! False ceiling design ideas for living room such as this one, can really make a room look unique.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with white ceiling storage shelves and fan

Source: homify.in


8) Square Pattern Design

This square pattern design with the unique lighting can catch your fancy make the room far from a bored feeling!

false ceiling design ideas for living room with square pattern design and green walls

Source: homesthetics.net


9) Add a Stylish Statement

Is thinking out of box natural to you? If the answer is in the affirmative, you can be at your creative best by adding decorations to your ceiling, making it sparkle and shine.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with projector wood accents and round cutout with stars painted

Source: homify.com


10) Glamorize the Tray Design

You want decoration and sophistication simultaneously? You need to fix a high quality, polished plywood or wooden sheet to the base of your false ceiling to add the decorative touch! You may also include other materials like metal, PVC or glass. This particular false ceiling with a wooden base, fan at the central position, two warm flush mounts on either side and recessed lighting on the periphery, sums it up making it a gorgeous design!

false ceiling design ideas for living room with tray design in white with cream furniture

Source: cloudfront.net


11) Round in white

Have you thought of a round design on the ceiling and having it on the walls printed in colors? You may dedicate a special corner for illumination and a fan, so that the ceiling appears more organized and well adapted to your room.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with round ideas


12) Multilevel Structure and Creative Lighting

Here the pink parts are made of gypsum beneath the main ceiling. It is ideal for your living room. Color contrast can add a lot when thinking of false ceiling design ideas for living room.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with color contrast and gypsum

Source: homesthetics.net


13) Artistic Expression

This decor idea is ideal for a romantic setting! You can enjoy your evening under the drama formed by exquisitely crafted ceiling that will mesmerize one and all.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with subdued lighting and darker toned decor

Source: homify.com


14) Interesting Layered Tray Look

With layered tray ceilings, your living room will look stylish yet simple. The multiple tray design is ideal for those who like making statements without going for extra colors, lights or embellishments.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with tray design in white with light furniture

Source: cloudfront.net


15) Plus Minus design

Switch from all white color for your ceiling to this POP design which will enhance the beauty of the interiors. You just need to smooth the surface of your ceiling and put in a plus, minus design pattern using POP paste. You can add drama by playing with the patterns at the corners. Contrast colors will enliven the space!

false ceiling design ideas for living room with plus minus design


16) Checks and Blanks

Checks and Blanks is always a fine idea to decorate the ceiling of your living room bringing down a balance and level. This will make your room look imposing.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with cutout square design

Source: homify.com


17) Gypsum False Ceiling with Circular Shapes below Yellow Lighting

Just have a look at the beauty, shapes and yellow lighting has created in your living room!

false ceiling design ideas for living room with cutout circular shapes and yellow lighting

Source: homesthetics.net


18) Calmness of Warmth

Your living room could do with a little warmth and lots of calmness for you to relax and have peace. You can use wood to decorate your ceiling and get the desired result.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with storage shelves bed and brown ceiling

Source: homify.com


19) Recessed Design

This is a variation from the tray design. Here the ceiling is as much highlighted as the room, but is not made to look ostentatious. The design is simple with coved edges having a row of minimalistic pendant lights hanging from the center to accentuate the eye-catching but uncomplicated design. Lighting can really add a lot with false ceiling design ideas for living room, especially this one.

false ceiling design ideas for living room in white with brown walls with light furniture

Source: cloudfront.net


20) POP Interior Design

This POP ceiling design is minimal with a recessed pattern where the central portion is kept higher compared to the surrounding areas. You may add design elements and also LED light fixtures instead of keeping it empty. Some hidden lights added along the border of the tray will have a variety of lighting effects at night.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with recessed area and led lighting


21) Celebrate with Bright Lights

Your simple ceiling can be made brilliant by playing with colors and bright lights!

false ceiling design ideas for living room with color contrast of brown white and purple

Source: homify.in


22) Spiral POP Ceiling having Pink Red and Gray

This spiral POP ceiling is bound to catch your eye with the juxtaposition of pink, red and gray colors and unique design.

false ceiling design ideas for living room with pink red and gray color decor

Source: homesthetics.net


23) Shapes and Shadow

You can experiment with geometric shapes and lights which complement the shape having an interesting effect on the space.

Table with false ceiling and modern decor

Source: homify.in


24) Simple Shapes

Experiment keeping it simple with a circular-shaped hollow at the center, ideal to hold a ceiling light. Tuck two tube lights into the opposite edges giving soft yet enough lighting. Sometimes false ceiling design ideas for living room that are simple, are the way to go.

