Finding a small space that suits your budget and convenience is every homeowner’s idea today. You would want an abode that’s just a stone’s throw away from work, school, grocery, and other places you frequent. The hardest part, however, is in decorating. Choosing furniture for your small home can be quite overwhelming. You would want something that has to lend a cozy yet comfortable fit, without looking too drab or cramped or cluttered—and most especially, without the hefty price tag. When thinking of a practical yet functional vibe, these creative furniture ideas for small spaces can be of help.



1. Light Hued Furniture

It is common knowledge that a lighter shade can make a space feel larger than it appears to be. Hence, interior designers always recommend using a lighter color scheme for small spaces. You can repaint the whole room in white and wood furniture with cool pastel hues—or vice-versa. Re-upholstering a sofa may also suffice. Cap with summer-y throw pillows and whisk fresh blooms to get the airy and vivacious feel each time a guest walks into the living room. This eclectic living area below features a summer-y feel to deliver a punch of color, while keeping the rest of the area light and open.

Furniture ideas for small spaces


2. Divide and Conquer

Most urbanite homes, apartments or high rises today tend to merge two or three distinctive spaces in one. A bachelor’s pad, for instance, has everything on one floor—bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen and work space. Place a distinctive division to these spaces to lend some drama. Visually separate a living room or bedroom from your kitchen or work room with the use of a divider. This can either be custom-fitted to the design or store-bought. Ikea, for instance, has a huge menu of room divider and shelving systems. Furniture ideas for small spaces like this one are great because having your space divided into sections can improve most rooms.

Divided home office with storage space and shelves


3. Go Cyber Space-y

divider and dining cum work table in white

Don’t you just love minimalist homes? Clean and uncluttered with nary a thing out of place—such is the essence of minimalism. Minimalist furniture is designed that way; but some are done with a highly creative twist. The one above, for instance, works as both a divider and dining-cum-work table. Amid its simplistic geometric design, it uniquely transforms a living area to deliver a creative and modern punch.


4. Living-and-Working Room

With many urbanites preferring to work from home, the idea of creating a multipurpose space is a necessity these days. That is why a functional office has become part and parcel of a living area. With this, one can make good use the surrounding walls. Eye level shelves can house decorative elements to add flair to the space. Storage for work materials, books, and the like, go to lower shelves. A simple desk unit can also be placed. The key here is to accessorize with repeated elements to create a consistent flow of the room’s design.

Living and Working Room with storage shelves


5. Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms often deliver the highest wastage in space. Add hanging storage shelves or make do with multi-tiered sink cabinets. Wicker baskets and other storage elements can also be added to a bathroom cabinet. To store bathroom essentials, you can make use of narrow shelves like the one below. This can be designed on your own or custom-fitted from your friendly Home Depot.

Narrow white shelves for bathroom storage


6. Study Nook

Does your kid tend to huddle work projects and assignments on the kitchen table? Create a study nook inside a small bedroom by creating a recessed wall space. Create an efficient study or work station in between closets then, add shelves above to store books, crayons inside canisters, and so on. Just add this sleek chair to create an airy and relaxed study area.

Study chair in black


7. Now You See, Now You Don’t Kitchen Furniture

In addition to hanging cupboards, one of the most clever and space-savvy kitchen furniture being used nowadays is the wall-mounted table. Practical and efficient, it provides a minimalistic and catchy appeal to the whole space. It can be stowed away when not in use giving everyone added space to maneuver. This is another one of the furniture ideas for small spaces that can really be a space saver.

creative furniture ideas for small spaces in kitchen


There is so much that can be done, no matter how space-challenged a current abode. One can still live like a king or queen in terms of comfort and design. While you can make do with these creative furniture ideas for small spaces, feel free also to add a full-body mirror that absorbs natural light. All in all, surround yourself with functional elements to truly create a vibrant, comfortable and imaginative vibe.



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