People go through their front door day in and day out. But, like other heavily trafficked areas in a home, it is often taken for granted leaving it on its own. While its primary role is to offer security for the whole household, it can actually be upgraded to also enhance the curb appeal of an abode. When thinking of adding some WOW factor to your exterior, these front door decoration ideas will never miss the mark.


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1. Paint Power

There’s nothing more practical than just covering a front door with a fresh coat of paint. You can go bold with purple and plum, or stay in neutral grounds with browns and grays. Pastel colors are also making a huge wave in the door department. The idea is to make a front door pop out and look inviting.

Front Door Decoration Ideas in many colors

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2. Say It With Letters

While a front gate can look astoundingly elegant with a family crest, big letter monograms are quite the trend these days. You can buy one from a local craft store or order straight from online retail sites like Amazon. Pink Door Wreaths for instance, has a wide array of Monogrammed Door Hanger. Feel free to also do it on your own. Simply cut a letter out of wood, paint it, then design it– and voila!

Letter Monogrammed Hanger Burlap Everyday front door decoration

Pink Door Wreaths Monogrammed Door Hanger


3. Fun Signs

Chalkboard signs are not just for restaurants. Aside from kitchens and study rooms, they are making huge waves in the front door decoration department. Some use them to put in their welcome messages or write inspirational quotes or funny jokes. These AUSTOR Double Sided Erasable Chalkboard Signs can also be designed to suit your own requirement. Front door decoration ideas like this one are fun and can be changed for the holidays.

AUSTOR Erasable Chalkboard Message Cleaning for door

AUSTOR Double Sided Erasable Chalkboard Signs


4. Flowery Blooms

Hanging old rain boots, a dainty umbrella or pots filled with flowers from your garden, are also ideas that never go out of style. Baskets can be bought from local stores, too. This Poity Hanging Plant Iron Rack, may also be used to hold your flower pots. They can hold a flowing ivy or passion flowers to enhance an all-white door and wall ensemble. Not into container gardening? Choose faux flowers.

Poity Hanging Balcony Railing Outdoor decoration ideas

Poity Hanging Plant Iron Rack


5. Wreath It Up

Wreaths have long been used as decorative center pieces for front doors. While it is uber-popularized during Christmas and Halloween, you can craft one that will work all year round. You can simply roll thin wires, wrap with ribbons and bows, and voila! You can use virtually anything to create a wreath for your front door. This Baseball Wreath from Pink Door Wreaths is a cool enhancement to your front door.

Pink Door Wreaths Baseball Wreath on front door

Pink Door Wreaths Baseball Wreath


6. Celebrate The Season

During special occasions or when tis’ the season to be jolly, adding a decorative arc to your front door is also an excellent idea. You can use scraps and stuff in your home, design it, and voila! Don’t have the time and patience? Minnesota’s StudioC Home Accents can make handmade home decor to your liking. Check out its products on Amazon.

Personalized Autumn Harvest Wreath Front door decor

StudioC Home Accents – Handmade Home Decor in Minnesota


7. Eclectic Magic

You can do many things with just a piece of wood. With your arts and crafts skills, getting creative will make a wood cut-out decor for your door easy. This Painted American Flag Heart Hanger will surely show how passionate you are for the country. Patriotic front door decoration ideas are always popular, especially around July 4th.

Painted American Flag Heart Hanger for door decoration

Painted American Flag Heart Hanger


8. For the Love of Frames

Got picture frames stashed in your storage room? Convert them into a door hanger! Let your creative juices transform a seemingly useless picture frame by embellishing it with beads, fabrics, and so on. Make it a family project to make the whole front door upgrade memorable.

Front door decoration ideas on black door

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9. Let There Be Light

A dreary doorway can also be made more attractive by just simply adding illumination. To create balance, place 2 sconces on either side of the door. These Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Sconces have fairy lights inside, that add more charm and romantic ambiance to your doorsteps.

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Sconces for front door decoration

Rustic Hanging Mason Jar Sconces


Without a doubt, front door decoration ideas run aplenty and inspiration for them can be found everywhere. You can make do with what you have right now and simply let your creative genius come into play. When done with passion, your decorative project will ultimately deliver a more welcoming ambiance and a more enhanced curb appeal. Getting a better entrance-way doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time.



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