Simple false ceiling with large light and green and blue decor

Source: cloudfront.net


25) POP Ceiling with Two Fans

This is an excellent way to decorate a long, rectangular living room. Many designs are well-integrated to form the strikingly beautiful pattern. There is a recession in the center for holding two small fans which blends with the remaining layout and decor.

Two fans in part of ceiling design


26) Round Incisions

Your living room can appear pretty and handy with large round incisions.

Round cutouts as part of ceiling design

Source: homify.com


27) Rectangular False Ceiling with Red Lighting

This rectangular design with red lighting brings in warmth and grandeur!

Chandelier with red lights as part of ceiling design

Source: homesthetics.net


28) Hold on the Ceiling

It appears as if the ceiling is detached from above and is attracting your attention, to stop it from falling by holding it. The fixed LED spotlights enhance the decor.

Orange and purple room with cutouts in ceiling

Source: homify.com


29) How about a Suspended Island?

Here you have a suspended island in the midst of the tray ceiling. The island houses cove lighting all around it giving a soft, flushed glow to the false ceiling design. It will attract your eye but will not bother it.

Suspended island in ceiling with modern decor

Source: cloudfront.net


30) Artistic POP Ceiling Border

This ornamented POP border gives an opulent touch to the interiors. It does not fill up the total space with elements, as the narrow border bounds the perimeter of the ceiling. You can highlight it by keeping the surrounding in white inclusive of the crown mouldings. This will make your interior look beautiful yet minimalistic!

Artistic false ceiling design in white room


31) Classic Touch

If class is what you are on the lookout for, this is your design. You use brown and dark shades which are both striking and beautiful. You need to use various colored lights so that you create a unique outlook. The lighting is specially designed so that certain areas are accentuated. False ceiling design ideas for living room like this one, are sometimes considered a classic.

Square cutout with wood accents and fan with lighting in ceiling design


32) Light Bulb Ceiling Design

This design is really unique! Have a look to see whether it catches your fancy!

Light bulb cutout shape in ceiling

Source: homesthetics.net


33) Little Cloud Pieces

You can make your living room imaginative with little bits of cloud painted on the ceiling to make it look like a sky!

Cloud shapes as lighting in yellow blue and white room

Source: homify.in


34) Add Cove Lighting

This has a smaller island to house just a ceiling light or a fan. The smaller island provides a larger space that can be lit up by the cove lighting.

Cove lighting in room design with false ceiling and brown furniture

Source: cloudfront.net


35) Wooden POP False Ceiling Design

Here you combine wood with POP to add coziness and warmth to your living room. Here you are teaming up two elements for a more sophisticated look. The central part is kept in POP which is surrounded by wooden panels. Some LED lights need to be added to change the space into a favorite zone!

Wood in pop design with false ceiling and lighting


36) Glitter of Gold

This design is bound to leave a great impact on your guests and other viewers. Just keep in mind not to overdo the decoration.

Fancy and artistic ceiling design in gray

Source: homify.com


37) White Drop Ceiling with Neutral Tones

This white drop ceiling is pure and serene and the neutral tones just add to the elegance.

Room with modern shapes with brown and neutral tones and false ceiling

Source: homesthetics.net


38) Translucent Screen

Create a designer ceiling with the aid of a translucent screen in place of usual materials. This innovative idea will create an illusion of roominess even if the space is small.

Translucent screen in room with white and lighter furniture tones

Source: homify.com


39) Anchor the Living Room

This simple false ceiling design is a suspended island having cove lighting with six recessed lights positioned in an even manner, providing a uniform glow. This design anchors and centers the total living room arrangement quite similar to what a carpet or rug would do to the floor.

Suspended island in living room with lighting and light decor


40) POP Ceiling Design for Rectangular Living Room

This particular POP design is for rectangular rooms and it adds a whole new dimension to it. The seating space and actual living area is marked by the hollow suspended ceiling. To add a special effect, a grand chandelier can be hung from the central part. This way the wiring can be concealed and proper mood lighting can be brought.

high class luxury in white room with art work and false ceiling lighting


41) Extend to the Floor

You may opt out of regular, limited to ceiling designs and move on and extend it to the floor and make one of the walls stand out from the rest.

Ceiling design extended to floor in white room

Source: homify.com


42) Creative Green Pattern False Ceiling with Drywall and LED lights

Just have a look at this unique green pattern false ceiling design which is accentuated by drywall and LED lights.

Green ceiling pattern that matches bed in light colored room

Source: homesthetics.net


43) Guarding the Skylight

The oval shaped ceiling, guards the glass ceiling playing around the living room with its exquisite shape both at daytime and highlights the sky during nights. The attraction of the ceiling won’t diminish irrespective of the time of the day.

False ceiling and skylight with modern furniture and little trees

Source: homify.in


44) Bold Yet Simple

This suspended island is huge in form with recessed lights laid in a unique pattern. These kind of designs are ideal for high ceiling rooms and adds an architectural element to the room even if the ceiling height is average.

Large suspended island with large mirror and modern decor


45) POP Ceiling Design for Square Shaped Living Room

If you pick a heavy false ceiling design for a small room, it will appear congested. For such a room, go for a minimally done POP design. This ceiling features a recessed pattern with a suspended central piece. The design is accentuated by dark wooden panels giving it a stunningly elegant presence!

Ceiling design with artistic square design with fan


46) Dipped in Beauty

If you want something different than straight cutouts, glitter or simple designs, have a look at this dipping type of design. It is a show stealer and will impress one and all.

Dipping design as false ceiling idea with white lighting

Source: homify.com


47) Catchy Blue Glass Reflection Modern Ceiling

This modern ceiling design is made unique with the catchy blue glass reflection.

Ceiling design with reflective blue glass

Source: homesthetics.net


48) Brightening up the Darkness

This interesting design plays up on the top with lights coming out from the jali work on the ceiling to lighten and brighten up the dark wood.

Jali work on false ceiling with wood accents

Source: homify.com


49) Track Lights for a Contemporary Look

Track lighting can be used for a simple false ceiling. You may use white track lighting to illuminate the room amply. This kind of lighting will give the living room a contemporary and unique look.

Track lights in false ceiling above modern furniture and decor


50) Traditional POP Ceiling Design

This POP ceiling design is the simplest way to cover up your room. It comes with neatly checkered frames with beautiful lighting in the center which will change your humble room into a grand one, the royal kind! A simple hanging lamp will enhance the glam factor while brightening up the room.

Circular cutout ceiling design lighting and wood accents


51) Brown Wooden Square Fall Ceiling

This exquisitely beautiful square ceiling which needs brown wood is simply awesome!

False ceiling with wooden border and artistic design

Source: homesthetics.net


52) Chic and Minimalist

The elegance of simplicity is totally unmatched. You can keep it simple and put in a surprise element with contrasting color. A border in a different color will be sheer magic!

Square false ceiling with black border and fans

Source: homify.in


53) Modern Gypsum POP Design

The gypsum boards are quite popular being lightweight and easy to mold, according to the design. Just finish the base roof using POP. Then the gypsum boards can be cut into the shapes and sizes of your desire and suspended from the roof. Concealed light fixtures are to be placed above the slabs to bring in drama.

Squares of different colors and sizes with color lighting


54) Sun Rays Ceiling with Synchronized Lighting

This ceiling gives the appearance of a sun all put together with perfect lighting.

Sun rays design in false ceiling

Source: homesthetics.net


55) Waves of the Sky

Having wavy designs on the ceiling with peeping lights is simply amazing. You can increase the beauty of the ceiling by matching the decor of the room with the theme of the ceiling.

wavey ceiling design with lighting and decor

Source: homify.in


56) Contemporary POP design

If the living room is small and your budget restricted, go for this design. It gives the place the illusion of a larger space and makes it appear stylish. A single color with a touch of white paint gives the room a fantastic look. When the spotlights are placed at the perfect place, it adds a royal touch to the room.

Circular ceiling design in bedroom


57) Diamond Shaped Ceiling surrounded by Lighting Fixtures

Accentuate your diamond shaped ceiling with lighting fixtures all around it!

Diamond pattern on ceiling with lighting


58) Grand to Grandeur

You may paint your imagination on the ceiling and then enhance the beauty by reflecting it on the mirror. The splendor is bound to leave everyone speechless!

Luxury false ceiling with gold bathroom fixtures and chandelier

Source: homify.in


59) Modern Concrete False Ceiling

This is a false ceiling design ideal for modern homes where concrete plays a major role.

Concrete design for false ceiling with wood accents

Source: homesthetics.net


60) Colorful POP False Ceiling

If you want give shape to your creative ideas, go for this simple yet outstanding idea. Here you get to play with bright colors against the white background of POP material. It will add character to your living room. For this you will require colorful gypsum boards in various shapes.

Colorful multi shaped ceiling in bedroom


61) Pink Heart Shaped Gypsum Ceiling and Wall

This is again another unique gypsum ceiling and wall design more for its shape and pink color.

Pink heart shaped ceiling in bedroom with tv and other decor

Source: homesthetics.net


62) Simple POP Ceiling Design

This simple POP design combines white and a striking color, say Purple. The base can be kept in plain POP design adding a gypsum board from the ground to the ceiling. The other elements like flooring, the display unit and even the accessories match the same color theme to add to the visual appeal.

Pop ceiling with fan in green room with artistic white ceiling


63) False Ceiling with White Lighting

This false ceiling design is made all the more stunning with the white lighting.

Swirl ceiling pattern with chandelier and white lighting

Source: homesthetics.net


64) POP Design with Luxury Lighting

This POP design is made with metallic color and the lighting is ideal. Glossy gypsum board perfectly complements the shiny, bright LED lights in the background. The impressive design is very easy to replicate and is pocket-friendly too!

POP Design with Luxury Lighting in round cutout false ceiling


65) Flower Design False Ceiling

If floral patterns fascinate you, this idea could be your choice!

Floral pattern on white ceiling


66) Decorative Ceiling POP Design

This stunning design combines fabric and POP. The central dome ceiling is decorated with thick fabric which gives the room a palace-like aura. You need to get proper matching furniture for the room. The focal point of the ceiling is used to suspend a lighting system for special effects.

Decorative Ceiling POP Design in green and brown


67) Magical Crystal Clear Lighting Fixtures

In this design, the crystal clear lighting fixtures amidst the gypsum board ceiling brighten up the entire room.

Magical Crystal Clear Lighting Fixtures with false ceiling


68) POP False Ceiling Design for Tiny Living Room

If your living room is tiny and circular, go for this idea. It could be a pre-made POP element on the ceiling or concentric circle design as below. It will add texture to your room and increase the aesthetics. The flooring should be similar with boxy shaped furniture to give a contrasting look!

POP False Ceiling Design with brown and white colors


69) Stylish Waves

This stylish wave-like pattern gypsum board ceiling made more attractive and soothing with white lighting may catch your fancy!

Stylish Waves in false ceiling in white bedroom with large mirror

Source: homesthetics.net


70) POP Design for large Living Room

If your living room is large, this can be an innovative and excellent option. It combines gray and white colors giving a stylish and modern look. The texture being shiny and smooth brings class to the room. This design helps you to partition your large living room into small spaces using various concepts for each area.

POP Design for large Living Room with wood accents


71) Wooden False Ceiling

This is another wooden false ceiling decor idea that adds aura to the room with the ideal lighting.

Wooden False Ceiling with fan in large room with pendant lights


72) Latest POP Design

This design changes the corners of the living room forming elegant spaces. The cream and black colors with the lights give a fantastic look to the entire room. With gypsum boards added along the ends of the ceiling and sealed light fixtures installed, the entire ambience is “Wow.” Just add textured sidewalls which are bound to leave a lasting impression on the mind of your visitors.

Rectangle cutouts in square designed ceiling in bedroom with light colors


73) Triangular shaped Gypsum Boards

Add purple colored light along the edges under the gypsum boards which are triangular shaped, to see the sheer brilliant effect!

Triangular shaped Gypsum Boards in ceiling design

Source: homesthetics.net


74) Fresh POP Design

This POP ceiling design is trending with the attractive edgy pattern which adds a delightful touch to the interior style of the house. The ceiling is well-blended with the floor to give a warm and cozy feel to the room. Add some LED light fixtures along the edges to produce better visual effects.

Artistic circular ceiling design in living room with yellow and wood accents


75) Musical Notes Illusion

Create this musical notes illusion featuring piano keys with gypsum false ceiling, if music is your passion!

Piano keys on ceiling design of bedroom

Source: homesthetics.net


76) Artistic POP Ceiling Design

The artistic false ceiling design is made from pre-cast POP discs. You can give these an antique touch by using metallic paints. And when they are ready, just fix them at the center of your ceiling and suspend Victorian-themed chandeliers to leave yours guests spellbound!

Rectangular design cutouts of ceiling design in yellow white and blue bedroom



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